Great Steps To Take Your Online Marketing On Next Level By EBriks Infotech


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EBriks Infotech Is a Leading Brand SEO Company That Come In Top Three SEO Company India Which Share A Important Information About Great Steps To Take Your Online Marketing On Next Level. We Provides All Time Correct And Unique Ideas About SEo Marketing, Digital Marketing,Google Update And Also PPC Services Share With Us Friend. If Wants Some More Information About This So Visit Our Sites

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Great Steps To Take Your Online Marketing On Next Level By EBriks Infotech

  1. 1. 1to Take Your OnlineMarketing to theNEXT LEVEL#7StepsToSuccess7STEPS
  2. 2. 2KAREN RUBINMarketing Product ManagerHubSpotLAUREN VACCARELLOSr. Director, Online Marketingsalesforce.comYour Presenters:
  3. 3. 3Use Content to MeetCustomer NeedsLanding Page AlignmentAmplify Your Reachwith SocialConnect with CRMScore Your LeadsAnalyze Channels& Assets1234567Agenda:User Retargeting
  4. 4. THE SOCIALPROFILE•2Use Contentto MeetCustomerNeeds1
  5. 5. SEM vs. SEOWhat’s the difference?.
  6. 6. SEM vs. SEO – What’s the Difference?SEOSearch EngineOptimization(Organic Search)SEMSearch EngineMarketing(Paid Search/PPC)
  7. 7. 90% of all clicks happen on the 1stpage of Google results.If a user doesn’t find what theyare looking, they try again with adifferent keyword.
  8. 8. What’s so great about ranking #1?Position Avg. CTR *#1 36.4%#2 12.5%#3 9.5%#4 7.9%#5 6.1%#6 4.1%#7 3.8%#8 3.5%#9 3.0%#10 2.2%x4* Source:
  9. 9. Meet CustomerNeeds with theRIGHT CONTENT
  10. 10. How do I knowwhat mycustomers need?
  11. 11. Source Content Ideas from your Search Box•Top 5Keywords:•Pricing = 220,Price = 149,iPad = 135,CRM = 126,Careers = 124“Use Internal Search data to identify Content gaps. Make sure you have content tomeet customers needs.”
  12. 12. Optimize metaTAGS
  13. 13. The Anatomy of a Search Result “Snippet”TITLE TAG68 charactersHTML:<title> ... </title>DESCRIPTION TAGFirst 160 charactersHTML:<metaname=“description”content=“…” />
  14. 14. Ask Questions
  15. 15. Create Content Based on Discussions15Use FAQs, LinkedIn discussions and blog comments
  16. 16. THE SOCIALPROFILE•2Landing PageAlignment2
  17. 17. PromisesMake sure your page title and copymatch why/how your visitor arrivedMake information simple to accessIf coming through paid search or displayads, make sure content look and feel match123
  18. 18. Image credit: taraleIMAGINEyou are the searcher
  19. 19. Imagine You Are the SearcherWhat are your intentions?Why are you clicking on a paid search adinstead of organic?What do the ads say?123
  20. 20. Free shippingmessage is carriedto the landingpageNothing aboutpersonalizedornaments
  21. 21. Speaks aboutpersonalization!Large variety ofpersonalizedORNAMENTS
  22. 22. THE SOCIALPROFILE•2Amplify YourReach withSocial3
  23. 23. Use socialreach tocompetein search.
  24. 24. Google+ Info in Search Results
  25. 25. Social Adds Utility and Relevance
  26. 26. Google+ Blog Author Profiles
  27. 27. Track Individuals’ Contributions
  28. 28. SOCIAL ADVERTISINGthe first form of advertising that can leverage the traditionally “offline”tactic of social influence (peer recommendations).It also allows marketers to strategically amplify their brand messages byenabling them to reach the right people with the right messages in variousstages in the customer lifecycle.
  29. 29. Benefits of Social AdvertisingReach the right people with self-identifieddemographic & psychographic data1
  30. 30. Benefits of Social AdvertisingReach the right people with self-identifieddemographic & psychographic dataAmplify your message through mouth at scale12
  31. 31. Benefits of Social AdvertisingReach the right people with self-identifieddemographic & psychographic dataAmplify your message through mouth at scaleUnlock the opportunity: drivereach via Friends of Fans123
  32. 32. THE SOCIALPROFILE•2Connect withCRM4
  33. 33. People fill out your lead capture forms
  34. 34. And you gather information about them
  35. 35. Put that information into yourCRM system to create asales & marketing alignment.
  36. 36. Closed Loop CRM Integration
  37. 37. Understand when prospects become customers
  38. 38. THE SOCIALPROFILE•2Score YourLeads5
  39. 39. Three Key CharacteristicsSome of the most critical distinctions you need to make in your marketing database.46People who convert onyour landing pages.The # of leads/contacts youqualify for sales follow-up.SalesMarketingQualifiedLeadsLeads/ContactsThe # of customers emergingfrom the top of the funnel.
  40. 40. Grade Your Leads
  41. 41. Different Point Value to Different StagesAssign a grade based on the demographics and behavior of your prospects.48Grade/Point Value: 30Grade/Point Value: 60SalesMarketingQualifiedLeadsLeads/Contacts
  42. 42. THE SOCIALPROFILE•2UseRetargeting6
  43. 43. Am IBeingFollowed?
  44. 44. RETARGETINGRetargeting shows ads on third party websites to people whohave displayed some interest in your brand.
  45. 45. Retargeting in Action
  46. 46. Retargeting in Action
  47. 47. Retargeting Results*
  48. 48. What is Site Retargeting?Gets cookiedA user connects with your brandLands on a page designedjust for them.Surfs the webSees your ads
  49. 49. Email Retargeting
  50. 50. Video Retargeting
  51. 51. Richmedia Retargeting
  52. 52. FeaturesBenefitsSocial
  53. 53. How To UseRetargetingImage c/o
  54. 54. Prospect Finds Your Website
  55. 55. They Don’t Fill Out a Form! (the nerve of them)
  56. 56. Retarget Form Abandoners & Bring Them Back
  57. 57. After You Get Their Contact Information
  58. 58. THE SOCIALPROFILE•2AnalyzeChannels &Assets7
  59. 59. Track Leads Across Different Sources66Measure traffic and leads that your marketing channels are driving
  60. 60. Track Leads by CampaignMeasure how many leads your campaigns are driving by channel
  61. 61. Monitor Landing Page AnalyticsFind out if your marketing offers are successful at converting visitors into leads.
  62. 62. Search EngineOptimizationBlogging &Social MediaLead GenerationEmail &AutomationMarketingAnalyticsLeadManagement
  63. 63. Find out howHubSpot can helpyou take yourinbound marketingto the next level.WWW.HUBSPOT.COM/DEMOGet yourcustomdemotoday.
  64. 64. 71THANKYOU.