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Nov. 2008 Smoke Signals Issue 2

  1. 1. Smoke Signals November 24, 2008 • volume 40 • issue 01 • Peters Township High School Congratulations PT Boys and Girls Soccer! Great Season! PT Fundraising Altered By State Policy Renée Wunderlich Editor -in-Chief Photos By: Stephanie Nitschmann and Kelsey Hoskins Students Selected for Westinghouse Honors Institute Andrea Briggs Assistant Editor Left to right: Erica Schwotzer, Julia Girouard, Ben Gauthier, and Claire LaRosa President-elect barack Obama takes office, makes history – page 3 Inside BEYOND THE BUBBLE SPOTLIGHT: THE GREATER PITTSBURGH COMMUNITY FOOD BANK TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IN pITTSBURGH – page 9 opinion Sports cROSS cOUNTRY Season RUNS ON TRADITION – page 11 the same interests as they did. “I know that anything I learn in this program will help me narrow down what field of medicine and science I want to eventually pursue as a career, and having fun along the way is certainly the way to go,” said Schwotzer. features great thing to have on a résumé, and I know that I’ll enjoy myself, too.” Participants were also able to attend a special field trip to the nuclear reactor at Penn State University after the lecture on nuclear power and engineering. By participating, the students were able to interact and socialize with peers outside of their school that shared news Four PTHS juniors were recently selected to participate in the Westinghouse Science Honors Institute. The course consists of a series of lectures held on Saturday mornings, with topics ranging from meteorology and putting humans on Mars, to using human fat as a source of stem cells. After an intense application process, Erica Schwotzer, Claire LaRosa, Ben Gauthier, and Julia Girouard were the lucky applicants chosen to attend this program. “All of the speakers are very qualified and known in their field for their subject,” said junior Erica Schwotzer. “For the lecture on knee injuries and repairing the ACL, Dr. Freddie Fu will come and speak. I’m very excited to attend – my dad had the kind of injury that Dr. Fu is famous for masterfully repairing.” In order to apply, students had to complete an application form, as well as write a 100-word essay to be turned into the guidance office. Junior Ben Gauthier said, “It’s a Sprung up from concerns over the lack of nutritional value present in the average Sarris chocolate-covered pretzel, new standards are now in place to encourage the selling of products dubbed as healthier alternatives. Fruit and cheese, naturally low fat pretzels, specialty shaped pastas, boxes of citrus fruits, and bottled water with a PTHS label are some of the options suggested by the School District Administration. “I love chocolate and other candy,” said District Superintendent Dr. Nina Zetty, “but because some students, especially in the middle school and high school may not eat breakfast, we as a township should be able to provide them with something healthy that can give them the right kind of energy, rather than a sugar rush. Research has proven that students who grab a piece of fruit rather than a candy bar perform better in class, on tests, and in after school activities. We teach classes like Health and Personal Wellness, and need to start practicing what we preach.” Zetty supervises Peters Township’s district-wide approach to follow the guidelines set by the state of Pennsylvania to promote proper nutrition and physical fitness. The Board is also proposing alternative fundraisers such as Bowl-a-Thons, Fun-Runs, and horseshoe competitions in an effort to promote healthy physical activity. As far as material fundraisers are concerned, Board members suggest first-aid kits, bath accessories, and cookbooks for easy and healthy after-school snacks. “This is only one of the many aspects that will be changing to reflect the state’s new nutritional standards.” said Zetty, “A few years ago, soda machines were stocked with flavored water and fruit drinks, replacing more sugary drinks. That was another aspect of the Wellness Plan. The Plan does not limit the selling of candy items outside of school – it is the in-school environment that it focuses on.” While the School Board and other District Administrators are optimistic about the transition from junk food to healthy snacks, many students are reported as being uneasy to the change. “We should be able to choose what we eat,” said sophomore Andy Shope, “We should make those choices – not the state.” Through the selling of food during school through fundraisers is still permitted, all sales will be restricted until at least thirty minutes after the last lunch period. All fundraising projects must still be submitted for district approval – meaning they must pass through the principal’s office as well as be reviewed by the school board. Any questions concerning the new fundraising policy, nutritional standards, or activity guidelines, visit the district web page at – page 4 Photo By: Casey Dunleavy Photo By: Amber Doerr
  2. 2. reference November 24, 2008 Sunday 23 Monday 24 Tuesday 25 Smoke Signals Wednesday Thursday 26 27 28 1 2 3 9 10 1973: NASA’s Pioneer sends images of Jupiter NO SCHOOL 8 Pearl Harbor 1941 14 c e D 21 22 HANUKKAH begins at NO SCHOOL sundown Winter Begins 23 28 30 NO SCHOOL NO SCHOOL Smoke Signals EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Renée Wunderlich ASSISTANT EDITOR Andrea Briggs LAYOUT EDITOR Emily Correal MANAGING EDITOR Katie Ellis 2 r e b m e 17 Slavery Abolished Smoke Signals is produced eight times during a school year by the students of Media II, III, IV Journalism and extracurricular staff at Peters Towship High School, 264 E. McMurray Road, McMurray PA 15317. Telephone: 724-941-6250 x.5379. E-mail: Commentaries, reviews, and opinion columns are the expressed opinion of the author and not of Smoke Signals, its advisor or the Peters Township School District. Member of the Pennsylvania School Press Association. 8 0 0 5 12 6 13 Frank Sinatra Born 1915 16 29 NO SCHOOL HANUKKAH ends at sundown 4 11 National Brownie Day 15 29 November 2008 National “Stay Home Because You’re Well” Day 7 Saturday NO SCHOOL Black Friday NO SCHOOL 30 Friday 24 NO SCHOOL 18 19 National Bake Cookies Day 25 26 NO SCHOOL CHRISTMAS 20 1988: NBC signs lease to stay in NYC for 33 years 27 NO SCHOOL 31 NO SCHOOL NEW YEAR’S EVE Sudoku NEWS EDITOR Stephanie Cotugno FEATURES EDITORS Dana Hoelle Bridget Stasenko Directions Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. The grid is 9x9, so all digits appear only one time on every row, column and in every box of 3x3. OPINION EDITOR Emily Estep SPORTS EDITOR Taylor Relich MARKETING EDITORS Shelby Miller Paige Burris STAFF WRITERS Gabrielle Brinsky, Amy Burzotta, Averi Clements, Conor Jackson, Ian Jackson, Colleen Lugar, Monica Paterra, Kaitlyn Richert, Matt Schilling, Matt Sikora, Bethany Suchy LAYOUT TEAM Shelby Miller, Paige Burris, Taylor Miller ADVISOR Mrs. Sitler Courtesy of
