Discovering & employing your spiritual gifts in marketplace

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  • 1. Hope of David SeriesPrepared by Philip Tan Nov 2011
  • 2. Unleashing the gifts inthe context of God’s Kingdom
  • 3. Grace of God Kingdom Vision Grace of God Realization & FulfillmentGrace of God Integration & Consolidation, Kingdom Oversight Kingdom Insight Reconciliation Positioning & Placement Gift Development & Manifestation Character Development & Integrity Word Spirit Church God Foundation Upon Relationship Intimacy Kingdom Foresight Grace of God
  • 4. VIFO for Max Impact in the Workplace (V)ision will keep the use & results of your gift in alignment to God’s kingdom for righteous purpose (I)nsight will sharpen your gift for accuracy (F)oresight will provide room for greater gift development for future breakthrough (O)versight will keep your gift safe within boundary of God’s Word
  • 5. You can either launch them out to fulfill your destiny or leave them mooring to the berth
  • 6.  They are given so that His grace could be recognized Romans 12: 6 We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. By serving in the marketplace, you are releasing His grace there 1 Peter 4:10 Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering Gods grace in its various forms. He is a good Father who believes in your potentials and ability to achieve in the marketplace through His Holy Spirit Luke 11:13 If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!"
  • 8.  Some gifts of God can be used both ways in the marketplace as well in the spiritual house of the Lord There are gifts of God that can be used in both the marketplace and spiritual house of the Lord to allow the anointing to flow bidirectional for the benefits of the body of believers God’s gifts must be sent out through marketplace kings & believers from the spiritual house of the Lord into the marketplace There are gifts cannot yield results because they have not found its right setting and atmosphere
  • 9. With gifts given to you, God also trains you ..
  • 10. 2 Samuel 22:35He trains my hands for battle; my arms canbend a bow of bronze.Psalm 144: 1Of David. Praise be to the LORD myRock, who trains my hands for war, myfingers for battle.Psalm 18:34He trains my hands for battle; my armscan bend a bow of bronze.
  • 11. The many ways He can shape you..Opportunities in the workplace Formal training programs On the job Mentoring Practicing
  • 12. Gifts, Skills, the Word, Anointing & Presence of the Spirit
  • 13.  Going to the workplace with gifts less the Word will lead you to misapplication of gifts Going to the workplace with the Word less the gifts will leave you fruitless Going to the workplace with gifts less the anointing will lead you into vanity Going to the workplace less the indwelling Spirit of God upon you will lead to a powerless and wandering life
  • 14. No Gifts – Skills Anointing (Tools) (Oil)1 Gifts are indicator that a Anointing provides breakthrough to destiny is ahead of you open the way for your gifts to enter into and reach your destiny2 The manifestation of gifts The manifestation of the anointing promotes the recipient’s promotes the name of the Lord name3 Limited impact; influence a Excellence, transformational limited circle of people4 May not be accompanied by With the presence of the Spirit of the Presence of the Lord the Lord5 Irrevocable Revocable
  • 15. Stabilizing & Thrusting
  • 16.  Vision ** Breakthrough  Anointing opportunities, Advancement  Joy-strength Leads, Problem solving,.. Input Output Position  Recognition Role  Promotion Gifts Circumstances  Dominion ** Conflicts, discouragements, Stability oppositions, dissidents ..  Love, gentleness, self control, goodness  Patience, Peace, Meekness  Kindness, forbearance, faithfulness
  • 17. Using your gift for a greater purpose
  • 18.  Shift your gift from soul realm to spirit realm…using your gift to move away from emotional to purposeful Shift your gift into a relationship with corporate vision…using your gift to fulfill heaven’s will for all Shift your gift into corporate environment; complementing with the gifts of others…using your gift-skill as a team gift for accomplishment Shift your gift to help others so they can recognition.. Using your gift so others are well aware of it
  • 19. Putting faith in action shift anointing & gifts to higher levelsGod will increase gifts, skills, anointing, Supreme Manyresources, tools,& support Faith Kings & Armiesas your faith prevails Great Faith Sword Proven Kings 1 Chron 18:5 Faith Tested Goliath Spear & Faith shield 2 Kings 11:10 Lion & Sling Bear 1 Sam 17:50 Bare hands 1 Sam 17:36
  • 20. And God raised us up with Christ and seated uswith him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, Ephesians 2:6No gift is too small for God to ignore if we use it forHis purpose
