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Marvin Clad Ultimate Gliding Window
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Marvin Clad Ultimate Gliding Window


Clad Ultimate Gliding Window

Clad Ultimate Gliding Window

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Clad Ultimate Glider
  • 2. Clad Ultimate GliderProduct Features• Innovation • Design Flexibility – Marvin exclusive, patent-pending multi- point lock system – 19 clad colors – Marvin exclusive, patent-pending sash – 7 wood species removal system – 8 hardware finishes• Performance – XO, OX, XX, XOX, O windows – WDMA certified DP performance up to LC-50 – Beige, white or black frame weather strip – NFRC certified thermal performance – Beige or white sill track meets 2010 Energy Star – Divided lites• Sizing • SDL – Heights up to 6’0” – 7/8” & 1-1/8” SDL standard – XOX widths up to 10’0” – 5/8”, 1-3/4”, 2-13/32” SDL supplemental – Standard call sizes or united inch pricing • GBG: 11/16” Contour for specials • Grilles: Full Surround or Snap-In – Different sash options• 4-9/16” jamb depth – Factory applied casings & subsills• Ogee sticking standard
  • 3. Clad Ultimate GliderExterior• All 19 Marvin exterior clad colors• Integrated weep system under screen carrier – No visible weep plugs to detract from appearance• Butt joints complement Ultimate Casement• Beige, black or white frame weather strip – Default based on clad color – Field replaceable
  • 4. Clad Ultimate GliderScreensScreen default based on configuration• XO or OX gliders – Active sash screen standard • Simple installation and removal • Full length track to move screen to the side – Option for dual full screen• XX gliders – Dual full screen standard • Better for installation/removal than large full screen • Screen with astragal goes in first because second screen attaches to it – Option for active sash screen (handed sash only)• XOX gliders – Active sash screensScreen Construction• Roll form aluminum with finish matching clad color• Charcoal Fiberglass mesh standard• Additional mesh options of high transparency, charcoal, black, bright, or bright bronze aluminum wireCombinations• Current Clad Ultimate Double Hung Combination used
  • 5. Clad Ultimate GliderXO vs. XX Exterior Aesthetics
  • 6. Clad Ultimate GliderExterior Comparison Ultimate Glider Ultimate Casement
  • 7. Clad Ultimate GliderInterior• All Marvin species• Clean site lines – Minimal visible vinyl – Low profile hardware• Ogee sticking standard• Handed interior blind stop• Beige or white sill track – Head & jamb carrier, primary sash interlock, latches, and keeper will match track color• Field applied secondary sash handle for XX gliders
  • 8. Clad Ultimate GliderInterior Comparison Ultimate Glider Ultimate Casement
  • 9. Clad Ultimate GliderConfigurations• Clad Ultimate Glider (CUGL) – Dual sash operating units – ½, ½ proportion standard – XO or OX – XX (NEW!) • XXL or XXR handing available • Designated from exterior • Handed sash contains handle• Clad Ultimate Glider Triple Sash (CUGLTS) – XOX operating units – ¼, ½, ¼ proportion standard• Clad Ultimate Glider Picture (CUGLP)
  • 10. Clad Ultimate GliderHardware• Marvin exclusive, patent pending handle & lock system – Zinc handle comes in all Marvin hardware finishes• One hand operation – Handle to unlock and pull sash across – Single handle for multi-point lock system• Auto locking – Sash locks when moved to closed position – Audible sound and tabs indicate locks engaged• Hardware profile minimizes encroachment into daylight opening• Low handle placement – Easy to reach for kitchen & bedroom applications – Eliminates challenge of opening/closing top lock• Avoids inadvertent damage that can occur with cam lock systems
  • 11. Clad Ultimate GliderSash Removal System• Marvin exclusive, patent-pending sash removal system• No unsightly tilt latches on meeting stile to detract from appearance• Easy operation 1. Open operating sash to fully open position 2. Depress latch release and slide bar completely free • Retainer bar remains in header 3. Tilt sash inward to remove 4. To re-engage bar, slide back into sash or will reset when sash fully closed• Remove both sash on XX units without having to extract a blind stop or window components – No additional tools required
