PCG Public Partnerships Case Study, AZ DDD Program


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Case Study released by PCG Public Partnerships on the Arizona Department of Economic Security, Division of Developmental Disabilities program.

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PCG Public Partnerships Case Study, AZ DDD Program

  1. 1. www.publicpartnerships.com case study: Financial Management Services for a State Program in Arizona THE PPL APPROACH PPL recognized that Arizona needed its Fiscal Intermediary to be a partner in the development as well as the implementation and execution of the program. PPL performed the following • Worked with management teams from DDD to develop program rules and structure; THE CLIENT Arizona Department of Economic Security, Division of Developmental Disabilities THE PROJECT Fiscal intermediary services for individuals who use independent providers through the developmental disabilities waiver. THE OPPORTUNITY Since 2004, the Arizona Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) has contracted with PCG Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) to provide fiscal intermediary services. This self determination program was one of the first high volume programs in the country and DDD looked for a vendor that could provide highly scalable services. The DDD self determination program is available throughout the state of Arizona, a large and sprawling area. Prior to implementation, Public Partnerships, in partnership with DDD, conducted a statewide phasedin program launch to insure that prospective employers and employees were efficiently enrolled in cities and towns across the state. This program launch model is designed to ensure efficient, user-friendly enrollment processes for new users. PPL continues to work with the Division to identify, develop, and provide efficient, effective solutions which will yield opportunities for continued program sustainability. • Established a local office to provide comprehensive customer service, outreach, and training on all topics - including program requirements, tax requirements, and budget utilization information; • Configured PPL information technology platforms to fit DDD’s unique program requirements; • Developed an authorization system to support management and participant reporting requirements, utilization management, and state cost efficiency goals; • Customized reports to DDD’s program requirements to identify any behavior trends surrounding enrollment, payroll activities, and general use of the program; • Instituted bi-weekly meetings with DDD to improve program efficiency; • Worked at the local level with district staff to conduct enrollment and training sessions for consumers, families, and stakeholders; • Continues to leverage the ongoing advancement of Public Partnerships’s technology platforms in the DDD program; and • Enforces state and federal program requirements. THE RESULT • PPL currently provides financial and customer services to nearly 2,000 consumers with developmental disabilities. • More than 3,000 individually hired employees are providing services to individuals participating in Arizona’s self determination program. • On average, PPL customer service staff fields over 2,000 calls per month. PCG Public Partnerships, LLC | 148 State Street, Tenth Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02109 | tel: (855) 243-8775 fax: (617) 717-0085 Copyright Public Consulting Group, Inc.