  3. 3. news November 24, 2008 Stephanie Cotugno Smoke Signals Chemists’ Glowing Accomplishment News Editor Last summer at Hilton Head Island, junior Sean Berry was stung by a jellyfish. Berry had inadvertently swam into the middle of a jellyfish pond, which led the 16 year old in aching pain. The jellyfish had stung Berry on his ankle, which left him with many dark red lines around the wound. The wound stung at first, and then became itchy to Berry who had to endure the stinging pain until the wound healed a few days later. “I am not afraid of jellyfish,” stated Berry, “But it was definitely a scary experience.” On October 8, 2008, Osamu Shimomura, Martin Chalfie, and Roger Y. Tsien won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein, GFP. GFP was first observed in a remarkable brightly glowing jellyfish, Aequorea victoria in 1962. Since the discovery of the protein, GFP has become one of the most important tools in contemporary bioscience. The acid of GFP has been used by researchers to develop ways to watch processes that were previously invisble like how cancer cells are spread by making cells organs, and tissues light up. The two American scientists, Tsien and Chalfie, and the one Japanese scientist, Shimomura, were presented with the award for the initial discovery of GFP, which has helped researchers use the protein as a glowing marker to watch the movements, interactions, and positions of different proteins. With the help of GFP, researchers have been able to look into specific diseases like the damage of nerve cells during Alzheimer’s disease, or how insulin-producing beta cells are created in the pancreas of a growing embryo. “It’s fascinating to think of how far we have come in the world of science over the centuries. What these scientists did was truly an amazing accomplishment,” stated Transition to Power, Transition to Change Kaitlyn Richert junior Carly Hancherick. Together, the three scientists brought together their talented skills to discover the protein and successfully accomplish their goal. Shimomura first isolated GFP from the jellyfish Aequorea victoria. Then, Chalfie demonstrated the value of GFP as a genetic tag for various biological phenomenas. Finally, Tsien contributed to the general understanding of how GFP glows. He also extended the color palette beyond green allowing researchers to give various proteins and cells different colors, which enables scientists to follow several different biological processes at the same time. The three will share not only a title in history, but 1.4 million dollar prize. “This is all really cool, because jellyfish sting thousands of people every year, but they have the ability to help save millions,” stated senior Jack Hareza. Backstage Pass Gabrielle Brinsky Staff Writer Staff Writer As the final curtain of the 2008 presidential election closes, the future of America will be in the hands of the man who will be our new president: Barack Obama. The young and charismatic politician from Illinois steps into the White House with only one mission– change. His motives have been questionable among citizens, as they wonder if the concept of fighting for change is something the country is ready to accomplish. However, the majority of students who voted for Obama on November 4 believe that this election will have a positive impact on their generation. ”I believe Obama was the right choice because he understands that we need change. Our ‘trickle down’ theory hasn’t worked in the past, and personally, I don’t think it will now,” stated junior Devan Vachon. Although more than three fourths of high school students weren’t old enough to vote, many held preference to one candidate in the election. Regardless of whether or not some students could vote, many held colossal beliefs that determined their personal opinion. social security, and their future. The video also stresses that by voting, one can make an effective impact in our country’s development. After viewing the video, they emphasize sending the link to five friends, “America, this is our moment. This is our time. Our time to turn the page on the policies of the past. Our time to bring new energy and new ideas to the challenges we face. Our time to offer a new direction for this country that we love.” – Barack Obama What’s better than watching history unfold? Being a part of it. The positive message of campaign ads caused young citizens to vote. The popular YouTube video, “Five Friends,” features celebrities directing the importance of voting to concepts such as ,global warming, financial disasters, healthcare, education, What In The World...? so the message may be passedon. Influential campaign ads such as “Five Friends” have ultimately helped the number of young voters multiply. This year, an estimated 22 to 24 million young people voted in this election, an increase in turnout of at least 2.2 million over the 2004 election.While young citizens saw the 2008 election as an immediate opportunity for a change in the entire nation, they also concluded how it would greatly affect their own generation. This election will impact everyone in some way, but students are concerned with how the election will affect the cost of education, as well as the economy. These concepts are essential to consider, since many students will soon be entering college or venturing out into the job market. Points such as these were prerequisites when students determined which candidate should receive their vote. T h e 2 0 0 8 election will undoubtedly go down in history, not only for obvious reasons, but also because this was the first election that reached out and grabbed young Americans’ attention. As the final decision was made, America welcomes their new, confident leader in playing a role in the change in America. The typical teenager loves music, whether they’re blasting it through headphones or in a car. Of course, everyone’s favorite genre of music differs according to his or her own personality. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability and talent to make your own music? Well why not support the ones who can, who are brave enough to go on stage and perform. There are multiple bands that participate; our school is lucky enough to have a band that participates in Battle of the Bands. It is an event that’s put together to encourage students from different high schools to attend. The bands that come play to gain the winners title. Each school has a chance to host the battle of the bands. The last event was October 13, held at PTHS cafeteria. “I went to support my friend’s band, and didn’t expect it to be that exciting,” sophomore Rachel Belack remarked. Band members are given a total of 40 tickets to sell to their peers. The price is five dollars in advance, and eight dollars at the door. The event usually sells out and the cafeteria is packed. Peter’s band is called PITA. “We came up with the name PITA before we started the band. It stands for Pancakes In The Afterlife;” said senior band member Adam Meyers. Members of PITA include Meyers, Keith Quinn, Trevor Oliver, and Jake Locke. The last event sold t-shirts and had a DJ. They performed on a stage and encouraged the crowd to cheer. “I was really pumped about the crowd’s participation; three kids got broken limbs, no one saw that one coming,” commented senior Keith Quinn. When the results were eventually revealed, they were proud to hear that PITA came out on top. But who will become victorious on December 30th? Compiled by Katie Ellis “It’s a hard knock life for us!” German inmate Hans Lang took a page out of Annie and hid himself in a box of dirty laundry in order to escape jail. The box was then packaged and loaded onto a FedEx truck. At the next stop, Lang tore himself out of the box, picked the lock, and escaped into the nearby woods. A spokesman in charge of the group hunting the criminal said, “It’s the kind of thing people think only happens in films – but in this case, it’s very real.” A dying dog in East Finchley, London had his life restored by a very unusual drug – Viagra. After lungworm spread to one of Bently-the-dog’s heart artery, owner David Roach rushed his pooch to the vet. Veterinarian Ben Harris administered the drug to relax the blood vessels and, luckily, it worked. Bently will now have to use Viagra for the rest of his life, though it will not have the same effect on him that it would on a human. The restoration of First Churches in Northampton’s 180-year-old pipe organ has been delayed indefinitely because four delicate pipes have been damaged. The pieces were damaged after a homeless man mistook the pipes to be rolled-up rugs and preceded to take a nap. The damage he caused is estimated to be about $15,000, but the church will not press charges. Halloween’s come a little late this year for an elderly woman who has been living with two skeletons and one badly decomposed body of her siblings for at least twenty years. Authorities discovered the remains in covered in sheets in various parts of the Evanston, Illinois home, but do not suspect any foul play. The woman, whose name has not been released to the public, has been taken into a facility for care, and autopsies will be performed on the bodies as quickly as possible.
