2013 Ports-to-Plains Alliance Energy Conference Handouts


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2013 Ports-to-Plains Alliance Energy Conference Handouts for the Washington DC Conference on April 26, 2013.

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2013 Ports-to-Plains Alliance Energy Conference Handouts

  1. 1. ENERGY SUMMIT AGENDAENERGY SUMMIT AGENDAENERGY SUMMIT AGENDAAPRIL 26, 2013ENERGY ISSUES OVERVIEW / RENEWABLE FUEL STANDARDSMichael Whatley, Executive Vice President, Consumer Energy AllianceKEYSTONE XL PIPELINE UPDATEPaul Elliott, Director of Government Relations, TransCanadaTRANSPORTATION AND ENERGYScott Haywood, Chief of Staff, Texas Department of TransportationBarry Brown, Vice President, Alpine GroupTAXES AND BUDGET BATTLES IMPACT ON THE ENERGY INDUSTRYMichael Zehr, Vice President of Government Relations, HBW ResourcesCOMPRESSED AIR WIND ENERGY STORAGEAlissa Oppenheimer, Managing Director, Chamisa EnergyWIND ENERGY’S FUTURE AND THE IMPACT ON US MANUFACTURINGNoel Davis, CEO, Vela Gear Systems LLC
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTIONAgenda: 2013 Ports-to-Plains Alliance Energy Conference...........................................................................12013 Federal Transportation Recommendations of the Ports-to-Plains Alliance.....................................2ENERGY AND THE ECONOMY  Oil and Natural Gas Taxes and “Subsidies”; API........................................................................................... 10There Is a Fundamental Difference Between a Subsidy and a Deduction; National Taxpayer Union . 11Hydraulic Fracturing"Gasland" corrections from the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission ..................... 13Frac Focus Sample Well Report....................................................................................................... 17Alberta Oil Sands 101About the Oil Sands; Government of Alberta................................................................................. 19United States Economic Impact; Government of Alberta............................................................ 25Energy and Security; Government of Alberta................................................................................. 30Oil Sands and GHGs; Government of Alberta................................................................................. 36U.S. Suppliers List; Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers........................................... 40Oil Sands Labour Demand Outlook to 2022; Petroleum Human ResourcesCouncil of Canada ............................................................................................................... 73Transportation and EnergyEagle Ford Task Force Report—Chapter 2—Infrastructure; Railroad Commission of Texas... 75Eagle Ford fatal crashes up 40 percent; San Antonio Express-News......................................... 90Highway 85 concerns move south; Dickinson Press .................................................................... 92KEYSTONE XL PIPELINEPorts-to-Plains Alliance Comments on Supplementary Environmental Impact Statementfor Keystone XL Pipeline; April 18, 2013 ....................................................................................... 93
  4. 4. A RURAL CORRIDOR OF NATIONAL SIGNIFICANCEThe north-south movement of goods and persons through the nine-state Ports-to-Plains AllianceCorridor relies on an existing 2,333-mile network of mostly two-lane highways. These highways are apart of the National Highway System. Moreover, in recognition of the importance of this corridor, itsentire length--from the Mexico border to the Canadian border--has been designated by federal law asNational Highway System High Priority Corridors: the Ports-to-Plains Corridor (#38), the HeartlandExpressway (#14), the Theodore Roosevelt Expressway (#58), and the Camino Real Corridor (#27).Unfortunately, the existing north-south highway network in our corridor is inadequate to meet thecurrent and future needs of the region and the nation and faces a number of significant challenges:The corridor needs greater capacity to carry the growing levels of traffic and commerce.• Our corridor runs through 4 of the top 8 farm states that produce $23 billion of agriculturalgoods, or 19.5% of all U.S. agriculture products. The food produced in this region is destined forcities and towns throughout the United States. Truck movements along the corridor, which willgrow significantly in the future, are a critical part of the agricultural distribution network.• Our corridor also serves 7 of the top 10 oil producing states and 5 of the top 6 natural gasproducing states. Development of these traditional energy resources, which are essential toour nation’s energy security, is booming up and down the corridor. This is putting tremendouspressure on the north-south highway network. For example, developing just one oil wellrequires an estimated 2,300 truck movements.• Our corridor serves the top 6 nationwide and 8 of the top 10 installed wind generation states,generating over 6,000 MW, or nearly 77.8 percent of the U.S. total. A single wind towerrequires 126 trucks for major parts, including the crane, concrete or rebar. One planned windfarm in West Texas would install more than 2,600 towers, and put more than 21,000 trucks and42,000 pilot cars on the highways in and out of the site. Developing the growing renewableenergy industry is critical to our national security and economic growth. This energy generatedin our corridor will feed into the national grid benefitting all Americans.3
  5. 5. • Our corridor serves 27.6 percent of the Nation’s ethanol refining capacity. Production ofrenewable fuels is expected to increase significantly over the coming decades, puttingadditional stress on the corridor’s transportation network. Again, the ethanol produced in ourcorridor will benefit all Americans.• Our corridor is home to some of our most popular national parks. The travel and tourismassociated with these parks is growing, putting additional traffic on the corridor’s highwaynetwork. The result has been seasonal bottlenecks and “hot spots” leading to these parks.• Our corridor is also feeling the effects of increased international trade with Canada and Mexico.We are a major U.S. trading region, generating $280.4 billion in trade with Canada and Mexico,nearly 25.4% of total U.S.-North America trade. Much of this trade results in freight movementup and down the corridor, including spillover traffic from heavily-congested parallel corridors.• The bottom line: To promote economic security and prosperity throughout Americas energy andagricultural heartland, the north-south highway network in our corridor must be upgraded andmodernized.The corridor must be modernized to safely accommodate today’s trucks.• The two-lane highways that make up most of the existing north-south network in the corridorare simply not designed to carry the number of trucks, especially heavy trucks, currently beingexperienced up and down the corridor.• Moreover, these roads are not geometrically designed to accommodate large trucks, especiallythe trucks carrying energy-related equipment.Picture sequence above is a wind turbine blade being transported around the courthouse in Boise City, Oklahoma4
  6. 6. The corridor must be upgraded to keep U.S. agriculture competitive.• The crops produced by the farms along the corridor are a key international export. Canada isthe leading destination for agricultural exports, followed by Mexico. With expected growth inUnited States and world populations, assisting the competitiveness of U.S. agriculture is vitallyimportant.The corridor must have greater connectivity for its communities.• The two-lane, antiquated highways in the corridor have resulted in a lack of adequateconnectivity, which is impeding the potential for economic growth in the region. This regionneeds a four-lane modern north-south highway.• A modern, efficient and safe transportation facility will promote economic development in aregion of the country that has the highest rate of population loss over the last decade andensure that America’s heartland and its communities are connected to America.The corridor must be safe.• From a safety perspective, the current situation on the north-south highway in the corridor isunsatisfactory. The mix of vehicles travelling up and down the corridor is frightening: largeagricultural vehicles, oversized flatbeds carrying wind turbine components, local residentsheading to work or school, heavy trucks serving the energy-extraction industries, out-of-statevisitors from across America heading to the national parks, and trucks carrying internationalfreight to or from Canada or Mexico. And all of this on two-lane, narrow roads that were notdesigned for this type of traffic or these types of vehicles.• Accidents will be significantly reduced on current two-lane segments of the corridor when theyare upgraded to four-lane-divided highway. Rural roads are dangerous and improving themsaves lives. Each year, more than 42,000 Americans are killed and nearly 3 million are injuredon our nation’s roadways. The total economic cost of these crashes exceeds $230 billionannually.• Unfortunately, nearly 60 percent of highway fatalities typically occur on two-lane rural roads.When adjusted for vehicle miles traveled, according to the GAO, some rural roads have afatality rate over six times greater than urban interstates. These facts are extremely troublingsince only 40 percent of all vehicle miles are traveled on two-lane rural roads.5
  7. 7. A STRONG FEDERAL ROLEThe Ports-to-Plains Alliance supports modernizing our Nation’s surface transportation network,including the upgrading of multi-state rural highway corridors, to meet the challenges of the 21stcentury.Given the urgency and magnitude of this undertaking, it is imperative that the Federal Government bethe strong partner that it has been in the past. From the First Congress support of lighthouses, buoysand public piers to make navigation "easy and safe;" to Henry Clays support for internalimprovements; to President Lincolns support for the transcontinental railroad; to President TeddyRoosevelts support of the Panama Canal; to President Franklin Roosevelts support for a cross-country,high-level road system; to President Eisenhowers support of the Interstate Highway System and theFederal Highway Trust Fund; and to President Reagans support for increased motor fuel user fees topreserve and modernize the Federal-aid highway network; the Federal Government has beeninstrumental in the development of our Nations surface transportation system.This system unifies our country by providing for the easy movement of people and goods. AsPresident Eisenhower noted, without it, "we would be a mere alliance of many separate parts.” TheFederal Government must provide the leadership and resources to help preserve and modernize thenational surface transportation network for the 21st century.6
