Abc plurilingualism slovakia


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Abc plurilingualism slovakia

  1. 1. The ABCOf PlurilingualismIn Andalusia6th-10th MAY 2013CórdobaSpain STUDY VISIT PROGRAMME
  2. 2. Bilingual Schoolsin Slovakia
  3. 3. They have two options on how to comeinto existence: to adopt thecurriculum andgraduationrequirements ofanother country by aninternational contract to teach at least threesubjects in a statedforeign language eachyear
  4. 4. Teaching of these subjects ispossible in a foreign languageonly, or part of the curriculummay be divided with some topicstaught in the native languagewhilst the rest in the foreignlanguage.
  5. 5. Teaching selected subjects in a foreign language has to cover the samecontent as teaching these subjects in the native language. Therefore thenumber of years for studies is increased by one more year.During that year students should achieve B1 level of European Frameworkfor Languages. Students have up to 20 lessons of English languagedivided into different subjects per week during that year.
  6. 6. From the second year of studies the subjectscan be taught in a foreign language as thesecondary teaching language.The students have to graduate at C1 level andachieve the State Exam on this level. In casethey choose two subject to graduate from in aforeign language they will achieve specializedstate exam, focusing either on• natural sciences or• humanities.During their last year of studies the studentsare being prepared to successfully pass theinternational exams (CAE,ESOL…) at C1 level.
  7. 7. The majority of bilingual schools in Slovakia are Slovak – English but there are some German, Spanish, French and Russian. They not only focus on preparing students to studyforeign languages in university, but their aim is to prepare the students to use their knowledge of foreign languages in university for the study of all fields.
  8. 8.  Bilingual schools in Slovakia are very popular. In Kosice,approximately a quarter of all secondary studentsstudies at Bilingual high schools. The school I work for, Secondary grammar school St.Edita Stein, has had a bilingual branch for only twoyears. The Work ethic of our teaching staff is at a veryhigh level. The school has been awarded theInternational Certificate in teaching English andAmerican literature. The school is for appealing forstudents. There is a great interest from studentswanting to study at our school.
  9. 9. The city of Košice- the European Capital Cityof Culture in 2013
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention.Mária
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