  4. 4. features November 24, 2008 Speak OUT what should Obama’s numberone priority be once he takes office? “He needs to work on attaining world peace” - Eric Zalewski Senior Smoke Signals Tough Medicine for Tough Acne Bridget Stasenko Features Editor Acne is a problem that most teenagers struggle with. It can be embarrassing and can leave long term scaring. I suffer from acne, and have tried every face wash, antibiotic, and topical cream out there, but nothing worked. My doctor finally suggested one last option: the controversial acne drug, Accutane. I have only been on Accutane a couple of months but it has already been a roller coaster. First, my skin completely dried out. Then, I got a severe rash all over my arms, forcing me to take another medicine to treat the rash.  My skin cleared up at first, but then some acne returned. My dermatologist said my skin was going to get worse before it got better.  Hopefully, I will start seeing major improvements by the end of next month. Accutane is an oral acne medicine people take when they have severe acne, and is nothing more than vitamin A. It helps reduce the oil in your skin allowing the skin to renew itself more quickly. A doctor may suggest Accutane after topical creams and other antibiotics prove to be unsuccessful. For clear skin, the drug is usually taken Monica Paterra for four to six months.  So why is this medicine so controversial? In order to receive an Accutane treatment, you have to go through a system called IPLEDGE. This program is designed regulate Accutane and use it in the safest way possible. The IPLEDGE system requires female patients to go on a form of birth control, answer questions monthly online, and have two forms of pregnancy tests done. Both males and females must have blood work taken every month. After all of these requirements are completed, the doctor is then allowed to write the prescription. The prescription must be picked up within seven days, or you will have to wait until the next month to start the treatment. If you miss a dose then you have to wait until the next day to take it as to not overdose on the medication. If an overdose does occur seek emergency help immediately. The reason Accutane causes fear in users is due to its severe side effects. The biggest concern is  that Accutane causes life-threatening birth defects if the patient should get pregnant while taking the medicine. A baby’s ears, face, eyes, skull, heart and brain can be affected in just one dose. The doctors and the IPLEDGE program stress this point. Other side effects to the patient include hives, difficulty breathing, depression, severe dryness, blurred vision, hearing loss, fast heart rate, hallucinations, seizures, and severe stomach pain.  While on Accutance, patients should not give blood. If they do give blood and a pregnant woman happens to receive the blood, it could cause birth defects to her child. Accutane patients should avoid sun light, waxing, and taking vitamin supplements that include Vitamin A.  Accutane is a potentially dangerous medication, but it has an 80% success rate. Every patient responds differently to the drug, but some users start to notice a difference after a couple of weeks. Accutane is a tough medicine, but it can clear tough acne. Text Messaging Hazards Staff Writer “Obviously, the economy needs to improve .” - Zoltan Latinovich Junior “He needs to make the economy better.” - Sara Cavolo Sophomore “The economy needs to be reformed.” - Nicole Monti Freshman Most people agree that life without electronics would be very difficult. Since the 1980s, technology has been booming and taken over a BIG part of American culture, transforming the typical American’s way of life. One of the biggest means of communicating today is a little hand-held device known as a cell phone. The advent of the cell phone soon led to another form of communication known as text messaging. Although this way of communicating with friends may seem fun and hassle-free, using it at the wrong place and time comes with consequences. The state of California is considering banning the use of cell phones while driving a vehicle. “We have had far too many tragic incidents around the country that are painful proof that this is a terrible problem,” stated California senator Joe Simitian, in a recent New York Times article. Residents of California are now required to use a hands-free device while in conversation behind the wheel. Ever since phones were transformed into portable instant messaging devices, the number of messages sent worldwide has increased into the billions. According to the Cellular Telephone Industries Association, in June of this year, approximately 75 billion text messages were sent in the United States alone, compared to 7.2 billion in 2005. Researchers believe that texting while in the course of another activity can cause injury. Hospitals are treating more patients flowing into the emergency rooms from cell phone related accidents, such as head injuries resulting from car crashes. Research was recently conducted by Nielsen Mobile, which kept track of 50,000 phone accounts. They concluded that Americans sent out more text messages than phone calls, 357 to 204. In today’s society, text messaging seems to take precedent over phone calls. Because texting has become a major aspect of communication, it is beginning to interfere with safety. Although cell phones may be an easy way out to making a call, accidents can always happen with the touch of a button. Beyond the Bubble: Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank Renée Wunderlich Assistant Editor This month, we focus on The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank (GPCFB), a non-profit organization fights against hunger by providing food for the less fortunate. The Food Bank participates in food pantries, shelters, after-school programs, soup kitchens emergency-related food stations, and Meals on Wheels. Through the selfless dedication of Board members, staff, and volunteers, GPCFB is able to serve an estimated 18 million pounds of food per year to the less fortunate. The Food Bank is also a member of Feeding America, the nation’s leading charity organization for hunger-relief. Sadly, 11.6% of all Pennsylvania residents live in poverty (2007 American Community Survey, US Census). There are 16.4% of children 18 and under in Allegheny that live in poverty. And because junk food costs more than ten times less than healthy food, the majority of those eighteen and under in poverty-stricken homes are suffering from poor health, involving inadequate nutrition and developmental complications. (Children’s Sentinel Nutrition Assessment Program (C-SNAP) February 2007 report “Food Stamps as Medicine” When it comes to the world of modern food banking, opportunities to contribute to GPCFB are growing through the web. There is now a Virtual Drive, located on the organization’s website, where monetary donators can contribute directly to the types of food/supplies they wish to give (ex. $13.00 may be donated specifically for buying peanut butter). The organization also holds multiple events on a monthly basis, including drives, auctions, and even regular Steelers events. To volunteer for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, log on to to join the mailing list, email a local volunteer coordinator, or organize a food donation to end hunger in Southwestern Pennsylvania.