  8. 8. PORTS-TO-PLAINS RECOMMENDATIONSWith the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) set to expire on September 30,2014, the 113thCongress will need to reauthorize the program by that date. While we recognize thatmuch of the reauthorization work will take place next year, we offer at this time our thoughts on thedirection that the reauthorization should take.Recommendation #1: Aggressive Oversight of MAP-21MAP-21 made many important policy reforms. The cumulative impact of these reforms were intendedto give states greater flexibility to address priority needs on the national surface transportationnetwork and allow them to deliver projects more efficiently and more quickly. The Ports-to-PlainsAlliance supports aggressive congressional oversight to ensure that the Administration implementsMAP-21 in accordance with congressional intent and that increased state flexibility does notundermine investment in the national surface transportation network, especially multi-state ruralcorridors.Recommendation #2: Fix the Highway Trust FundThere is a looming Highway Trust Fund deficit. The challenge will be to develop a long-term fix for theTrust Fund that provides a stable, adequate revenue stream sufficient to facilitate the modern,efficient, and safe national surface transportation system that America needs. In Roll Call, HouseTransportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster described the challenge as follows:With the Highway Trust Fund facing its own version of a fiscal cliff in the coming years, we must find away to pay for transportation improvements without borrowing from our children. We cannot borrowour way to a better future. We must work together, listen to all ideas and opinions, and build aconsensus on what is best for America and our future prosperity.The Ports-to-Plains Alliance agrees. Forging a consensus on a long-term solution is critical.Recommendation #3: Increase Overall InvestmentIt is not enough to simply make the Highway Trust Fund solvent. Virtually every study, including studiesby two bipartisan national commissions established by Congress, has concluded that there must be asignificant increase in investment from the federal, state, and local governments, as well as the privatesector. Recognizing that preserving and upgrading our national transportation infrastructure will becostly, we support significantly increased transportation investment and continued user financingthrough the Highway Trust Fund. We agree that a consensus must be forged on the best way pay forthe increased investment. We are prepared to support a reasonable solution that addresses the needsof rural transportation corridors like the Ports-to-Plains Corridor in a fair and equitable manner.7
  9. 9. Recommendation #4: Focus Resources to Achieve Network BenefitsThe Federal program should go back to its roots by focusing its resources on upgrading our nationalhighway system on a network basis. There is no greater example of the benefits that can accrue to theNation from system-wide transportation improvements than the Interstate Highway System. It is a bigreason why America is as prosperous as it is today. The challenge for the future will be upgrading thekey portions of the National Highway System, including rural freight/energy corridors, to meet thechallenges of the 21stCentury. This would require sustained, adequate investment that producesnetwork effects, as opposed to ad hoc local improvements. The investment should raise theproductivity of the system as a whole, as was the case with the Interstate Highway System. TheInterstate Construction Program, built on a federal-state partnership and a cost-to-complete basis,could serve as a model.Recommendation #5: Ensure Focused Resources For Critical Rural Freight/Energy CorridorsRural freight corridors, especially rural corridors that are critical to energy development, like the Ports-to-Plains Alliance Corridor, must be a key focus of the next reauthorization bill. This could beaccomplished in a number of ways:• A cost-to-complete type of system-wide improvement program as discussed above;• A separate freight highway program, with adequate resources set aside for rural freight/energycorridors; or• A targeted rural freight/energy corridor investment program backed up by adequate resources.To the extent the next bill relies on innovative financing (PPPs, tolling, pricing, enhanced-creditfacilities), it is important to remember that these options do not generally help rural corridors. Most ofthese options require that the project generate a revenue stream (usually tolls) to repay theinvestment, which is not an option in most rural corridors. Therefore, to the extent the bill gives urbanareas increased financing flexibility, it should also take steps to require that states give priority to ruralcorridors in obligating its federal highway grants.8
  10. 10. PORTS-TO-PLAINS ALLIANCEMISSION STATEMENTThe Ports-to-Plains Alliance is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots alliance of communitiesand businesses whose mission is to advocate for a robust transportation infrastructure topromote economic security and prosperity throughout North Americas energy andagricultural heartland. Today, we collaborate with our federal and state leaders, partners inCanada and Mexico, and industry partners, to deliver the infrastructure, food and fuel tosecure the quality of life of Americas great cities. At the same time, we embrace Americasnew energy economy, and are capitalizing upon oil, gas, wind power, biofuels and otherinnovation sectors to renew one of Americas greatest legacies, the rural heartland.ALLIANCE HEADQUARTERS5401 N MLK Blvd. #395Lubbock TX 79403Ph: 806-775-3373PORTS-TO-PLAINS ALLIANCE STAFFMichael ReevesPresidentPorts-to-Plains AlliancePh: 806-775-2338michael.reeves@portstoplains.comJoe KielyVice President of OperationsPorts-to-Plains AlliancePh: 303-586-1787joe.kiely@portstoplains.comDuffy HinkleVice President of Membership & MarketingPorts-to-Plains AlliancePh: 806-755-3373duffy.hinkle@portstoplains.comJacque DalyExecutive AssistantPorts-to-Plains AlliancePh: 806-775-3369jacque.daly@portstoplains.comCal KlewinExecutive DirectorTheodore Roosevelt ExpresswayPh: 701-523-6171cal@trexpressway.comMarlin JohnsonCommunications DirectorHeartland Expressway AssociationPh: 307-331-9313mjohnson@scottsbluff.org9
  11. 11. Fact Sheet1220 L Street, NW | Washington, DC 20005-4070 www.api.orgOil and natural gas taxes and “subsidies”The U.S. oil and natural gas industry does not receive “subsidized” payments from the government toproduce oil and gas. However, there are many provisions in the tax code that allow companies torecover their costs. The oil and gas industry are eligible for these deductions, which are similar to, if notthe same as, deductions available to many other industries.Tax deductions should in no way be confused with subsidies. A fundamental pillar of the U.S. income taxsystem is that businesses are taxed only on net income. This means that there needs to be somepractical and fair method for businesses to recover costs. The policies underlying cost recoveryprovisions in the tax code legitimately utilized by the oil and natural gas industry are no different thanthose for any other industry, and are necessary to insure that our industry is treated no differently thanany other.In fact, deductions allowed for the U.S. oil and natural gas industry are often more restrictive whencompared with other industries. For example, Section 199 (the manufacturing tax deduction), whichsome in Congress have proposed eliminating just for the oil and gas industry, is already one-third loweron a percentage basis than for other industries.Here are the facts about industry taxes and “subsidies”:In 2009, according to the Compustat North American Database, U.S. oil and natural gascompanies paid income taxes at an effective rate (48.4 percent) that was 70 percent higher thanthe effective rate (28.1 percent) of the S&P Industrial companies.U.S. oil and gas companies pay on average almost $100 million every single day to the federaltreasury in rents, royalties, and lease payments – these do not include excise tax payments.U.S. Energy Information Administration data show the major U.S. oil and natural gas producerspaid $300 billion in income taxes between 2004 and 2008. This does not include another $60billion in production, sales, use, property and other non-income taxes or $350 billion in excisetaxes paid on petroleum products.In 2008, 2009, and 2010, Congress has provided over $65 billion in grants, credits, and othertaxpayer subsidized incentives to renewable energy and conservation programs.The oil and natural gas industry supports more than 9.2 million U.S. jobs, contributes 7.5% to GDP,supplies most of the nation’s energy, invests hundreds of billions in new energy projects annually – allwhile paying our fair share of taxes.For more information, visit www.api.org/policy/tax.10
  12. 12.      Energy Fact SheetThere Is a Fundamental Difference Between a Subsidy and a Deduction• In order to have an honest and fully informed debate about the future of energy tax policy, it’simportant to accurately portray the tax treatments in question.• The provisions targeted are not, in fact, subsidies. They are standard business accounting practicesand deductions created in the hopes of making American companies more effective, economical, andcompetitive. To paint provisions like dual capacity or Section 199 as “subsidies” is factuallyinaccurate and misleading.• A subsidy is characterized by a direct payment from the government to a company in hopes ofpropping it up or otherwise boosting its prospects, as has been done with the solar industry.• A deduction, however, is in place to assure that an American firm is taxed only on its real income.Such provisions enable businesses to write off legitimate expenses and calculate tax liability based onnet income, as opposed to revenue.• Both businesses and individuals routinely employ this method.• As lawmakers seek to take the ax to “subsidies” throughout the tax code, it is critical that theyrecognize the damage that can be done by incorrectly utilizing the term.Oil and Gas Is the Lifeblood of the American Economy• Lawmakers must avoid any tax changes that disadvantage a single industry – let alone one so vital tothe American economy.• The oil and gas industry supports more than 9.2 million American jobs and counting.o In 2011, the industry accounted for 148,000 new jobs.o That number represents nine percent of the total number of new jobs created in the U.S. – acrossall sectors – for the year.• Oil and gas is investing heavily in the future of the American economy – and is doing so at a rate farbeyond that of most other industries.o According to the Progressive Policy Institute, oil and gas companies invested more than $36billion in the American economy in 2011 alone – enough to be labeled one of the group’s“Investment Heroes.”The Economic Consequences of Increased Taxes on Oil and Gas Are Severe• Increasing taxes on the oil and gas industry would trigger significant negative repercussions for theAmerican economy.o According to Professor Joseph Mason of LSU, the repeal of Section 199 and dual capacityprovisions would result in 155,000 lost jobs and $341 billion in lost economic output.11
