Shoes.Com Brand Book Abbreviated Version


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Shoes.Com Brand Book Abbreviated Version

  1. 1. purposeThe purpose of this presentation is to outline a strategicand creative platform that helps further develop brand identity and positions the companyfor the next wave of growth.
  2. 2. process March 16, 2007 Vision Day completed May 3, 2007 Vision Day summary to Client Ongoing Review of competitive navigation, e-mail blasts and special offers May 4 – 17, 2007 Positioning development/discussion May 17, 2007 Preview meeting with T. Rawson, P. Thiemann May 18, 2007 Toth visit to offices June 7, 2007 Positioning & Creative Presentation • Re-cap Vision agreements • Brand Positioning • Creative Platform • Identity refinement: logo, color palette, brand patterns, graphics • Taglines • Marketing elements: advertising, direct mail, web banners, etc. • Website: navigation, home page, sub-layersw/o June 18, 2007 Insight Research Groups
  3. 3. objectiveTransition from a WAREHOUSE to a DESTINATION,from an AGREGATOR of national footwear brands to an onlineBRAND that carries the footwear and accessories you love.• Establish a modern, irreverent personality for• Simplify yet enhance the navigation by cleaning up the page while retaining all necessary information• Provide added value features that engage the user and provide an enhanced shopping experience• Underscore the sense of unlimited possibility/selection that is grounded in Brown’s own “shoe-dog” heritage and style expertise• Follow a phased approach that addresses the overall look and feel initially, and then provides for added value features, advertising and collateral support as time, technology and budgets allow
  4. 4. brand vision
  5. 5. core valuesAt, we believe deeply in empowering and engaging consumerswith a better shopping experience.• Feeding a passion for shoes• Enabling self-expression, transformation• Giving power to the individual• Harnessing the depth/breadth of the Internet as a tool for our consumers
  6. 6. exists to share our passion for shoes and provide easyaccess to a world of possibility through our service and content:Content = passion for shoesCommerce = easy accessCommunity = sharing a world of possibility
  7. 7. brand dna®SMART progressive, forward thinking, informed and intelligentFRIENDLY assisting our customers/ “friends” by providing a social interactive experiencePOSSIBLE allowing access to everything you want related to shoesCOOL fun, exciting, engaging, entertainingREAL authentic, credible, everything about shoes and relating to shoesEASY fast, simple and painless
  8. 8. brand strategy
  9. 9. positioning strategyOpportunity: Delivering a branded experience with the selectionand expertise of a shoe merchant. Innovative/Bold Approach Youthful/Hip Customer Experience Focused personality Broadly Appealing Shoe Brandselection expertise Style/FashionE-tailer of Best BrandsEverything Shoes and Relating to Shoes
  10. 10. unique selling delivers a branded experience with the selectionand expertise of a shoe merchant.• PRODUCT that includes a selection of the best brands people want and expert knowledge about them• SERVICE that has a fun, fast, witty attitude and feels more like shoe specialist than a warehouse for shoes• PRICES, SERVICES AND OFFERS that are competitive and provide great overall value
  11. 11. brand positioning makes online shoe shopping SMART, SIMPLE, FAST, andFUN by offering a venue where people can discover what they needand want (DESIRE) in a place where they feel welcome (COMMUNITY).
  12. 12. brand positioning - original IS WHERE PEOPLE WHO LOVE SHOES COME TOGETHER.
  13. 13. positioning supportFOR THE LOVE OF SHOESA passion for shoes isn’t simply for those Sarah Jessica Parkerwannabes and their closets full of Manolo Blahnik’s or Jimmy Choo’s.We all want shoes, need shoes, love and desire them on some level.• It’s Entourage’s Turtle and his quest for the latest Fukijama’s• It’s the 40-odd Sneakerheads in New York who line up outside a skate shop every time the latest limited-edition Nike Air Force One or Air Jordan’s are released• It’s the 45 year-old hospital nurse who just discovered Crocs and buys them in every color and style• It’s the 50 year-old accountant desperately seeking a replacement pair for his five-year-old Rockport Barnwells
  14. 14. brand platformNOBLE GOAL PURPOSE exists to share our passion for shoes and provide easy access to a world of possibility through our service and content.UNIQUENESS UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION delivers a branded experience with the selection and expertise of a shoe merchant.EXPRESSION BRAND POSITIONING IS WHERE PEOPLE WHO LOVE SHOES COME TOGETHER.
  15. 15. creative strategyWhat is it about shoes? People get all excited about shoes.They find a pair they like and then they want them in everycolor. We get that people are a little obsessive about theirshoes. That’s why we offer so many styles, why we make iteasy to shop without ever even having to leave the house,and why we are looking to be your sole provider.
  16. 16. soul of the brandShoes are a necessity. But they do not have to be a boringnecessity. They can also be a luxury, or an indulgence,or a hobby, or even a little bit of a problem. Not that we’reenabling addictive behavior or anything, but we have moreshoes in more sizes and styles than any other place on theplanet. Want to come over and play?
  17. 17. brand voiceStand on your own two feet. Scream it from the rooftops.I like shoes. I am happiest when I am buying a new pair ofshoes. This does not make me crazy. It makes me just like98.9% of the rest of the world.We all need shoes.
  18. 18. creative execution
  19. 19. identity• Proudly claim the category by focusing on the brand name,, instead of leading with a designated brand icon• Adopt a clean, modern logotype that is timeless and unfussy.• Make the identity distinctly ours by using a combination of upper and lower case letters and a customized “o” in a perfect circle or dot shape• Use a distinctive pop of color to brand the identity and, in turn, the entire site• Provide a series of secondary icons that can be used in conjunction with the logotype whenever necessary (fav-icons, etc.)
  20. 20. logo
  21. 21. favicon
  22. 22. splash page
  23. 23. splash page
  24. 24. splash page
  25. 25. splash page
  26. 26. splash page
  27. 27. results page