Invention 2 Venture: Pat Mcnamara


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Pat has lots of experience in consumer and hi-tech marketing. He's worked in industry segments driven by "fast growth, fierce competition, and innovation." One of his key strengths lies in bridging the "understanding gap" in complex technology. He has launched over 100 products on behalf of 30 companies, while serving as a VP of marketing and advertising agency VP. Pat was a co-founder of a startup that raised $8MM during the dot com era.

Pat's consulting practice focuses on helping companies get the results they want by telling their stories more effectively. Pat describes his workshops as "provocative" - especially for engineering and technical folks. He holds a bachelors degree in psychology from Loyola University/Chicago.

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Invention 2 Venture: Pat Mcnamara

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Investor Audiences Slides That Work How To Pitch
  3. 3. Audiences Ask 3 Questions
  4. 4. Who is this guy? What does he do? Why should I care?
  5. 5. Who Is This Guy? Pat McNamara What Does He Do? Get Funded Faster. Why Should You Care? Promise: One Idea – Change The World
  6. 6. This Guy Can’t Keep A Job
  7. 7. Results
  8. 8. What Do Lousy Pitches Cost? 600 pitches Death Zone 30 due diligence 8 term sheets 2 funded
  9. 9. Overheard at Angels lunch “….based on what I just saw - I wouldn’t give that guy a dime.” “If he can’t pitch his own idea he sure can’t run a company!!”
  10. 10. What Investors Want - Entrepreneurs Passion Vision Experience Practicality Know-How Coachability Commitment Adaptability Persistence
  11. 11. Likeability Trust
  12. 12. Was The Last Election About Issues?
  13. 13. Non-Rational Decision Making Decisions –based on deeply-held beliefs/values. Knowledge doesn’t matter much. If facts mattered no one would drive drunk, eat junk food, smoke or drop out of school.
  14. 14. Culture Trumps Strategy
  15. 15. STORY
  16. 16. STATE
  17. 17. Al Gore, Loser - 2000 Vague Goal No Passion Body Language – Smirking Misread Audience Untruthful – fuzzy math SNL ridicule
  18. 18. Al Gore – 2007 Nobel Prize, Academy Award - Using PPT Became A Storyteller Got Attention Provoked Desire - Better Future Inspiring Idea Stepped into Leadership Posture
  19. 19. The Truth About Audiences Consumers Emotional Dumb Greedy Lazy Scare Easily
  20. 20. People Don’t Want Drill Bits, They Want Holes
  21. 21. Is an Investor pitch speed dating?
  22. 22. Emotional – Investors Bet On People They Like 100 100 100 students students students 30:00 3:00 :30 Video Video Video Question: Is the guy in the video a good teacher?
  23. 23. Emotions Are The Fast Lane To The Brain
  24. 24. Emotional – Start With The Experience Demo Early
  25. 25. Dumb – Tell Them What To Think
  26. 26. Care About Money, Not How It Works They Don’t Care About Your Product, They Care About Your Customers
  27. 27. Everything Changes When You Have Paying Customers
  28. 28. Lazy – You Have To Do The Work
  29. 29. Lazy – You Have To Do The Work
  30. 30. Lazy – Bill Gates Making You Do The Work
  31. 31. Lazy – Audiences Love Steve Jobs
  32. 32. Scare Easy - Don’t Heighten Their Fears
  33. 33. Scare Easy - Don’t Parade Academic Plumage Thermoelectric “heat from smokestacks” Photovoltaic “energy from sunlight” Oscillations “vibrations from cars on the bridge”
  34. 34. …so when you add a slide – or add something to a slide ask, “…who am I doing this for?”
  35. 35. Pictures Beat Words
  36. 36. More than 4,000,000 children under 5 die in Saharan Africa every year. In Saharan Africa, child mortality rates are running at an rate of 172 deaths per 1000 babies born. Please donate to the Red Cross.
  37. 37. Please donate to the Red Cross.
  38. 38. Use Props – Get Engaged, Engage Them
  39. 39. On Every Slide You Need To Answer What does it say? What does it mean? Why should they care?
  40. 40. Why This Sucks – Let Me Count The Ways 1 2 3 4 5 6
  41. 41. When You Hear The Sound of Your Own Voice….. …..Be Looking At Someone
  42. 42. The Secret Know what your Audience wants. Know what you are talking about. Practice, Practice, Practice
  43. 43. Craziest Idea of The Day Big Business Plan - On Hold Go Straight To: PPT 12-14 slides, Q&A Pitch to anyone who’ll listen
  44. 44. Dive Into www. Garr Reynolds Heath Bros. Technology, Entertainment, Design
  45. 45. Questions for me?
  46. 46. Thank You! Pat McNamara