  13. 13.      • Repealing these provisions will increase energy costs for American consumers already strugglingwith the lingering problem of high gas prices.• Tax proposals in circulation would impact only American companies while leaving state-run foreigncompetitors – like Hugo Chavez’s CITGO or China’s CNOOC – unscathed.o The competitive disadvantage created by such policy would serve as a de facto subsidy forforeign firms at the expense of American companies.• Repealing provisions for the oil and gas industry would reduce the industry’s ability to compete andinvest domestically, ultimately resulting in less incoming revenue for the Treasury.o The tax hikes would result in an $83.5 billion reduction in long-term incoming revenue – farbeyond the approximately $30 billion that the proposals seek to generate.• Lawmakers need to recognize the counter-productive nature of efforts to increase taxes on the oiland gas industry.Increasing Taxes on the Oil and Gas Industry Does Not Constitute Tax Fairness• Tax fairness cannot be accomplished when so many are focused on policies that punish a singleindustry.• Calls to hike taxes on oil and gas are predicated upon the assumption that the companies in questionare not carrying their fair share of the burden under the current structure. Nothing could be furtherfrom the truth. In reality, the oil and gas industry pays its fair share – and a great deal more.o ExxonMobil has paid three dollars in taxes for every one dollar in profits since 1999 – morethan $1 trillion versus $352 billion in profits.o In 2011 the reported tax burdens of the five major oil and gas companies added up to $95 billionfor the year, or $261 million per day.o The oil and gas industry pays an average tax rate of more than 41 percent. The rest of the S&Pindustrial average pays just 26.5 percent.• Efforts to tax oil and gas based on assertions of fairness are, therefore, either ill-informed ordisingenuous.Tax Reform Is Happening. Let’s Do It Right.• Reforming our tax code is no small task, and it won’t be accomplished quickly. But the terms of thedebate are already being set. Actions taken today will frame the discussion for tomorrow.• Reform negotiations must be focused across-the-board on policy that accomplishes the goals ofsimplifying the law, broadening the tax base, stabilizing our deficit and assuring that the U.S. remainsa desirable place to do business.• Targeting one industry is contrary to these goals, and will leave us even worse off than we were whenwe started.12
  14. 14. The documentary Gasland has attracted wide attention. Among other things, it alleges that thehydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells has contaminated nearby water wells with methane in anumber of states including Colorado. Because an informed public debate on hydraulicfracturing depends on accurate information, the Colorado Oil and Gas ConservationCommission (COGCC) would like to correct several errors in the film’s portrayal of the Coloradoincidents.BackgroundMethane is a natural hydrocarbon gas that is flammable and explosive in certain concentrations.It is produced either by bacteria or by geologic processes involving heat and pressure. Biogenicmethane is created by the decomposition of organic material through fermentation, as iscommonly seen in wetlands, or by the chemical reduction of carbon dioxide. It is found in someshallow, water-bearing geologic formations, into which water wells are sometimes completed.Thermogenic methane is created by the thermal decomposition of buried organic material. It isfound in rocks buried deeper within the earth and is produced by drilling an oil and gas well andhydraulically fracturing the rocks that contain the gas. In Colorado, thermogenic methane isgenerally associated with oil and gas development, while biogenic methane is not.The analytical methods use to differentiate between the two types of methane are well-known,scientifically accepted, and summarized in a well-known presentation by Dennis Coleman andpapers by I.R. Kaplan and Dennis Coleman. These works, in turn, cites nearly 75 otherreferences related to the topics of methane generation, “fingerprinting,” forensic investigations,and stable isotope geochemistry.Based upon our review of hundreds of Colorado gas samples over many years, the COGCC isable to differentiate between biogenic and thermogenic methane using both stable isotopeanalysis of the methane and compositional analysis of the gas. In the Denver-Julesburg andPiceance Basins, the COGCC has consistently found that biogenic gas contains only methaneand a very small amount of ethane, while thermogenic gas contains not just methane andethane but also heavier hydrocarbons such as propane, butane, pentane, and hexanes.As explained below, Gasland incorrectly attributes several cases of water well contamination inColorado to oil and gas development when our investigations determined that the wells inquestion contained biogenic methane that is not attributable to such development.The Weld County WellsGasland features three Weld County landowners, Mike Markham, Renee McClure, and AimeeEllsworth, whose water wells were allegedly contaminated by oil and gas development. TheCOGCC investigated complaints from all three landowners in 2008 and 2009, and we issuedwritten reports summarizing our findings on each. We concluded that Aimee Ellsworth’s wellcontained a mixture of biogenic and thermogenic methane that was in part attributable to oil andgas development, and Mrs. Ellsworth and an operator reached a settlement in that case.DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCESBill Ritter, Jr., Governor1120 Lincoln St. Suite 801Denver, CO 80203Phone: (303) 894-2100FAX: (303) 894-2109www.colorado.gov/cogcc13
  15. 15. However, using the same investigative techniques, we concluded that Mike Markham’s andRenee McClure’s wells contained biogenic gas that was not related to oil and gas activity.Unfortunately, Gasland does not mention our McClure finding and dismisses our Markhamfinding out of hand.The Markham and McClure water wells are both located in the Denver-Julesburg Basin in WeldCounty. They and other water wells in this area draw water from the Laramie-Fox Hills Aquifer,which is composed of interbedded sandstones, shales, and coals. Indeed, the water wellcompletion report for Mr. Markham’s well shows that it penetrated at least four different coalbeds. The occurrence of methane in the coals of the Laramie Formation has been welldocumented in numerous publications by the Colorado Geological Survey, the United StatesGeological Survey, and the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists dating back more than 30years. For example, a 1976 publication by the Colorado Division of Water Resources statesthat the aquifer contains “troublesome amounts of . . . methane.” A 1983 publication by theUnited States Geological Survey similarly states that “[m]ethane-rich gas commonly occurs inground water in the Denver Basin, southern Weld County, Colorado.” And a 2001 report by theColorado Geological Survey discusses the methane potential of this formation and citesapproximately 30 publications on this subject.Laboratory analysis confirmed that the Markham and McClure wells contained biogenicmethane typical of gas that is naturally found in the coals of the Laramie–Fox Hills Aquifer. Thisdetermination was based on a stable isotope analysis, which effectively “finger-printed” the gasas biogenic, as well as a gas composition analysis, which indicated that heavier hydrocarbonsassociated with thermogenic gas were absent. In addition, water samples from the wells wereanalyzed for benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes (BTEX), which are constituents ofthe hydrocarbons produced by oil and gas wells in the area. The absence of any BTEXcompounds in these water samples provided additional evidence that oil and gas activity did notcontaminate the Markham and McClure wells.The COGCC has also reviewed the records for all oil and gas wells located within one-half mileof the Markham and McClure wells, which is more than double the typical hydraulic fracturelength in Colorado. This review indicated that: all oil and gas wells near the Markham well weredrilled and hydraulically fractured in 1991, except for two wells that were fractured in 2005 and2006, respectively; and all oil and gas wells near the McClure well were drilled and hydraulicallyfractured in 2002, except for one well that was hydraulically fractured in 2005. The records donot reflect any pressure failures or other problems associated with these wells that wouldindicate a loss of fracture fluid or gas from the well bore into the surrounding geologicformations.In support of its thesis that the Markham and McClure water wells were contaminated by oil andgas development, the Gasland website makes several arguments that merit a brief response.First, the website quotes Professor Anthony Ingraffea of Cornell University for the propositionthat drilling and hydraulic fracturing could cause biogenic methane to migrate into aquifersunder certain circumstances. However, Professor Ingraffea’s statement does not suggest thatthese circumstances apply to the Markham and McClure wells, nor does it address theextensive scientific literature establishing that biogenic methane is naturally present in theaquifer in question. Second, the website quotes Weston Wilson, an Environmental ProtectionAgency employee, speculating that oil and gas operators in Weld County are withdrawing largeamounts of groundwater and that these withdrawals are releasing biogenic methane. However,oil and gas companies in Weld County obtain most of their water from municipalities, whichobtain such water from surface water sources such as the Colorado-Big Thompson and Windy14
  16. 16. Gap projects. Finally, the website asserts that the water in the Markham and McClure wellsdeteriorated after drilling and hydraulic fracturing occurred nearby. However, COGCC recordsindicate little or no temporal relationship between the Markham and McClure complaints andnearby drilling and hydraulic fracturing activities, which occurred several years earlier and inmost cases many years earlier.The West Divide Creek SeepsGasland also addresses complaints about oil and gas activity in the West Divide Creek area ofthe Piceance Basin in Garfield County, though it again confuses issues related to biogenic gaswith those related to thermogenic gas. The film focuses on two seeps that are in closegeographic proximity but derive from different origins. One of the seeps occurs in a wetland onproperty owned by Lisa Bracken, who appears in the film; it contains biogenic methane. Theother seep, which the COGCC terms the West Divide Creek gas seep, is about 1,500 feet to thesouth on property owned by a neighbor; it contains thermogenic methane caused by EnCana’sfailure to properly cement a natural gas well.Gasland adopts the claim that the West Divide Creek gas seep was caused by hydraulicfracturing. After investigating the matter thoroughly in 2004, COGCC staff concluded the seepwas caused by gas migrating up a gas well borehole that had not been properly cemented andin which the upper portion of the gas bearing Williams Fork Formation had not been isolated. OnAugust 16, 2004, following a public hearing, the COGCC commissioners approved anenforcement order (Order 1V-276) that incorporated the staff’s causation conclusions andassessed a substantial fine against the operator.In investigating the West Divide gas seep, the COGCC determined that it contains thermogenicmethane. The gas composition and stable isotope signature of the gas closely matched that ofthe gas being produced from the Williams Fork Formation. The gas from both the West DivideCreek seep and the Williams Fork Formation is composed primarily of methane, but it alsocontains ethane, propane, butane, pentane, and hexanes. In addition, BTEX compounds weredetected in ground and surface water in the vicinity of the West Divide Creek seep, whichindicates that the gas is related to oil and gas activities and not of biogenic origin.In contrast, the laboratory results for the gas samples collected from the seep on Ms. Bracken’sproperty have demonstrated that the gas is biogenic. The COGCC has collected nine gassamples on six different occasions during 2004, 2007, 2009, and 2010. With respect to eachsample, the gas composition was found to be 100 percent methane, no heavier hydrocarboncompound was detected, and the stable isotope ratio indicated that the gas is biogenic. TheCOGCC has also collected six water samples on four different occasions during 2004, 2007,and 2009 and ten soil samples on multiple occasions during 2008 and 2009 from Ms. Bracken’sproperty. BTEX compounds and/or other hydrocarbons associated with oil and gas operationswere not detected in any of these samples. Based on these results, the COGCC has concludedthat the gas seep on Ms. Bracken’s property resulted from the fermentation of organic matter bymethanogenic bacteria. This is not uncommon in wetland areas, such as those that exist alongWest Divide Creek.Other InformationOil and gas development is an industrial activity, and property owners sometimes complain thatit has contaminated their water well. The COGCC investigates all such complaints and reportsthe results individually to the complainant and collectively to the Colorado Water Quality Control15
