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Eric Smith References


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References and Recommendations from my Managers, Subordinates, and Peers

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Eric Smith References

  1. 1. Eric P. Smith, CPSMGreater Atlanta Area | 404-405-2338 | | and RecommendationsManagersJason CaldwellManaged Eric at Dixie Aerospace.Eric brings great supply chain experience and analytic abilities to any organization in need of such skills. He is one of those unusualpeople that can see and communicate big picture goals, yet has the data skills and focus to work through the details to reach thosegoals. It is unusual in my experience to find someone with the skills to work through the details in the data, while maintainingalignment with corporate goals and vision. This unique skill set allows Eric to work independently without a lot of oversight anddirection.Jason CaldwellPresident, Dixie AerospacePeachtree City, GeorgiaEmail: jcaldwell@dixieaerospace.comPhone: 678-490-0145Mike ClairEarthLink VP of Procurement, Eric’s direct manager at that company.Eric is highly intelligent with excellent experience and understanding of all aspects of the ‘procure-to-pay’ process. He is a trueleader, and a valuable team player possessing great integrity, organizational skills and discipline. He displays an attitude ofcompassion and fairness in dealing with sensitive employee issues. His passion for excellence is an inspiration to others and hecan be relied upon to get the job done.Mike ClairDirector, Procurement Quality & Logistics, EarthLinkAtlanta, GeorgiaEmail: mikegclair@comcast.netPhone: 404-518-3479Todd CarlsonManaged Eric at Delta Air Lines, and worked with Eric as a peer at General Electric.I was a peer of Eric’s in the GE Six Sigma organization, and hired Eric to work for me when I moved to Delta in 1999. He is afantastic team player who sets aggressive objectives and applies visionary leadership in achieving them. Eric managesrelationships extremely well utilizing diplomacy and a friendly upbeat approach. At GE Eric demonstrated a strong command of theBlack Belt toolset. I always received positive feedback from Eric’s internal and external customers; he connects quickly andsuccessfully with people in a technical environment.Todd CarlsonSupply Chain LeaderSouthern California EdisonRosemead, CaliforniaEmail: mjtc2@yahoo.comPhone: 626-302-8892
  2. 2. Eric P. Smith Page 2Victoria TaylorDirects a non-profit organization promoting operational excellence; Eric has volunteered for this organization for 10 years.An all-volunteer team of executives provides self-nominated organizations both key opportunities for improvement and the potentialto receive Georgia’s highest level of recognition for organizational performance, the Georgia Oglethorpe Award. Mr. Smith hasworked as one of our valued volunteers for over 10 years and I have worked directly with him all of those years.Mr. Smith has accepted willingly all challenges asked of him. He provides leadership and management to individuals that must“form, storm, norm and perform” during our annual cycle – who often have never worked or known each other previously. Thisbrings many challenges and Mr. Smith has always excelled. He is flexible, focused, fun, professional, and knowledgeable. Heprovides a minimum of 350 hours of time each cycle (most on his own time) because he believes in continuous learning andimprovement as the path to creating and sustaining excellence. Mr. Smith has enabled Georgia Oglethorpe to provide assessmentsfor our clients because he cares and dares to pursue excellence as a way of life.Should you want or need additional information on Mr. Smith, please contact me directly, preferably by phone at 770 889 4011.Thank you for your time.Victoria TaylorExecutive Director, Georgia Oglethorpe Award Process, Inc.Atlanta, GeorgiaEmail: office@georgiaoglethorpe.orgPhone: 770 889 4011Mike McHaleManaged Eric at Delta Air Lines.Eric served as an analytical support manager under my employ at Delta Air Lines. He was instrumental in utilizing SAP and othertools to develop processes for analyzing our spend, controlling purchasing functions, and maintaining critical master data. Eric is aneffective manager and mentor, and was a valuable part of my leadership team. He would be an asset in any Sourcing or ProcessImprovement role.Mike McHaleDirectorSupply Chain ManagementDelta Air LinesAtlanta, GeorgiaEmail: mike.mchale@invesco.comPeersRandall BurtonDirector of Operations, Dixie Aerospace.This serves as a letter of reference for Mr. Eric Smith. I worked with Eric from January 2008 until a corporate-wide reduction-in-force eliminated his position in February 2011. During that time, he was a direct report to me as well as a key management teammember.In his employment with Dixie Aerospace, Eric demonstrated keen analytical thinking, complete supply chain managementknowledge, and overall quality assurance / quality control awareness. Eric has expert skills with Microsoft Access and MicrosoftExcel. Through those skills, he created many useful tools and reports as well as improved upon existing reports and processes.Utilizing Access, Eric enhanced our existing buy report by adding critical information allowing our buyers to make better, moreinformed procurement decisions.From a management perspective, Eric always worked to solve problems and provide improved tools not only to his direct reports,but also to other team members. He is a team player in every sense of the term. I am confident that, if selected for your vacancy,