  • 12. Clad Ultimate GliderHDPE Slides• Test results comparing slides to rollers indicated operating force differences primarily due to: – Less robust weather strip material such as fuzzy pile – Less precise tolerances resulting in lower certified DP ratings and higher air infiltration• Concluded no significant difference on sash operation exists between HDPE slides or rollers• Advantages of HDPE slides over rollers: – Evenly distributes sash weight and does not put a point load on the sill track – Operation does not grind dirt into the tracks like rollers – Quieter than rollers – Do not require a moving part that could result in more sash maintenance
  • 13. Clad Ultimate GliderDifferent Sash Option• Diff Sash for Clad Ultimate Glider – Similar to what available for Ultimate Double Hung – For an up charge, gliders will be customizable by • Designating unique sash proportions • Specifying different divided lites for each sash • Choosing different types of glass for each sash – Certification of Diff Sash Units • Operating & stationary sash must be smaller than certified size • Units with proportions causing sash larger than certified sizes would be uncertified
  • 14. Clad Ultimate GliderSizes Standard Call Numbers or United Inch Pricing for Specials Width Full Frame Standard Sizes Dual Sash (XO, OX, XX) Triple Sash (XOX) Ultimate Glider CN 30 36 40 46 50 56 60 60 80 100 RO 36 1/2 42 1/2 48 1/2 54 1/2 60 1/2 66 1/2 72 1/2 72 1/2 96 1/2 120 1/2 Height FS 35 1/2 41 1/2 47 1/2 53 1/2 59 1/2 65 1/2 71 1/2 71 1/2 95 1/2 119 1/2 Clad Frame CN RO Size 20 24 23 1/2 CN3020 CN3620 CN4020 CN4620 CN5020 CN5620 CN6020 CN6020 CN8020 CN10020 26 30 29 1/2 CN3026 CN3626 CN4026 CN4626 CN5026 CN5626 CN6026 CN6026 CN8026 CN10026 30 36 35 1/2 CN3030 CN3630 CN4030 CN4630 CN5030 CN5630 CN6030 CN6030 CN8030 CN10030 36 42 41 1/2 CN3036 CN3636 CN4036 CN4636 CN5036 CN5636 CN6036 CN6036 CN8036 CN10036 40 48 47 1/2 CN3040 CN3640 CN4040 CN4640 CN5040 CN5640 CN6040 CN6040 CN8040 CN10040 46 54 53 1/2 CN3046 CN3646 CN4046 CN4646 CN5046 CN5646 CN6046 CN6046 CN8046 CN10046 50 60 59 1/2 CN3050 CN3650 CN4050 CN4650 CN5050 CN5650 CN6050 CN6050 CN8050 CN10050 56 66 65 1/2 CN3056 CN3656 CN4056 CN4656 CN5056 CN5656 CN6056 CN6056 CN8056 CN10056 60 72 71 1/2 CN3060 CN3660 CN4060 CN4660 CN5060 CN5660 CN6060 CN6060 CN8060 CN10060 NOTE: All dimensions are in inches. New Call Sizes These operating units meet national egress codes for fire evacuation. Local codes may differ. CAUTION: It is recommended that a minimum of 1/4″ be added to the Rough Opening height when using rigid sill pan product such as Marvin SillGuard™.
  • 15. Clad Ultimate GliderSize Limits & Performance Ratings Configuration Minimum Frame Size Maximum Frame SizeXO, OX, XX 23-1/2” x 17-1/2”* 71-1/2” x 71-1/2”XOX 71-1/2 x 17-1/2” 119-1/2” x 71-1/2”O 14 x 17-1/2” 71-1/2” x 71-1/2”*If frame width is less than 29-1/2”, then maximum height is 35-1/2” Configuration Size WDMA Certified RatingXO, OX CN6060 LC-PG40-HS CN6050 LC-PG50-HSXX CN6060 LC-PG35-HS CN6046 LC-PG50-HSXOX CN10060 LC-PG35-HSO CN6060 LC-PG40-HS
  • 16. Clad Ultimate GliderThermal Performance – XO, OX, XX Energy Data U-Factor SHGC VT CR Energy Star11/16” Insulating Glass Air 0.46 0.57 0.6 4311/16” Insulating Glass LoE 272 Air 0.33 0.31 0.52 5311/16” Insulating Glass LoE 272 Argon 0.30 0.30 0.52 56 N, NC , SC11/16” Insulating Glass LoE 366 Air 0.33 0.21 0.47 53 SC, S11/16” Insulating Glass LoE 366 Argon 0.29 0.20 0.47 57 N, NC , SC , S
  • 17. Clad Ultimate GliderMarvin Advantages• Glider performance – WDMA certified DP rating up to LC-50 – NFRC certified thermal performance to meet 2010 Energy Star• Marvin exclusive, patent-pending multi-point lock system• Marvin exclusive, patent-pending sash removal system• Design flexibility – All 19 Marvin exterior clad colors, 7 wood species, and 8 hardware finishes – Beige, white, or black weather strip color – Beige or white sill track color – Different sash option to customize sash ratios, divided lites, and glazing• Clean aesthetics – Integrated weep system with no visible plugs to detract from appearance