Going Beyond Text: How to Profit from Audio and Video - Laura Adams


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Going Beyond Text: How to Profit from Audio and Video - Laura Adams

  1. 1. Going Beyond Text: How to Profit from Audio and Video
  2. 2. Laura Adams Author of Money Girl’sSmart Moves to Grow RichSmartMovesToGrowRich.com
  3. 3. Host of the Money Girl PodcastDownloaded over 40 million times
  4. 4. Podcast on iTunes andQuickandDirtyTips.com
  5. 5. Using audio and/or video is a provenway to reach more people, get brandrecognition, and increase web traffic!
  6. 6.  How to profit from content Tips to create and publish first-rate AUDIO Easy ways to produce and distribute VIDEO
  7. 7. What’sYourContentMarketingStrategy?
  8. 8. Profitable Outcomes• Consider you an expert in a niche• Get mentioned in the media / buzz• Opt in / give you email permission• Buy your products or services • Buy products you recommend • Join membership site • Up sell customers • Build a community • Boost site traffic
  9. 9. Steps to Attract aGlobal Audience with AUDIO:  Record  Edit  Publish  Syndicate
  10. 10.  Record AudioFor just one input:• Desktop Software - Audacity (it’s free!) (audacity.sourceforge.net)• Mobile recording device
  11. 11.  Record AudioFor multiple inputs:• VOIP Interviews - Skype + desktop software• Bridge Line Phone Interviews – Freeconferencecalling.com – Creates an mp3 file for free
  12. 12.  Edit Audio• Using software - Import audio created using mobile recording device or bridge phone line
  13. 13.  Publish Audio• Upload to blog’s host• Upload to Amazon S3 (S3 = simple storage service)• Upload to Liberated Syndication (libsyn.com)
  14. 14.  Syndicate Audio• iTunes• Zune• Juice
  15. 15. Steps to Attract aGlobal Audience with VIDEO:  Record  Edit  Publish  Syndicate
  16. 16.  Record VideoFor screenshots:• Software - Camtasia $299For live video:• Camera• Mobile device
  17. 17.  Record VideoFor split screen interviews:• VOIP Interviews – Skype + desktop software – Pamela for Skype – Vodburner – Ecamm (Mac)
  18. 18.  Edit Video• Using software - Import video created using camera or mobile device - Edit audio - Add music - Rip audio from video
  19. 19.  Publish Video• Upload to YouTube• Upload to blog’s host• Upload to Amazon S3
  20. 20.  Syndicate Video• YouTube channel• iTunes• Zune• Juice
  21. 21. 3 Steps to Producing Profitable Content:1. Define your content marketing strategy2. Understand your content creation options3. Make content marketing a habit
  22. 22. Repurpose EVERYTHING forFree or Paid Content! Turn a series of text blog posts into an ebook or report Turn text into an audiobook Turn blog posts into an audio podcast Turn text into a screenshot video using PPT slides that support audio Offer a live teleseminar you record Offer a live webinar to record as video/audio Rip the audio from a video Transcribe audio into a blog post or ebook
  23. 23. Content Creation Tips Include calls-to-action in every piece of content created Collaborate in creating content Watch your analytics Plan  Create  Promote  Profit
  24. 24. QUESTIONS? Let’s connect! @LauraAdamsLaura@SmartMovesToGrowRich.com