  5. 5. features November 2008 Dress Code Daze Assistant Editor Colleen Lugar Amy Burzotta Thankful for Health: Eat in Moderation Thanksgiving Break is almost here! But after all that Halloween candy was consumed it could be hard to resist all the temptations a Thanksgiving feast brings us. We all know candy is bad for us, but you have to realize that a typical Thanksgiving meal could be just as destructive. An average person eats roughly 4,500 calories per day during this holiday. This is nearly double our calorie needs compared to a usual day. Did you know it would take over forty miles of walking to burn that all off? Yes, you get your servings of vegetables from your green beans and high intake of protein from all that turkey, but you might be more hesitant for a second helping once informed about the calorie and fat content. Our bodies will be thanking us for later if we choose to pay attention to the nutritional facts now. As far as serving sizes goes, feel free to try everything, but keep the pies, sweet drinks, and heavy cream-based dishes to a minimum. These foods are simply empty calories, and will not keep you full long enough. This could lead to going back for more leftovers than you would like. The nutrients that keep you full are the amount of protein and fiber inside food. Protein can be found in turkey, beans and nuts. Fiber provides you with sustained energy and a sufficient amount of nutrients, and can be found in green vegetables, carrots, and oats. When filling your plate, try to have more vegetables and protein packed foods to fill up on rather than the usual carbohydrates found in breads, stuffing and mashed potatoes. Just cutting back on carbohydrates alone will save you from gaining the typical ten pounds over the holidays. With this in mind, a second, third or fourth helping of your favorite dish is going to make a difference. This special holiday only comes once a year, and a brisk thirty-minute jog could potentially help burn up to 100 calories or more; just don’t go back to the leftovers afterwards. It is important to realize we just don’t need to consume that many calories in one day. It is not necessary to cut yourself off completely from all of those specially prepared recipes, but everything in moderation is the way to go. Food Turkey Serving Size 3.5 ounces Calories 160 Total Fat (g) 4 Sat. Fat (g) 1 Butter 1 tablespoon 100 11 7 Sweet Potato Casserole 7 ounces 470 17 6 Pumpkin Pie 1/8 of twelve inch pie 1/8 of twelve inch pie 320 15 5 500 25 5 Corn bread 2 inch slice 170 5 1 Cranberry Sauce Campbell’s Green Bean Casserole Cooked Carrots Stuffing 1 cup 418 1 1 1 cup 160 9 3 1 cup 1 cup 50 110 1 3 1 0 Mashed Potatoes ½ cup 125 3 0 Egg Nog 1 cup 342 19 11 Staff Writer FAshion underpants, no matter how adorable the plaid boxers may be. As far as girls are concerned, visible bra straps and other unmentionables are prohibited as well. Excessive cleavage or other clothing deemed to be immodest will also require you to make a quick change into something a little more appropriate. So with all these restrictions, what can you wear? As long as it’s not something you wouldn’t wear in front of your grandma, you should be okay. Long pants are always in fashion, and if it truly is too hot to wear them, Bermuda/cargo shorts and kneelength skirts are wonderful substitutes… if they’re all in one piece. Lightweight cardigans or zip-up sweaters can easily cover up bra strap slips and keep you warm, and hoodies are the perfect way to show support for a school organization. Staff Writer Pecan Pie Winter Wear Andrea Briggs Now that the first nine weeks have passed, most students have become acquainted with the rules of the school. Unfortunately, one of the most overlooked parts of the handbook deals with the dress code, and it’s time for a refresher course. However, with the ever-changing fashions of today, what is a style-savvy student to do? While it might be autumn now, the weather is steadily getting colder. You wouldn’t wear mile-high shorts and bare your shoulders in the middle of a snowstorm, would you? You also wouldn’t wear them in school, according to the dress code. Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length, and for the guys, muscle shirts are a no-go. Torn jeans or shorts aren’t allowed, and pants that are not properly secured about the waist are not acceptable. (And really, gentlemen, is that difficult to wear a belt correctly?) We don’t want to see your Smoke Signals As the seasons change, so does fashion. If you remember these three things when you’re shopping, you’ll be staying warm and still looking great. 1. Signature Scarves When the temperature feels like it’s negative 10 degrees, all anyone wants to do it bundle up in their warmest attire, purchasing that signature scarf can help do that. So try a scarf if you have a plain sweater and need something to spice it up or you’re just attempting to keep warm. Popular styles include animal prints, and darker colors such as a deep pinks and blues. Sold at numerous stores including HM, Forever 21, and Delia’s, a scarf is a must have for all of the cold nights we have ahead of us. 2. Stylish Sweater Vests A plain sweater in a gorgeous color is a definite must have. But you may need to make is a bit more interesting; this can be done by adding a sweater vest over top. There are countless styles and patterns to chose from including argyle, checkered, deep v-necks, or bold colors. Add a little zest to your plain sweater with a vest. 3. Beautiful, Big-Collared Sweaters When going out for a fun night this winter, we all obviously want to look cute but still stay warm. A sweater with a big collar is the perfect fit. A stylish big collar is a must have look with beautiful shades such as crèmes and maroons. Add your own touch with a bracelet or necklace, and then you’re ready to go out and have a good time with your friends. Keep these three trends in mind when
  6. 6. ry HistoOW MANY H o High SchoT l A A PLACE TH ESS HAS NO REC You Know You’re THE TALE OF FROM DIFFERENT NATIONS,ORLD, ALL ACROSS THE W PENGAINED THEIR INDE DENCE FROM GREAT BRITAIN a Senior If... You Know You’re 5. Your favorite chann Yo 10. clo u know how many times th 4. ck blinks in one e colon on the period 9. You show up to schoo l in the same clo 3. you slept in thes You think to yo ur e 2. 8. more than four timseslf “Why am I still here?” a day, quite poss to three times a ibly up period You have mem 1. orized every sin 7. painting, and decoration in y gle poster, classrooms our teachers’’ Y 6. o ou can tell someone a reca p of any TV show n any given day You n 5. teachfir d yourself trying to talk e s into blowing off class and all your movie instead watch a You act 4. problem ually find yourself doin encet to e g a m to see how low Sci temp d th of a grade you ath get and pass a cla can ss t 3. You know the shortest ways to class bu t take you can talk to y our friends You’re often see n in h 2. on your face from falltine hallway with marks g asleep on your Again. desk. 1. You find the blu will be put in yo e prints for the new spa th at ur room next yea r the long ones so anguagHeER L T MO H AT YO U R O V I E S W C L A I M S MN’T WA N T S H E D O E S H A S TO O E YO U TO S E H O F MUC Bill Amend You bring your tex you can have som to bed You regularly ma leaders in the pas understands them e You can name ev alphabetical order You are able to n he was born, his how many kids he allergies... all in un n a an An erst ofte ig B d d un orl ains are w nt hat y Co ds t ssar e r Wo nnec u You Might Be A S 5. Yo u ha ve th e Mo le Yo ur girlfrien d bre 4. yo u ha ve no ch emis he r wron g using va 3. As a child , yo u toaste r ou t th e flig ht pa th 2. Yo u kn ow wh at “g to sh ou t it du rin g You have no p 1. understandin
  7. 7. Geek name every president, the year wife’s name, his home state, had, and whether he had any nder ten minutes Grammar SOMETH N THAT THE IP G EO PLE ON THE INTERNET INCAPABLE ARE LEARNING OF Science Geek When... You K You’r ea You a Media when nnoy scene you pothe pe Fanat int ou ople a ic If 4. Yo t diffe round ... rent c you veruisname a amer in the t em nd a ang the descr ents w 3. You les in ater ibe th each tures docume hen you lo e diff , then nt y erent ok th every rough kinds one t post t our life 2. Y o see hem thro a mag of ad ou s on yo ugh in the pend ur Yo video azine basem more uTube s an 1. Y ent than accou d picou sh nt for out in ow u three the M p at se perio edia ven e ds a Room very day s morn ing ju st to chill 5. English i hematTIcs at M L So ng on yo ur iPo d ea ks up wi th yo u be ca us e st ry, an d yo u try to pro ve ariou s gra ph s an d ch ar ts u th rew yo ur mo th er’s wi nd ow to ca lcu lat e th e gu an o” is, an d are un af ria d g cla ss problem reading and ng this sentence Physics now w w w.tale sf rom YOU PEOPLEHIGH THE ON IN PICK OL AND END SCHOORKING FOR UP W AN ADULT AS nel is the History Channel xtbook home every night so that me “light reading” before you go ake jokes about governmental st fifty years and no one else except for your teachers very country and its capital in e a History Buff When... A FUNDAMENTAL FORM OF SCIENCE, THE WORKINGS OF WHICH ARE E INDISTINGUISHABL FROM MAGIC A LANGUA IN DARK AGE THAT LURKS UP OTHER LLEYS, BEATS AND RIFLELANGUAGES, THEIR POC S THROUGH KE F VOCABTS AOR SPARE UL RY S UN USELESLOOKING E YOU’RBARGAIN AT FOR AHE MALL T You Might Be A Math Nerd If... p is flavor e what n’t car o Tax e thatld be . You d 5 eliev u estly db y that shohorred hon You li a ab is a horather than Day 4. celebrated of margins ons si in the dles are fancy ver doo The mula p pers . your he aquadratic for 3 be a of t er X to consid longer u no a 2. Yo tter le have AP rather eld ould of Mrs. Canfisingle w You n a period double us class tha nglish 1. Calcul mic E f Acade o period
