Understanding the marketplace


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  • Awoke this morning with seeing Christ in the market place resounding in my spirit and what you have outlined is confirmation of what the lord was speaking to me...
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Understanding the marketplace

  1. 1. Understanding the Marketplace Kingdom Series Nov 2011 By Philip Tan * Hope of David Property For internal use ONLY
  2. 2. Example Marketplace Spheres
  3. 3. Understanding the Marketplace Finding Your Niche or Sphere in the Marketplace Adam & Eve End of Age – Revelation unfold Genesis 1 Noah Genesis 9 Revelation 11 Marketplace kings 7 mountains Abraham Genesis 12 1st Century Apostles Mathew 28 Isaac King Solomon Genesis 24 1 Kings 1 King David Jacob Gideon Genesis 30,35 2 Samuel 2 Judges 7 2 Samuel 5
  4. 4. Marketplace Structure
  5. 5. Understanding the Marketplace Marketplace structure Marketplace Realm Seven mountains, pillars, societies, prophecies Domain, sphere, areas, subjects Content (Wisdom, counsel, knowledge , experiences, specialized skills, rare talents) Niche /Generic Niche/Generic Niche/Generic Niche/Generic  Roles  Roles  Roles  Roles  Job Descriptions  Expectations  Single or multi-assignments
  6. 6. Breaking down walls
  7. 7. Understanding The Marketplace Separation between clergy and laity (End of tussle-tension)  New Testament gospel emphases  Hermeneutics within the framework of spiritual discipline  Restriction to reverence of God (God of institution)  Vertically focus (strait jacket definition of “religion”)  Spiritual leaders lacked of marketplace insight and experiences  Marketplace realm perceived to birth carnal influences
  8. 8. Understanding the Marketplace Setbacks to the kingdom of God  Sowing & reaping principle lack of holistic purpose  Financial and resource blessings misapplied  Lack of kingdom impact & transformation – detachment of marketplace from church  Undeveloped spiritual gifts & authority for the marketplace sphere  Restraint in the use of spiritual gifts in the workplace  Modern day harvest cannot be fully manifested and collected
  9. 9. Understanding the Marketplace Marketplace Space  The many circumstances in the marketplace provide character development - God shapes us where we spend our time most  The many positions in the marketplace provide avenues for gifts manifestation  The wealth blessings is derived through sowing in the church & reaping in the marketplace  The vastness of the marketplace invites God’s dominion  The spread of leadership influence in a greater and wider domain in the marketplace Church boundary Break out & Break Forth  Limit God’s expression Church boundary Church boundary  Limit tangible blessings  Restrict gifts expression  Lack of reality on Christian living  Limit ministry diversification  Limit leadership influence  Create rituals & routines Church boundary
  10. 10. Understanding the Marketplace How is God Breaking Down the Walls ?  Limitation of church (institution) ministry  The church needs to break out to gain wealth for kingdom advancement  Wealth in action – Gathering & reconciling parts of the Body  Marketplace ministry will unite suffering parts of the body thru their financial and leadership support  Crises in a troubling world – emergence of marketplace kings  The church thru marketplace ministry needs to be involved in current affairs of the world for God to intervene  Kingdom paradigm & mentality – Disintegrating mindsets  Restoration of kingdom truth and principles apply in the marketplace  Restoring prosperity – Expressing the Love of the Father  God wants to prosper His Body through marketplace ministry
  11. 11. Distorted perception on the marketplace ministry
  12. 12. Understanding the Marketplace Partial truths, myths, wrong teachings & deceptions  (X)The church should focus on salvation more than anything else As we gain new souls we gain new grounds in the marketplace..souls that are save must reveal God’s dominion  (X)The world is defiled and not ours…the church should separate away from it until the Lord returns We cannot avoid being in the world. Everything belongs to the Lord..Redemption means saving & restoring everything else from the kingdom of darkness  (X)Focus on the Lord, everything else will be added This is true, but as we focus on him, it is Him who will direct and lead us ..even in the marketplace realm  (X)Secularism is full of deceptions and the origin of evilness ..we should not bring in marketplace subject into the church We are here as a channel for transformation. The world must be transformed through the church involvement not vice-versa  (X)Ministry & spiritual gifts are for souls and souls alone Old Testament shows God’s people used their supernatural gifts and marketplace position to influence decisions and facilitated transformation
  13. 13. Biblical Values & Beliefs Finding its Relevance in the Marketplace
  14. 14. Understanding the Marketplace Can the Cross Finds its Relevance in the Age of Secularism ? Can God convince his sons and daughters of their dominance over the earth?  Time Declares … marketplace spheres are His and His alone Psalm 24:1 The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it;  Time Affirms … marketplace reveals His headship and glory too Col 15:17 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together  Time Unfolds … the church express in many forms advancing into every sphere Mat 16:18 ..upon this rock I will build my church; a and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  Time consummates … the world will see everything belongs to Him Rev 11:15 “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah, and he will reign for ever and ever.”
