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Norm of reciprocity in criminal minds
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Norm of reciprocity in criminal minds


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Norm of Reciprocity in Criminal Minds "Extreme Aggressor“ Season 1, Episode 1
  • 2. Psychology Basis •The norm of reciprocity is the expectation that if I do you a favor, you owe me one in return •I scratch your Back you owe me I do you a Favor You feel pressure to reciprocate favor You owe me (I have leverage)
  • 3. Media Criminal Minds •FBI behavioral analysis unit •Tasked with profiling and analyzing serial killers •Think like them in order to catch them
  • 4. Key players • Jason Gideon • Aaron Hotchner • Ella Greenaway The Team • Derek Morgan • Dr Spencer Reid • Jennifer Jareau
  • 5. • Richard Slessman – Orphaned at young age – Lives with Grandmother – Master mind behind killings • Timothy Vogel – Corrections officer – Dominant personality with inferiority complex The Killers Key Players
  • 6. What Happened • The team was sent to investigate a string of girls that were kidnapped and murdered • Through the investigation they caught Richard who they thought was the killer • Richard turned out to be a small guy with a submissive personality who had previously done time in prison • Because Richard did not fit their profile the team realized that they had two killers on their hands
  • 7. Connection • The team began looking into Richard’s past to find someone who would have protected him therefore leaving Richard in their debt • The search brought the team to the prison were Richard was incarcerated • While at the prison several clues led the team to believe that one of the guards (Timothy) was the person who had protected Richard while he was incarcerated • After Richard was released Timothy used his leverage to manipulate Richard into helping torture and kill the women and to take the blame after he was caught • Resulting in an example of reciprocity where Richard felt obligated to return the favor of Timothy’s protection
  • 8. Connection/Validity While establishing a profile of the second killer, Jason Gideon (below) says to the rest of the team “He’s like a school yard bully picking a good underling, he’ll be protective of Richard, he’ll make him feel like he owes him”.
  • 9. “You know how a car sales man gets us to buy a car? They call it reciprocity, they drop the price and it feels like the have done us a favor, we feel obligated, there is a sudden pressure too reciprocate this one little favor… Vogel did you a favor, he protected you in prison and now you feel like you owe him, and you need to protect him” Said by Aaron Hotchner (below) as he is interrogating Richard. Connection/Validity
  • 10. References • (to reference names) • (to reference names) • (used to paraphrase definition of Norm of reciprocity) • Watched the show on DVD season 1 Episode 1 • Google Images search “Criminal minds” and Criminal Minds Extreme Aggressor” (for pictures)