  3. 3. Eric P. Smith Page 3he would provide the same high level of service and commitment. If you have any questions or wish to speak further about Eric,please feel free to call me at 678-490-0195.Randall BurtonDirector of Operations, Dixie AerospacePeachtree City, GeorgiaEmail: rburton@dixieaerospace.comPhone: 678-490-0195Michael HergerStrategic Sourcing Manager and SAP Implementation Lead, DeltaDirector of Procurement, EarthLinkPeer to me in both rolesIf I were in your shoes, I would want to talk with Eric. He has a WEALTH of experience in strategic sourcing and procurement – Ato Z end to end. He has a thorough understanding and operational expertise with strategic sourcing, the req to check process,negotiations, supply base management, service level agreements, business process improvement, organizational changemanagement…and he knows how to collaborate effectively and drive results. When I was at Delta, Eric was a partner in a majorchange initiative that I was leading on the procurement front with our SAP implementation. He understands the procurementprocess and everything in between (financials, approvals, etc.). He is completely capable of re-engineering business processes tooptimize the best possible results. He has tons of experience with Six Sigma projects. Even if he didn’t, Eric is a process-orientedperson…methodical and calculated. The other thing that I wanted to point out about Eric is that he is Mr. Analysis. He is verydangerous (in a good way) with MS Excel and MS Access and probably many other tools. You need to know that if I could hire Ericright now, I would, in a heartbeat.Michael HergerAsst. Vice Chancellor, Strategic Sourcing at Board of Regents of the University System of GeorgiaAtlanta, GAEmail: mjherger@att.netLisa HaleWorked directly with Eric at Delta Air Lines and at Dixie AerospaceEric and I were peers at both Delta and at Dixie Aerospace (a division of Wencor). Eric brings great energy and passion to all theprojects on which he works. He has very strong analytical skills and a great team leader and participant. He has demonstratedstrong leadership during SAP implementation, and in strategic sourcing of maintenance technology solutions at Delta. I thoroughlyenjoy working with Eric and highly recommend him for positions requiring technical competence and leadership.Lisa Schully HaleSales Manager, Integrated Supplier AllianceWencor LLCSalt Lake City, UtahEmail: lschully@wencor.comPhone: 214-234-6243Jack LopezWorked directly with Eric at Delta Air Lines.I have worked with Eric as both a peer and previously as a direct report. We worked together on a number of large sourcing projectsthat created significant value. Eric uses the strategic sourcing process extremely effectively. Two examples were the groundsupport equipment (GSE) outsourcing project and resourcing the chemical management contract. Both projects exceeded goalprojections and were extremely well received by the business partners.
  4. 4. Eric P. Smith Page 4Eric was by far the most capable supply chain professional I have ever worked for.Jack LopezCommodity ManagerDelta Air LinesAtlanta, GeorgiaEmail: jacklopez30277@gmail.comSubordinatesNancy LangstonAssistant Vendor Manager, EarthLink“I was a direct report of Eric from 2006-2007. As a manager, he is an exceptional leader and mentor with a passion to see hisemployees succeed. Erics enthusiastic encouragement and approach to tasks effectively motivates employees to succeed bothpersonally and professionally. He is a highly analytical, process-oriented visionary and his extensive knowledge of supply chainand procurement are evident in his leadership. Eric is a highly ethical and trustworthy person with impeccable integrity. Workingfor Eric was one of the greatest opportunities of my career and he is a tremendous asset for any company.”Karen YoungKaren served on one of my volunteer Georgia Oglethorpe Examiner Teams under my direction "Eric is a focused, detailed oriented project manager. He successfully led our examiner team of 6 through the Georgia OglethorpeProgress Award process. This process requires strong project management skills including creating and maintaining timelineswith deliverables, training, supporting, and engaging team members throughout the process life cycle, and ensuring effective two-way communication with all key stakeholders. Eric is extraordinarily organized, patient and sensitive to the needs of both internaland external customer groups."Karen YoungHost Director, Dogwood ChurchAtlanta, GAEmail: klcyoung1@comcast.netJackie WelchBuyer, Dixie AerospaceI am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Eric Smith. Eric worked with me in the Purchasing Department at DixieAerospace for 3 years. He began here as Purchasing Manager and was promoted to Inventory Control Manager.During Eric’s service with us I admired him for his many valuable qualities, and regarded him with evermore respect. He was wellorganized and thrived under adversity. He kept a sharp eye on the bottom line, but realized too that customer satisfaction is whatmakes or breaks your business. I suppose doing well in business is easy if you are, as he was, driven in equal measure by bothquality and efficiency.I have no hesitation in recommending Eric Smith for any management position. I feel confident he would be an asset to yourorganization.Jackie WelchBuyer II, Dixie AerospacePeachtree City, GeorgiaEmail:
  5. 5. Eric P. Smith Page 5Tasi PallasWorked directly with Eric at Delta Air Lines.Eric and I were peers in the Supply Chain Management department at Delta Air Lines, from 1999 to 2005. He was also mysupervisor from 2005 to 2006. Eric constructed many of the databases and processes that the department used to analyze thefinancial performance of our purchasing agents as well as our supply base. These were fundamental tools in my role as the groupfinancial analyst. As a manager, he gave me constructive feedback, thereby putting me in a position to be successful with mygoals. I enjoyed working with Eric.” August 8, 2007Tasi PallasProcurement Analyst, Coca-ColaAtlanta, GeorgiaEmail: tgpallas@yahoo.comPatricia BryantWorked under Eric’s employ as a Procurement Analyst for Delta Air LinesI worked for Eric as a supply chain Sr Data Analyst at Delta TechOps. Eric played a leadership role in Supply Chain SAPimplementation and was a very effective mentor for others who were learning the system. Armed with a strong Six Sigma (BlackBelt) background Eric can analyze supply chain systems and processes and make them more effective, and also is a manager whoknows how to articulate and implement a vision for his organization.Patricia BryantProgram Manager, - Field Technology & Support, Delta Air LinesAtlanta, GeorgiaEmail: patricia.a.bryant@delta.comOther ReferencesCarol LunsfordServes as a Peer on Westpark Toastmasters Executive BoardI have known Eric three years. During this time I have seen his capabilities at organization, leadership, and diplomacy. I have seenhim take persons new to the Toastmasters program and guide them to become proficient speakers and leaders. Eric possesses theability to stay calm in the time of a crisis while making sure all that needs to be done is done. He is skillful with working with alltypes of personalities and takes into account any apparent disabilities with his responses. Within our Toastmasters club Eric hasguided the membership through their educational planning with much success during his two year tenure as Vice PresidentEducation. Eric is an assist with organization, goal setting, and public relations.Carol LunsfordCEO, Carols WorksSecretary and Mentor at Westpark ToastmastersPeachtree City, GeorgiaEmail: carols_works@live.comReid Spearman, PMPServes as a Peer on Westpark Toastmasters Executive BoardWestpark Toastmasters is a club of Toastmasters International, a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speakingand leadership skills through a worldwide network of meeting locations. Ive worked in Toastmasters with Eric for about four years
  6. 6. Eric P. Smith Page 6now. For the last two years Eric has served as Vice President for Education (VPE). The VPE position is probably the most time-consuming elected post. The VPE is reponsible for organizing our bi-monthly meetings and for keeping up with the progress ofevery member toward their personal achievement goals. Eric has done a fantastic job as VPE. Hes a dedicated volunteer whohasnt ever let us down. His ability to self-start, organize, and execute tasks is complemented by his people skills. Eric is a superbteam player and would make a valuable addition to any work effortReid Spearman, PMPQuality Assurance Manager, CIBER, Inc. (colleague)Treasurer and MentorWestpark ToastmastersPeachtree City, GAEmail: cspearman@ciber.comJuarndai Lei GagnonServes as a Peer on Westpark Toastmasters Executive Board“Already a seasoned speaker and leader, I had the pleasure of getting to know Eric when he transferred to our Toastmasters groupin 2008. Even with his busy schedule, he immediately jumped into the role of VP of Education helping our group to succeed asspeakers and leaders. He does an exceptional job motivating and keeping our members informed. He enthusiastically encouragesindividual growth and is always ready to take on new challenges, whether it is to participate in mulit-level competitions or toconvene members so they may partake in leadership training. Eric is a example of a professional who stands true to his word andachieves that which he supports others to attempt.Juarndai Lei GagnonSargeant At Arms and MentorWestpark ToastmastersPeachtree City, GAEmail: jlgagnon1@gmail.comHolli RedlichI serve coffee for Dogwood Church under Holly’s directionI’ve known Eric Smith for the past 8 years as he has served in a volunteer capacity under my leadership. I am pleased to say thathe has always been punctual and reliable. Along with these attributes, he has demonstrated leadership skills and consistentlypresents a friendly upbeat attitude. He has been a great team player for us and I know him to be trustworthy and enthusiastic. I’mconfident he will be successful in his future endeavors and will do more than his share in establishing a win-win relationship with hisemployer.Holli RedlichHost Director, Dogwood ChurchPeachtree City, GAEmail: