Portfolio of Expertise and Credentials


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A "visual" resume focused on marketing and Communication

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Portfolio of Expertise and Credentials

  1. 1. Marketing&Comunicazione Portfolio & Credentials
  2. 2. 25 year experience in top marketing,general management and consulting positions Turn-arounds and start ups
  3. 3. Andrea PortanteDegree in Economics - Univ. of BolognaM.S. in Management - M.I.T. Sloan School of Management- McKinsey&Co. 1990-1994- Value Partners Management Consulting 1994-1995- Abril Group (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro)- RAI (Italian National Public Broadcaster) RAI Trade (rights sales) RAI New Media (Marketing and Business Development New Platforms)Full Resume available on Linkedin
  4. 4. Specific Areas of Expertise 1) Marketing Strategy 2) Media Strategy Above the Line 3) Social Media Marketing 4) Promotions 5) Event Management Below the Line 6) Licensing 7) Direct Marketing 8) Sponsorships 9) Digital Media10) Communication Communication11) Training
  5. 5. Summary of CredentialsMarketing Strategy 10 years of leading management consulting (McKinsey,Value Partners) and top management positions in content related companies 3 year experience as Marketing Director for RAI New Media, with specific focus onSocial Media Marketing social e digital mediaPromotionsEvent Planning & 8 year experience as Marketing and Sales Director of RAI Trade, 3 years as Marketing Director of RAI New MediaManagement Media planning experience and acquisition of TV, print, mailing list in Abril ColeçoesMedia Strategy (Brasil). Acquisition of adwords, online banners and social media in RAI New Media.Licensing 8 year experience. Created and brought to success Licensing Division of RAI Trade 4 years as Director General of Abril Coleções, JV between Grupo Abril and TimeDirect Marketing Life. B2B experience with RAI TradeDigital Media 12 year experience with RAI in digital productions (DVD, video, promo, etc.)Communication 25 years in B2B and B2C communicationTraining Experience in communication and positive track record in coaching my own team
  6. 6. What • Diagnostic of current strategy and1) Marketing Strategy marketing plan • Definition of new strategy and implementation plan • Market Analysis • Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  7. 7. Credentials • Strategy and Organization work on “Children&Teen” for Rizzoli Corriere della Sera1) Marketing Strategy (RCS) • Strategy and Organization work on “Trade&Professional” for RCS • Strategic Plans for Abril Coleçoes, RAI Trade • Market Analysis for CD Rom multimedia (for Olivetti) • Qualitative and quantitative research to select editorial products for launch with Abril Coleçoes • Qualitative and quantitative research on usability for RAI.tv/RAI.it
  8. 8. What Where Strategy Definition2) Media Strategy Traditional Media Budget Allocation Online Campaign Management Search (adsense, adwords) and Monitoring
  9. 9. Credentials • In charge of Advertising budget both in B2C and B2B settings (Abril Coleçoes, RAI Trade)2) Media Strategy • For 8 years in charge of “Compliance Control” for all ads aired on RAI • Management of “Adwords” and Facebook campaigns for RAI New Media • Design and implementation (with clients/ agencies) of ad campaigns on RAI.it, RAI.tv • “banner”/ Pre Roll/New formats • Special Projects
  10. 10. Example Online Game: Ski Challenge2) Media Strategy
  11. 11. Ski Challenge: In game Ad Spaces2) Media Strategy
  12. 12. Ad hoc projects: A “branded channel” for Costa Crociere...2) Media Strategy
  13. 13. ...so successful that MSC, their main competitor, asked us to do the same2) Media Strategy
  14. 14. What Assessment, strategy and marketing plan definition in social media (Facebook,You Tube,3) Social Media Marketing twitter, etc.) Integrated Approach to: - Owned Media - Paid Media - Earned Media “Turn key” management of Social Network presence - Facebook pages - Viral Videos - “Apps” for penetration and fidelization
  15. 15. 3) Social Media Marketing Credentials • Negotiated and currently manages RAI You Tube deal • 20,000 clips uploaded on 14 RAI branded “channels” • Revenues represent today 25% of total from web • Negotiating extension to “long form”. Expected quadruplication of total company revenues in three years.
