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Piping tech general-fluor
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Piping tech general-fluor


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  • For those of you who are unfamiliar with us, I want to quickly go over some background information. If you would like to know more, please visit our “About Us” section at Our parent company, Piping Technology & Products, Inc., also known as PT&P, has been… in business since 1975, PT&P and its wholly owned subsidiaries, US Bellows, Sweco Fab, Pipe Shields, and Anchor Darling, offer a wide range of engineered products and services for various industries and applications. Our product line is extensive… from engineered pipe supports, expansion joints, pre-insulated pipe supports, and miscellaneous fabrication to various engineering and technical services, PT&P has decades of experience providing products and services for all your engineering and construction needs. DO NOT go over certifications—that is on the next slide
  • We have achieved various certifications in the past 30 years: PT&P is a member of MSS, SPED, and APFA. We are also a Minority Business Enterprise , as well as, a member of the Houston Minority Business Council . Our U.S. Bellows division is a member of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers’ Association We have the ASME U-Stamp , R-Stamp and N-Stamp for our Sweco Fab division Pipe Shields is ISO 9001-2000 certified for the manufacture of hot and cold supports And we are ASME Nuclear Qualified in our Fronek Anchor Darling division concerning snubbers
  • Over 700 Employees - Sales, Engineering, Office Administration, Manufacturing, Customer Service, Marketing, Accounting, Etc. Resources include 75 Engineers and Designers - 4 Ph.D.’s
  • - Located just a few miles from the Port of Houston, the largest port in the United States, PT&P is able to quickly and conveniently transport products to customers in a timely manner. - With over 450,000 square feet of covered shop space on a 35 acre property, PT&P's manufacturing facilities are capable of fulfilling the needs of each customer and their requests. - Our facility is always trying to improve. Stop by our Houston headquarters and visit us today. 3701 Holmes Road Houston, TX 77051
  • We have a system of stock pipe supports and spring supports. Over 30,000 spring coils on-site Over 1 million pounds of standard items And a full year supply of beams, angles, plates, rods, etc.
  • Our engineering and design department is involved in the following processes: -Piping, Pipe Support and Structural Design -3D Modeling Technology -Pipe Stress Analysis, in which we use Caesar II -For Structural Analysis, we use STAAD II -Our engineering and design department uses Finite Element Analysis for many projects: -FEA is used for Special Stress and/or Thermal Problems -It is used in 3D Part Design -They use ANSYS for Mesh Generation and Analysis and Results Analysis -Our Engineering and Design department is also involved in Field Testing.
  • 3, 36 " Diameter single gimbal expansion joints for a large petrochemical company in California. These joints are designed for a pressure of 750 PSIG at 275 ° F. The design pressure thrust is approximately 1,000,000 lb. and the hydro-test pressure thrust is approximately 1,500,000 lb. Fabricated from Inconel 625 material, these expansion joints are equipped with testing ports to detect leakage in between the two plies. The gimbal ring, hinges, standoff, and pins have all been designed to withstand the design and hydro-test pressure thrust force. The total assembled weight of each expansion joint is 14,560 lb. Gimbal expansion joints allow for restrained angular movement of attached piping in two planes. Expansion joints, in general, allow for axial, lateral, angular and Torsional movement in piping systems. FEA was used to design this gimbal expansion joint assembly and structural FEA was performed to ensure the product is structurally sound. Determining the thermal profile helps to prevent polythionic corrosion of the bellows.