  17. 17. Division. In some cases, the COGCC has found that the well contains thermogenic methanelinked to oil and gas development. In most cases, however, the COGCC has found thatcontamination is not present or that the methane comes from biogenic sources and is notattributable to oil and gas production. The following excerpt from a report summarizing theCOGCC’s investigation following the contamination of the Ellsworth water well is illustrative:In response to concerns regarding the presence of methane gas in waterwells completed in the Laramie/Fox Hills Aquifer, COGCC, Noble Energy,and Anadarko/Kerr McGee sampled a total of 28 water wells between March25, 2009 and April 7, 2009 across an approximately 170 square mile area.Sample results show that these wells contained either no methane gas orbiogenic (biological generated) methane gas. None of these wells, other thanthe Ellsworth water well, contained thermogenic methane gas. The sampleresults along with letters discussing the results were sent by COGCC staff tothe 28 well owners [who had requested testing].Nevertheless, it remains important to establish prudent regulations to ensure that otherresources, such as groundwater, are protected. Producing oil and gas formations in much ofColorado, including the Denver-Julesburg and Piceance Basins, lie at depths of up to 8,000 feetbelow the ground surface, while the aquifers that sustain domestic water wells are generallyless than 1,000 feet below the ground surface. COGCC regulations establish casing andcementing standards to ensure that gas being produced from 8,000 feet down does not leak intothe shallower aquifers. These regulations require wells to be cased with steel pipe and thecasing to be surrounded by cement to create a hydraulic seal within the annular space betweenthe wall of the well bore and the steel pipe. In addition, a number of recent amendments to theCOGCC regulations address concerns raised about hydraulic fracturing:• Rule 205 requires operators to inventory chemicals, including fracturing fluids,and to provide this information upon request to the COGCC and certain healthcare professionals;• Rule 317 requires cement bond logs to confirm that aquifers are protected;• Rule 317B imposes mandatory setbacks and enhanced environmentalprecautions on oil and gas development occurring near public drinking watersources;• Rule 341 requires well pressures to be monitored during hydraulic fracturing;• Rule 608 mandates additional pressure testing and water well sampling forcoalbed methane wells; and• Rules 903 , 904 , and 906 impose enhanced requirements for pit permitting,lining, monitoring, and secondary containment to ensure that pit fluids, includinghydraulic fracturing flowback, do not leak.Finally, it should be understood that the COGCC Director, Dave Neslin, offered to speak withGasland’s producer, Josh Fox, on camera during the filming of the movie. Because the issuesare technical and complex and arouse concerns in many people, Director Neslin asked that hebe allowed to review any material from the interview that would be included in the final film.Unfortunately, Mr. Fox declined. Such a discussion might have prevented the inaccuraciesnoted above.16
  18. 18. 0.00002%5.00%91-20-3Naphthalene0.00002%5.00%127087-87-0Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl),alpha-(4-nonylphenyl)-omega-hydroxy-,branchedSurfactantHalliburtonLoSurf-300D0.08717%30.00%7647-01-0HydrochloricAcidReagentHalliburtonHydrochloricacid0.00048%30.00%Aldehyde0.00016%10.00%15619-48-4Chloromethylnaphthalenequinolinequaternaryamine0.00048%30.00%67-63-0Isopropanol0.00048%30.00%67-56-1MethanolCorrosionInhibitorHalliburtonHAI-404M0.07414%60.00%64-17-5Ethanol0.00618%5.00%68647-72-3TerpenesandTerpenoids,sweetorange-oilNon-ionicSurfactantHalliburtonGASPERM11000.00175%100.00%010222-01-22,2-dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide0.00009%5.00%007732-18-5WaterBiocideBakerHughesFrac-cide10000.01567%30.00%64742-47-8HydrotreatedlightpetroleumdistillateFrictionReducerHalliburtonFR-660.10181%75.00%000067-48-1CholineChloride0.04072%30.00%007732-18-5WaterKClsubstituteBakerHughesClaycare0.00478%30.00%56-81-5Glycerine0.00478%30.00%71-23-8Propanol0.01592%100.00%101033-44-7TriethanolaminezirconateCrosslinkerHalliburtonCL-370.00103%27.00%12125-02-9AmmoniumChloride0.00229%60.00%ZirconiumcomplexCrosslinkerHalliburtonCL-230.00589%60.00%111-40-0DiethylenetriamineActivatorHalliburtonCat-40.00395%30.00%N.E.EDTAchelateActivatorHalliburtonCat-30.13868%100.00%584-08-7PotassiumcarbonateBufferingAgentHalliburtonBA-40CommentsMaximumIngredientConcentrationinHFFluid(%bymass)**MaximumIngredientConcentrationinAdditive(%bymass)**ChemicalAbstractServiceNumber(CAS#)IngredientsPurposeSupplierTradeNameHydraulicFracturingFluidComposition:158,445TotalWaterVolume(gal)*:7,245TrueVerticalDepth(TVD):GasProductionType:NAD83Long/LatProjection:40.052756Latitude:-104.386895Longitude:HSR-LINK6-13WellNameandNumber:KerrMcGeeOperatorName:05-123-19398APINumber:WELDCounty:COState:5/11/2011FractureDateHydraulicFracturingFluidProductComponentInformationDisclosure17
  19. 19. AllcomponentinformationlistedwasobtainedfromthesuppliersMaterialSafetyDataSheets(MSDS).Assuch,theOperatorisnotresponsibleforinaccurateand/orincompleteinformation.AnyquestionsregardingthecontentoftheMSDSshouldbedirectedtothesupplierwhoprovidedit.TheOccupationalSafetyandHealthAdministrations(OSHA)regulationsgovernthecriteriaforthedisclosureofthisinformation.PleasenotethatFederalLawprotects"proprietary","tradesecret",and"confidentialbusinessinformation"andthecriteriaforhowthisinformationisreportedonanMSDSissubjectto29CFR1910.1200(i)andAppendixD.**Informationisbasedonthemaximumpotentialforconcentrationandthusthetotalmaybeover100%*TotalWaterVolumesourcesmayincludefreshwater,producedwater,and/orrecycledwater0.07827%100.00%GuargumderivativeGellingagentHalliburtonWG-1885.65712%100.00%WaterBaseCarrierFluidAnadarkoWater0.02730%10.00%7758-19-2Chlorousacid,sodiumsalt0.08189%30.00%7647-14-5SodiumchlorideGelBreakerHalliburtonViconNF0.00117%100.00%7775-27-1SodiumpersulfateGelBreakerHalliburtonSPBreaker12.67123%99.90%14808-60-7Crystallinesilica(Quartz)ProppingAgentHalliburtonSand(Proppant)0.51919%100.00%14808-60-7Crystallinesilica(Quartz)ProppingAgentHalliburtonResinCoatedSand0.00000%1.00%95-63-61,2,4Trimethylbenzene0.00029%60.00%64-17-5Ethanol0.00015%30.00%64742-94-5Heavyaromaticpetroleumnaphtha18
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  41. 41. Introduction toU.S. Suppliers List2100, 350 – 7 Avenue S.W.Calgary, AlbertaCanada T2P 3N9Tel (403) 267-1100Fax (403) 261-46221000, 275 Slater StreetOttawa, OntarioCanada K1P 5H9Tel: 613-288-2126Fax: 613- 236-4280403, 235 Water StreetSt. John’s, Newfoundland and LabradorCanada A1C 1B6Tel 709-724-4200Fax 709-724-4225www.capp.ca communication@capp.caIntroductionIn order to gain insight into how Canadian oil sands development increases economic activity in a particularregion, CAPP requested from oil sands companies a list of their oil sands suppliers and business partners.The following list is an aggregation of recent suppliers for several Canadian oil sands companies.This list is not an exhaustive survey of suppliers in a particular region. Rather, it serves as a tool to highlightexisting examples of the commerce and trade relationships between Canadian oil sands producers andcompanies in the region.As CAPP receives more information from its member companies, the list will be regularly updated. If you areinterested in receiving the next update, or if you are a supplier for oil sands or know of a supplier not on thelist, please contact suppliers@capp.ca.Number of Vendors in U.S. StatesAlabama 7 Maine 1 Oklahoma 39Alaska 1 Maryland 8 Oregon 17Arizona 10 Massachusetts 41 Pennsylvania 72Arkansas 2 Michigan 22 Rhode Island 5California 83 Minnesota 40 South Carolina 11Colorado 33 Mississippi 4 South Dakota 2Connecticut 19 Missouri 19 Tennessee 9Delaware 5 Montana 5 Texas 185Florida 34 Nebraska 5 Utah 11Georgia 27 Nevada 2 Vermont 2Idaho 4 New Hampshire 3 Virginia 14Illinois 75 New Jersey 30 Washington 21Indiana 12 New Mexico 2 West Virginia 2Iowa 7 New York 44 Wisconsin 33Kansas 7 North Carolina 16 Wyoming 4Kentucky 4 North Dakota 4 Grand Total 1062Louisiana 13 Ohio 4640
  42. 42. Introduction toU.S. Suppliers ListSuppliers Classification – DescriptionChemicals - Companies dealing with manufacturing, handling, developing or sellingchemicals/chemical productsCommunications - Companies providing temporary or permanent communications devices and/orservices such as Telus, Bell etc.Construction - Companies involved in the manual labor of a project such as constructingpipelines, constructing buildings etc.Consulting - Companies involved in consulting on business practices and business efficienciesElectricalEquipment/Services- Companies providing and/or consulting on electrical equipment usage, electricalpower servicing, electrical control equipment etc.EngineeringServices- Companies providing engineering services such as consulting, designing projects- Does not include procurement/construction or construction management ofprojectsEnvironmental - Companies working on environmental reclamation services such as testing,inspection, research, public awareness etc.EPC - Engineering services, procurement and construction of projectsEquipment Services - Companies manufacturing, distributing, selling or renting equipment such as largerigging equipment, pumps, automation equipment etc.Health & Safety - Companies providing products and/or services that promote and provide safety inthe workforce such as fire retardant uniforms etc.Legal Services - Firms providing legal services to companies in the oil sandsMaterials - Companies providing basic materials and unfinished goods to the oil sands suchas steel, plastics etc.MRO - Companies providing maintenance, repair and operation of equipment/facilitiesParts & Supplies - Companies providing spare parts to the oil sands such as nuts, bolts, filters, smallpiping etc.Retail - Companies falling outside the realm of oil sands industry such as food service,sports goods stores etc.Technological - Companies dealing with developing technology and/or supplying technologicalproducts such as software development, computer models etc.Transportation - Companies involved in logistics such as goods transporting and package shippingWater/WasteTreatment- Companies involved in treating waste water and moving water in and out ofproject areas, including environmental companies that solely focus on watertreatment41
