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Ed Rover Pilot   Sponsorship Proposal   Pt3
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Ed Rover Pilot Sponsorship Proposal Pt3



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  • 1. edRover™ for Your Business
    Pilot Program Sponsorship Proposal
    © 2011 EdRover Inc.
    Visit us at edrover.com
  • 2. edRover’s Creator - Tania Mulry“Mobile Mom on a Mission”
    Mobile marketing expert, former banking executive and mom to three active boys, Tania knew there had to be a better way to raise funds for schools and other worthy organizations.
    Frustrated by inefficient and intrusive fundraising models like door-to-door catalog selling and crowded, chaotic “family nights,” Tania set out to create a new, private and modern way of fundraising. A program that would make the process easier and more rewarding for all participants - parents, schools and community minded businesses.
    So in July 2010, Tania took a leap of faith – she quit her job, tapped into her savings accounts and set out to take fundraising in exciting new directions - mobile, social and local.
    One year later, Tania and the edRover team have created an award winning suite of mobile applications that provide a “win-win-win” for building a stronger community:
    All Parents can participate, just by visiting their favorite businesses and using their smartphones
    Retailers get an innovative traffic driver that creates loyal, thankful customers
    Schools, suffering from budget cuts, receive needed supplies at no expense
    © 2011 EdRover Inc.
    Visit us at edrover.com
  • 3. Introducing edRover…
    edRover is the first mobile application that combines check-in deals with a turnkey community giving engine
    Differentiates your brand from competitors in each community you serve
    Deepens loyalty and brings customers to your door more frequently
    Gives back to your customers’ schools to create goodwill and social buzz
    Streamlines your community giving efforts
    Measures visits, social sharing and community impact
    © 2011 EdRover Inc. Visit us at edrover.com
  • 4. edRover - Award-Winning App
    Available Now:
    iPhone – App Store
    Windows Phone 7 - Marketplace
    Coming This Fall:
    AT&T Open Call Apps for All!
    CTIA 2011
    “Best Social Good Application”
    Microsoft WP7
    Fast Pitch
    CTIA 2011
    “Grand Prize”
    © 2011 EdRover Inc.
    Visit us at edrover.com
  • 5. edRover Brings Customers to Your Retail Doors
    Search – Consumers use the free edRover app to select their favorite schools and to find nearby businesses
    Find - They see your donation value
    Visit – When they “check-in,” (within 0.1 miles) they see your offer
    Spend - They come in to redeem the offer
    Share – They use social media tools to buzz about your location
    © 2011 EdRover Inc.
    Visit us at edrover.com
  • 6. Each of your locations receives a detailed listing including:
    • Location name
    • 7. Address
    • 8. Distance
    • 9. 300 x 300 pix offer space
    • 10. Mapping, rating, commenting and social sharing features
    Your Location Here
    Your Location Name, Address & Distance Here
    Your 300 x 300 pixel
    Message to
    Customized Location Listings
    A check-in to this location will earn a donation for schools worth $1.00
    Gold = close enough to check-in
    Silver = get closer
    © 2011 EdRover Inc.
    Visit us at edrover.com
  • 11. How Your Donations Make A Direct, Local Impact and Engender Consumer Loyalty
    Schools (usually PTA/PTOs) and individual teachers can sign up for a free “Wish List” with edRover’s fulfillment partner, ClassWish™
    The wish list can contain almost anything -- basic classroom supplies, art materials, music instruments, football helmets, etc.
    The edRover app lists eligible schools and those already participating, at the overall PTA and/or classroom level
    When consumers select their school and check in, edRover applies your donation to an existing Wish List, or in a general fund for that school
    Once donations total enough to “pay for” an item on the wish list, ClassWish automatically notifies the school and sends the item to them
    If donations are accumulated prior to a school/classroom creating a Wish List, edRover lets them know they have donations waiting
    Consumers and schools see the positive impact made by your donations, are thankful, and want to continue to support your business
    © 2011 EdRover Inc.
    Visit us at edrover.com
  • 12. Pilot Sponsorship Opportunity
    You provide:
    A single contribution (covering all of your locations) to benefit your customers’ schools in Southern California
    Outreach to your customers in the pilot region
    Training of your associates; Tracking of redemptions
    We provide:
    Paid online media to support the pilot
    Aggressive local media and school promotion
    Window clings; Exposure on all edRover media channels
    Online access for reporting and account management
    Sponsorship Investment:
    Category exclusivity (3 months)– starting at $25,000 total
    Non-exclusive – starting at $10,000
    Program can continue as long as funds remain available
    © 2011 EdRover Inc.
    Visit us at edrover.com
  • 13. Potential ROI Scenarios
    In addition to community goodwill and positive PR, partnering with edRover can provide you with impressive business results.
    Our team can help you calculate the potential impact for your business.
    * Investment covers platform and marketing fees, and a pool of funds for check-in donations
    © 2011 EdRover Inc.
    Visit us at edrover.com
  • 14. edCommerceSM
    E-commerce can be an important overlay to the mobile check-in program, providing additional reach and reinforcement of your company’s community giving message
    Working with affiliate marketing leader LinkShare, edRover currently has more than 100 online retailers donating a % of sales to schools when consumers shop through edRover.com or the app
    Moving forward, we expect to grow this program significantly, including negotiating direct relationships with large retailers
    © 2011 EdRover Inc.
    Visit us at edrover.com
  • 15. edRover Brand Essence
  • 16. Selected Media Coverage
    KTLA-TV Los Angeles
    CBS News
    Fast Company
    PTO Today
    © 2011 EdRover Inc.
    Visit us at edrover.com
  • 17. Be a Local Hero – Join edRover Today!
    © 2011 EdRover Inc.
    Visit us at edrover.com
    Thank You For Your Time and Consideration
    Paul Thiemann
    Advisor to EdRover, Inc.