  8. 8. opinion October 21, 2008 Under Pressure Don’t Text While You…Walk. Matthew Sikora Dana Hoelle Staff Writer If you play sports then you have a chance of getting a concussion. You may not think the headaches that you receive from falling or getting hit in the head are serious, but you must be very careful in dealing with severe headaches. The leading cause of concussions is a hard blow received to the head. There are three different types of concussions. A type one concussion causes a temporary change in mental state. This includes trouble focusing and confusion, which usually resolves within fifteen minutes. A type two concussion has similar symptoms, but it lasts longer than fifteen minutes. A type three concussion will result in a loss of consciousness. Information from www.mayoclinic. com Kurt Thyreen, a high school football player, kept his concussion a secret and did not tell his dad. During one of his football games, he took Smoke Signals many hard blows but kept it a secret from his parents and the coach. The next week his headaches were so severe that he could not play in his school band. Thyreen did not say anything until the next game, when he ran off of the field complaining that he could not uncross his eyes. He had a stroke on the field that paralyzed his left side. Thyreen was taken to the hospital where the doctors found a clot on the right side of his brain. The swelling was past the point of being helped. Five days later, Thyreen died. If you are playing any sport with physical contact and feel major headaches, report them to your coach or parents immediately. You should not play any physical sport if you have headaches or feel dizzy. Don’t try to play if you still have a headache. This will cause the symptoms to continue and increase in severity. One of the greatest reasons that the players do not say that they have headaches is that they feel pressure of having to play all the time, to be able to get a chance at a scholarship. You will still be able to play in college if you get a concussion. If you miss one or two games because you have a concussion, that will not alter whether or not you get a scholarship. Another reason is that the players want to impress the coach, their parents, and their friends. Even if they have a serious headache, they do not want to tell anybody because they don’t think it is serious. All players should report headaches to the coach or their parents immediately to decrease the chances of a concussion. Got Facts? Emily Estep Staff Writer After a grueling two years of campaigning, Barack Obama pulled off a landslide victory over John McCain, winning by more than six million votes. However, the greatest question still remains: Did America know who it was voting for? Radio announcer Howard Stern recently performed an experiment in which he asked individuals in Harlem, New York, who they were voting for and why. When the subjects responded that they were supporting Obama, Stern followed up with questions about whether they agreed with “Obama’s” views of supporting the War in Iraq, being prolife, and his vice-presidential pick of Sarah Palin. A shocking number of people that were put on-air during Stern’s broadcast agreed that they supported “Obama’s” views… even though they actually comprised John McCain’s platform. Howard Stern’s startling broadcast is just one of many cases in which citizens were completely uninformed about the candidate they intended on voting for. The founding fathers of this country attempted to prohibit uneducated citizens from voting by only allowing white male landowners – the educated individuals of the time – to vote in elections. What has our country come to that we do not know whom we are voting for or why we are voting for him or her? I urge all voters, whether Democrat or Republican, not to vote in the next election unless they know what their candidate supports… and preferably who their vice-presidential selection is. He saying it to, rather than paying attention to what you were doing before your phone vibrated. And thinking that “Well I don’t have to look at the screen to text,” isn’t the answer. In reality it does not matter because your brain is still doing two things at once, and one is likely to get less attention than the other. Your reaction time is slower when you text, and it prevents you from paying close attention to your surroundings. You will not have enough time to react while before completely wiping out. “I once was texting while walking down the stairs, and I completely fell. It was not a good experience,” stated senior Kristina Gaudy. For many, it is hard to live without texting. So the best thing to do is to manage how, when, and where you text. Next time, to avoid injury, use good judgment, and think before you text. We’ve all heard, “don’t text while you drive,” but have you ever heard someone say, “Don’t text while you walk?” You’ve probably seen a person bump into someone else or trip over something, all while texting, but believe it or not, people can also get seriously hurt from doing this. Reports of injuries caused by texting on the move are increasing, and I think we can all agree that we need to be more vigilant about this issue. The problem with texting while you’re walking is obvious: people can’t handle the task of multitasking. No matter how alert we are, the human brain just is not capable of giving full concentration to doing multiple things at once. You are putting yourself in danger when texting while doing something that demands your full attention. “When texting, you are too busy worrying about where your fingers are on the keypad, what you are saying, and who you are Entertainer of the Year: Tina Fey Taylor Miller Staff Writer Said Opinion Editor The year 2008 is coming to a close, so who should be crowned entertainer of the year? Tina Fey. Many know Fey has been skyrocketing in the industry since her days on Saturday Night Live (SNL), writing box office gold such as Mean Girls, but this year is her best yet. In 2008 alone her television show 30 Rock won a boatload of Emmy’s. She starred in a number one movie at the box office, Baby Mama, and resurrected SNL with her Sarah Palin impression. Tina Fey created, stars in, and writes the phenomenal NBC comedy 30 Rock, which was nominated for 17 Emmys this year and won 7, including Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Lead actress. 30 Rock currently holds the record for most Emmys ever nominated for a single comedy series in one year. The current season of Saturday Night Live is doing well, almost purely because of veteran Fey, who used to be a member and writer of the show. A recent episode featuring Fey doing an impression of politician Sarah Palin produced the highest ratings for the show in 14 years. The ratings for SNL have been slowly declining up until this point, and Tina Fey has single-handedly pulled it from the dust and brought it into the mainstream once again. When 38 year-old Fey wasn’t starring in or writing for huge television shows and movies this year, she somehow found time to raise her 3-year old daughter Alice. She was also a very involved member of the Writer’s Strike earlier in the year and signed a book deal in October. Reportedly, the book deal was worth more than 5 million dollars. It is predicted to be a nonfiction humor. She Said Ian Jackson Amy burzotta What would be an ideal Christmas gift? What would be an ideal Christmas gift? Xbox games A car! Do you think there should be a price limit when shopping for a boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you think there should be a price limit when shopping for a boyfriend or girlfriend? No, the price doesn’t matter, if he’s going to like it. No, if I think she’d like it I’ll get it anyway. What is your favorite holiday dessert? Sweet potatoes with brown sugar and pecans What is your favorite holiday dessert? What would be the perfect New Years evening? What would be the perfect New Years evening? Hanging out with a bunch of people at some one’s house. Pumpkin Pie Going downtown to a nice restaurant and watching the ball drop on TV with everyone.
