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Seattle trip

  1. 1. Our Trip to Seattle David and Mindi
  2. 2. Outside Our Cottage We found our retreat for a week on Eyal, our landlord and neighbor for the week, owned our cottage. Eyal, his wife, and two kids are from Israel and they often use this as a mother-in-law suite.
  3. 3. Inside Our Cottage Upstairs you’ll find a master-suite with full size bathroom and a second bedroom in the loft as you come up the stairs. Downstairs is a kitchen, a washroom, and a living room with an Apple TV. We enjoyed having all the comforts of home for 1/2 the price of a hotel.
  4. 4. Our Car Dave was so excited that he found an amazing deal on a luxury car. He couldn’t wait to drive a (for a week anyways) Cadillac! One problem... Instead of a Cadillac we got “or similar” luxury vehicle model. A Chrysler 300 with cup holders that kept your drink hot or cold and push to start ignition.
  5. 5. The Space Needle Built in 1962 as the centerpiece of the Seattle World’s Fair Attracted 2.3 million visitors during the World’s Fair with 20,000 people riding the elevators per day It is 605 feet high Can withstand winds up to 200mph and earthquakes up to 9.1 magnitude
  6. 6. Chihuly Garden & Glass Opened in 2012, it resides on 1.5 acres in the Seattle Center It is a permanent showcase of Dale Chihuly’s artwork Dale Chihuly was born in 1941 in Tacoma, Washington His work is included in more than 200 museum collections worldwide Some of his work can be seen at the Bellagio or the Desert Botanical Garden
  7. 7. Chihuly Garden & Glass
  8. 8. Chihuly Garden & Glass
  9. 9. Local 360 Ryan took us out to dinner at a “Farm to Table” restaurant where all the food was grown within a 360 mile radius of Seattle The food was delicious but Mindi couldn’t keep her eyes off of the glass water bottle
  10. 10. Breakfast at Alissa’s For Breakfast Hash-Brown Bacon Casserole Muffins Cinnamon Rolls Sausage Fruit Orange Juice We enjoyed hanging out with The Smith’s, The Holden’s and The Terry’s.
  11. 11. Tacoma Glass Museum Mindi’s obsession with Glass Blowing continues... It started with the Chihuly Exhibit in Seattle and now it has made it’s way to Tacoma. She’s a little disappointed that it wasn’t her blowing the glass... But she bought a new Christmas ornament there!
  12. 12. Tacoma Glass Museum
  13. 13. Tacoma Glass Museum
  14. 14. LeMay - America’s Car Museum Harold LeMay owned a successful refuse company in Tacoma He amassed the world’s largest private collection with over 3,500 vehicles After his death the city of Tacoma donated land to the LeMay family to build a museum to house some of his collection 4 stories tall 165,000 square feet 350 vehicles from Harold’s collection The LeMay Family Collection is located in Marymount and contains the rest of his collection, giving tours 6 days a week
  15. 15. LeMay - America’s Car Museum
  16. 16. LeMay - America’s Car Museum
  17. 17. LeMay - America’s Car Museum
  18. 18. Canadian Thanksgiving 3 Statesmen & 3 Canucks Columbus Day or rather Canadian Thanksgiving. Celebrating “The Harvest” bottom left corner: “Summer Savory” to me it looked like brownies. Aren’t We Lucky!
  19. 19. Top Pot National Doughnut Day came late for us. Better late then never! Pumpkin old fashion was a favorite! Can’t forget the Bavarian Cream and Apple Fritter though (not pictured)...YUM!
  20. 20. Pike Place Market
  21. 21. Pumpkin Patch
  22. 22. Good Night Seattle! We Love You! -Frasier Crane