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Stock exchanges

  1. 1. Stock Exchanges In India
  2. 2. What is Stock Exchange?Stock exchange is that place where trading of share is done in terms of sale and purchase
  3. 3. Classification Stock ExchangeNSE BSE MCX OTCEI
  4. 4. Bombay Stock Exchange• The oldest stock exchange in Asia• Established as “The Native Share &Stock Broker Association” in 1875• Over the past 135 years, BSE has facilitated the growth of the Indian Corporate Sector by providing it with an efficient capital raising platform• The equity market capitalization of the companies listed on the BSE was US $ 1.63 trillion as of Dec. 2010• BSE has the largest number of listed companies in the world
  5. 5. BSE Turnover (Quarter Wise) Turnover - Rs. CroreTurnover Sep Jan May Sep Jan to Dec to Apr to Aug to Dec to Feb Series
  6. 6. BSE Average Daily Turnover (Quarter Wise) Turnover - Rs. CroreTurnover Sep Jan May Sep Jan to Dec to Apr to Aug to Dec to Feb Series
  7. 7. Technology• BOLT:- open outcry system with the BSE online trading facility in 1995. capacity of the BOLT platform stands presently enhanced to 80 Lakh orders per day.• :- introduced the first centralized exchange based internet trading system.• one of the most popular financial website in India and regularly visited by financial organization or stakeholders for updates
  8. 8. Continued.....• Others systems: Derivative Trading & Settlement System (DTSS) Electronic Contracts Notes(ECN) Unique Client Code Registration (UCC) etc. Real Time Data Dissemination System Integrated Back Office System – CDB/IDB Book Building System(BBS) Reserve Book Building System(RBBS) Debt Market Director Database
  9. 9. National Stock Exchange (NSE)• NSE was set up by leading institutions to provide a modern, fully automated screen based trading system.• Promoted by leading financial institutions at the behest of the Government of India.• Incorporated in Nov. 1992 as a tax paying company.• Today NSE, network stretches to more than 1500 locations in the country and support more than 2,30,000 terminals.• Market Capitalization went up to Rs. 6,009,173 crore at the end of march.
  10. 10. Technology• NSE set up a separate company, NSE InfoTech Service Ltd. Which provide a platform for taking up all IT related assignments of NSE.• NEAT is a state –of -the –art client server based application.• NSE is one of the largest interactive VSAT based stock exchange in the world.• NSE today allows members to provide internet trading facility to their clients through the use of NOW (NSE on Web) a shared web infrastructure.
  11. 11. Products Mutual Funds Exchange Equity Units traded FundsCorporate Debt Warrants DerivativesCentral & State Certificate ofGovt. Securities Deposits Commercial T -Bills Papers
  12. 12. Market Segment Wholesale Debt Market Segment• Provide the trading of wide range of debt securities Capital Market Segment• Offers a fully automated screen based trading system known as National Exchange Automated Trading System Future & Option Segment• Provides trading in derivative instruments Currency Derivative Segment• Provides trading in US Dollar –Indian Rupees (USD – INR )
  13. 13. Total Trading Volume SeriesTurnover in Crore - - - - Series
  14. 14. Market Capitalization Rs. CroreTurnover in Crore Jan- Jan- Jan- Jan- Mar- Mar- Mar- Mar- Series
  15. 15. Figures as on 31st March 2010Listed Companies 1470Trading Members 1297 VSATs 2527
  16. 16. Participants FIs Corporate PrimaryBanks DealersForeign Banks
  17. 17. Over The Counter Exchange Of India (OTCEI)• Incorporated in 1990, setup to aid enterprising promoters in raising finance for new projects.• To provide investors with a transparent efficient mode of trading.• OTCEI introduced a screen based nation wide trading.• OTCEI net profit is 17.81 lacs• Its increases total turnover is Rs.1627 crore to 1678 crore
  18. 18. Technology• The first Indian stock exchange to introduce nationwide computerized screen based trading.• State –of –the –art, STRATUS fault tolerant computer server• Trading software modeled on TCAM Software• Network of Members / Dealers Spread over more than 50 cities• Connectivity through combination of satellite (VSAT) & Terrestrial (Lease Line/ Dial up) modes
  19. 19. Participants• Members and dealers appointed by OTCEI• Companies whose securities are listed• Investors who trade in the OTCEI• Registrar who Keeps custody of scrip certification• Settlement bank which clear the payment between counters• SEBI & government who supervise and regulate the working
  20. 20. Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (MCX)• MCX state –of –the –art electronic commodity future exchange• To facilitate online trading and clearing & settlement operations for commodity futures across the country.• Demutualised exchange setup by financial technologies India Ltd.(FTIC)• MCX hold’s market share of over 80% of the Indian commodity future market• MCX is the world largest exchange in Silver, second largest in Gold, Copper and Natural Gas, and third largest in Crude Oil Futures
  21. 21. ProductsBullions Metals EnergyOil & Oil Plantations Weather Seeds Pulses &Cereals Fiber Others
  22. 22. TechnologyThe exchanges technology framework is designed to provide high availability for all critical components, which guarantees continuous availability of Trading facility.• MPLS – Multi Protocol Label Switching• ISDN – Integrated Service Digital Network• CTCL – Computer To Computer Link
  23. 23. Turnover Yearly Wise Rs. CroreAxis Title - - - Rs. Crore
  24. 24. Turnover Monthly Wise Rs. CroreAxis Title Apr- May- Jun- Apr- May- Jun- Rs. Crore
  25. 25. United Stock Exchange• Incorporated on 21st September 2010.• Indias newest stock exchange, marks the beginning of a new chapter in the development of Indian financial markets.• USE’s strong bank promoter base allows a build –up of a highly liquid market place for these products.• Provides the necessary expertise to reach out to Indian business and individuals, educate them on the benefits of these markets.• USE also boasts of Bombay Stock Exchange, as a strategic partner.
  26. 26. USE – India’s Newest Stock ExchangeUnique public private partners 27 Banks, 3 Trading ship of banks with equity Companies and India’s oldestinvestments by both PSUs and exchange BSE as consortium private sectors members Trust Liquidity Technology Unparallel experience in exchange technology, clearing and settlement and trading
  27. 27. Technology Fas TradeTM Fas TradeTM is a revolutionary front and trading software that allows users to trade on USE directly through a browsers. To provide a highly secure, yet fast and robust trading experience to every USE trading member
  28. 28. ProductsCurrency Future US Dollar - Rupee Currency Future Contracts Euro – Rupee Currency Future Contracts Yen – Rupee Currency Futures Contract Currency Options US Dollar - Rupee Currency Options Contracts