  • This slide shows an example of how our Emergency Services minimized the amount of time a plant was shut down due to failure U.S. Bellows design… A Petroleum Firm used our Emergency service for the immediate replacement of a 48” expansion joint. The plant failure was due to a G417 Pump failing suddenly during the plant start-up. We received the call on a Friday at 5:30pm. The next morning, the expansion joint was fabricated with tie rods to help prevent squirming in the future and was shipped that same day. Sunday, the expansion joint was installed at the petroleum plant. - Utilized existing expansion joint design - Modified design through additional tie rods shown
  • Value-Added Services Product Testing/Quality Control Cold Shoe Testing Constant Testing Spring Load Testing Anchor Shoe Testing Marinite Slide Plate Testing
  • Transcript

    • 1. PIPING TECHNOLOGY& PRODUCTS, INC. Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 2. PT&P’s Objective  Provide unparalleled support, in-depth collaboration and precise coordination  Utilize our expertise and combined strengths to reach common goals  Persist in continuous improvement Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 3. Who is PT&P  Piping Technology & Products, Inc. and our wholly owned subsidiaries: U.S. Bellows, Inc. Sweco Fab, Inc. Fronek Anchor Darling Enterprises, Inc. Pipe Shields Inc.  Manufacturers of a wide variety of high-quality, competitively priced engineered products. Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 4. Who is PT&P PIPING TECHNOLOGY & PRODUCTS, INC. - Engineered Pipe Supports - Variables, Constants, Big-tons - Vibration Control Devices – Snubbers, Sway Struts - Support Assembly Components – Clamps, misc. Hardware - Pre-insulated Pipe Supports – Cryogenic/cold & Hot Applications - Fabricated Pipe Shoes, Guides & Anchors - Slide Bearing Plates - Anchor Bolts, Embed Plates IAS Certified, Member of MSS, SPED, APFA U.S. Bellows, Inc. SWECO Fab, Inc. Pipe Shields, Inc. Fronek A/D Ent., Inc. Metallic Expansion Joints  Pressure Vessels Insulated Pipe Supports  Hydraulic Snubbers Thin-Wall and Thick-Wall  Pig Launchers/Receivers  Commercial & Light Industrial - Short & Adjustable Strut Rectangular Expansion Joints  Spectacle/Line Blinds  Heavy Industrial – Base  Mechanical Snubbers Fabric Expansion Joints  Instrument Supports Mounted Types, Anchors  dynA/Damp Compensating Slip-Type Expansion Joints  ASME/Misc. Fabrication  Pipe Riser Clamps Strut Member of EJMA ASME U-Stamp & R-Stamp ISO 9001-2008 Certified ASME Nuclear Certified Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 5. PT&P Certifications  ASME U-Stamp  ISO 9001:2008 Certified  ASME R-Stamp  ASME NS Certified  EJMA Member  Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by City of Houston  Houston Minority Business Council (HMBC) Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 6. PT&P History 1975: Began doing stress analysis 1978: Incorporated as Piping Technology & Products, Inc. 1978: Developed constant load spring hanger design 1986: Acquired SWECO Fab (ASME U-Stamp Shop) 1988: Moved to Holmes Road plant 1995: Acquired RM Mfg. (metallic expansion joints) 1995: 100,000 sq. ft. expansion at Holmes Road 1997: Acquired U.S. Bellows (metallic expansion joints) 1999: 100,000 sq. ft. expansion at Holmes Road 2001: Purchased additional 5 acres for future expansion 2003: Launched Field services division 2004: Acquired Fronek Group 2007: ISO 9001:2000 Certification 2007: Purchased additional 5 acres for expansion 2009: ISO 9001:2008 Certification Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 7. PT&P History – Milestones Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 8. PT&P People  Over 700 Employees Sales, Engineering, Office Administration, Manufacturing, Customer Service, Marketing, Accounting, etc.  Resources include 75 Engineers & Designers 4 Ph.D.’s Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 9. PT&P’s Manufacturing Facility  Houston, Texas, USA  450,000 square feet covered shop space  35 acre property  Located near Port of Houston for convenient shipping around the world Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 10. Major Customers Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 12. Projects for FluorPipe Shoes Designed for Main Stream Clamp-On Pipe Shoe AssembliesPiping in a Gold Mine Project Custom Designed for a Gold Mine• Designed for 650ºF Project• Pipe Sizes: 20" – 36" dia. •Pipe Sizes: 3", 4", and 6" dia.• Carbon Steel with a 2-coat •Painted with 2-coat paint system and Paint System include stainless steel tags Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 13. Projects for Fluor Pig Launcher and Receiver with a GD Closure Built to ASME Section VIII Specifications20" Dia. Inlet Air Stack for a Gas Plant • Both have a 24" Dia. Major Barrel• Designed for 25 psig and 100ºF Feeding into a 16" Dia. Minor Barrel • Launcher is 20 and the Receiver is• A106B Carbon Steel• Galvanized Externally 33 Long • Operating Temperatures from and Internally -35ºC to 65ºC • Rugged 3-Coat Paint System Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 14. Projects for Fluor 60" Dia. Tied Refractory Lined Universal87 Fabric Expansion Joints for a Expansion Joints for a CarbonFurnace Application Monoxide Ducting System in a Chemical Refinery•Designed at 11" W.C. and 750ºF for½" Axial and Lateral Movements •Lined with ¾" Thick Abrasion Resistant•Fabric Belts are Composed of Three Refractory Lining with Hexagonal MeshLayers, Telescoping Liner and 2" Thick Reinforced AnchorInsulation Pillows to Reduce Heat •A240 TP 304 Bellows and FlangesTransfer •A240 TP 310 Spool Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 15. PT&P ProductsVariable Springs Variables Spring HangersSpecially Designed Variables for Large Loads External Travel Stops B-Type Spring Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 16. PT&P Products Big Ton Springs Big Ton SpringBig Ton T Upthrust Constants Big Ton D Upthrust Constants Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 17. PT&P ProductsBig Ton Springs Big Ton Springs Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 18. Mega Ton – Custom Big Ton Spring Mega Ton Spring with 15 Individual Coils, each with a 50,000 lb. load Capacity – Complete Assembly to have an installed load of 625,252 lb.