  43. 43. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 1Vendor Name City Region ClassificationDSL MODULAR INC. Anchorage AK Support ServicesBIRMINGHAM FASTENER & SUPPLY INC. Birmingham AL Parts & SuppliesMETAL SAMPLES CORROSION MONITORINGSYSTEMMunford AL InstrumentationMETAL SAMPLES/CORTEST INSTRUMENT SYSTEMS Munford AL InstrumentationOAKSTONE PUBLISHING LLC Birmingham AL Support ServicesOHD Pelham AL Health & SafetyRAK SYSTEMS, INC. Theodore AL MaterialsSPI / MOBILE PULLEY WORKS INC. Mobile AL Parts & SuppliesVULCAN INC. Foley AL ManufacturingAMERCABLE DIVISION OF ASSOCIATED MATERIALS El Dorado AR MaterialsWELSPUN Little Rock AR MaterialsAERODATA, INC. Scottsdale AZ Engineering ServicesENVIRONMENTAL SUPPORT SOLUTIONS INC Tempe AZ EnvironmentalHONEYWELL AZ Equipment ServicesINSIGHT DIRECT USA INC Tempe AZ TechnologicalKREBS ENGINEERS Tucson AZ Engineering ServicesMINTEC, INC. Tucson AZ TechnologicalMODULAR MINING SYSTEMS Tucson AZ TechnologicalPHOENIX DIGITAL CORPORATION Scottsdale AZ TechnologicalVALLEY FORGE & BOLT MANUFACTURING Phoenix AZ Parts & SuppliesWESTERN CHEMICAL INTERNATIONAL Scottsdale AZ Equipment ServicesAIRMAGNET INC. Sunnyvale CA TechnologicalALDEROX CANADA INCORPORATED San Clemente CA EPCAMERICAN TRAINING RESOURCES INC Tustin CA Health & SafetyAMERITROL INC. Vista CA Parts & SuppliesAPTWATER INC Long Beach CA Water/Waste TreatmentARC MACHINES INC. Pacoima CA Equipment ServicesARES CORPORATION Burlingame CA TechnologicalARIA TECHNOLOGIES, INC Livermore CA Parts & SuppliesAUTODESK INC San Rafael CA TechnologicalAVISTA TECHNOLOGIES San Marcos CA ChemicalsBERKELEY FORGE & TOOL INC. Berkeley CA Parts & SuppliesBHK INC. Ontario CA ManufacturingC AND G CONSTRUCTION INC. Upland CA Procurement/ConstructionCASTELLE Morgan Hill CA Technological42
  44. 44. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 2Vendor Name City Region ClassificationCCI FLUID KINETICS Rancho SantaMargaritaCA MROCOEN COMPANY INC San Mateo CA MROCONNEX ELECTRONICS CORPORATION Fremont CA MROCONTROL COMPONENTS INC. Rancho SantaMargaiCA Parts & SuppliesCRANE WORKS, INC. San Leandro CA Equipment ServicesCRESCENT CONSULTING INC Topanga CA ConsultingDELTA TECH SERVICE, INC. BENICIA CA ChemicalsDF DICKINS ASSOCIATES LTD Del Mar CA ConsultingEDGEN MURRAY CORPORATION San Diego CA MaterialsELDEX LABORATORIES INC. Napa CA InstrumentationFATA HUNTER INC. Riverside CA EPCFIRST AMERICAN TITLE INSURANCE CO. Santa Ana CA Support ServicesFLOWSERVE CORPORATION Vernon CA Equipment ServicesFLOWSERVE US INC Vernon CA Equipment ServicesGARRETTCOM INC. Fremont CA Parts & SuppliesGINT SOFTWARE INC Santa Rosa CA TechnologicalHAWK RIDGE SYSTEMS LLC Mountain View CA Engineering ServicesHEGER PUMPS INC Long Beach CA Equipment ServicesHEWLETT-PACKARD Palo Alto CA TechnologicalHYPERION SOLUTIONS CORP. Santa Clara CA TechnologicalIMAGINE THAT, INC. San Jose CA TechnologicalINDUSTRIAL NETWORK CONTROLS, LLC Riverside CA Equipment ServicesINFORMATICA CORPORATION Redwood City CA TechnologicalINOVX SOLUTIONS Irvine CA TechnologicalINVENSYS SYSTEMS, INC. Irvine CA TechnologicalISOGRAPH INC Irvine CA TechnologicalJR JOHANSON INC. San LuisObispoCA Engineering ServicesKAPPA OPTO-ELECTRONICS INC Monrovia CA TechnologicalKOBELCO EDTI Corona CA Equipment ServicesKOMAX SYSTEMS, INC. HuntingtonBeachCA Equipment ServicesLAMONS METAL GASKET CO INC Martinez CA Parts & SuppliesLEADERSHIP STUDIES INC. Escondido CA TrainingM CHEMICAL COMPANY INC Los Angeles CA ChemicalsMGM TRANSFORMER COMPANY Commerce CA Manufacturing43
  45. 45. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 3Vendor Name City Region ClassificationMWH AMERICAS, INC. Arcadia CA EPCNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STANDARDS ANDTECHNOLOGYLos Angeles CA TechnologicalORACLE RedwoodShoresCA TechnologicalOSISOFT INC San Leandro CA TechnologicalPERFORCE SOFTWARE INC. Alameda CA TechnologicalPFR ENERGY SYSTEMS, INC. Los Angeles CA TechnologicalPHENOMENEX, INC. Torrance CA TechnologicalPOLYTEC INC. Irvine CA InstrumentationPQI CORPORATION Fremont CA InstrumentationPRO PIPE Mission Viejo CA Water/Waste TreatmentPROSOURCE TECHNOLOGIES Mission Viejo CA Consulting ServicesRF PRECISION CABLES, INC Anaheim CA ElectricalEquipment/ServicesRISA TECHNOLOGIES Foothill Ranch CA TechnologicalROHRBACK COSASCO SYSTEMS, INC. Santa FeSpringsCA Parts & SuppliesSAFER SYSTEMS, LLC Camarillo CA Health & SafetySETARAM INC Pleasanton CA InstrumentationSMT PLUS, INC. Penn Valley CA ConsultingSTS LAB, INC Van Nuys CA ConstructionSUB-ONE TECHNOLOGY INC Pleasanton CA MaterialsSUBSURFACE LEAK DETECTION INC San Jose CA Water/Waste TreatmentSUMTOTAL SYSTEMS INC Mountain View CA TechnologicalSUMTOTAL SYSTEMS INC San Francisco CA TechnologicalSYSTAT SOFTWARE INCORPORATED San Jose CA TechnologicalTDK-LAMBDA AMERICAS INC. San Diego CA ElectricalEquipment/ServicesTECHNIP USA CORPORATION Claremont CA EPCTHE BRIX GROUP, INC. DBA PANA PACIFIC Fresno CA CommunicationsTIBCO SOFTWARE INC. Palo Alto CA TechnologicalTURTLE AND HUGHES INC. CA MaterialsTYCO VALVES & CONTROLS LP Pasadena CA Parts & SuppliesW.F. MCDONALD COMPANY Los Angeles CA ManufacturingWEBEX COMMUNICATIONS INC. Santa Clara CA CommunicationsWELLBORE SOLUTIONS INC Bakersfield CA Equipment ServicesWHITTIER FILTRATION (TECH SUBSIDY OF VEOLIA) Brea CA Water/Waste TreatmentWORKSHARE TECHNOLOGY INC. San Francisco CA Technological44
  46. 46. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 4Vendor Name City Region ClassificationYOUNG ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING INC. San Dimas CA ManufacturingAMERICAN MILLENNIUM CORPORATION INC. Golden CO Equipment ServicesAPPLIED FLOW TECHNOLOGY ColoradoSpringsCO TechnologicalBARREE & ASSOCIATES LLC Lakewood CO Engineering ServicesBLAST DYNAMICS INC SteamboatSpringsCO Procurement/ConstructionCOLORADO ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT Nunn CO InstrumentationCUSTOM TECHNICAL CERRAMICS, INC. Arvada CO Equipment ServicesDINGO SOFTWARE PTY LTD Centennial CO TechnologicalGOLDEN SOFTWARE INC. Golden CO TechnologicalHUMAN CENTERED SOLUTIONS, LLP Lone Tree CO ConsultingHY-TRAN, INC. Golden CO EquipmentIHS INC Englewood CO ConsultingISYS SEARCH SOFTWARE, INC. Englewood CO SoftwareKRUPP Denver CO ConstructionMAPTEK/KRJA SYSTEMS, INC. Lakewood CO TechnologicalMASTER MAGNETICS INC. Castle Rock CO Parts & SuppliesMICHAEL B. SMITH ARCHITECTURE, INC. Denver CO Engineering ServicesPATERSON & COOKE, LTD. Golden CO ConsultingPRECISION PIPELINE LLC Denver CO EPCQUEST INTEGRITY USA LLC Boulder CO Engineering ServicesREED GROUP LTD Broomfield CO ConsultingREVERE INC. GreenwoodVillageCO ConsultingRMB PRODUCTS Fountain CO ManufacturingROGER VOELLER & ASSOCIATES, LLC Littleton CO ConsultingROONEY ENGINEERING INC. Centennial CO Engineering ServicesSPATIAL ENERGY, LLC Boulder CO Support ServicesTANCO ENGINEERING INC. Loveland CO EPCTHE ECONOMIST Boulder CO OtherTIMOTHY A. SAUNDERS, INC Golden CO Consulting ServicesTRANSFORM SOFTWARE AND SERVICES, INC. Littleton CO TechnologicalTRANSZAP, INC. Denver CO TechnologicalURS ENERGY & CONSTRUCTION INC Denver CO EPCVAISALA INC Louisville CO EnvironmentalWES LLC. Clark CO Environmental45
  47. 47. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 5Vendor Name City Region ClassificationALIMAK HEK INC. Shelton CT EPCALL TEST PRO LLC Old Saybrook CT InstrumentationCARBTROL CORPORATION Bridgeport CT Water/Waste TreatmentCIDRA OILSANDS LTD. Wallingford CT Parts & SuppliesCONCEPT ENGINEERING Old Saybrook CT Engineering ServicesFISCHER TECHNOLOGY INC Windsor CT MaterialsFLUID-O-TECH INTERNATIONAL INC Plantsville CTGARDNER DENVER NASH LLC Trumball CT Equipment ServicesGENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY Fairfield CT TechnologicalGRAHAM CORPORATION Hartford CT EquipmentINTERTEK USA INC. (CALEB BRETT USA ) Hartford CT Health & SafetyJ.R. MERRITT CONTROLS, INC. Stratford CT ManufacturingLEGGETTE, BRASHEARS & GRAHAM, INC. Shelton CT EnvironentalNERAC, INC Tolland CT ConsultingPRAXAIR CANADA INC. Danbury CT ChemicalsSONICS & MATERIALS INC Newtown CT MaterialsTHE SPENCER TURBINE COMPANY Windsor CT Equipment ServicesTHINKLOGICAL SOLUTIONS, INC. Milford CT TechnologicalWORTH CONSTRUCTION INC. Bethel CT ConstructionABBYTEK ENTERPRISES LLC Greenwood DE Parts & SuppliesAGILENT TECHNOLOGIES - ORDER PROCESSING Wilmington DE Parts & SuppliesELANCO INC. Bear DE Parts & SuppliesGRAVER TECHNOLOGIES LLC Newark DE Parts & SuppliesJOINT ANALYTICAL SYSTEMS (AMERICAS) INC Newark DE ChemicalsABB Miami FL ElectricalEquipment/ServicesAIR DIMENSIONS INC Deerfield Beach FL Equipment ServicesAQUATIC ECO-SYSTEMS INC Apopka FL EnvironentalAXIOM INTERNATIONAL Clearwater FL TechnologicalB B MARKETING ENTERPRISES PompanoBeachFL Parts & SuppliesBEE ELECTRONICS INC. Fort Pierce FL RetailCITRIX SYSTEMS INC Fort Lauderdale FL TechnologicalCODEWARE INC. Orlando FL TechnologicalDETECT INC Panama City FL EnvironentalDILO COMPANY INC Odessa FL Equipment ServicesDYNALCO CONTROLS CORPORATION Fort Lauderdale FL Instrumentation46
  48. 48. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 6Vendor Name City Region ClassificationEMBRAER EXECTUIVE JET SERVICES LLC Fort Lauderdale FL MROEMERGENCY ONE, INC. Ocala FL Health & SafetyENVIROSAFE TECHNOLGIES, INC. Jacksonville FL EquipmentFIREPROGRAMS SOFTWARE Ocala FL TechnologicalFIRST CALL ASSOCIATES Boca Raton FL ConsultingFLOW CONSULTING Jennings FL ConsultingH PARKER AND COMPANY, INC. Sarasota FL ConsultingIDENTICA HOLDINGS CORPORATION Tampa FLIMMUNITY INC Miami FL TechnologicalLESLIE CONTROLS, INC. Tampa FL Parts & SuppliesLINKTEK CORPORATION Clearwater FL TechnologicalMIX TELEMATICS Boca Raton FL TechnologicalPARKSON Ft. Lauderdale FL Water/Waste TreatmentPARKWOOD CONSULTING INC Bradenton FL ConsultingPDMA CORPORATION Tampa FL InstrumentationSPELLEX CORPORATION Tampa FL TechnologicalSUN ENERGY PRODUCTS CORP. Ft. Lauderdale FL ChemicalsSUNLAND US FL ContructionTHOR GUARD, INC. Sunrise FL Health & SafetyTOPTECH SYSTEMS INC. Longwood FL TechnologicalUS PATENT CERTIFICATE PLAQUE CENTER Fort Myers FL RetailVALESCO BATTERY SYSTEMS INC Miami FL Parts & SuppliesVISTA ENERGY GROUP, INC. St Augustin FL ConsultingANALYTICAL MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, INC. Alpharetta GA ConsultingANDRITZ AUTOMATION INC Decatur GA Engineering ServicesANTEK INSTRUMENTS, INC. Atlanta GA Engineering ServiesAUBREY DANIELS INTERNATIONAL Atlanta GA ConsultingBEASLEY FOREST PRODUCTS INC. Hazlehurst GA MaterialsBRUEL & KJAER NORTH AMERICA INC Norcross GA InstrumentationCLARAGE INC. Suwanee GA EquipmentCOMPRESSOR CONTROLS CORPORATION Atlanta GA EquipmentDATA SOUTH SYSTEMS, INC. Hinesville GA TechnologicalDET NORSKE VERITAS (USA) INC Atlanta GA ConsultingFLOQUIP ENGINEERING COMPANY Riceboro GA Water/Waste TreatmentFLSMIDTH DORR-OLIVER EIMCO LTD Atlanta GA MROFMC TECHNOLOGIES INC. Acworth GA Technological47