  16. 16. 3) Social Media Marketing Credenziali Established RAI presence on Facebook 1 Million fans (1,5 before closing of Anno Zero, a political talk show) Report: 473,000 Fan Che tempo che fa: 230,000 Fan RAI TV: 150,000 Fan Il Ruggito del Coniglio: 135,000 Fan Ballarò: 35,000 Fan
  17. 17. What Where4) Promotions • Integration within • Online Marketing Strategy • In-Store • “Turn key” management • Fidelity
  18. 18. Credentials CONAD for “Isola dei Famosi” (Survivor) DIMEGLIO 03-06 copia 6-06-2005 14:32 Pagina 11 MEDICI SENZA FRONTIERE 1.900+ PUNTI GRATIS4) Promozioni 900 PUNTI 8,40 AGENDA VANTAGGI CARTA — Kit Survivor marsupio con cintura e chiusura con piccola bussola zip. Contenuto: un binocolo 4x30, COLLEZIONE una mini torcia con clip, utensile pieghevole con coltello, 1a forchetta, cucchiaino, apribottiglie e lama, fischietto. Dimensioni: 15x15x8 cm. Su prenotazione. COLLEZIONE 3.100+PUNTI GRATIS 2a 1.500 PUNTI 12,40 DEI FAMOSI ISOLA SUPERPREMI ˜ Zaino Trolley realizzato in poliestere, con rifiniture di pregio e comode tasche, chiusura a zip e meccanismo trolley a scomparsa. RADDOPPIA IL REGALO Dimensioni: 37x20x55 cm. Su prenotazione. 11
  19. 19. Credentials Several Fidelity Catalogue Projects4) Promozioni
  20. 20. ...Point of Sales Promotions4) Promozioni
  21. 21. What Where5) Event Management • Planning • Trade shows, Showcases • “Turn Key” and Road Shows Management • Festival, cultural events • Supervision/ • Promotional Events Coordination of suppliers and • Conventions, Product service providers Launches
  22. 22. Credentials For 10 Years in charge of event organization5) Event Management for RAI Trade: - MIP/MIPCOM - Bologna Children Book Fair - Cannes Film Festival - Cannes Lions - RAI Trade Screenings - Cartoon On the Bay - ANUGA - Licensing Show - Franchising Show
  23. 23. 5) Event Management Credentials: MIP/MIPCOM (Cannes)
  24. 24. 5) Event Management Credentials Presentazione parete scenografica Rai Trade MIP TV 2006 Bologna Licensing Visione prospettica ANUGA (Colonia) posizione marchio aziendale e titolo programma posizione marchio sponsor Franchising MIP posi Imaginali®©2006
  25. 25. 5) Event Management Credentials: RAI Trade Screenings
  26. 26. 5) Event Management Credentials: “Deal or No Deal” Mall Tour
  27. 27. Credentials: Cartoon on the Bay (International TV Animation Festival)5) Event Management
  28. 28. Credentials: Mall Events5) Event Management
  29. 29. Credentials: Festival di Sanremo On-site Marketing Initiatives
  30. 30. What For • Character Licensing, • Use of third party6) Licensing Brand Licensing, characters/brands to Celebrity Licensing, connote products Heritage • Licensing of own brands/ • Complete Coverage: characters for promotion 1.Strategy and revenue generating 2.Creativity/Style Guide initiatives 3.Sourcing 4.Deal Negotiation 5.Contracts 6.Monitoring
  31. 31. Credenziali: Over 10 years experience in Licensing & Merchandising6) Licensing
  32. 32. Credentials: Created and brought to success L&M Division of RAI Trade PG_XPress 6-06-2006 10:37 Pagina 1 Success in terms of branding and6) Licensing incremental revenues Developed and “monetized” own and third party brands and characters
  33. 33. 6) Licensing Credentials: Isola dei Famosi (Survivor)
  34. 34. 6) Licensing Credentials: Franchising
  35. 35. 6) Licensing Credentials: La Prova del Cuoco (Ready, Steady, Cook)
  36. 36. Credentials: Linea Blu (Es. Style Guide) Style_Guide_bella 26-07-2005 15:27 Pagina 21 P R O D OT T I Style_Guide_bella 26-07-2005 15:27 Pagina 5 A P P L I C A Z I O N I D E L LO G O SI SI6) Licensing SI SI Style_Guide_bella 26-07-2005 15:27 Pagina 12 Style_Guide_bella 26-07-2005 15:27 Pagina 4 TEXTURE Toiletries Poco visibile Distorto 21 NO NO Logo sfumato in quadricromia Logo Bianco NO NO Logo in quadricromia - C 100 - M 100 - Y 0 - K 0 Logo Nero K100 Inclinato Verticale 5 Logo in quadricromia - C 70 - M 30 - Y 0 - K 0 Logo sfumato Pantone 2748 - 279 Logo Pantone 2748 Logo Pantone 279 4 Texture Onde 2
  37. 37. 6) Licensing Credentials: Incantesimo (Es. Style Guide)
