'Botox Myths and Facts' by Dr. Patrick Treacy Mexico 2012


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Dr. Patrick Treacy is Chairman of the Irish Association of Cosmetic Doctors and Irish Regional Representative of the 'Botox Myths and Facts' lecture by Dr. Patrick Treacy to American Academy of Aesthetic & Anit-Aging Medicine Mexico City 2012
Dr. Treacy is Chairman of the Irish Association of Cosmetic Doctors and Irish Regional Representative of the British Association of Cosmetic Medicine. He is European Medical Advisor to Network Lipolysis and the UK's largest cosmetic website Consulting Rooms. He practices cosmetic medicine in his clinics in Dublin, Cork, London and the Middle East.

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'Botox Myths and Facts' by Dr. Patrick Treacy Mexico 2012

  1. 1. t Dr Patrick Treacy Ailesbury Clinic Dublin
  2. 2. t Cosmetic Botox is a dangerous drug?
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  7. 7. t One Botox case cost Allergan $0.3billion?
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  9. 9. t
  10. 10. Should you lie down after Botox?
  11. 11. t Botox can cure Depression
  12. 12. t
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  16. 16. t In the first randomized, controlled study on the effect of botulinum toxin—known commercially as Botox—on depression, researchers investigated whether it might aid patients with major depressive disorder who had not responded to antidepressant medications. Participants in the treatment group were given a single dose (consisting of five injections) of botulinum toxin in the area of the face between and just above the eyebrows, whereas the control group was given placebo injections. Depressive symptoms in the treatment group decreased 47 percent after six weeks, an improvement that remained through the 16-week study period. The placebo group had a 9 percent reduction in symptoms. The findings appeared in May in the Journal of Psychiatric Research.
  17. 17. t Jean Carruthers invented Botox for wrinkles?
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  22. 22. tThe cosmetic effect of BTX-A on wrinkles was originally documented by a plastic surgeon from Sacramento, California, Dr. Richard Clark, and published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 1989.
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  24. 24. t Dysport diffuses more than Botox?
  25. 25. t
  26. 26. t Botox can prevent headaches?
  27. 27. t Bushara invented Botox for sweating?
  28. 28. t
  29. 29. t Sweating While treating patients with hemifacial spasm at Southend Hospital in England in 1993, Khalaf Bushara and David Park were the first to show botulinum toxin injections inhibit sweating.[10] This was the first demonstration of nonmuscular use of BTX-A. Bushara further showed the efficacy of botulinum toxin in treating hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). BTX-A was later approved for the treatment of excessive underarm sweating. This is technically known as severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis - excessive underarm sweating with an unknown cause which cannot be managed by topical agents.
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  37. 37. t Botox was always insurable?
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  39. 39. t Botox could make stroke victims walk again?
  40. 40. t
  41. 41. t Can Botox travel into the brain?
  42. 42. t
  43. 43. t
  44. 44. t Can you be allergic to Botox or Dysport?
  45. 45. t Should people allergic to eggs STOP Botox?
  46. 46. t Should people allergic to milk STOP Dysport?
  47. 47. t
  48. 48. t Should people allergic to milk STOP Dysport?