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Predicting Trends to Create Killer Content - Kelly Kinkaid, Kelly Whalen, Melanie Nelson
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Predicting Trends to Create Killer Content - Kelly Kinkaid, Kelly Whalen, Melanie Nelson



Published in Technology , Design
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  • 2. TWEET IT OUT!• @CentsibleLife (Kelly Whalen)• @chilihead (Melanie Nelson)• @kellyology (Kelly Kinkaid)• #fincon12 @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 3. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW• What is an editorial calendar• How using one can benefit you• How to find content based on: • Traffic • Popular posts • Data analysis • Trends • Keyword Tools • Social Media• How to Get Readers to Stay• Tools to implement and maintain your calendar @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 4. WHAT IS IT?@CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 5. @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 6. WHY USE ONE?• Plan your work schedule • Keep track of your ideas • Don’t ignore your ideas• Focus your writing efforts• Great for multi-author blogs• Find similar topics & rearrange into a series or an e-book• Know what’s coming up• Let your advertisers know what’s coming up• Integrate your social media updates• See at a glance whether you can take on new projects @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 7. FINDING CONTENT IDEAS FOR YOUR CALENDARExample: Free Summer Activities Post @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 8. CREATING CONTENTRepurpose Posts: Free Summer Activities, based onpast post.Other Ideas: • Popular Posts • New Spin • Updates • Adding photos, infographics, graphs • Classic Topics • New spin • Ask the readers • Latest News @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 9. TRAFFIC SPIKESWhat is a traffic spike? Beyond normal fluctuations in traffic an influx of readers come to a particular post or your site. Traffic spikes come from a variety of places including social media, referrals, and keyword searches. @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 10. TRAFFIC SPIKESUse analytics to find dataWhat are people searching for?What post get the best response? Social Sharing Comments Views @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 11. EXIT PAGESPay attention to where readers exit.If someone doesn’t click, they appear as ‘0’ secondsin analytics.What can you do to get them to stay? @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 12. PLUGINS TO GET VISITORS TO STAY PUT nRelate Plugin: Related Posts nRelate Plugin: Popular Posts Disqus Community @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 13. ADD INTERNAL LINKS @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 14. BOUNCE RATES High Bounce Rate= = Low Bounce RateTake it with a grain of salt, dig into the stats for details. @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 15. ANALYTICS TOOLS Google Analytics* StatCounter* SiteMeter* JetPack for Wordpress GetClicky*(*available on WordPress and Blogger) @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 16. HOW TO USE THE DATACompare Past to Present: 40 Free Summer ActivitiesInitial Post:Traffic Spike following initial post (mainly due to Pinterest)Visitors staying on average nearly 6 minutes on postVisitors Clicking through to other post raise overall trafficOne Month Stats:Pageviews up 109% vs. previous monthAverage Time on Site up 23% vs. previous monthThrough August 2012:Pageviews up historically 70%Time on site up 16%Adsense Revenue Increased 34% @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 17. HOW TO USE THE DATAKeyword Terms on StatCounter over 20 hour period @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 18. GOOGLE ADWORDS KEYWORD TOOL @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 19. GOOGLE ADWORDS KEYWORD TOOL @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 20. GOOGLE ADWORDS KEYWORD TOOL @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 21. GOOGLE ADWORDS KEYWORD TOOL @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 22. GOOGLE ADWORDS KEYWORD TOOL @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 23. GOOGLE ADWORDS KEYWORD TOOL @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 24. GOOGLE ADWORDS KEYWORD TOOL @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 25. GOOGLE ADWORDS KEYWORD TOOL @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 26. GOOGLE TRENDS @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 27. GOOGLE TRENDS ANALYSIS @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 28. GOOGLE TRENDS ANALYSIS @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 29. GOOGLE TRENDS ANALYSIS @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 30. NOW WHAT?1. Dont get caught up in the analysis.2. Use the keywords or keyword phrases youve discovered tocreate blog post titles for your Editorial Calendar.3. Use keywords or keyword phrases throughout the post. Headers up to <h3> In 1st Paragraph (first 150 words). Last Paragraph – last sentence 5 times minimum per post per key word Alt Text for Pictures Text Links (Outbound and Inbound) Vlog Titles Vlog Transcripts @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 31. FINDING TRENDS VIA SOCIAL MEDIA• Facebook @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 32. FACEBOOK INSIGHTS @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 33. @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 34. FINDING TRENDS VIA SOCIAL MEDIA• Facebook• Twitter @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 35. SEARCH.TWITTER.COM @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 36. HASHTAG.ORG @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 37. MONITTER.COM @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 38. FINDING TRENDS VIA SOCIAL MEDIA• Facebook• Twitter• Pinterest @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 39. PINTEREST EXAMPLE @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 40. REPINLY.COM @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology
  • 41. PINTEREST RESOURCES• Pinterest.com/popular• pinreach.com/trending_pins• www.pinreach.com/trending• pinterest.com/source/YourWebsite.com/• pinterestplugin.com/pincount @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 42. FINDING TRENDS VIA SOCIAL MEDIA• Facebook• Twitter• Pinterest• Quora.com & LinkedIn @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 43. QUORA.COM@CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 44. @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 45. TOOLS YOU CAN USE• Keep a notebook and pen handy!• Use your phone to take voice memos.• Classes• Plugins• Google Calendar @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 46. MOM COMM CONTENT BREWSession-October 1-1020% Discount Code:FINCONBREW$13 off $65= $52momcomm.com/register-for-content-brew/ @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 47. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOWWhat is an editorial calendarHow using one can benefit youHow to find content based on: Traffic Popular posts Data analysis Trends Keyword Tools Social MediaHow to Get Readers to StayTools to implement and maintain your calendar @CentsibleLife @chilihead @kellyology #FinCon12
  • 48. TOOLS YOU CAN USE Facebook.com/Kellyology.netFacebook.com/BloggingBasics101 Facebook.com/CentsibleLife