  49. 49. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 7Vendor Name City Region ClassificationG E ENERGY PARTS INC. Atlanta GA Parts & SuppliesGIW INDUSTRIES Grovetown GA Equipment ServicesHELLA, INC Peachtree City GA Parts & SuppliesHV DIAGNOSTICS INC Woodstock GA ElectricalEquipment/ServicesIRON MOUNTAIN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Norcross GA Support ServicesIVANHOE GROUP Peachtree City GA MROPAC - PETROLEUM ANALYZER COMPANY Atlanta GA InstrumentationPROFESSIONAL AIRCRAFT ACCESSORIES Atlanta GA MROSNF INC. Riceboro GA ChemicalsSTRUERS INC. Atlanta GA EquipmentSULZER PUMPS (US) INC. Atlanta GA EquipmentTHINK RESOURCES, INC. Norcross GA Engineering ServicesTRADEMASTER, INC Peachtree City GA MaterialsYOKOGAWA CORPORATION OF AMERICA Newnan GA InstrumentationCOMPRESSOR CONTROLS Des Moines IACOMPRESSOR CONTROLS CORPORATION Des Moines IA Equipment ServicesGEOLEARNING, INC West DesMoinesIA TechnologicalSIEMENS WATER TECHNOLOGIES CORP Ames IA Water/Waste TreatmentSPARTAN/FISHER Marshalltown IA Parts & SuppliesSYSTEMS EQUIPMENT CORPORATION Waukon IA Equipment ServicesXERXES CORPORATION Tipton IA ManufacturingADVANCED EXPLOSIVES DEMOLITION Couer Dalene ID Support ServicesGROUND FORCE MANUFACTURING, LLC. Post Falls ID Equipment ServicesHEDWELD USA INC. Post Falls ID Equipment ServicesUSGS - US GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Boise ID EnvironentalAAR CORP. Chicago IL MROALTECH ENVIRONMENT USA CORPORATION Geneva IL Equipment ServicesBASLER ELECTRIC COMPANY Highland IL ManufacturingBEA SYSTEMS INC. Chicago IL TechnologicalBLAC INC. Elmhurst IL Equipment ServicesBRIDGESTONE Normal IL ManufacturingBRIESER CONSTRUCTION CO. Channahon IL ConstructionCHICAGO BLOWER CORPORATION GlendaleHeightsIL ManufacturingCHICAGO INDUSTRIAL PUMP COMPANY South Elgin IL Equipment Services48
  50. 50. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 8Vendor Name City Region ClassificationCORPORATE EXECUTIVE BOARD Chicago IL ConsultingDESPATCH INDUSTRIES LTD PARTNERSHIP Palatine IL EquipmentDONALDSON COMPANY INC Chicago IL ManufacturingEN ENGINEERING LLC Woodridge IL Engineering ServicesE-ONE,INC. Chicago IL Health & SafetyFINNING (CATERPILLAR) Peoria IL Equipment ServicesFLOWSERVE US INC. Lombard IL Equipment ServicesG&W ELECTRIC COMPANY Blue Island IL ElectricalEquipment/ServicesGARDNER DENVER, INC. Quincy IL Equipment ServicesHONEYWELL ANALYTICS INC Lincolnshire IL Equipment ServicesHONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC. Chicago IL Equipment ServicesHPD LLC Plainfield IL Water/Waste TreatmentINDECK POWER EQUIPMENT COMPANY Wheeling IL Equipment ServicesINDUSTRIAL GRAPHITE SALES, LLC Elk GroveVillageIL Parts & SuppliesINVENSYS SYSTEMS, INC. Carol Stream IL TechnologicalITRACS CORPORATION Oak Brook IL TechnologicalJOHN CRANE INC. Morton Grove IL Equipment ServicesJOHNSON MATTHEY INC OakbrookTerraceIL ChemicalsJONES & BLYTHE Springfield IL ConstructionKOMATSU AMERICA CORP RollingMeadowsIL Equipment ServicesKT STEEL Chicago IL MaterialsLECHLER INC. St. Charles IL Parts & SuppliesMAC EQUIPMENT, INC. Chicago IL RetailMAGNETROL INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Downers Grove IL InstrumentationMATERIAL TESTING TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Wheeling IL Parts & SuppliesMCMASTER-CARR SUPPLY CO Elmhurst IL Parts & SuppliesMIDWESTERN CONTRACTORS Chicago IL ConstructionNETIQ CORPORATION Lisle IL TechnologicalNORMAN FILTER COMPANY LLC Bridgeview IL Parts & SuppliesNORTHROP GRUMMAN INFORMATIONTECHNOLOGY, INCChicago IL TechnologicalOPEN TEXT INC Chicago IL TechnologicalOPW ENGINEERED SYSTEMS Hodgkins IL Equipment ServicesOVIVO USA, LLC Chicago IL Maintenance & RepairPA CRUSHER CORP Palatine IL Procurement/Construction49
  51. 51. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 9Vendor Name City Region ClassificationPARTICULATE SOLID RESEARCH INC Chicago IL Engineering ServicesPENNWELL Chicago IL SoftwarePHILIPPI-HAGENBUCH, INC Peoria IL Equipment ServicesPROTECTION CONTROLS, INC. Skokie IL Health & SafetyQUACKENBUSH COMPANY Crystal Lake IL Equipment ServicesRESOURCES CONSERVATION CO INTERNATIONAL Chicago IL Consulting ServicesROLTA TUSC INC Lombard IL ConsultingROTH PUMP COMPANY Milan IL Equipment ServicesROTH PUMP COMPANY Rock Island IL Equipment ServicesSCHENCK PROCESS MINING NORTH AMERICA Palatine IL EquipmentSIDLEY AUSTIN LLP Chicago IL Legal ServiesSIEMENS WATER TECHNOLOGIES Rockford IL Water/Waste TreatmentSNAMPROGETTI-SNC LAVALIN JV Chicago IL EquipmentSOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY Carbondale IL Support ServicesSPRAYING SYSTEM CO Wheaton IL Parts & SuppliesSULZER PUMPS (US) INC. Naperville IL Equipment ServicesSUNERGOS LLC Barrington Hills IL ConsultingTHE SALEM GROUP Schaumberg IL ConsultingTITAN TIRE CORPORATION Chicago IL ManufacturingTOSHIBA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION Buffalo Grove IL ManufacturingU.S. SILICA COMPANY Ottawa IL MaterialsUNITED CONVEYOR CORPORATION Waukegan IL MaterialsUNITED GROUP, INC Lake Forest IL Parts & SuppliesUOP LLC Des Plaines IL MaterialsVILLAGE OF MANHATTAN Manhattan IL Support ServicesW.S. DARLEY & CO. Itasca IL Equipment ServicesWABASH POWER EQUIPMENT COMPANY Wheeling IL Equipment ServicesWASHINGTON GROUP INTERNATIONAL Chicago IL TechnologicalWEIR SLURRY GROUP, INC. Wheaton IL Equipment ServicesWILBROS IL ConstructionWITECH CO INC. Crete IL ConstructionWOLFRAM RESEARCH, INC. Champaign IL TechnologicalBIGINCH FABRICATORS & CONSTRUCTION, INC. Montezuma IN ConstructionBRAKE SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. Evansville IN Parts & SuppliesCONFORMA CLAD INC. New Albany IN MaterialsCONSOLIDATED FABRICATION AND Gary IN MRO50
  52. 52. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 10Vendor Name City Region ClassificationCONSTRUCTORS, INC.ENDRESS & HAUSER INSTRUMENTS Greenwood IN InstrumentationGLAS COL Terre Haute IN ManufacturingKOONTZ WAGNER ELECTRIC CO, INC. South Bend IN Electrical Equiment/ServicesPURDUE UNIVERSITY West Lafayette IN Support ServicesRALPH J. WEST CO. Boonville IN Equipment ServicesROBERTS PIPELINE INC. Middletown IN ConstructionSTELLITE COATINGS Goshen IN MaterialsURSCHEL LABORATORIES, INC. Valparaiso IN Equipment ServicesBRADKEN-ATCHISON/ST JOSEPH INC Atchison KN MaterialsBRUEST CATALYTIC HEATERS Independence KS Equipment ServicesCESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY, THE Wichita KS TransportationKOCH-GLITSCH, LP Wichita KS Equipment ServicesSMOOT CO. DIVISION OF MAGNUM SYSTEMS, INC. Kansas City KS Engineering ServicesTROW ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS, INC. KS Engineering ServicesUNIVERSAL ENSCO KS Engineering ServicesARCH ENVIRONMENTAL EQUIPMENT Paducah KY ElectricalEquipment/ServicesREPUBLIC INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL INC Louisville KY Parts & SuppliesRONAN ENGINEERING COMPANY Florence KY InstrumentationTRENWA INC. Fort Thomas KY ElectricalEquipment/ServicesADVANCE PRODUCTS & SYSTEMS, INC Lafayette LA Water/Waste TreatmentCAMERON CANADA CORPORATION LA MaterialsCAMERON VALVES & MEASUREMENT CORP. LA MaterialsECOSCIENCE RESOURCE GROUP LLC Baton Rouge LA EnvironentalEDGEN MURRAY CORPORATION Baton Rouge LA MaterialsFERRARA FIRE APPARATUS INC Holden LA Health & SafetyGLADDEN SALES INC Baton Rouge LA Health & SafetyGREENWOOD GROUP LLC River Ridge LAJ.W. TOUPS, INC. Thibodaux LA ConsultingMARINE & INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY OF LA LLC Prairieville LA Parts & SuppliesNOLAN POWER GROUP LLC Mandeville LA Equipment ServicesPROCESS CHEMICALS INC. Metairie LA ChemicalsSONARWIRE GLOBAL, LLC Abita Springs LA ConstructionABB MA ElectricalEquipment/Services51
  53. 53. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 11Vendor Name City Region ClassificationACOUSTIC TECHNOLOGY, INC. East Boston MA Health & SafetyADVANCED MANAGEMENT SERVICES, INC. Canton MA ConsultingALDEN RESEARCH LABORATORY, INC. Holden MA Engineering ServicesALTOVA, INC Beverly MA TechnologicalAMERICAN LEWA, INC Holliston MA Parts & SuppliesAMERICAN SUPERCONDUCTOR CORPORATION Devens MA Engineering ServicesASPEN AEROGELS INC Northborough MA MaterialsASPEN TECHNOLOGY INC Burlington MA TechnologicalBETE FOG NOZZLE INC. Greenfield MA Parts & SuppliesCIRCADIAN TECHNOLOGIES INC Stoneham MA ConsultingDATADIRECT TECHNOLOGIES Bedford MA TechnologicalDETRICK LAWRENCE CORP. Edgartown MA Health & SafetyDOBLE ENGINEERING COMPANY Watertown MA Engineering ServicesDRESSER INC. - MASONELIAN Avon MA Parts & SuppliesDRS POWER TECHNOLOGY, INC. Fitchburg MA Equipment ServicesEBSCO PUBLISHING Ipswich MA ConsultingEDGETECH Marlborough MA TechnologicalEMC CORPORATION Hopkinton MA TechnologicalGALVANIC APPLIED SCIENCES USA, INC Lowell MA InstrumentationGELLER MICROANALYTICAL LABORATORY, INC Topsfield MA InstrumentationGILL METAL FAB INC Brockton MA MaterialsGLASS EXPANSION INC. Pocasset MA Parts & SuppliesHAWK MEASUREMENT AMERICA LLC Middleton MA InstrumentationHYDRO-TEST PRODUCTS INC Stow MA Equipment ServicesICONICS INC. Forborough MA TechnologicalINSTRON Norwood MA EquipmentINTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCESDEVELOPMENTBoston MA ConsultingIPSWITCH, INC Lexington MA TechnologicalKROHNE INC Peabody MA ManufacturingLAWRENCE PUMPS Lawrence MA Equipment ServicesLOGMEIN, INC Woburn MA TechnologicalMALVERN INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED Westborough MA InstrumentationOLYMPUS NDT Waltham MA RetailOXFORD INSTRUMENTS AMERICA INC Concord MA InstrumentationPARKER HANNIFIN CORPORATION Haverhill MA Engineering Services52
  54. 54. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 12Vendor Name City Region ClassificationPULSE INC Walpole MA ConstructionSOANE ENERGY LLC Cambridge MA ChemicalsSYBASE LTD. Burlington MA TechnologicalTHE MATHWORKS, INC Natick MA TechnologicalXTRALIS INC Norwell MA Health & SafetyASSET PERFORMANCE NETWORKS, LLC Bethesda MD ConsultingFLOWSERVE PUMP DIVISION-WORTHINGTON SPA MD MaterialsGKD-USA INC. Cambridge MD MaterialsGSE POWER SYSTEMS, INC. Sykeville MD TechnologicalHIGHLAND CONSULTING GROUP, INC St. Michaels MD ConsultingMAXIMUS INC Columbia MD Health & SafetyNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STANDARDS ANDTECHNOLOGYGaithersburg MD TechnologicalTESSCO INCORPORATED Hunt Valley MD TechnologicalCLYDE BERGEMANN BACHMANN, INC. Auburn ME Equipment ServicesALPHA RESOURCES, INC. Stevensville MI InstrumentationAMERICAN BLOWER SUPPLY INC. Warren MI MaterialsBLACK & VEATCH Ann Arbor MI EPCCLYDE UNION, INC. Battle Creek MI Equipment ServicesDEWIND WELLS & DEWATERING, INC Zeeland MI MROEAGLE INDUSTRIAL TRUCK MFG LLC Taylor MI Equipment ServicesFIRECHECK CO2 SERVICE Dundee MI Health & SafetyHINES INDUSTRIES INC Ann Arbor MI Equipment ServicesINTELLITACTICS INC. Detroit MI SoftwareJANX Parma MI Engineering ServicesJAPAN STEEL WORKS AMERICA, INC. Detroit MI MaterialsLAVISION INCORPORATED Ypsilanti MI Engineering ServicesLUBE-POWER INC ShelbyTownshipMI Parts & SuppliesMAP MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS INC. Midland MI ConstructionMARSULEX INC. Detroit MI Engineering ServicesMATERIALS TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Ann Arbor MI Parts & SuppliesMEARS GROUP INC. Rosebush MI EPCPRAB, INC. Kalamazoo MI MaterialsREID SUPPLY COMPANY Mushegon MI Parts & SuppliesS.W. CONTROLS INC. Plymouth MI Parts & SuppliesSIEMENS WATER TECHNOLOGIES CORP. Holland MI WATER/WASTE53
