Consciousness and Sustainability


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Vicki Alexander Herriott, J.D., LL.M.
Associate Professor of Law and Government
Co-chair of the Department

B.A., Wellesley College
J.D., Boston University of Law
LL.M., New York University School of Law

Vicki retired from the full-time practice of law in 1983 to co-found the Institute for Research on Consciousness and Human Development with her late husband, Charles (Skip) Alexander. Under the auspices of the Institute they studied the effects of the practice of TM on a variety of populations including a project with institutionalized elderly and groundbreaking research in Israel on the effects of the collective practice of the advanced TM and TM Sidhi program on society as a whole. Vicki teaches Business Law, Taxation, Human Resource Management, Mediation and Negotiation, and Environmental Law. She is currently studying the natural laws relating to management and decision-making.

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  • This is a pretty strong statement, and perhaps hard to believe, but research has shown that as we meditate and our brain becomes more coherent, our body functions more efficiently and we perform better in activity. We make fewer mistakes. Let’s look at some of that research.
  • Randomly assigned to groups
  • Study on Ego Development which generally doesn’t change after the onset of adulthood. This was a 10 year longitudinal study that found that young adults who practice TM and the TM-Sidhi program reach higher levels of cognitive development than had ever been reported. At pretest 9% of the subjects from MIU scored in the highest “autonomous” and “integrated” stage as defined by Loevinger, the developer of the measure. At post test 38% scored at these levels.Control groups showed little change which was the result found in earlier studies.The study also found that TM group increased significantly in moral reasoning compared to controls. Principled moral reasoning has also been found to be correlated with EEG coherence.A subsequent study on advanced practitioners found that 87% were at that highest level.
  • Compared 42 independent outcomes on the effects of various meditation and relaxation techniques on measures of self-actualization.Found that over an average 3 month intervention time they gained a more positive view of self and humanity, were better able to integrate dichotomies and increasingly embraced higher values such as nurturance of the good in oneself and others . The responded more adaptively to the both internal and external challenges.
  • Ability to evaluate parts in the context of wholeness. Don’t get lost in the parts. See the big picture and solve the problem.
  • U.S. quality of life, as measured by an index of 12 variables, was declining throughout the 1960’s and early 1970’s as indicated by the blue tint. The Maharishi Effect (the green tint) reflects the percentage of U.S. participants in Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation program, and the group practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi program at Maharishi International University. The declining trend began to reverse in 1975 after a large increase in the number of TM practitioners in the U.S. After the TM-Sidhi group at MIU reached the square root of one percent of the U.S. population (1982-1983), the improvement markedly accelerated.Reference: Orme-Johnson, D.w., Gelderloos, P., & Dillbeck, M. (1988)
  • Consciousness and Sustainability