  38. 38. rai 50 set 6 tazzine rai 50 set 6 tazzine © Rai, su licenza esclusiva rai 50 set 6 tazzine set 6 tazzine rai 50 6) Licensing © Rai, su licenza esclusiva Carlo Giannini Spa è licenziataria delle immagini di repertorio archivio Rai per il set di tazzine “Rai 50”. Carlo Giannini Spa è licenziataria delle immagini di repertorio archivio Rai per il set di tazzine “Rai 50”. 6 tazze con piattino - porcellana 6 espresso cups with saucers - porcelain set 6 tazzine 6 demi-tasses avec sousoupes - porcelaine 6 tazas cafè con platos - porcelana rai 50 6 espressotassen mit untertassen - porzellan 1 2 3 4 5 6Credentials: “Heritage Licensing” RAI
  39. 39. 6) Licensing Credenziali: Quark
  40. 40. 6) Licensing Credentials: Melevisione
  41. 41. Designed and launched franchising program for kindergarten on Melevisione, one of RAI leading children brands6) Licensing
  42. 42. Launched Theatre Tour on same Brand Over 800,000 Tickets sold6) Licensing Most successful children theatre show in 2003 e 2004 Generated Royalties of over 1,5 million Euros
  43. 43. 7) Direct Marketing What For Strategy B2B and B2C Feasibility Analysis Traditional (mailing, Implementation DRTV), web/mobile/social Management Front end / Back end
  44. 44. 7) Direct Marketing Designed and managed the turn around of this Business Unit selling books, Cds and videos through the continuity system. TIME LIFE Books was minority shareholder and exclusive licensor to the company. -! !ncreased subscribers to its historical high (250,000 active I members), doubling revenues to US$40 Million with cash flow in excess of US$6 Million in 1997. -! Reduced average collection time from 62 to 30 days. -! Improved customer service (average wait time reduced from 2 minutes to 30 seconds). -! Reduced costs by switching suppliers and re-negotiating contracts (editorial costs –50%, printing of promotions –25%, handling –50%) -! Increased sales to current subscribers by adding new titles to extend ongoing series and increasing shipment frequency (Impact on revenues $4 Million in 1998) -! Negotiated with TIME LIFE the selling of non TIME LIFE licensed products, turning Coleções into the direct marketing arm of the Abril Group
  45. 45. 7) Direct Marketing Credentials: B2B Kit for promoting RAI “stock footage” In competition in Cannes Lions Direct “response rate” success
  46. 46. Cosa Per8) Sponsorships Editorial Products, custom Strategy integration publishing Prospecting and Valuation Audio/Video Productions Turn Key Management Events
  47. 47. Credentials8) Sponsorizzazioni Outdoor Clay motion Lab Chiquita Sponsoring of Sanremo Posters
  48. 48. What For Strategy Integration Sites&Portals Concept Apps (IOS, Android,9) Digital Media Development&Production Facebook) Management/Monitoring Digital Video
  49. 49. 9) Digital Media Credentials: Locast (A RAI-MIT Project)
  50. 50. Credentials: Productions Branded Content9) Digital Media Reversioning per Estero
  51. 51. Credentials: Home Entertainment T I MIGLIORI ANNI DELLA NOSTRA T 271x183_CoverDVD 15-11-2005 11:10 Pagina 1 LE INCHIESTE DEL COMMISSARIO MAIGRET ! dai romanzi di Georges Simenon LE INCHIESTE DEL COMMISSARIO MAIGRET9) Digital Media con GINO CERVI e ANDREINA PAGNANI ! regia di MARIO LANDI m CREDERCI SEMPRE - ARRENDERSI MAI L’ISOLA DEI FAMOSI 2005 IL DVD di Operatore Edizioni Angelo Ferrari Marco Landini Magnolia/Castaway Montaggio Assistente al Montaggio Si ringraziano inoltre Ivo Vacca e Arcadio Cavalli Elena Griguol Jonni Pellegrini Giovanni Buoro Scritto con Il cicerone di Samanà è Superpako Simona Caprini Sabina Bologna e Marianna Schivardi musiche originali Le fotografie Assistente alla Regia Angelo Ferrari, Stefano & sono dell’agenzia Sonia Soldera Roberto Magnanensi Frezza / La Fata ISOLA DEI FAMOSI un programma di RAI 2, basato sul format Celebrity Survivor, created by Charlie Parsons. © 2005 Castaway Television, prodotto da Magnolia su licenza esclusiva RAI Trade S.p.A. Il film riprodotto in questo DVD è per uso privato domestico. Tutti gli altri diritti sono riservati. Ogni violazione sarà perseguita a termini di legge.