  55. 55. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 13Vendor Name City Region ClassificationTREATMENTSPIRALOCK CORPORATION Madison Hts. MI Parts & SuppliesAURORA PICTURES, INC. Minneapolis MN Health & SafetyBARR ENGINEERING CO. Minneapolis MN Engineering ServicesBENDTEC INC Duluth MN MaterialsC.H. ROBINSON WORLDWIDE, INC. Eden Prarie MN TransportationCAVCOM, INC. Walker MN Health & SafetyCHARPS WELDING AND FABRICATING INC. Clearbrook MN ConstructionDELTAK Plymouth MN MaterialsDESPATCH INDUSTRIES LTD PARTNERSHIP Minneapolis MN Equipment ServicesDIGI-KEY CORPORATION Thief River Falls MN TechnologicalDONALDSON COMPANY, INC. Bloomington MN ManufacturingDURAG INC MendotaHeightsMN InstrumentationELECTRIC MACHINERY COMPANY INC. Minneapolis MN ManufacturingELECTRO SENSORS INC Minnetonka MN Parts & SuppliesFOND DU LAC TRIBAL AND COMMUNITY Cloquet MN Support ServicesGOLDENEYE SOLUTIONS, INC Little Falls MN Water/Waste TreatmentGOWAN CONSTRUCTION INC. Oslo MN ConstructionHAMON DELTAK INC Plymouth MN Equipment ServicesIRACORE INTERNATIONAL INC Hibbing MN MaterialsL & M RADIATOR INC. Hibbing MN Parts & SuppliesLAKE SUPERIOR CONSULTING LLC Duluth MN Engineering ServicesLHB ENGINEERS AND ARCHITECTS Minneapolis MN Engineering ServicesLW SURVEY ENGINEERING AND DESIGN CO. Duluth MN Support ServicesMATTRACKS INC. Karlstad MN Parts & SuppliesMERJENT INC. Minneapolis MN Engineering ServicesMIELKE ELECTRIC WORKS Duluth MN Parts & SuppliesMINCO PRODUCTS INC Fridley MN Equipment ServicesMINNESOTA LIMITED INC. Big Lake MN Equipment ServicesNORTHLANDS CONSTRUCTORS OF DULUTH Duluth MN ConstructionPERSONNEL DECISIONS INTERNATIONAL CORP Minneapolis MN ConsultingPROSOURCE TECHNOLOGIES Minneapolis MN ConsultingRELIABILITY MANAGEMENT GROUP Minneapolis MN ConsultingRMS CONTROLS INC. MN MaterialsROSEMOUNT INC. Chanhassen MN Instrumentation54
  56. 56. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 14Vendor Name City Region ClassificationTHERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC Minneapolis MN InstrumentationTHERMO RAMSEY INC Minneapolis MN ElectricalEquipment/ServicesTHERMOFISHER SCIENTIFIC INC Minneapolis MN InstrumentationTIOGA, INC. New Hope MN Equipment ServicesTWIN CITY CLARAGE, INC Minneapolis MN Parts & SuppliesTYCO VALVES & CONTROLS LP MN Parts & SuppliesUNITED PIPING INC. Duluth MN ConstructionAMP TECHNOLOGY LLC Fenton MO TechnologicalBHA GROUP INC Kansas City MO Parts & SuppliesC G POWER SYSTEM USA, INC. Washington MO Equipment ServicesCHAS S. LEWIS & CO INC Crestwood MO Equipment ServicesDECISION SCIENCES CORPORATION St. Louis MO ConsultingDOBLE ENGINEERING COMPANY INC Kansas City MO Engineering ServicesFEDERAL STEEL SUPPLY INC Chesterfield MO MaterialsGARDNER DENVER NASH LLC St. Peters MO Equipment ServicesGARDNER DENVER, INC. St. Louis MO Equipment ServicesGEEDING CONSTRUCTION INC. Troy MO ConstructionGLEN MARTIN ENGINEERING, INC. Boonville MO EPCGROTH CORPORATION St Louis MO Parts & SuppliesINDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND EQUIPMENT CO. St. Louis MO Equipment ServicesLABRAGE PIPE AND STEEL COMPANY St. Louis MO MaterialsNOOTER/ERIKSEN Fenton MO Equipment ServicesO BRIEN CORPORATION St. Louis MO ElectricalEquipment/ServicesPRICE GREGORY MO ConstructionSTEVEN CHASTEEN Kansas City MO ConsultingWEAR-CONCEPTS INC Liberty MO Parts & SuppliesCALVERT COMPANY INC., THE Richland MS ElectricalEquipment/ServicesDIXIE MAT AND HARDWOOD CO, INC. Sandy Hook MS Parts & SuppliesFMC TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Saltillo MS TechnologicalSULFUR OPERATION SUPPORT INC Ocean Springs MS Engineering ServicesBAY LIMITED Bilings MT ConstructionCENTER FOR INTERNET SECURITY INC Kalispell MT TechnologicalLIFTING TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Missoula MT Equipment ServicesPTI CAMP CONTRACT US PHASE IV MT Construction55
  57. 57. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 15Vendor Name City Region ClassificationTOWHAUL CORP. DBR SMITH EQUIPMENT USA. Bozeman MT Equipment ServicesAC CONTROLS Charlotte NC Parts & SuppliesALSTOM POWER, INC. Charlotte NC Engineering ServicesAPEX INSTRUMENTS, INC. Fuquay-Varina NC InstrumentationCASPER CONSTRUCTION INC. Burnsville NC ConstructionCEM CORPORATION Matthews NC InstrumentationCONTROLS SOUTHEAST INC Charlotte NC Equipment ServicesECC, LLC. Vass NC ManufacturingISA ResearchTriangle ParkNC ConsultingKRAL-USA INC Matthews NC Equipment ServicesMAC INC. Glenburn NC Engineering ServicesMPHUSKY CORPORATION Charlotte NC ElectricalEquipment/ServicesNACB LLC Raleigh NC Parts & SuppliesNSI SOLUTIONS, INC. Raleigh NC ChemicalsSOURCE TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATES Chapel Hill NCSPOT COOLERS Charlotte NC Equipment ServicesSPX FLOW TECHNOLOGY Charlotte NC Equipment ServicesEARTHMOVERS, INC. Minot ND ContructionHENKELS & MCCOY ND ConstructionMICHELS ND EPCTIC WYOMING Tioga ND ConstructionCLEAVER BROOKS Lincoln NE Equipment ServicesPETER KIEWIT & SONS Omaha NE ConstructionPRICE GREGORY NE ConstructionVALMONT INDUSTRIES INC Omaha NE EPCWILBROS NE ConstructionKINEX CAPPERS, LLC Amherst NH Equipment ServicesSERIF, INC Amherst NH TechnologicalVHG LABS, INC. Manchester NH InstrumentationALOK BHARGAVA Pine Brook NJ ConsultingBIACH INDUSTRIES INC. Cranford NJ Parts & SuppliesCAMO SMART SOFTWARE INC Woodbridge NJ TechnologicalCARMAGEN ENGINEERING, INC. Rockaway NJ Engineering ServicesCHEM FLOWTRONIC, INC. Little Falls NJ ChemicalsCHEVRON LUMMUS GLOBAL LLC Bloomfield NJ Engineering Services56
  58. 58. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 16Vendor Name City Region ClassificationCUSTOM WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS LLC Florham Park NJ TechnolgicalEKATO CORPORATION Oakland NJ Engineering ServicesELEMENTAR AMERICAS, INC. Mt. Laurel NJ Engineering ServicesEXCELL FEEDERS INC. Somerset NJ Water/Waste TreatmentFACTORY DIRECT PIPELINE PRODUCTS INC Blairstown NJ Parts & SuppliesFOSTER WHEELER USA CORPORATION Hampton NJ EPCGLEN MILLS INC. Clifton NJ Equipment ServicesGOOCH THERMAL SYSTEMS Lebanon NJ Parts & SuppliesHAMON RESEARCH-COTTRELL, INC. Somerville NJ MROHIROX-USA INC Hackensack NJ InstrumentationHONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC. Morristown NJ Equipment ServicesJOHN C. ERNST CO. INC Sparta NJ Parts & SuppliesKEPNER TREGOE, INC Princeton NJ ConsultingKIMBLE-CHASE LIFE SCIENCE AND RESEARCHPRODUCTS,LLCVineland NJ Equipment ServicesMISTRAS GROUP INC PrincetonJunctionNJ TechnologicalNORTON ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS INC Ridgewood NJ Engineering ServicesOLI SYSTEMS, INC. Morris Plains NJ TechnologicalPFI PROJECT CONSULTANTS Cherry Hill NJ ConsultingSANKARAN SUNDARESAN PrincetonJunctionNJ ConsultingSEMINARS AND CONFERENCES GROUPINTERNATIONAL, LLCEnglishtown NJ ConsultingSETARAM INC. Pennsarken NJ MaterialsSYSTEMS DISTRIBUTORS, INC Neptune NJ Equipment ServicesTECHNE INCORPORATED Burlington NJ Equipment ServicesTHE CENTER FOR PROFESSIONAL ADVANCEMENT,INC.East Brunswick NJ ConsultingCPFD SOFTWARE LLC Albuquerque NM TechnolgicalMBF INSPECTION SERVICES INC. Roswell NM ConsultingMSLI, GP Reno NV TechnologicalTYCO VALVES AND CONTROLS Reno NV Parts & SuppliesABB LUMMUS CREST INC. New York NY Parts & SuppliesADSCO MANUFACTURING LLC Brentwood NY Parts & SuppliesALL AREA FIRE AND RESCUE APPARATUS West Babylon NYAMERICAN PRECISION INDUSTRIES INC. - BASCODIVISIONBuffalo NY Equipment ServicesAMULET HOTKEY INC New York NY Equipment Services57
  59. 59. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 17Vendor Name City Region ClassificationAPI HEAT TRANSFER INC. Buffalo NY Equipment ServicesATLAS COPCO COMPTEC LLC Voorheesville NY Equipment ServicesBASCO DIVISION Buffalo NY Equipment ServicesBLASCH PRECISION CERAMICS, INC. Albany NY Parts & SuppliesBURGESS MANNING INC. Orchard Park NY Equipment ServicesCAMERON INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION Buffalo NY Equipment ServicesCHENTRONICS CORPORATION Norwich NY Equipment ServicesCORPUSCULAR INC. Cold Spring NY ChemicalsCT CORPORATION New York NY TechnologicalDYNALAB CORP New York NY Legal ServicesENECON CORPORATION Medford NY MaterialsENTERPRISE AIR, INC. New York NY TechnologicalGARDNER NASH NY Parts & SuppliesGENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY Schenectady NY ElectricalEquipment/ServicesGRAHAM CORPORATION Batavia NY Equipment ServicesIMPRESSIONS INTERNATIONAL INC Rochester NY OtherITT ENIDINE INC. Orchard Park NY Equipment ServicesITT INDUSTRIES - GOULDS PUMPS Seneca Falls NY Equipment ServicesKNOVEL CORPORATION New York NY TechnologicalKOIKE ARONSON, INC. Arcade NY Equipment ServicesLENOVO (UNITED STATES) INC. NY TechnologicalLIGHTNIN, C/O HASTIK-BAYMONT, INC. NY Water/Waste TreatmentMARTIN KURZ & CO., INC Mineola NY MaterialsNARISHIGE INTERNATIONAL USA, INC. East Meadow NY InstrumentationPACS INDUSTRIES, INC. Bethpage NY ElectricalEquipment/ServicesPALISADE CORPORATION Ithaca NY TechnologicalQUALITROL COMPANY LLC Fairport NY InstrumentationR.P. ADAMS COMPANY INC Buffalo NY Equipment ServicesRATNIK INDUSTRIES LTD. Victor NY Equipment ServicesRIVERHAWK CORPORATION New Hartford NY Equipment ServicesSCHENCK TREBEL CORPORATION Deer Park NY Parts & SuppliesSHANNON ENTERPRISES OF W.N.Y. INC NorthTonawandaNY ManufacturingSSA & COMPANY New York NY ConsultingTAPROGGE AMERICA CORPORATION Edgewood NY Parts & Supplies58
  60. 60. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 18Vendor Name City Region ClassificationTMP WORLDWIDE New York NY ConsultingU.E. SYSTEMS INCORPORATED Elmsford NY InstrumentationWELDING RESEARCH COUNCIL, INC. NY NY Engineering ServicesWESTPORT HARDNESS & GAGING CORPORATION West Islip NY Parts & SuppliesYOUNG & FRANKLIN INC. Liverpool NY Engineering ServicesAMG VANADIUM, INC. Cambridge OH MaterialsANALYTICAL PRODUCTS GROUP Westlake OH Equipment ServicesASHLAND INC Dublin OH ChemicalsAVTRON INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION INC Cleveland OH ElectricalEquipment/ServicesBEVILLE ENGINEERING INC Dayton OH Engineering ServicesCHEMINEER, INC. Dayton OH Equipment ServicesCLARK RELIANCE CORP NATIONAL Strongsville OH Parts & SuppliesCORRPRO COMPANIES INC. Medina OH MaterialsEARTHSOFT INC Strongsville OH TechnologicalEDISON WELDING INSTITUTE Columbus OH Engineering ServicesEFFOX INC. West Chester OH Parts & SuppliesEGC ENTERPRISE INC Chardon OH MaterialsENGINEERING MECHANICS CORP. Columbus OH TechnologicalEQUITY ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. , THE Shaker Heights OH Engineering ServicesEUCLID Euclid OH Equipment ServicesEXPO EXPERTS, LLC Cincinnati OH ConsultingGE ENGINE SERVICES LLC Cincinnati OH Equipment ServicesHALLMARK OH RetailHARTZELL PROPELLER INC. Piqua OH ManufacturingHAYS CLEVELAND Cleveland OH Equipment ServicesICI NETWORKS, LLC Akron OH TechnologicalKIRK KEY INTERLOCK COMPANY Massillon OH Parts & SuppliesLAMBDA RESEARCH Cincinnati OH TechnologicalMADER DAMPERS LaGrange OH Engineering ServicesMC MASTER-CARR SUPPLY COMPANY Aurora OH Parts & SuppliesMCMASTER CARR SUPPLY COMPANY Cleveland OH Parts & SuppliesMCNEIL INDUSTRIES, INC. Painsville OH ManufacturingMODULAR SECURITY SYSTEMS, INC Ironton OH TechnologicalMONARCH ELECTRIC SERVICE CO (INC) Cleveland OH MRONATIONAL BOARD OF BOILER PRESSURE VESSEL Columbus OH Support Services59