  9. 9. opinion October 21, 2008 How to Escape the Bubble: Top 10 things to do in Pittsburgh Amy Burzotta Smoke Signals Movie Reviews Staff Writer When Peters Township comes to mind, fun and eventful probably aren’t the best adjectives. Picture a typical Friday night. It’s been a long week, you can’t wait hang out with friends and get out. You and your friends think, “what should we do?” Then you all remember, “Wow there is absolutely nothing to do here in good ol’ PT.” Here is a list of top ten things to do in Pittsburgh, PA. Hopefully this helps you get out Friday night. 10. Andy Warhol Museum Striking and intriguing both describe the Andy Warhol Museum. All different sorts of paintings and pictures are located here, making it a fun and interesting place to be. Junior Pat Walker says, “His paintings really show that he wasn’t afraid to express himself and share his views of life. I would definitely recommend everyone visits the museum.” 9. Laser Storm This may not be the ideal Friday night activity, but it is definitely something different to try. According to, this pleasurable place is located on 7715 McKnight Road. Laser Storm offers not only laser tag, but food, drinks, and a private party room. 8. Tanger Outlets You better stuff your wallet if you plan on spending a day at the new Tanger Outlets. Located in Washington, this shopping center is the place to be. Old Navy, Guess, American Eagle, and (my personal favorite) Coach, are just a few of the high-quality stores there. provides a list of all stores, deals, and coming attractions. 7. Station Square Always find cause for celebration, but where should you celebrate? Station Square offers great restaurants, including Hard Rock, the Melting Pot, and Buccs di Peppo. At night there is a gorgeous view, and Station Square is always a popular place to be. Whether or not you are celebrating a sixmonth anniversary or just partying with the girls, Station Square is definitely a great option. 6. Dave and Buster’s What better place to kick back, relax, and enjoy some gaming than Dave and Busters? Dave and Buster’s offers many things, from restaurants, to a place to watch the big sports game, to finally getting that high score on your favorite video game. Dance Dance Revolution, Nothing But Net, and Super Trivia are just a few of the games there. 5. Ice Skating at PPG Rink There is no better way to enjoy the season than with some iceskating in the city. Whether you’re going with friends, family, a boyfriend or girlfriend it’ll be lots of fun. With a beautifully lit tree in the middle, it’s the place to make some memories. So grab your scarf and gloves, and come have a good time. 4. South Side Located on Carson Street, in the South Side Wroks is a great shopping center with the famous Cheesecake Factory. After a long hard day of shopping from stores such as Forever 21, HM, and Puma, there is no better place to relax and have great meal. Choosing your dinner from the long menu at the Cheesecake Factory can be difficult but it’s much more difficult to choose from over twenty-five different kinds of mouth-watering, moist, delicious cheesecakes. 3. Seven Springs Powdery snow, clear skies, and good weather are the ideal conditions for every skier, and Seven Springs offers these sorts of conditions. This ski resort is a great place where skiers and non-skiers can have a good time. Because it offers not only slopes, you can also kick back in the movie theater, go bowling, or enjoy a swim in the indoor pool. Seven Springs offers something for everyone. 2. Mount Washington A breathtaking view and delectable dishes are just two of the things Mount Washington has to offer. A night walk along the outskirts of the city will give you a beautiful view of it. If you are looking for a fancier place for celebration, Mount Washington is the perfect place for you with restaurants like Bella Vista, Cliffside, and Grandview. 1. Pittsburgh Light Up Night Pittsburgh Light up Night only comes around once a year, and it is definitely an event you do not want to miss. November 21 is when the city kicks off the holiday season. Not only does it give you a beautiful view, but the PPG rink opens that day and there are all sorts of restaurants around there. So bring your friends, family, and everyone you know for a stunning evening in Pittsburgh. PT may not be the most exciting place in the world but going into the city or shopping at the new outlets can sure help you be entertained on your fun, relaxing weekend. As Seen on TV: Products Worth Buying Bethany Suchy Staff Writer Day after day, hundreds of infomercials flash across our television screens. While most of them are ignored, have you ever considered actually buying something? After interviews with different people and testing various products, many of these infomercial items are actually worth buying. Ignore the ridiculous slogans and terrible acting because these products work. The Bender Ball, tested by junior Shannon Smith, is a premium exercise tool. According to www., this soft rubber ball is designed to target your abdominals, thighs, arms, shoulders, and back. Equipped with an exercise video, learn the different exercise techniques to get into the best shape of your life. It is portable and affordable with a diameter of 65 cm and only one payment of $9.95. “I really like the bender ball because it is easy to use, but it gives an excellent workout,” said Smith. A best selling product on television is the Ped Egg. Without spending large sums of money on pedicures, the Ped Egg allows you to get the spa experience at home. What does this incredible item do? The Ped Egg, which conveniently fits into the palm of your hand, removes calluses from the foot, making your feet look flawless. Brittany Woodrow, a junior, exclaimed, “I never thought the Ped Egg would actually work. It is simple to use and works effectively every time.” In the foods category, the magical Green Bags were tested. These plastic bags claim to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for many weeks. Twenty bags can be purchased for one payment of $9.95. Over 40 million bags have been sold, and the number keeps increasing. I tested out these bags myself, and I can honestly say they work. I used the bags on various fruits and vegetables and they did remain fresh for weeks. This product will satisfy customers and is eco-friendly. Although As Seen on TV products may seem strange, they are efficient, inexpensive and are worth buying. Changeling Emily Estep Opinion Editor Changeling is a long movie. It is roughly two hours and twenty minutes long. This just goes to show, how truly fantastic it is, because for all one hundred and forty minutes, it is entirely engrossing. Changeling is about the true story of single woman named Christine Collins, whose son goes missing. The movie takes place in the late 1920s when the LAPD was considered to be almost completely corrupt and frowned upon by the masses. In an attempt to fix their reputation, they then return, or should I say replace, the son. Collins then spends a majority of the movie trying to convince the police that the boy they gave her, is not her son, and that he is still out there, in serious potential danger. Angelina Jolie portrays Christine Collins brilliantly, in such a way that really connects the audience to the character. That is not to say, however, that her performance out shadows that of John Malkovich, who plays a local reverend fixed on the idea of taking down the LAPD and is one of the few who believes in Collins from the beginning. His character is perhaps the strongest in the whole movie, putting him in the spotlight for a potential Oscar nomination, along with Jolie. The entire cast was flawless to the point that even minor characters shine. Changeling is dark, a little bit disturbing, and incredibly entertaining from start to finish. As one of the first ‘Oscar movies’ of the year to be released, it sets a high standard for the rest of the hopefuls. One of Clint Eastwood’s bests, and that’s saying something, it will not go down without a fight this awards season. Role Models Amy Burzotta Staff Writer Hilarious, hilarious, hilarious. Those are the three descriptive words I would use to describe Role Models. Paul Rudd, Seann William Scott, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin’,) are just three of the ridiculous characters that make up the cast. Wheeler (Scott) and Danny (Rudd) are two energy drink sales reps who are sentenced to 150 hours of community service, mentoring kids. Wheeler is given a troubled little boy who has the mouth of 10 sailors, while Danny mentors a nerdy teen boy interested in dragons and quidditch. At first dreading this task, Danny and Wheeler come to realize this is not such a chore. The two kids end up teaching them about themselves and responsibility. With (many) screw-ups, and (many) laughs along the way, Role Models is definitely a must see hysterical comedy of the season.
