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Published in: Education, Lifestyle, Technology

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  • 1. Cesar Millan National Geographic Channel’s The Dog Whisperer
  • 2. Cesar Millan
  • 3. Cesar Millan  Cesar Millan is a best selling author and the star of the National Graphic Channel’s the Dog Whisperer.  Cesar takes Conditioning and Learning a step further to include shaping the human’s behavior in order to shape the dog’s behavior.  This method is therapeutic for both dog and human.  Cesar Millan confronts and banishes breed Stereotyping and Prejudice through education and exposure.
  • 4. Behaviorism  “What we need to do is to start work upon psychology, making behavior, not consciousness, the objective point of our attack.” ~John Watson, generally considered the founder of behaviorism.  The primary goal of behaviorism is to identify the processes by which environmental stimuli cause a person’s behavioral responses. (p.95)  Extreme behaviorism is the belief that psychology should only focus on observable and measurable behaviors. (p.11)
  • 5. Behaviorism and animals  Behaviorism is great for studying the animal kingdom since animals don’t use human language.  Watson compared the mind to a Black Box. We know what goes into the mind (environmental stimuli) and we know what comes out (behavior), but we cannot know what is going on inside. (especially if they can’t tell us!)  Behaviorism has given humans the methods and opportunity to more clearly understand animals.  Behavioral Psychology is used in Behavior Modification for training and conditioning dogs.
  • 6. Classical Conditioning Operant Conditioning Shampoo and Conditioning  Classical Conditioning: Pavlov did it with dogs, bells, food and drool. I can do it with my cats and an electric can opener. In a sense, Cesar does it with what he calls, calm assertive energy and what our textbook calls emotional responses.  Operant Conditioning: Thorndike did it with cats and puzzle boxes. Skinner took it further with rats and gradually shaping their behavior. Cesar does it by instantly reinforcing the dog’s desired natural state and extinguishing unwanted behaviors.  Shampoo and Conditioning: Yes, you read that right! Conditioning your dog to love bath time is easy with consistently scratching and reinforcing him every time he stands still. He’ll love it in no time!
  • 7. “I rehabilitate dogs; I train people” ~Cesar Millan  Cesar uses both Classical and Operant Conditioning with the dog’s owners since they are the main part of the dog’s environment, hence they as the stimulus must be positive in order for rehabilitation and learning for the dog can occur. The same reason the nanny on the “Super Nanny” television show must change the parents behavior before she can change the child’s. Often, just changing the environment, positively and instantly, changes our behavior.
  • 8. Breedist=Racist  Some human minds have not evolved to a level of obviousness that one should not judge a book by its cover.  Animals on the other hand, read us like a book and know the cover is just a cover up.  Through educating people through his books, television, lectures and training, Cesar has consistently and positively impacted the stereo types and prejudices of the Pit Bull breed.
  • 9. Therapy  Equine and Canine therapy is very effective for people.  Animals will mirror our emotions, anxieties and fears.  The equine herd or dog pack help the person identify these emotions through their behavior.  Cesar teaches people that dogs want strong leaders and the dog teaches the owner how to be one.