    • 19. PT&P ProductsConstants Horizontal Upthrust Constant for 93,000 lb. LoadSpecially Designed Constants for Large Loads U-Type Constant with 46" of Travel Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 20. PT&P ProductsConstants Upthrust Constants Installed at Petrochemical Plant in Canada Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 21. PT&P ProductsBig Ton Springs Big Tons 120,000 lb. Load for Large Diameter Elbow Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 22. PT&P ProductsHorizontal Traveler 20,000 lb. Dual Horizontal Traveler Single Horizontal Traveler Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 23. PT&P ProductsMechanical , Spring & Hydraulic Snubbers Mechanical Snubbers Mechanical Snubbers 9-inch travel Spring Loaded Sway Brace Hydraulic Snubbers Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 24. PT&P ProductsSupport Assembly Components Support Assembly Hold-Downs Heavy duty 42" Diameter Alloy Yoke Clamp Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 25. PT&P ProductsPre-insulated Pipe Shoes 72” Diameter Cryogenic Support Polyurethane Foam Supports Polyurethane Foam Cold Shoe Hot Shoe Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 26. PT&P ProductsPre-insulated Pipe Shoes Injection-Molded Anchors for Cryogenic Applications Cold Shoe Anchors Stainless Steel Shoes with Permali Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 27. PT&P ProductsSlide Plates Bronzphite® PTFE, 25% Glass Filled, Slide Plates Stainless SteelMarinite ® Slide Plate 1/2" Thick Graphite Bolted to the Bottom Shoe Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 28. Expansion Joint Division78" I.D. Thick Wall Flanged and Flued Head Expansion Joint Single Metallic Expansion Joints Tied Universal Expansion Joint Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 29. Expansion Joint Division47.25" Universal Expansion Joint with SB-443 24" Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint (Inco. 625) Round Corners Bellows Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 30. Expansion Joint Division54" Pressure Balanced Elbow 66" Metallic Tied Universal Expansion Joint Expansion Joint 8" Single Expansion Joint for Emergency Shutdown Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 31. Expansion Joint Division 55’ Long by 14’ 6” Wide Rectangular Metallic Expansion Joint Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 32. Expansion Joint Division 128" x 229" Rectangular Fabric Expansion Joint with a Three Layer Belt Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 33. Expansion Joint Division 36" Diameter Double-Hinged Refractory Lined Expansion Joint Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 34. ASME/Misc. Fabrication Division Embed Plates Structural Supports Spectacle Blinds Vessel Conical Strainer Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 35. ASME/Misc. Fabrication Division 150 Special Embed Plate Pieces Designed and Manufactured for Gold Mines in Cajamarca, Peru Cajamarca, Peru Flat Embed Plates for Embed Plates Ready to Ship Close up View of EmbedsGrizzly Feeder Opening Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 36. ASME/Misc. Fabrication Division Structural Pipe Hangers with Megalug® Pipe Attachments Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 37. ASME/Misc. Fabrication Division Bellmouth Reducers Pig Launcher Anchor Bolts Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 38. Inventory & Stocking CapacityAt Piping Technology & Products, we stock:  > 30,000 spring coils  > 1 million Lb. of standard items  Full year supply of beam, angle, plates, rods…etc. Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 39. Value-Added ServicesEngineering & Design Engineering and Design Piping, pipe support and structural design 3D modeling technology Pipe Stress Analysis  ANSYS Finite Element Analysis  Special stress/thermal problems  Pro/E for 3-D Part Design  ANSYS for Mesh Generation + Analysis + Results Analysis Field Testing Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 40. Engineering DepartmentTechnical Capabilities – 3D Modeling Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 41. 3D Printing - Rapid prototyping  Provide us with an image of a 3D model  That same 3D model is printed  Evaluate the design before it’s sent to manufacturing! Example of a 3D Model The Same 3D Model Printed Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 42. Value-Added ServicesTechnical Capabilities – Finite Element Analysis 36" Gimbal Expansion Joints  Design Pressure: 750 PSIG at 275°F  Design Pressure Thrust: 804,242 lb.  Hydro-Test Pressure Thrust: 1,500,000 lb. Gimbal Stress Analysis Gimbal Expansion Joint Prior to Shipping Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 43. Engineering DepartmentPHDS It’s as easy as point, click and print! Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 44. Information SystemEDI – Electronic Data Interchange  Tags, quantities  Priced packing lists  Drawings (electronic transmittal)  Scheduling/shipping updates Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 45. Value-added ServicesOn-site Field Services  On-site installation guidance  On-site inspection/maintenance of pipe supports  On-site snubber inspection  A system of stock Standard Items  “On-call” engineering team  Available 24x7 Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 46. Value-added ServicesWeb-based Emergency Services PT&P’s “On-call” engineering team guarantees a response time of 30 minutes Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 47. Value-Added Services24x7 Emergency Service for a 48" Expansion Joint Friday, 5:30pm Sunday Saturday Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 48. Value-Added ServicesProduct Testing/Quality Control Cold Shoe Testing Constant Testing Spring Load Testing Marinite Slide Plate Testing Anchor Shoe Testing Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 49. Value-added ServicesPartnerships/Stocking Standards  PT&P can partner to develop and optimize Pipe Supports Standard across projects and offices  Benefits: Automated material take-off. Free storage Instant turnaround Standard blanket pricing agreement Optimize work processes  Reduced the process of determining material requirements and releasing a job to the shop  EDI, Line Item Tracking Reports Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 50. Safety First at PT&PPiping Technology & Products, Inc. strives to provide asafe and healthful workplace by subscribing to theseprinciples: All accidents are preventable through implementation of effective safety and health control policies and procedures. Safety and health controls are a major part of our daily work. Accident prevention is good business. It increases productivity and minimizes human suffering. Management is responsible for providing a reasonable and safe workplace for employees. Employees are responsible for following safe work practices, company rules, and for preventing accidents and injuries. Management must monitor company safety performance, working environment and conditions to ensure that safety objectives are achieved. Our safety program requires the participation of all employees—to improve safety awareness, and to prevent accidents and injuries. Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 51. Safety First at PT&P Weekly Safety Meetings with Each of the Individual Company Departments Wide and Clean Aisles to Safely Move through the Shop Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 52. Safety First at PT&PEveryone who has agreed to work for PipingTechnology & Products, Inc. implicitly agrees to:  Follow safety rules and procedures exactly, and ask questions if job is not understood  Be responsible for his/her own safety and the safety of other employees.  Report all injuries/incidents to the supervisor or safety with in 24 hours no matter how minor.  Regard safety as an important part of getting your job done. Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 53. Partnerships/Alliances  ExxonMobil  Bechtel Corporation PT&P is Bechtel’s Global and Regional MPAG supplier  Kellogg Brown & Root PT&P has long stocked Kellogg standard shoes and supports  Jacobs Engineering PT&P has a strategic alliance with Jacobs Engineering  Foster Wheeler  Shell Oil  BP-Global  Union Carbide – Dow Chemical  Calpine PT&P has a successful alliance relationship with Calpine Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 54. Accomplishments – Awards Highest Consistent Performance Balance of Plant Piping Materials Award from Bechtel (10,000 supports; 98.8%) Perfect Score of 100% on Calpine’s Monthly Alliance Quality Performance (3 consecutive periods) Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 55. Recent/Current Projects Bechtel  CB&I Anglola LNG, Motiva Refinery, Edwardsport Duke Power, Mountainview & Springerville Cove Point LNG, Elba Island LNG Power Projects, SonaHess, Egypt LNG 1 & 2,  Jacobs Equatorial Guinea LNG 1 & 2, Atlantic LNG 1 Valero Aruba, BP Whiting, TX City, 2 3 & 4, Borger Coker Plant, Sabine Pass Cherry Point, Marathon LNG 1 & 2, AGD 2, OGD3, Iceland Alumina Smelter, Trinidad LNG 1 2 3 & 4, Scotford,  Hitachi Petrotrin, Wood River, Keystone, Reliance- Tula, Tarahan Jamnagar, Shell USLD, Mountainview, Cottonwood, Redbud, Magnolia, La Rosita,  ABB Lummus Araucaria, Wagner, Hsin Tao, Delta, Red C4 Project in Port Arthur Hills, Qinshan Nuclear, Gregory  Aker Kvaerner Alstom Power Adriatic LNG, Cameron LNG Santee Cooper, Spurlock, Port Washington, Metca, Castejon, Gissi, Aluar, Alunorte,  Shaw Power Astoria, BP Toledo, Cartagena, BP Cooper, Shaw Energy & Chemicals, CLECO Becanover, Haynes, La Laguna, Malaga, Rodemacher Unit #3, Shaw Group Spruce Marathon, Shaw Group Mirant: Morgan Calpine Morgan, Decatur, Acadia, Calgary, Town, Dickerson and Chalk Point Washington Parish, Fremont, Pastoria,  Foster Wheeler Osprey, Columbia, Metcalfe, Riverside, Valero Project, Entergen Power, Flint Rocky Mountain, Otay Mesa, Oneta, Mankato Black and Veatch Hills, Chevron, Exxon Mobile BVZ JK Spruce 2, BVZ West County 1, 2 & 3,  UOP Allegheny - 3,4 & 5, St. Joseph, BVZ – Rio CCR Unit, Valero, Ultramar, Nogales, NCPP, Turkey Point, Weston, Petroindustrial Manatee, Nebraska (OPPD), Martin, Port Westward, Weston 4, DP&L, Beaumont, BOC  IHI Mexico, Oxychem Sandy Creek-TX Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 56. Recent/Current Projects Teton Industrial  Samsung Utah Power Plant Petrotrian, IBN-Zahar, Saudi Arabia KBR PP Project Sonatrach-Skikda, Saudi Kayan, ShellOP2,  Technip Trinidad Ammonia, Chad project, SASOL Freeport LNG Superflex Cracker South Africa, EBIC Ammonia, Escravos GTL Nigeria  Work Power Fluor Daniel Buck Station, Dan River, Richmond, Mogas Projects - Baytown & Baton Rouge Harry Allen, Apex and Front Range Duke Fluor Daniel  SNC Lavalin Scherds Plant, Reliant Energy, Jasper Power Canaport LNG Casy Industrial  Mustang Engineering Lee County WTE Expansion BP Thunderhorse, Atlantis, Holstein, Halliburton Group Coffeyville Sasol, Conoco - Belnak  Nooter Eriksen Worley Parsons Port Dickson – Malaysia, Songkhla – Santee Cooper, Exxon Mobil Thailand, Highbridge - Wisconsin TOYO  Shaw Stone & Webster IOCL Paradip Refinery-India, Angola LNG Petro China, BASF-FINA, ULSD Zachry  TEI Zachry Industrial Nuaces Bay, Zachry Barney Georgia Power Davis Kansas City Light & Power  Exxon Mobil IATAN BMS-SPT, Olefin Recovery Project Black Hills Power  WANZEK Wygen 3, Unit 5 Sprit Wood Station Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 57. Benefits of PT&P  450, 000 sq. ft. covered shop space  Large inventory  Hanger & support standardization  Cutting edge technology  Partnering experience  Combined industry experience  Quality  Management & financial stability  Competitive pricing Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •
    • 58. Thank You Questions & Answers Piping Technology & Products, Inc. •