  10. 10. 10 sports October 21, 2008 Shaving the Ice: Pens off to a Solid Start Connor Jackson Smoke Signals Brady’s Abrasion Injures NFL Matt Schilling Staff Writer The Pittsburgh Penguins are the defending Eastern Conference Champions, but the 2008-2009 team has changed greatly since last season. Some key players, including left-wingers Ryan Malone and Marian Hossa, signed deals with the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Detroit Red Wings. But with newcomers Miroslav Satan and Ruslan Fedotenko in the lineup, the Pens should be on their way to another Stanley Cup appearance. They have started off with a respectable record of 9-4. Centers Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby are leading the team in points, with twentyfour and nineteen points respectively. Crosby is becoming more and more of a veteran captain of this hockey club. He has earned the hype that he has F I S H T A N K Staff Writer received over the past couple of years, with players such as center Tyler Kennedy and defenseman Brooks Orpik contributing as well. This is an talented young team that has started the season with a winning attitude. The Penguins haven’t been a really great team and lacked playoff experience in the past. They had the worst record in the league until rookie sensation Sydney Crosby was drafted in 2005. They have finally proven to the hockey community that they can live up to the challenge of being a source of attraction in the city of Pittsburgh. With the new stadium expected to be completed by 2011 and the talented players performing at such a high intensity, the future of the Penguins looks to be a great success. In Conclusion of Fall Sports in PTHS: Renée Wunderlich, Editor-In-Chief Averi Clements After tearing his ACL on September 7, 2008, reports show that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady underwent a second surgery. The first surgery, conducted on October 6, was not as successful as his doctors had first thought it would be due to complications involving an infected knee. The wound was reopened to see how it was healing, and Brady was put on an antibiotic to treat the infection. Even though doctors believe that Brady will be healthy after six to eight weeks of physical rehabilitation, some rumors state that Brady may not be completely healed by the start of next season. Although the Patriots are third in their division, the race continues to remain extremely tight. They sit right behind Brett Favre and the New York Jets and the much-improved Miami Dolphins with the Buffalo Bills just barely trailing behind. Second-string quarterback Matt Cassel, who has temporarily replaced Brady, is being pressured from every angle. With Brady, the Patriots would win with ease against teams such as the Miami Dolphins, but after he was injured and replaced with Cassel, Miami proved to be too much for the team to handle. However, the Patriots have continued to prove that they are still a viable contender; the New York Jets, San Diego Chargers, and Indianapolis Colts have been the only other teams to defeat them so far. Cassel has contributed greatly to their success, shattering all doubts and leading the team in a way that not many backup quarterbacks could. Besides, replacing a player who has claimed NFL records, gone 16-0 in the 2007-2008 regular season, and won a Superbowl in his first year as a starter is not an easy task. Even with Cassel’s talent and leadership skills, it is hard to say just how far the Patriots will go in the race to the Superbowl this year… and how the NFL will handle the loss of their biggest star. Whether you like it or not, Tom Brady and wide-receiver Randy Moss are a lethal combination, making for some heart-pounding NFL action during every game. Add the rest of the New England’s gifted offense and impeccable defense and the results are spectacular. The NFL lost a considerable amount of appeal and luster due to Brady’s injury. Many fans pay top dollar to see him play football. Even for fans of other teams, Brady was entertaining for a simple reason: he scores a lot of points. For many people, the Patriots’ games aren’t worth going to or watching if he doesn’t play. Due to fans not paying for front-row seats and the loss of motivation to watch the games, the NFL loses money for every game Brady misses. Back on the Mat Staff Writer New coaches, new wrestlers, new season – no one is quite sure what effect these changes will have on the wrestling team. After winning a total of only four matches in the past two years, one can hope that things will only improve from here. With the addition of Head Coach Jason Carpetta and Assistant Coach Andy Shrader, fingers are crossed that the old truth “change is good” will stand. Coach Carpetta’s claim to fame was bringing Fort Cherry’s varsity team back from the brink, ultimately becoming the most successful wrestling coach in the school’s history. There is no doubt in his mind that he will be able to bring this talented group of athletes to success as well. “The most important thing I want to give the team is a good sense of pride,” said Coach Carpetta. The coaches will not be the only deciding factors UnderReview “13-3, because the Steelers are AMAZING!” Meredith Karavolis, ‘11 in the wrestling team’s record this year; the wrestlers themselves are ultimately going to be the ones who have the greatest effect on the scoreboard. It will certainly not be an easy journey – the team lost five seniors to graduation last year, two of which qualified for WPIALs. Many former wrestlers will also not be participating in the 2008-2009 season due to injuries and conflicts of interest. However, younger wrestlers will be moving up from the Junior Varsity team to fill in the empty weight classes and compete for some that are already taken. The veteran participants are ready to do their own part in improving the team as well. Many wrestlers began preparing themselves long before there was so much as a whisper of after-school conditioning, governed by nothing but their own motivation. “If I hadn’t started conditioning before the season started, I think I would die during practices and matches,” said junior Taylor DiBart. As any athlete will tell you, though, enthusiasm provides only a stepstool to victory. The wrestlers must concentrate on becoming stronger, both physically and technically. “I wrestle guys who are bigger and stronger than me every year,” said senior Taylor Miller. “I make up for that by being better conditioned and outsmarting them.” With the team’s first match approaching on December 17, there is still time to make the most of a fresh start. The Indians are refusing to relinquish their future to chance. They are and will continue to take down the obstacles in their path, holding their heads high through it all. It is this drive that will make the difference between pins and decisions, wins and losses, and disappointment and triumph. What will the Steelers’ record be and why? “11-5, because Big Ben will probably get sacked 30 more times this season.” “They’re doing well so far and i think they will keep it up.” Bill Campbell, ‘09 Nicole Provident, ‘09
