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  • Our third product offering will be the combination of MSFT’s Social Computing with PTC’s Product Development to achieve a Social Product Development environment. Many CIOs and VPs of Engineering are worried about productivity and IP protection given today’s social media options. PTC believes that by offering these Social Media capabilities within the secure environment of SharePoint and a Product Development System, we can make the Product Development organization more productive while securing IP. We have found that both the CIO and VP of Engineering find value exploring Social Product Development together. Everything we build on SharePoint obviously has Social Product Development Capability. Unique products will be commercial after 2011.
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  • Social Computing and Product Development

    1. 1. Social Computing and ProductDevelopmentGame Changing Collaboration with RichConnections to Product Information David Blair, VP PTC 2012
    2. 2. AgendaSocial Computing and Product Development Introduction SocialLink 10.1 Demonstration Future Concepts Q&A 3
    3. 3. Social Business Software…it is all essentially the same Profiles Connections Activity Feeds Communities Wikis Blogs Forums File Sharing Mobile …and it is certainly not optimized for product development © 2009 PTC 4
    4. 4. Social Product Development“Community Powered Product Development”“Social Product Development” is the fusion of Web 2.0technologies with product development activities. – A new way to Connect and Collaborate (new paradigm) – Leverages a social network Social Product within product development Computing Development – Brings social computing to all PTC products – Product development specific use cases using Web 2.0 Forward Looking Information Subject to Change without Notice 5
    5. 5. Real-time Notifications and Events from Windchill Secure and Protected Collaboration around Product Data (at community & object level) Social ToolbarEmbedded in EndUser PLM Software Posts from Creo / CAD Product Communities Linked to Windchill Communities of Practice for Engineering Microbloging with Visualization & Markup © 2010 PTC 6
    6. 6. Windchill SocialLink Product Timeline WSL 10.1 SocialLink 10.1 Theme: Problem Solving & Security (Creo Social Toolbar, Visual Discussions, Security, etc.) Jun 2012 WSL 2.0 SocialLink 2.0 Theme: Tight Connections to Windchill (Windchill 10 Social Toolbar, Product Events, Ideas) Oct 2011 WSL 1.0 M020 1.0 M020 (Search, Navigation, Client Performance) Apr 5, 2011 WSL 1.0 M010 1.0 M010 (Client Usability Improvements) Dec 2010 WSL 1.0 SocialLink 1.0 Theme: Communities (Product Communities, Communities of Practice) Oct 20102010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Forward Looking Information is Subject to Change © 2010 PTC 7
    7. 7. SocialLink 10.1 – What’s New(RTM June 20, 2012) Spring 2012
    8. 8. SocialLink 10.1 – What’s NewOverview Creo 2.0 Social Toolbar (Integration) Creo View Visualization in SocialLink Visual Discussions and Markups for Microblogging Advanced Product Community Administration Discussions at the Windchill Object Level Additional Features 9
    9. 9. Creo 2.0 M010 Social Toolbar (Integration)Creo 2.0 M010 Social Toolbar (Integration) Direct Integration with Creo – Post messages to any community the user is a member of directly from Creo – Post messages to the related community via the Windchill workspace (default community) – Quickly see the feed, members, or details of the related community – Capture session graphics and post with image 10
    10. 10. Creo View Visualization in SocialLinkCreo View in SocialLink Display 3D Viewables in SocialLink – Spin, zoom, pan, section, markup from SocialLink 11
    11. 11. Visual Discussions and Markups for MicrobloggingMarkup and Visual Discussions Markup both Images and Creo View 3D Viewables for Visual Discussions – Add notes and annotations to 3D viewables and 2D images – Attach the markup as an image to a comment in a SocialLink post – See the visual discussions feed in Creo View window 12
    12. 12. Advanced Product Community AdministrationMembership Synchronization Synch members from Windchill to Product Communities – Multiple synchronization options to fit all Communities – Administrative reports 13
    13. 13. Advanced Product Community AdministrationNew Templates Quickly find important information 3D product viewables for linked Windchill container Launch the SocialLink client directly from community site 14
    14. 14. Advanced Product Community AdministrationMore Intuitive Product Community Site Creation Process Easily setup Product Communities – Admin settings to control advanced Community settings – Easy group setup and Windchill member synchronization control 15
    15. 15. Discussions at the Windchill Object Level 16
    16. 16. Discussions at the Windchill Object LevelSecurity Options for Posting from Windchill Enforce Windchill Security (option) – Only people who have access to the part in Windchill can see the post Standard Security (option) – Your post is visible to anyone who is targeted – If your post is targeted to a Community, anyone in that Community can see your post – Information about the Windchill Part is still only visible to people who have access to the part in Windchill Note(s): – All SocialLink discussions are stored in SharePoint allowing for full text search 17
    17. 17. Discussions at the Windchill Object LevelSee All Discussions for an Object Object / Community relationship – See all related Object level discussions at the Community level Object Feed View – See the feed and details for a specific object – Have object specific conversations in SocialLink Object Discussion Security – If you choose to “Enforce Windchill Security”, the part discussions will only be visible at the part specific level to avoid exposer to unauthorized users – In this case, only people who have access to the part in Windchill will have access the part discussion in SocialLink 18
    18. 18. New Feature SummaryWindchill SocialLink 10.1 Release Notes Creo 2.0 Social Toolbar  Product Community Setup Wizard – Post messages to any community that you are a member – Easily set up Product Communities of from Creo – Admin settings to control advanced Community options – Post messages to the default related community via the – Easy group setup and Windchill member synchronization Windchill workspace control – Quickly see the feed, members and details of the related community  Discussions at the Windchill Object level – Capture session graphics and post with image – Start discussions and conversations at the Windchill Object level – Enforce Windchill security to make sure only people who have Creo View Integration and Markup access to the object in Windchill can see your post – Display 3D viewables in the SocialLink client – Use standard security to share your post about the object with – Spin, zoom, pan, section and markup from within a broader audience SocialLink – Admin options to disable sharing of Windchill information with – Markup images and 3D viewables using Creo View within broader audiences SocialLink – See the Object feed and continue conversations in the – Add notes and annotations SocialLink client – Attach the markup as an image to a comment – Quickly see Object details (metadata) from Windchill in the – See the visual discussions feed in the Creo View window Client – (All SocialLink discussions are stored in SharePoint allowing for full text search) Membership Synchronization – Keep community membership synchronized with Windchill container membership  Other – View and create polls from Communities (View only in the – Multiple synchronization options to fit all communities SocialLink client) – Administrative reports – Add images and other attachments to comments – Smarter activity sorting (posts with new comments appear at Product Community Templates the top of the feed) – Find important information quickly – Longer activity retention – preserve and retrieve past discussions – 3D product viewables for linked Windchill containers – Launch the SocialLink client from the community site 19
    19. 19. Windchill SocialLink Demo © 2010 PTC Forward Looking Information Subject to Change without Notice 20
    20. 20. SummaryWindchill SocialLink is Optimized for Product Development Provides dedicated communities for product development Built into the user’s workflow with the Social Toolbar Protects product data by honoring Windchill security permissions Brings Windchill events and notifications into your social computing environment Enables rich visualization and markup for activities feeds Is fun and very easy to use! © 2010 PTC 21
    21. 21. Additional Windchill SocialLink Information Videos (YouTube)  Blog Posts 1. Windchill SocialLink Quick Tour (SocialLink 1.0 – Windchill SocialLink 2.0 Moves Beyond M020) Social Software • This past fall PTC released the latest iteration of Wk6Ivc&feature=related Windchill SocialLink, a product focused on bringing Web 2.0 concepts to PLM to benefit 2. Microblogging with Windchill SocialLink product teams. Windchill SocialLink 2.0 • exemplifies “... 1RC5o&feature=related 3. Finding People/Experts with Windchill SocialLink – Collaboration Made Easy with Windchill’s • Social Toolbar 4. SocialLink 2.0 Overview (New Features) People continue to thirst for better ways to • connect and collaborate. With Windchill SocialLink new, modern, Web 2.0 approaches for enhanced 5. SocialLink 2.0 Idea Crowdsourcing communication are now available for product • development... t=UUcECp_XO890MXSVfIR19vRg&feature=plcp 6. Product Communities (unique to product – Social Product Development – What’s the development from PTC) True ROI? • Web 2.0 is everywhere, and social business software is quickly moving into the enterprise, but 7. SocialLink 10.1 What’s New (Deep is there real value? What’s the ROI for a Integrations to Creo & Windchill, Visual manufacturing company whose product Microblogging, Highly Secure) development team is pumping out new product • innovations every day? © 2009 PTC 22