  15. 15. Understanding the Marketplace Cross Over Truths from Old to New Testament It is relatively easy to distinguish why the subject of marketplace fades away…  Old Testament records a major part of God’s involvement based  on event-driven with secular-marketplace as its backdrop  It reveals … creation  … domination  … mega blessings  … specific individuals & their positions & influences  New Testament focuses on the spiritual welfare and condition of man with salvation as its backdrop  It focuses … Son of God  … spreading of the gospel  … purpose & use of ascension & spiritual gifts  … Christian living in relation to the cross
  16. 16. Understanding the Marketplace Gathering the Best from Both the Testament-Covenant for Marketplace Breakthrough  Covenant with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua..cuts across the Old and New.. - The promises of great blessings have not stopped before the cross..it is carried across and magnified as a result of God’s grace through Jesus Christ..this includes blessings in the marketplace like the ancient patriarchs  Old Testament truths were used as frame of reference by Jesus indicating its relevance for contemporary applications - The way God works with Old Testament individuals will also apply to those in the marketplace in this New Testament age  The Book of Revelation ties back and concludes the kingdom meaning of both the Old & New Testament  - The Book of Revelation sums up what was prophesied and promised by God & the fulfillment at the end of the age by the Lord Jesus Christ & His Church
  17. 17. Salvation the full package
  18. 18. Understanding the Marketplace Understand salvation from the perspective of God’s richness. Salvation is all inclusive and meant to manifest the richness & inheritance of the Father and His Son  Jesus paid the full price for the richness of God to be brought into reality and manifested on earth (the price include your blessings in the marketplace)  Salvation centers on His great works and us saved throughout eternity. It also means with a redeemed status we have the citizenship rights to inherent and enjoy the richness of His Son which He has given to the church by grace (every richness available in the marketplace is ours to inherent)  Our salvation rights set us apart from the world. God wants to distinguish us from the world that he owns a redeemed people in the world to do great exploits so that His dominion could come on over every sphere of the earth (more exploits are done in the marketplace than anywhere else)
  19. 19. The Values of Marketplace
  20. 20. Understanding the Marketplace The Values of the Marketplace Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder  Marketplace is a metaphor of God’s promise land  God is raising and mobilizing us as kings to own up our promise land  Marketplace as a place for occupancy  God has called us his fellow workers to occupy until He comes  Marketplace as an inheritance for God’s people  God has adopted us as His sons and daughters to inherent the richness of Jesus  Marketplace is where the wicked ones are holding up God’s wealth  God has called us righteous to take over the wealth of the wicked
  21. 21. Understanding the Marketplace  Marketplace as “ends of the earth”  God has called us to be disciples to provide disciplining even in the marketplace where souls concentrate  Marketplace as a place of investment  God desires to call us to be good & faithful servants when we use our gifts in the marketplace to find great returns  Marketplace as an eco-system for God’s economy to operate  God has called us laborers to bring in the harvest in the marketplace to Him so that He could bless and multiply our blessings in the marketplace
  22. 22. Understanding the Marketplace Restoring Biblical Marketplace Definition Contemporary Biblical  Vision of Organization Apostolic & prophetic vision  Board of Committees God’s appointed government  Chief, Head, Director God’s appointed kings  Functional heads Five fold ministries  Policies & Procedures Biblical values & beliefs  Organization structure Protocol & governance  Commitment Covenant relationship Contractual agreement  Board/Management meetings & updates Worship, Praise & Intercession  Value creation & service Ministry results  Key performance indicator God’ standard  Skills & talents Ministry, spiritual & diversified gifts  Assignment Sent out  Networking Divine connection & alliances  Promotion Installation  Appointed Anointed  Roles & responsibilities Sphere & authority  Quality Assurance Anointing & unction  Service satisfaction Spirit of Excellence  Service uniqueness/differentiation Set apart
  23. 23. Stretching Describe the purpose & existence of marketplace What role do you play in the marketplace? Describe Define your sphere in the marketplace Has God given you a vision in your sphere in the marketplace? Describe Describe how you plan to fulfill God’s vision in the marketplace? - Short, medium & long term How can you help to advance the kingdom through your involvement in the marketplace?