  11. 11. sports October 21, 2008 Ian Jackson Swinging to the Top Smoke Signals Sports Briefs “the highlight of our season” Staff Writer The Peters Township Varsity Boys Golf Team has a reputation in the area as a powerhouse program. The 2008 boys lived up to that reputation and then some. They brought home a WPIAL Championship, and they ended the season as the runner-up in the PIAA State Playoffs. Chris Resnik, John Ross, Hunter Stanchik, Corey Martinez, Taylor Relick, and Stephen Radke led the team to their impressive accomplishments. I took a few of these players and asked them about the past season. Q: How did it feel to finally break out and win the WPIAL title with the tough competition in the conference? Corey Martinez: It was a pretty good feeling. It was like our hard work finally paid off. Hunter Stanchik: It was great. It was the best moment of my life. I ate a five-dollar-foot long afterwards and also gave my mom a kiss. Steve Radke: I was so pumped. The rivalries that we have in the conference just made it so much sweeter to win it. Q: Which accomplishment was your favorite this season? CM: I think I will go with PIAA runner-ups. I mean second in the whole state was a cool experience and the whole trip was really fun. SR: I disagree. I am going to have to go with the WPIAL Championship. As a wise man once said, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” I’m happy with our season if we just beat USC, let alone win the WPIAL. Q: What was the funniest moment of the season? HS: The funniest moment was probably when we won our semifinal match in the WPIAL playoffs, I took off my shirt and rode the bull around the green. The other teams got really angry and actually threatened me. Q: If you could summarize the season in one word what would it be? SR: Glorious. CM: Fun HS: Domination. Q: Ok, this is for Steve and Corey only. What will you Taylor Relich Football (2-7) Beating Baldwin in our first AAAA section game -Jack Hareza Cross Country (13-5) Trick-or-treating in the hotel up in Hershey -Kayla Keddal Girls Soccer (15-1-2) Beating Seneca Valley in double over time Photo By: Stephanie Lusk guys miss most about the team next year when you go off to college? SR: I will just miss being one of the guys. I’ll miss the coaches and the free golf. I will miss the sweet clothes we get to wear. CM: I will miss my teammates and the coaches. I will miss John Ross’s stories and Hunter of course. Tradition: Keep on Running Sports Co-Editor The boys’ and girls’ crosscountry teams have been built on a tradition of success, and the 2008 campaign did not change that. The teams had a combined record of 135, with the girls’ team having only one loss to Mt. Lebanon. The girls’ team was not only impressive in the team events, but also in the individual tournaments. Sophomore Kayla Keddal qualified for the WPIAL meet and placed seventh overall. From there she advanced on to the PIAA meet, which was held November 1 at Parkview Cross Country Course in Hershey, PA. Keddal finished sixth in the entire state, running a time of 18:14 in the 3.1mile event. Keddal was not the only contributor to the Indians success though. “We all had to work together because cross-country is not an individual effort; every runner matters,” said senior captain Bridget Stasenko. She and Katie Nerone anchored the girls’ team, with Wes Groll, Will Bowler, and Ricky Palacios as their counterparts on the boys’ team, all of whom have four years of experience running for the team. Several underclassmen were also vital parts of the Indians’ winning seasons such as Mike Chamberlin and Jon Radolec for the boys, and Laura Crummie and Melissa Zuccarini for the Photo By: Samanha Higgins 11 girls. “Cross-country is an experience; the people, the coaches, and the atmosphere are all so different from other sports. Cross-country is like a family, not just a team,” said senior Bill Campbell. He also mentioned that his favorite parts of the season were getting to run at the Tri-State tournament and painting his face for the WPIAL meet. The Indians’ unity and team chemistry have boosted them to success in what some believe to be an essentially individual sport. With the hard-working underclassmen and team unity, the Indians look to press on to another winning season in 2009, carrying on the seldom-noticed tradition of PTCC. -Courtney Hannan Boys Soccer (13-5-0) The highlight of our season was definitely winning WPIALs and getting to states -Greg Weimer Girls Golf (16-1) Making it to the Western Regionals -Jesse Parham Boys Golf (16-2) Winning WPIALs -Chris Resnik Volleyball (14-11-1) We won one game in the USC match; they were expected to crush us! -Julia Broglie Field Hockey (12-0-1) Kayla Howard: Being Section Champions -Kayla Howard
  12. 12. Voices Hall in the What unique family traditions do you have for thanksgiving? Freshman Zach Sewada “I go to my grandma’s house” Sophomore Eric Yechley “We go to Florida” Junior Juliana Makrinos “We go to California” Senior Megan Graysay “We go around the table and say why we are thankful” What are you most thankful for this thanksgiving? Freshman Nico Summaria “Food on the table” Sophomore Kurt Sickmund “Veterans overseas” Junior Tom Norton “Friends and family” Senior Ben Kennel “Family” What do the Teachers think? Mrs. Polard “Every Thanksgiving morning, my family and I play flag football” Mr. Sussman “Hines Ward” Mr. Maize “About twenty family members come to my house ” The PT Minute Ryan Cassaday Favorite holiday tradition? My family comes over for dinner What is your favorite food at Thanksgiving? Turkey Last year for break, I went... Nowhere If you were a vegetarian, what would you eat instead of turkey? Tofu turkey Any Thanksgiving disasters/special memories? My mom burned our turkey What float would you add to the Thanksgiving Parade? A Coldplay float Alison Forbrich Favorite holiday tradition? Playing flag football with my family What is your favorite food at Thanksgiving? Pumpkin roll Last year for break, I went... To my cousin’s house If you were a vegetarian, what would you eat instead of turkey? Pasta Any Thanksgiving disasters/special memories? My dog’s birthday is on Thanksgiving What float would you add to the Thanksgiving Parade? A root beer float Ms. Ring “My family, the people here at school, and my health” Teac her MRS. GEARHART Min ute Favorite holiday tradition? Sharing what we are all thankful for before we pray for our meal What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? Turkey and Pecan Pie Last year for break, I... Walked with my children Any Thanksgiving disasters? I baked a Jello dessert in the oven in place of a spinach casserole What float would you add to the Thanksgiving Parade? A float celebrating chemistry!