  52. 52. What For Strategy Integration Newsletter10) Communication Implementation and Annual Report Management Brochure Catalogues Online
  53. 53. , THE nt ulti- Ancie u- u- - pport NAR lity m PIO- ETER s tho E - to A IL DAM bout SCA, loit o , LEO A- T P ble LA wcase h qua ns of a LION on- dram NTALB cle a SAIN ERLA y exp of LA BUT the c OLO igatio ith hig sho D charm I CASTIG rgetta ALL D AN M cy , O LERS IA, P riod , PE RO, ERIES lliantl CO P h as TMEN ECTIVE M ade vest life EURO NS. GUE. e unfo ons w RY, PERIU e pe RATE THRIL , NE ALON A. ai Tr ily in - suc o bri INI-S MAR TIA ISTO D ing MERIC TALO ESSA ducti LY IN LABO as th STUS HRIS T, th e IM DI. R e da ls f KEF S, M , H DET ucts DY, ces We a N CA A o-pro ONT HE C as th T ON UGU SLY E such OME erpie rod WAR F VER , th LATIN riller OVIE ny o the tion. ent p FICTIO LA C lc LUCIA OF T g A A, C ast - ULOU mast G NO tic th such stimo V M HAN FE O tiona ION, AND CA, of Fic l curr prisin p nd of risma ION DRAM lassic ar te , T ucts TIC IDEST LI WIN of the ENC terna DE - ROC IGAT ALIA FILMS INCI, E ME fu ours , com ECUT prod LIE a gw cha ccess the c GRO TIL S W VEST for In USTR llers rama LLO s of h ITH - MA T AR DA V uchin AME , the PERS n Rome TURE ost su ITALY millio and , IN G W estse Y IS ESCIA IA, A nities ry d NTEN sand GLIO EC the to ELA FEA LARIT DO VRA EMES the b the m IN EALIN S DELL MAR ora ANG IN A O F CO R TV AGED NO, ORG OPU L TH temp From LS D PES O ALSO E FO ITS P PACK SOCIA IO N SERIA TY MAD F IC T pu Europe win ty notCredentials Gro lari tion g po in 17 only t en n m sio Fic e n i ai lev elf Fonia e nuove piat. 16 om rt te h 08 Ediz. e contr. pubb. 15 H te n r s en lia ou Direct marketing 14 Aree di Business Ita y Promotions 13 C- SE S O HT DE RIG VI on T E OF - M EN HO TOR rla pe ele- M Licensing E su IN TH IBU n an tion t 12 A IN ISTR ai i a ws RT nt tal ER D co of I anim ne to TE AD A ich ry ful ies, all nt EN A LE AS NT. wh isto ess tar re ere ts E IS TH TE s, h c n a iff M ve the suc ume es, d rma re DE BO ON hi HO c he fo a - Home entertainment RA G C rc ed and doc an t I T IN OF I a rk m s in re c du n- 11 RA ma on s, for ver , he RA RAT IER e cti ilm er co re . T pro i Y E L th ave V fi ic f l p It cultu ort ent and DA OP UPP of h T s a . p r TO R, S e hat jor clas atric gue nd sup iffe ws m to l- A ag t a e lo a d ie us TO D rit ns m as th ata ws edia the terv “c invo le AN he ssio rts, ell ble c ne in on es st i o w de tim ng ab tta ul hi es, is g a Musica & perf. arts va nsm s sp as t, es tiv ge Tra en m ric ni tia de 10 e c in of Th e tra plu es, nfor AI inm ny r en uen pa ini Tra ffer ds , a fo tiv ion mm d u he R erta to se q m co deo Ra le, i o ee n vis ogr a an t t n es s vi ng. yc al in en r o iliti ne an e d pr rts d of fe ib ce s m gi n c tion po n s ns oss e-s er ho cka tio o s. re fou rie tra s p -th ish ng a uc rom tion Ediz. e prod. musicali be tego for rou hind bl i r p od p sa pu ean d/o pr the ni 09 ca dy ume be . th m an the es ga re a n th es wi s, s f fi or so wi atur rk ject tent s o atis ate al ns fe wo pro con ase lly s priv tio pth lso ” d ph fu nd de e a hing mise the hat a Banca imm. e news W blis to all t lic us ce ub pu g c dle ervi d p 08 vin n ha ey s an s to -k nie rn tu mpa co Rai Trade 06 10) Communication
  54. 54. 11) Training/Coaching Training for all the areas mentioned before Social Media Marketing Communication Direct Marketing