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Cablenet Company Presentation

  1. 1. Company Presentation
  2. 2. Who is Cablenet? Ownership: Privately owned company that offers telecommunication and entertainment services to the corporate and retail market Belongs to CN Shiacolas Group of Companies (diversified in Telecommunications, Land Development, Trading, Natural Resources, Hotel & Tourism, and other sectors) Company Information: Employs 180 employees in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca Developed one of the largest wholly-owned networks in Cyprus 7.5Gbps International Capacity over Minerva cable system An investment of over €25 million Exceeded 23,000 subscribers end of June 2011
  3. 3. The National Network Cablenet’s backbone optical fiber network within Cyprus is fully redundant and interlinks the four (4) major cities in Cyprus – Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos both at IP level as well as SDH. Within cities Cablenet operates a wholly-owned pioneering Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) cable network. This network has enormous capabilities for the provision of video, data and voice services, with data connection speeds of up to 200 Mbps download and up to 50 Mbps upload per channel. Cablenet sets high importance to resiliency of its customer Networks.
  4. 4. The International Network Cablenet has secured its 7.5Gbps international capacity on ‘Minerva’, the only fully redundant submarine cable system that serves Cyprus. In addition, Cablenet has become the first telecoms company in Cyprus that is interconnected with international providers with IPv6 protocol. Having interconnections to London, Moscow, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and other EU cities over multiple Gigabit Ethernet rings, Cablenet can provide end- to-end Layer-3 MPLS and Layer-2 Ethernet International Dedicated channels to and from Cyprus.
  5. 5. What Cablenet offers @ home High speed Internet (up to 40Mbps) Fixed telephony (PSTN – analogue lines) Analogue Basic TV (40 TV channels) Digital Advanced TV (60+ TV channels - the 40 analogue channels in digital format and 20+ other digital only channels) High-Definition (HD) TV channels and other Premium channels
  6. 6. What Cablenet offers @ business Business Internet services (Symmetric IP Port over Fiber or SHDSL and Asymmetric IP Port over ADSL, Coaxial Cable or Fiber) National WAN services (Layer 2, Layer 3) International WAN services (Layer 3 MPLS, Layer 2 EoMPLS) Fixed telephony services (SIP Trunk, ISDN PRI, Special Numbers) Hosting services (Virtual hosting, Collocation)
  7. 7. Business Internet offer Cable Broadband Internet up to 20Mbps download / 8Mbps upload ADSL Broadband Internet up to 16Mbps download / 2Mbps upload Corporate Symmetric Internet up to 1Gbps IP Transit for Carriers and Large Organizations Unlimited traffic Presence in LINX (London) Internet Exchange, ensuring optimum performance and extended reach
  8. 8. National WAN offer Layer-3 Ethernet IP-VPN and MPLS VPN Layer-2 Ethernet VPN Point-to-Point Ethernet (Layer-2) links Point-to-Multipoint solutions Secured & Reliable services with high QoS for passing critical data and real time applications such as voice and video Competitive prices 24x7 NOC premium support
  9. 9. International WAN offer Layer-3 MPLS VPN Layer-2 Ethernet over MPLS (EoMPLS) Point-to-multipoint communication High scalability/granularity options Service performance guarantee via a comprehensive SLA Competitive prices Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) with 24x7 NOC premium support Provision, installation and management of CPEs, upon your request
  10. 10. Fixed Telephony offer SIP Trunk over copper (ADSL and SHDSL) and fiber ISDN PRIs Analogue PSTN over cable and ADSL Special Numbers (700 personal, 777 single and 800 toll-free) Excellent voice quality Reduced telephony rates up to 30% less than the incumbent’s
  11. 11. Hosting offer Shared Website and FTP hosting Virtual Server hosting (4 plans) Collocation (4 plans) Excellent quality and affordable prices Uninterruptable and Fault-tolerant environment
  12. 12. Why Cablenet? The ONLY fully independent provider from cyta via its Next Generation Network(s) platform Owns a fully redundant optical fiber national network Owns a fully redundant International protected capacity (5Gbps) Combines 3 telecom media: Fiber, Coaxial Cable and xDSL (over copper) Offers high-quality turnkey services at the best value Follows a Successful Recipe consisting of Constant Innovation, Development and Customer Centric Approach
  13. 13. For more InformationPlease contact Corporate Sales Department Email. Tel. +357 22 399499 Fax. +357 22 399566