  61. 61. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 19Vendor Name City Region ClassificationNOVAVISION INC. Bowling Green OH Health & SafetyOR-TEC INC. Maple Heights OH Parts & SuppliesPEPPERL FUCHS INC Twinsburg OH ElectricalEquipment/ServicesPRESSURE VESSEL RESEARCH COUNCIL INC Shaker Heights OH Engineering ServicesSHAFER VALVE COMPANY DB Mansfield OH Parts & SuppliesSIEMANS INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION OH MaterialsSIGMATEK SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL LLC Cincinnati OH ConstructionSNAP-ON INCORPORATED Wooster OH Parts & SuppliesSTRUERS, INC. Cleveland OH MaterialsTEMA ISENMANN, INC. Cincinnati OH Support ServicesTHE MACK IRON WORKS CO. Sandusky OH MaterialsTHERMO LABSYSTEMS INC. Cincinnati OH Parts & SuppliesUNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI Cincinnati OH Engineering ServicesUNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY RESEARCHFOUNDATIONCleveland OH Support ServicesV.O. BAKER COMPANY Mentor OH MaterialsWORTHINGTON PRODUCTS INC Canton OH Engineering ServicesBADGER METER, INC. Milwaukee OK InstrumentationBRADEN MANUFACTURING LLC Tulsa OK Parts & SuppliesCALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES INC. Tulsa OK Equipment ServicesCHART COOLER SERVICE CO INC Tulsa OK Engineering ServicesCONTROL DEVICES, INC. Broken Arrow OK ManufacturingDEVCO USA LLC Tulsa OK MaterialsENDURO PIPELINE SERVICES, INC. Tulsa OK MROENERGY EXCHANGER COMPANY Tulsa OK Equipment ServicesENGLOBAL INSPECTION SERVICES Tulsa OK Engineering ServicesEXPRESS INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGIES Tulsa OK Equipment ServicesFABSCO FIN-AIR, LLC Sapulpa OK Equipment ServicesFABSCO SHELL AND TUBE LLC Sapulpa OK Engineering ServicesFIN-X, INC Owasso OK ManufacturingGEA RAINEY CORPORATION Catoosa OK Equipment ServicesGOLDEN FIELD SERVICES INC. Tulsa OK EPCINCREASE PERFORMANCE INC. Tulsa OK EPCJOHN M. CAMPBELL AND COMPANY Norman OK ConsultingJOHN ZINK COMPANY Tulsa OK EnvironmentalLINDE PROCESS PLANTS, INC. Tulsa OK EPC60
  62. 62. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 20Vendor Name City Region ClassificationMATRIX SERVICE INDUSTRIAL Tulsa OK ConstructionMCDANIEL TECHNICAL SERVICE INC. Broken Arrow OK Engineering ServicesMICHELS US OK EPCMILLS CONSTRUCTION AND WELDING INC. Cushing OK ConstructionNMW INC Nowata OK Parts & SuppliesPETRO-CHEM DEVELOPMENT CO. INC Tulsa OK Engineering ServicesPFINDE INC. Bixby OK ConsultingR.W. HOLLAND, INC. Tulsa OK Equipment ServicesRUHRPUMPEN, INC Tulsa OK Equipment ServicesSHELL AND TUBE, LLC Tulsa OK Equipment ServicesSOUTHWEST FILTER CO. Tulsa OK Equipment ServicesSPX CORPORATION Tulsa OK Equipment ServicesSULZER CHEMTECH USA Tulsa OK Parts & SuppliesSUMMIT MACHINE TOOL MANUFACTURING CORP Oklahoma City OK Parts & SuppliesT.D.WILLIAMSON INC Tulsa OK Equipment ServicesTULSA HEATERS, INC. Tulsa OK Equipment ServicesTULSA INSPECTION RESOURCES INC. Tulsa OK MROWHIZDOM INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT SERVICE Tulsa OK TransportationWS SERVICES LLC Wilson OK MaterialsPIPELINE EQUIPMENT, INC. Tulsa OK MaterialsCLIMAX PORTABLE MACHINE TOOLS INC. Newberg OR Equipment ServicesDOLPHIN SOFTWARE, INC Lake Oswego OR TechnologicalDR. V. ROBERT HAYLES Manzanita OR ConsultingEDX WIRELESS, LLC Eugene OR TechnologicalETHICSPOINT, INC. Lake Oswego OR ConsultingEVRAZ INC. NA CANADA Portland OR MaterialsFERGUSON ENTERPRISES INC. Portland OR Health & SafetyG C C INC Salem OR Equipment ServicesHACH ULTRA ANALYTICS Grants Pass OR Water/Waste TreatmentMARINERS SUPPLY CO. INC Portland OR TransportationMATERIAL FLOW & CONVEYOR SYSTEMS INC Donald OR Parts & SuppliesMORROW EQUIPMENT COMPANY LLC Salem OR Equipment ServicesNORTHWEST PIPE COMPANY Portland OR MaterialsSIEMENS ENERGY, INC. OR MaterialsSULZER PUMPS (US) INC. Portland OR Equipment ServicesTHE GERBER STORE Portland OR Retail61
  63. 63. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 21Vendor Name City Region ClassificationTRIPWIRE, INC. Portland OR TechnologicalABB INC. Pittsburgh PA ElectricalEquipment/ServicesAIR PRODUCTS AND CHEMICALS, INC. Allentown PA MaterialsALFA LAVAL Lykens PA Parts & SuppliesALLEN-SHERMAN-HOFF Exton PA Equipment ServicesANALYTICAL CONTROLS INC. Bensalem PA InstrumentationANSYS INC. Canonsburg PA Engineering ServicesAPPLIED TEST SYSTEMS, INC. Butler PA InstrumentationARCOS INDUSTRIES, L.L.C. Mt. Carmel PA Parts & SuppliesARKEMA INC King Of Prussia PA ChemicalsASSETWORKS INC. Wayne PA TechnologicalASTM CUSTOMER SERVICE WestConshohockenPA Support ServicesBAFCO INC. Warminster PA Engineering ServicesBAY TECHNICAL ASSOCIATES INC. Downingtown PA Engineering ServicesBENTLEY SYSTEMS INCORPORATED Philadelphia PA TechnologicalCAMERON MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS DIVISION PA MaterialsCANNON INSTRUMENT COMPANY INC. State College PA InstrumentationCAREER MAPPERS INC Langhorne PA ConsultingCIC BALL COMPANY Hatfield PA Support ServicesCLEMENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. UpperChichesterPA Health & SafetyDELTAVALVE USA Pittsburgh PA Equipment ServicesDYNACUT INC. Springtown PA Equipment ServicesELLIOTT TURBOMACHINERY CO., INC., EBARAGROUPJeannette PA Equipment ServicesELSEVIER BV Philadelphia PA Health & SafetyEXTREL CMS Indiana PA Parts & SuppliesEXTREL CMS, LLC Pittsburgh PA Parts & SuppliesEXXON RESEARCH & ENGINEERING CO. Philadelphia PA Engineering ServicesFEDEX Pittsburgh PA TransportationFENNER DUNLOP AMERICAS INC Pittsburgh PA Parts & SuppliesFLEXWARE, INC Jeannette PA ConsultingFLUID ENGINEERING Erie PA Engineering ServicesFS-ELLIOTT CO., LLC Export PA Equipment ServicesGARDNER DENVER NASH LLC Bentleyville PA Equipment ServicesGOULDS PUMPS INC Pittsburgh PA Equipment Services62
  64. 64. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 22Vendor Name City Region ClassificationHAMON RESEARCH-COTTRELL, INC. Philadelphia PA MROHIGH PRESSURE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Erie PA Parts & SuppliesINDUSTRIAL RESEARCH OFFICE State College PA Engineering ServicesINDUSTRIAL SCIENTIFIC CORPORATION Oakdale PA Health & SafetyJOHN M. CIMBALA University Park PA Engineering ServicesJOHNSON MARCH SYSTEMS, INC Ivyland PA ChemicalsKENNAMETAL LTD. Latrope PA Equipment ServicesKEY BELLEVILLES INC. Leechburg PA ManufacturingKINGSBURY, INC Philadelphia PA Parts & SuppliesKNF NEUBERGER INC. Philadelphia PA Equipment ServicesLAROX INC Philadelphia PA Equipment ServicesMANAGEMENT RECRUITERS INTERNATIONAL, INC Philadelphia PA ConsultingMICROTRAC INC. Montgomeryville PA Engineering ServicesMITSUBISHI ELECTRIC POWER PRODUCTS, INC Warrendale PA ElectricalEquipment/ServicesMOHAMAD HASSIBI CONSULTING SERVICES LLC Perryopolis PA ConsultingMONITOR LABS, INC. Gibsonia PA EnvironmentalNAO INC. Philadelphia PA Engineering ServicesOUTLOOKSOFT CORPORATION NewtownSquarePA TechnologicalPA CRUSHER CORP Broomall PA Support ServicesPRESSURE PRODUCTS INDUSTRIES INC. Warminister PA Equipment ServicesPRIMAVERA SYSTEMS, INC. Bala Cynwyd PA TechnologicalPRIMAVERA SYSTEMS, INC. Philadelphia PA TechnologicalPRIME TECHNOLOGIES INC West Chester PA TechnologicalROBINSON FANS INC Zelienople PA Equipment ServicesS.P. KINNEY ENGINEERS INC. Carnegie PA EquipmentSAFETY RAIL SOURCE, LLC Norristown PA Health & SafetySAUEREISEN, INC. Pittsburgh PA MaterialsSCHUTTE & KOERTING LLC Trevose PA Equipment ServicesSHERPA SOFTWARE PARTNERS, LP Bridgeville PA SoftwareSIEMENS WATER TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION Chalfont PA Water/Waste TreatmentSLOGAN ENGINEERING CO. Pittsburgh PA ConstructionSTANLEY-VIDMAR INC. Pittsburgh PA Support ServicesTATE-JONES, INC. Pittsburgh PA Parts & SuppliesTEI STRUTHERS WELLS Warren PA Parts & SuppliesTHE PUROLITE COMPANY Bala Cynwyd PA Chemicals63
  65. 65. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 23Vendor Name City Region ClassificationTHERMO LABSYSTEMS INC. Philadelphia PA Parts & SuppliesTOSOH AMERICA INC King Of Prussia PA Parts & SuppliesWILLIAM P. BAHNFLETH State College PA Engineering ServicesYUBA HEAT TRANSFER, LLC Bethlehem PA Equipment ServicesGEO-INSTRUMENTS, LLC Narragansett RI InstrumentationGUTOR NORTH AMERICA West Kingston RI ElectricalEquipment/ServicesLK GOODWIN COMPANY Providence RI MaterialsREMOTE CONTROL INC NorthKingstownRI Parts & SuppliesSPECAC INC. Cranston RI Parts & SuppliesCARBIS INCORPORATED Florence SC Health & SafetyEASTON CORPORATION Lexington SC ConstructionGE ELECTRIC Greenville SC TechnologicalHAGLER SYSTEMS INC. North Augusta SC Engineering ServicesKNH AVIATION SERVICES, INC. Myrtle Beach SCMICHELIN Greer SC Parts & SuppliesMICHELS SC EPCMPHUSKY CORPORATION Greenville SC Equipment ServicesRM DYNEX Sullivans Island SC Engineering ServicesSAFERACK LLC Sumter SC Support ServicesSCHUF USA INC Mt. Pleasant SC Parts & SuppliesPRICE GREGORY SD ConstructionPTI CAMP CONTRACT US PHASE IV SD ConstructionAGILAIRE LLC Knoxville TN EnvironmentalBARON USA INC Cookeville TN Engineering ServicesEMBRAER AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE Nashville TN MROLINATEX CORPORATION OF AMERICA Gallatin TN MaterialsLISEGA INC. Kodak TN Parts & SuppliesMOBIUS INSTITUTE NORTH AMERICA, LLC Brentwood TN ConsultingSINCLAIR ASSOCIATES, INC. Knoxville TN Equipment ServicesSYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS INC. Knoxville TN TechnologicalWINDROCK INC Knoxville TN Engineering ServicesAAA TECHNOLOGY & SPECIALTIES CO INC Houston TX Parts & SuppliesAB LADDER COMPANY Houston TX Parts & SuppliesABASCO LLC Humble TX EnvironmentalABSG CONSULTING INC. Houston TX Consulting64
  66. 66. U.S. Suppliers toCanadian Oil SandsPublished 1/10/2013Not for Redistribution Without Permission 1063 Vendor Names in TotalFor more information: suppliers@capp.ca Page 24Vendor Name City Region ClassificationACCELERATED PM, LLC Lake Kiowa TX ConsultingAFTON PUMPS, INC. Houston TX Equipment ServicesAGAR CORPORATION Houston TX ManufacturingALCO PRODUCTS Dallas TX Parts & SuppliesALIMAK HEK INC. Webster TX ConstructionALPEC ENGINEERING Katy TX Engineering ServicesAMEC PARAGON INC. Houston TX Engineering ServicesANDERGAUGE USA, INC. Houston TX Equipment ServicesANDON SPECIALTIES Corpus Christi TX MaterialsANDRITZ SEPARATION INC Arlington TX ConsultingANIXTER, INC. TX Parts & SuppliesAQUIRE INC Irving TX TechnologicalARINC INCORPORATED Dallas TX ConsultingARMS RELIABILITY ENGINEERS LLC Austin TX TechnologicalASPEN TECHNOLOGY, INC. Houston TX TechnologicalATCO-HUNTER BLAST SHELTERS LTD. Houston TX Engineering ServicesAUTOMATION PRODUCTS INC. Houston TX InstrumentationAWC, INC. TX ConsultingBAKER ENGINEERING AND RISK CONSULTANTS INC. San Antonio TX ConsultingBAKER HUGHS Houston TX ConsultingBECHTEL CA & US Houston TX EPCBEKAERT PROGRESSIVE COMPOSITES Dallas TX Parts & SuppliesBERG STEEL PIPE CORP. Houston TX ManufacturingBMC SOFTWARE SERVICES INC. Houston TX TechnologicalBUREAU VERITAS NORTH AMERICA, INC. Houston TX ConsultingC & W CONSULTING Missouri City TX EnvironmentalCALEB BRETT U.S.A. INC Deer Park TX Engineering ServicesCB&I LUMMUS GLOBAL OVERSEAS Houston TX EPCCENTRAL TEXAS IRON WORKS, INC. Waco TX MaterialsCFC CANADOIL, INC. Houston TX MaterialsCLIMAX PORTABLE MACHINE TOOLS INC. Dallas TX Equipment ServicesCOLT-KBR JOINT VENTURE Houston TX ConstructionCOMMONWEALTH ENGINEERING Houston TX EPCCORR INSTRUMENTS LLC San Antonio TX Parts & SuppliesCRANE VALVES NORTH AMERICA The Woodlands TX Parts & SuppliesCRASH RESCUE EQUIPMENT SERVICE, INC. Dallas TX Equipment Services65