  • 21. Unfolding the great mystery of gift & position King over Judah & Israel Create distinction Anointing increases Anointed by Prophet Samuel Alignment to Kingdom Purpose  Approved by God Anointing  Shift the marketplace Fulfilling God’s under kingdom dominion prophetic promises Position escalates King David appointed by eldersCreate differentiation of Israel & men of Judah  Accepted by man Position  Position your workplace for the kingdom objective Moving you closer to His prophetic purpose Gift multiplies Gifts displayed by King David Create value as a musician & warrior  Graced by God Gift  Embedding kingdom Get you into motion seed In the marketplace & towards God’s prophetic promises
  • 22.  When God gives you a prophetic promise in the workplace… He will also prepare a position to fulfill that destiny When God allows challenges to confront you … He is affirming a position for you When God allows to go through some seemingly defeats…He is refining your faith for the position When God finally places you in that position He promised you… He desires you to use the position and its influences to bless His people
  • 23.  We view & review our circumstances from the heavenliness  Jesus, our High Priest, is Our workplace positions always interceding on ourare designed from above behalf for our progress & success And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, Ephesians 2:6  Our workplace decisions are made in line with decisions made in the throne room of the Father
  • 24. Moving towards leadership edge
  • 25.  Every gift God bestows upon His marketplace believers will lead them to some form of leadership Our gifts will initially be used to serve others. There ischaracter development beneath the gift manifestation,which is important for setting up the right spiritualfoundation Our gifts will lead us into managing resources – people &assets – and eventually leading them to achieve corporategoals
  • 26. Stretching Your Leadership Gift Initial phase of your vertical gift - impact people of the same group interest or same goals. i.e King David initial phase only affected people of the same interest Later phase of anointing as it increases, your vertical gift will change to diagonal that will affect other group interest. It is the beginning of your leadership recognition by others i.e impacting organizational level Increase of your anointing in the workplace will change your vertical gift to horizontal gift, impacting region, nation, global i.e King David anointing alleviated him to become King of Judah & Israel, impacted nationally, the entire land of Israel
  • 27. Embrace & confront them head on
  • 28.  God will lead you to your He did with young David Your Goliath is to show you it is not your external that matters (man’s perspective) Your Goliath is to show you God will train you with your gifts to overcome your workplace challenged Your Goliath is to define and reaffirm your gift set Your Goliath is your first door to enter into your destiny The greater your Goliath is to move you into total dependence upon the Spirit of the Lord, not away. It is Him and His anointing through you gifts that will overcome them. The level of your calling will be measured by the “size” of your Goliaths coming your way
  • 29. The works of the Spirit vs the works of the flesh
  • 30. No Sheep Goat1 Use the gift to give glory to the King Use the gift to achieve personal aspiration2 Use gift achievement to testify the Use gift achievements to gain goodness and favor of the Lord and position and favor create inroads for kingdom pursuit3 Use gift selflessly to bless others Manipulate gift for personal advantage4 Complement gifts with others to get Use the gifts of others to get credit synergistic results5 Use the blessings for kingdom Take away the blessings of God for advancement personal consumption6 Sacrificing, humble, teachable, meek Prideful, haughty, covetousness
  • 31. Never enter into the marketplace without them
  • 32. Marketplace Kings & Believers Needthe fear of the Lord to..  Cultivate obedience to His commandments & laws (Word) in their day-to-day professional ethics, personal conduct and decision making  Enable God to continue to work through them and their circumstances, positioning them for favor and success  Prevent the misuse or manipulation of God-given gifts or skills  Maintain reverence and submissive to authority, & complying to proper protocol in the workplace  Keep them from conforming to the ways of the world, keeping the gifts undefiled
  • 33. Nuggets of truth that will set your gift free to fulfill divine purposes
  • 34.  Only by serving you will know the reason for your gift The anointing of your gift can go as high as the level of your purpose Your gift is not a worship object. Place it on the altar of your heart as sacrifices to the Lord, only by then God can multiple like He did with Abraham. Nothing should get in between you and God. There are many layers to our gift. As we peel off them off one by one others will surely taste the goodness and blessings of God Your gifts are designed and anointed specifically meant to solve problems others cannot. Only then God can put you on the platform of credibility Every gift should be used with the ultimate objective of “receive-develop-transfer” mentality