Nige 54, Author of AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 BABES! Interview


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Nige 54 Interview with Media Man

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Nige 54, Author of AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 BABES! Interview

  1. 1. Nige54 Interview with Media Man MM: Nige54 aka The Nigester, it's great to have the opportunity to sit down with this generation's leading Dating Coach for men and women, the author of the hugely entertaining novel 'Around The World In 80 Babes!' and the creator of the sensational websites and Nige54: Thanks mate. That's very flattering. MM: So Nige54, what's your background, where do you come from? Nige54: Mate, I just started out as an average guy from the suburbs in Melbourne. I come from a middle class family, went to a good school, then university and started work in the city in 1998. MM: But clearly you're not average anymore… Nige54: Yeah, well that's probably the case today. I made the decision that I wanted to go from average to phenomenal in all aspects of my life and I suppose that happened after an awakening of sorts which is how 'Around The World In 80 Babes!' begins. But
  2. 2. I am still a very long way from where I want to go……I have tasted the kind of lifestyle I want on a number of occasions, but the challenge is to create that and then maintain it every day. MM: So when did you realize that you had a gift picking up babes? Nige54: I don't know if I have a gift……but throughout my teenage years and early adulthood, I always did reasonably well. But the turning point came for me at the end of 1999. When I looked back at the conclusion of that year and realized that I had been with more girls and was involved in more crazy situations in one year than I had in my entire life, I thought I might be onto something. I then went overseas in the middle of the following year and at the conclusion of my Contiki tour (detailed extensively in Chapter 3 of 'Around The World In 80 Babes!'), when even the Contiki tour guides were shaking their heads at my statistics, I knew that I had arrived. I didn't necessarily have a gift, but rather the ultimate strategy. MM: So is that why you decided to write quot;Around The World In 80 Babes!quot;? To show guys the ultimate strategy? Nige54: To some extent. The main motivation in writing this book was due to the amount of females out there who have written books about men, dating and relationships. With respect, so many of these books are just crap and I thought it was about time we heard the male perspective. MM: Is that when you realized that you were living and breathing book material? Nige54: I suppose I believed that I had a story that I thought was more interesting than the fiction these females had created and after receiving some very encouraging responses from friends and associates who I discussed the idea with, I knew I just had to turn this idea into a book. MM: For those who have not read it yet (and shame on them!), what is 'Around The World In 80 Babes!' all about? Nige54: This book is about a lot of things. Primarily it is about my transformation from boring accountant to ultimate player through some pretty amazing globe trotting adventures throughout some of the most popular party destinations in the world. This book includes the ULTIMATE guide to picking up chicks, but it also talks about things such as how to organize a threesome, what is the best age to travel, how to win when girls start playing games, why you should hold girls accountable, how the craziest suggestions can sometimes give you the most amazing outcomes and at the end of it all, this amazing tale turns into a love story that results in the most unexpected twist which re-defines the word quot;unpredictablequot;. MM: Well you're right about that as the ending totally surprised me. Now considering
  3. 3. the book is called 'Around The World In 80 Babes!', do you hook up with eighty babes in the book? Nige54: Ha! I actually haven't counted. But I don't think so. MM: Ok, so if we change the subject a little, what are your thoughts on relationships? Nige54: Relationships can provide you with the most amazing opportunities and experiences in your life but if you are unhappy in any relationship, then you are wasting your time and your life. MM: So if you are in a relationship and not happy what should you do? Nige54: Break up and move on. There are so many awesome babes in the world that will make you happy so go out there and get to work! MM: And is it this kind of advice that has resulted in you becoming this generation's leading dating expert and as I understand it, a Personal Dating Coach for men and women? Nige54: Kind of……my role as a Dating Coach came through the evolution of process. Following the book and the monthly column, my move to Dating Coach was simply the next step. But we should note that I am perhaps that ONLY Dating Coach for men and women as my consultations combine the best attraction, seduction & dating strategies for men while assisting women to improve their dating and relationship skills. has all of the details and the Dating Packages that are available. MM: And through these Dating Packages, your clients get to deal with you one on one? Nige54: That is exactly right. Unlike the various DVD packs and tapes you can buy which may or may not assist you, my Dating Packages allow me to use my expertise as one of this generation's leading dating experts with LIFE EXPERIENCE in over 15 countries and 50 cities throughout the world to deal with your specific issues and the areas that YOU want to concentrate on. MM: That sounds extremely exciting… Nige54: And it's also sensational value for money that comes with a money back guarantee. MM: Well Nige54, I think we need to talk after this interview as I could definitely do with a few tips. Ok, so back onto 'Around The World In 80 Babes!' - I am wondering - did any babes ever audition for your book, and if so, how?
  4. 4. Nige54: Ha, ha, ha! It's fair to say that not every babe during the time period that the book covers (1998-2001), is written about otherwise I never would have finished! But there were no formal additions……maybe I could think about that for a future project? MM: So who's your best score, your Number 1? Nige54: Man, tough question. There have been some awesome Eastern Europe babes, Swedish goddesses, American cheerleaders and some Aussie beauties……I will have to get back to you! MM: What's your best ever line? Nige54: I am not a huge fan of one liners but throughout 'Around The World In 80 Babes!' I had quite a bit of success with, quot;Hi, I'm Nige54quot; MM: What are your favorite meeting and pick up places? Nige54: The fact is that if you have the right strategy you can pick up anywhere, anytime. You can't go wrong on a summer Contiki tour or partying in the Greek Islands, but throughout the book, I had great success at the Zoo Bar in London. Yet, after a four week trip overseas in 2004, my favorite place would have to be Miami during Spring Break. Unbelievable! MM: Have you ever settled down with the one woman? Nige54: Yeah I have. I fell in love with my first serious girlfriend when I was seventeen and then again with an American goddess during 'Around The World In 80 Babes!' To find out more you'll have to read the book. MM: Mate, already have and just loved the ending! What reactions to the book have you been receiving from men and woman? Nige54: Guys love it. Girls want to hate it, but I think they can't resist being drawn in and as such, I have received some of my most positive comments from females. MM: So who's your dream date? Nige54: Amy Smart. MM: Really? Most guys would say Pamela Anderson or Carmen Electra. Nige54: Yeah, well I'm not like most guys. Most guys spend too much time dreaming and not enough time doing. MM: Why is a positive mental attitude important?
  5. 5. Nige54: Because it is the foundation that drives me. That should be the case for everyone. MM: What inspires you? Nige54: I am inspired by a lot of things…… from the underdog coming from nowhere and winning to normal people who achieve extraordinary things like beating cancer or any kind of life threatening situation. But I'm also inspired by people like Michael Jordan and Tom Cruise who are champions in their respective fields who continue to produce the goods time and time again. The way Michael J. Fox has battled Parkinson's disease has been awe-inspiring. MM: So is 'Around The World In 80 Babes!' the groundbreaking novel of the 21st Century? Nige54: Ha! No question. MM: What other directions do you see it taking? Nige54: I would love to turn it into a screenplay or TV series. MM: And we can purchase 'Around The World In 80 Babes!' through your websites and Nige54: Yes, the soft cover version is available at For the PDF + bonuses, please visit MM: And is there a sequel to 'Around The World In 80 Babes!'? Nige54: Not a sequel, but a trilogy. I have two more books planned, but I really need the support of a publisher to ensure a timely result. Writing a book while working full time is a massive challenge that, at times, I can't believe I actually completed. People always ask me where I found the time and even I am still not sure. That's why it took me nearly three years from writing the first word to arriving at this point. MM: Well Nige54, I hope that happens as I can not wait for the sequel, let alone the trilogy. Best of luck and thanks for your time. Nige54: Thanks mate. The pleasure was all mine. To read the book, please visit: