News Release - For Immediate ReleaseDecember 4, 2012Contact:       Michael Reeves               (806) 775-2338            ...
“The pipeline is also critical to our country’s efforts to reduce our dependence on Middle Eastand Venezuelan oil, by incr...
     December 4, 2012    Pat Rice                                  via Email:    Proje...
Support for Keystone XL Pipeline – Nebraska Keystone XL Pipeline ReviewDecember 4, 2012Page 2       Keystone has identifi...
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News Release PTP Keystone XL Nebraska


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News Realease on December 4, 2012 regarding Community Support for Findings of Nebraska DEQ Evaluation of the pipeline

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News Release PTP Keystone XL Nebraska

  1. 1. News Release - For Immediate ReleaseDecember 4, 2012Contact: Michael Reeves (806) 775-2338 michael.reeves@portstoplains.comCommunity Leaders throughout PTP Region Back KXL(Lubbock, TX) – The Keystone XL Pipeline is important to our regional economy and national energysecurity more than 125 local elected officials and other local leaders from ten states in the Ports-to-PlainsAlliance region said in a letter delivered to Nebraska officials who are holding a public hearing today inAlbion, Nebraska.The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality released a draft evaluation report Oct. 30 of TransCanada’s proposed route of the pipeline through Nebraska. NEDQ is likely to submit a final report by theend of the year to Gov. Dave Heineman who then has 30 days to issue his final decision.The pipeline still requires President Obama’s approval as it crosses the border with Canada. The Statedepartment is preparing a supplemental environmental impact statement that looks at the proposed route,and is projected to finish that report early next year. The administration rejected TransCanada’s originalapplication for a permit earlier this year saying the State Department needed more time to review theenvironmental impact of the pipeline crossing the Sand Hills region of Nebraska. TransCanada reroutedthe pipeline’s path through Nebraska to avoid the Sand Hills region, and filed a new application for apresidential permit.The Ports-to-Plains mayors’ outspoken support was a robust and relevant counterweight to another letterfrom a group of mayors organized by the Natural Resources Defense Council in opposition to thepipeline. According to a March, 24 story in Energy and Environment Daily about that letter, “The sixU.S. states through which the Keystone XL project would pass were not represented among the mayoralsignatories,” of the anti-Keystone letter.In the letter the local leaders, representing cities from North Dakota to Texas, extolled the benefits of thepipeline:“Keystone XL will provide significant economic benefits for our region. The pipeline is expected tocreate approximately 20,000 manufacturing and construction jobs in the United States. It could alsogenerate more than $5.2 billion in tax revenue to the Keystone XL corridor states. At a time whenstate and local governments across the country are struggling to balance their budgets, theseemployment and revenue benefits are critical to our region.” -more-
  2. 2. “The pipeline is also critical to our country’s efforts to reduce our dependence on Middle Eastand Venezuelan oil, by increasing our access to supplies from Canada, our neighbor and loyalally, as well as domestic supplies from the Bakken Formation of Montana and North Dakota.Relying upon regimes that are in many cases unstable and unfriendly to the United States issimply bad energy and national security policy.”Ports-to-Plains is a grassroots alliance of communities and businesses led by mayors, councilpersons andeconomic development officials from a ten-state, 2300-plus mile transportation and economicdevelopment corridor between Texas and Alberta, Canada. -30-
  3. 3.   December 4, 2012 Pat Rice via Email: Project Manager NDEQ Pipeline Project Comments P.O. Box 98922 Lincoln, NE 68509-8922 Re: Keystone XL Pipeline Evaluation Dear Mr. Rice: We are writing to express our strong support for findings on the Keystone XL pipeline. We fully support this project because we believe it is in the best interest of our constituents, the state of Nebraska and the entire country. The specific findings in the draft report that we agree with include:  The Nebraska Reroute avoids the region that was identified as the Sand Hills by NDEQ, which is based on extensive research conducted by various state and federal agencies several years ago.  Keystone provided some route alternatives in the Supplemental Environmental Report which reduces the amount of fragile soils that are crossed in the northern portion of Nebraska.  The revised route also establishes greater distances from the sources of drinking water in the communities of Clarks and Western.  The report details environmental, economic, social and other impacts along the Nebraska Reroute.  Numerous construction and operational mitigation measures would be incorporated to protect groundwater and surface water.  Keystone would pay for an independent public employee to act as a liaison to facilitate the exchange of information between Keystone and landowners, local communities, and residents.  Keystone would provide baseline water well testing for domestic and livestock water wells within 300 feet of the center line of the route.  Keystone would adhere to 57 special pipeline safety conditions that had been previously agreed upon with the U.S. Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.  Keystone would be responsible for developing an Emergency Response Plan for a product release associated with the operation of the Keystone XL Pipeline and ancillary facilities.Limon Office Lubbock OfficeP.O. Box 9 5401 N MLK Blvd., Unit 395Limon, CO 80828 Lubbock, TX 79403P: 303.586.1787 P: 806.775.2338F: 719.775.9073 Fax: 806.775.3981 
  4. 4. Support for Keystone XL Pipeline – Nebraska Keystone XL Pipeline ReviewDecember 4, 2012Page 2  Keystone has identified several variations of crude oil that would be transported at various times through the pipeline from Alberta, Canada and from the Bakken Formation in Montana and North Dakota. The report contains the general characteristics of the crude oil, which are similar to other crude oils from around the world. In the event of a spill, the appropriate authorities would have immediate access to the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet.  In addition to complying with all relevant state and federal cleanup requirements, Keystone will provide evidence that it is carrying $200 million in third party liability insurance to cover cleanup costs for incidents in Nebraska.Our communities are members of the Ports-to-Plains Alliance, a grassroots coalition of cities,counties, businesses, economic development organizations and chambers of commerce from aten-state, 2,300 mile long transportation and economic development corridor that stretch fromTexas to Alberta, Canada, including Nebraska.Keystone XL will provide significant economic benefits for our region. The pipeline is expectedto create approximately 20,000 manufacturing and construction jobs in the United States. Itcould also generate more than $5.2 billion in tax revenue to the Keystone XL corridor states. Ata time when state and local governments across the country are struggling to balance theirbudgets, these employment and revenue benefits are critical to our region.Specific benefits for Nebraska include:  More than $465 million in new spending for the Nebraska economy  More than 7,500 person years of employment  Increased personal income by $314 million  Additional state and local tax revenues of more than $11 million  $390 million in increased Gross State ProductThe pipeline is also critical to our country’s efforts to reduce our dependence on Middle Eastand Venezuelan oil, by increasing our access to supplies from Canada, our neighbor and loyalally, as well as domestic supplies from the Bakken Formation of Montana and North Dakota.Relying upon regimes that are in many cases unstable and unfriendly to the United States issimply bad energy and national security policy. We have seen the shocks to our economy fromoil spikes caused by turmoil in these regions. It is much preferable to develop stable, securedomestic and Canadian sources. By providing refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast with morethan 700,000 barrels of oil each day from domestic and Canadian resources, this pipeline willdramatically reduce our reliance on oil from unreliable and often unfriendly sources.As leaders from the region that the entire Keystone XL pipeline will traverse, we applaud theState of Nebraska and the Division of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) thoroughness during thisreview process. We also have confidence that TransCanada will be a good steward of the landand that Keystone XL will be constructed using industry best practices and will meet or exceedall existing pipeline regulatory standards.The Keystone XL pipeline is clearly in the nation’s interest and will be a valuable tool instrengthening our national security and energy security.Sincerely, 
  5. 5. Ed Mayo    Sandy McCarthy Mayor  County Commissioner City of Gering  Box Butte County Gering, NE 69341  Alliance, NE 69301    Deb Cottier    Lane Danielzuk Director  Chairman Nebraska Northwest Development Corp  Heartland Expressway Association Chadron, NE 69337  Gering, NE 69341    Tim Garwood    Chelsie Herian Board Member  Executive Director Heartland Expressway Association  Box Butte Development Corporation Alliance, NE 69301  Alliance, NE 69301    Travis Hiner    Marlin Johnson Board Member  Communications Director Heartland Expressway Association  Heartland Expressway Association Scottsbluff, NE 69361  Scottsbluff, NE 69361    Chuck Karpf    Steve Burgess Executive Director  Ports‐to‐Plains Board / County Commissioner Panhandle Area Development District  Lincoln County Gering, NE  69341  Limon, CO 80828    Julie Coonts    Beverly  Haggard Mayor  Ports‐to‐Plains Board / City Council Town of Limon  City of Lamar Limon, CO 80828  Lamar , CO 81052    Roger J.  Stagner    Patricia Vice Mayor  Mayor / Executive Director City of Lamar  Town of Genoa / Lincoln County Economic Lamar , CO 81052  Development   Genoa, CO 80818   
  6. 6. Bill Nyby    Brad Bekkedahl County Commissioner  City Commissioner Sheridan County  City of Willison Plentywood, MT 59254  Williston, ND 58801    Lynn Brackel    Douglas W. Ellison County Commissioner  Mayor Bowman County  City of Medora Bowman, ND 58623  Medora, ND 58645    Coby Beckner    Justin Bennett City Commissioner  County Commissioner Chairman Town of Clayton  Union County  Clayton, NM 88415  Clayton, NM 88415    Christopher Candelario    Jack Chosvig Mayor  Mayor City of Raton  Town of Clayton Raton , NM 87740  Clayton, NM 88415    Walter Hall    Van Robertson County Commissioner  County Commissioner Union County  Union County Clayton, NM 88415  Clayton, NM 88415    Ronald D. Carey    Paul Alexander Mayor  City Councilman City of Boise City  City of San Angelo Boise City, OK 73933  San Angelo, TX 76904    John Baker    Mark J. Barr Mayor  County Judge City of Tahoka  Howard County Tahoka, TX 79373  Big Spring, TX 70720    
  7. 7. Mike Brown    Terri Beth Carter County Judge  County Judge Tom Green County  Sherman County San Angelo, TX 76903  Stratford, TX 79084    Eugene Carter    Tommy Duncan Mayor  Mayor City of Hale Center  City of Big Spring Hale Center, TX 79041  Big Spring, TX 70720    Wendell  Dunlap    Charlotte Farmer Mayor  City Councilmember City of Plainview  City of San Angelo Plainview, TX 79072  San Angelo, TX 76903    Carla Garner    Paul Harpole County Judge  Mayor Sutton County  City of Amarillo Sonora, TX 76950  Amarillo, TX 79101    Tom Head    Kendall Hirschfeld County Judge  City Council Lubbock County  City of San Angelo Lubbock, TX 79401  San Angelo, TX 76903    Ross W. James    Dwain Morrison Mayor  City Councilman City of Tulia  City of San Angelo Tulia, TX 79088  San Angelo, TX 76904    Alvin New    Dave Nix Mayor  Mayor City of San Angelo  City of Lamesa San Angelo, TX 76904  Lamesa, TX 79331    
  8. 8. Milton Pax    Rowdy Rhoades County Commissioner  County Judge Moore County  Moore County Dumas, TX 79029  Dumas, TX 79029    Glen Robertson    Pat Sims Mayor  Mayor City of Lubbock  City of Dumas Lubbock, TX 79457  Dumas, TX 79029    Darrell Stephens    Gilberto Cisneros Mayor  President/CEO City of Abernathy  Chamber of the Americas Abernathy, TX 79311  Denver, CO 80215    Tom Clark    Greg Fulton Executive Director  President Metro Denver EDC  Colorado Motor Carriers Association Denver, CO 80202  Denver, CO 80216    Preston Gibson    Linda Hawthorne Chairman  Board Member Economic Development Council of Colorado  Lincoln County Economic Development Denver, CO 80236  Limon, CO 80828    Joe  Kiely    Lisa Nolder Vice President of Operations  Executive Director Ports‐to‐Plains Alliance  Prowers County Development Inc. Limon, CO 80828  Lamar , CO 81052    Stephanie Salazar    Dave Stone President & CEO  Town Manager Broomfield Economic Development Corp.  Town of Limon Broomfield, CO 80021  Limon, CO 80828    
  9. 9. Jack Taylor    Bob Sivertsen Executive Director  President S.P.I.R.I.T.  Highway 2 Association Liberal, KS 67905  Havre, MT 59501    Ashley Alderson    Gaylon Baker Executive Director  Executive Director Bowman County Development Corporation  Stark Development Corporation Bowman, ND 58623  Dickinson, ND 58601    Shirley Brentrup    Ken Callahan Rural Development Consultant  Energy Services Manager SJB Consulting  Montana Dakota Utilities Dickinson, ND 58601  Williston, ND 58801    Melana Howe    Beth Innis CEO  Auditor Howe Enterprises  Williams County Hettinger, ND 58639  Williston, ND 58802    Terry L. Johnson    John Phillips President  President Belfield Area Chamber of Commerce  Economic Development of North Dakota Belfield, ND 58622  Beulah, ND 58523    Steve Stenehjem    Linda Svihovec CEO  Auditor First Internationa Bank & Trust  McKenzie County Watford City, ND 58854  Watford City, ND 58854    Terri Thiel    Shawn Wenko Executive Director  Assistant Director Dickinson Convention & Visitors Bureau  Williston Economic Development Dickinson, ND 58601  Williston, ND 58801    
  10. 10. Bob Donnell    Pete Kampfer Executive Director  City Manager Roswell‐Chaves County EDC  City of Raton Roswell, NM 88202  Raton, NM 87740    Penny Peryatel    Blaise Emerson Ports‐to‐Plains Board Member / President  Executive Director Northern New Mexico Gas  Black Hills Local Council of Local Governments Raton, NM 87740  Rapid City, SD 57701    Sandra Adams    Dora Alcala President  Former Mayor  Lamesa Chamber of Commerce  City of Del Rio Lamesa, TX 79331  Del Rio, TX 78840    Christine Allen    Paul Armes Director of Foreign Trade Zone  President Lubbock Economic Development Alliance  Wayland Baptist University Lubbock, TX 79401  Plainview, TX 79072    John Bertsch    Tonya  Brown Chairman  President Ports‐to‐Plains Alliance  Sonora EDC Plainview, TX 79403  Sonora, TX 76950    Kevin Carter    Sam Cartwright Executive Director  President/CEO Plainview Hale County Industrial Foundation  Moore County Chamber of Commerce Plainview, TX 79072  Dumas, TX 79029    Sid Cauthorn    Chris Cornell Ports‐to‐Plains Board Member / President/CEO  Business Development The Bank & Trust  Reece Albert, Inc. Del Rio, TX 78841  San Angelo, TX 76903    
  11. 11. Michael Cypert    Richard  David City Manager  President/CEO City of Abernathy  Amarillo EDC Abernathy, TX 79311  Amarillo, TX 79101    Donna Davis     Del Rio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Associate Professor of Marketing  Del Rio, TX 78840 Rawls College of Business ‐ Texas Tech University   Lubbock, TX 79409  Mike Duran    John Friess Executive Director  Ports‐to‐Plains Board Member Lamesa EDC  Ports‐to‐Plains Alliance Lamesa, TX 79331  Sonora, TX 76950    Elizabeth Grindstaff    David Hettler Manager of Marketing & Sales  CPA Texas‐Pacifico Railroad  Ehler & Hettler San Angelo, TX 76904  Lubbock, TX 79423    Duffy  Hinkle    Joshua Jones Vice President of Membership & Marketing  City Manager Ports‐to‐Plains Alliance  City of Hale Center Lubbock, TX 79403  Hale Center, TX 79041    Brian Kimberly    John King Director of Business Development  Vice President for University Relations Reese Technology Center  Lubbock Christian University Lubbock, TX 79413  Lubbock, TX 79407    Shawn  Kirkpatrick    Frank H. Larson Executive Director  President Levelland EDC  Del Rio Area Development Levelland, TX 79336  Del Rio, TX 78842    
  12. 12. Bill Lavers    Shawn Lewis Executive Director  Director of Community & Economic Development Corporation of Snyder  Development Snyder, TX 79549  City of San Angelo   San Angelo, TX 76903   Mike McBain    Eddie McBride President  President Laredo Cotton Transfer, Inc.  Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Laredo, TX 78040  Lubbock, TX 79401    Todd McKee    Bill Miller Ports‐to‐Plains Board Treasurer / President & Chief Lending  Executive Director Officer  Reese Technology Center Peoples Bank  Lubbock, TX 79413 Lubbock, TX 79424    Gary Molberg    Linda Morris  President/CEO  Executive Director Amarillo Chamber of Commerce  Plainview Chamber of Commerce Amarillo, TX 79101  Plainview, TX 79072    Kristen Moudy    Kristine Olsen Business Development Specialist  President Canadian‐Hemphill County EDC  Dalhart Area Chamber of Commerce Canadian, TX 79014  Dalhart, TX 79022    John Osborne    Dan Redd President  CEO Lubbock Economic Development Alliance  Borger Economic Development Corp. Lubbock, TX 79401  Borger, TX 79008    Michael Reeves    Gaynelle Riffe President  Ports‐to‐Plains Board Member / Co‐Owner Ports‐to‐Plains Alliance  Stratford Grain Company Lubbock, TX 79403  Stratford, TX 79084    
  13. 13. Mike Running    Sonia Shannon Executive Director  Assistance Secretary of the Corporation Dumas EDC  Central 57 Importers & Exporters Dumas, TX 79029  Eagle Pass, TX 78852    Eric Turner    Debbye Valverde Main Street/CVB Coordinator  Executive Director Plainview Convention & Visitors Bureau  Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce Plainview, TX 79072  Dumas, TX 79720    Fred Vera    Jerry Webster City Manager  City Administrator City of Lamesa  City of Tahoka Lamesa, TX 79331  Tahoka, TX 79373    Terry Wegman    Pamela Welch Executive Director  Executive Director Big Spring EDC  Midland Development Corporation Big Spring, TX 79720  Midland, TX 79701    Roger Cable    Darcy Geigle Director of Business Development  Reeve Oftedal Construction, Inc  Cypress County Casper, WY 82604  Dunmore, AB     T1B 0K3    Len Mitzel    Lutz Perschon Former Member of Legislative Assembly for Alberta   CAO Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor  Cypress County Etzikom, AB   T0K 0W0  Dunmore, AB    T1B 0K3