    1. 1. Consciousness, Sustainability and Natural Law The Development of Deep Green Business through Expanded Awareness
    2. 2. • When Transcendental Meditation is practiced by the people, national consciousness, collective consciousness, becomes aligned with Natural Law – the Constitution of the Universe – and all aspects of society become evolutionary, progressive, and harmonious.
    3. 3. What is sustainability? • Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations. (EPA Website)
    4. 4. The Golden Rule • Robert Gillman, editor of the In Context magazine, makes it easy to understand "sustainability refers to a very old and simple concept unto future generations as you would have them do unto you."
    5. 5. What is the basis of sustainability? • Sustainability is based on a simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. • What happens if we forget this simple fact? • We lose the wholeness as we scramble after the parts.
    6. 6. Sustainability and Natural Law “Natural Law is that irresistible, infinite power of life that makes everything always evolutionary.” Maharishi • Natural Law is that which makes everything sustainable.
    7. 7. Organizing power of Natural Law • “The organizing power of Natural Law is that infinite organizing power which sustains existence and promotes the evolution of everything in the universe, automatically maintaining the well co-ordinated relationship of everything with everything else.” Maharishi
    8. 8. Natural Law guides life in an evolutionary direction • Nature left to its own devices is “sustainable”. • The Industrial Revolution and the rapid pace of technological development has led to our present unsustainable way of life. • Our growth has not been balanced and in accord with all the laws of nature.
    9. 9. Why do we violate Natural Law? • Humans, along with all other creatures, have an innate sense of self-preservation. We don’t put ourselves in harm’s way or hurt ourselves intentionally. • So why do we behave, individually, and as a society, in a way that is self-destructive? • Why do we violate Natural Law?
    10. 10. Violation of Natural Law is due to stress and weakness • When we are tired or ill our thoughts are not clear and we make mistakes. • Maharishi’s Technologies of Consciousness, The TM and TM Sidhi programs offer a way to strengthen the mind and body and eventually live a life free from mistakes. • More than 600 studies at 250 research institutions in 33 countries.
    11. 11. Where does consciousness fit in? • Maharishi defines consciousness in its pure most settled state as the source and foundation of the universe. • Physicists have described this source of creation as the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature. • If we could contact that source, we could have access to the unlimited power of Natural law.
    12. 12. Individual consciousness expands to universal consciousness • Consciousness or awareness of the individual can be limited or narrow, but it can also expand to include the universe. It can swing from point to infinity. • As our consciousness expands, our awareness and sense of Self expands to include those around us and our environment.
    13. 13. The root of biomimicry • Spontaneously the conscious mind identifies itself with the self-referral unified field, the fountainhead of all the streams of activity in nature. As we gain more and more familiarity with that self-referral performance, our thoughts and actions spontaneously begin to be as orderly and evolutionary as all the activity of nature. (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1986: 97)
    14. 14. Eyes-closed vs. TM Practice Raw EEG Data
    15. 15. Brain Coherence
    16. 16. Brain Integration of American University Students after 3 months of TM p < .001 B B 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 Pretest Post Test BrainIntegration Brain Integration Scale (3 months TM) TM Delayed Start p < .001
    17. 17. Creativity
    18. 18. Self-Development
    19. 19. Meta-analysis of Self Actualization
    20. 20. Field Independence
    21. 21. Natural Law is the basis of our inner and outer environment • “The universe is governed by Natural Law – the eternal, self-generated, self-perpetuated Cosmic Intelligence, omnipresent intelligence, fully awake intelligence at the transcendental basis of every grain of creation – the Cosmic Constitution, the Constitution of the Universe.
    22. 22. Enlivening Natural Law • When Transcendental Meditation is practiced by the people, national consciousness, collective consciousness, becomes aligned with Natural Law – the Constitution of the Universe – and all aspects of society become evolutionary, progressive, and harmonious.
    23. 23. Improved Quality of Life
    24. 24. Quality of Life and Conflict Resolution
    25. 25. Principles of Natural Law that guide sustainability • Nature takes the path of least action • Do Less and Accomplish More • Established in Being, Perform Action – In CC we spontaneously perform right action • Nature knows best how to organize - bio-mimicry • Giving is the Basis of Receiving – principle of reciprocity
    26. 26. Growth of Individual and Collective Consciousness • The shift to sustainability has to take place on both the individual and collective level. • The “tipping point” will come, and we will have total acceptance of a new age of sustainability an economy of love, the Solar Age where progress is measured by Gross National Happiness. • Dependence on fossil fuels and GDP that antiquated understanding of success will be seen as ignorant as the belief that the world is flat.
    27. 27. • When Transcendental Meditation is practiced by the people, national consciousness, collective consciousness, becomes aligned with Natural Law – the Constitution of the Universe – and all aspects of society become evolutionary, progressive , and harmonious.
    28. 28. Technique to expand awareness • The technique that we use to enliven thiscosmicpotential of human consciousness is the knowledge of thetotal value of natural law . • Through the practice of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field we open our awareness to the • total potential of natural law, which transcends boundaries and • transcends isolated values of the laws of nature.
    29. 29. To live life in accord with Natural Law • In this way, • enlivening the full potential of natural law in our consciousness, • we spontaneously live according to natural law, according to the • evolutionary program of nature.
    30. 30. Laws of Nature governing the galaxies govern the human brain • Different levels of creation are governed by different laws of • nature. Human life as a whole has the total potential of natural • law to guide it. All the laws of nature, which can be seen governing • the multitude of galaxies in the universe govern the billions of • neurons in the human brain, and give man the ability to be a whole • universe in himself. • Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
    31. 31. Goal of Scientific Progress • “The fulfillment of science and of man lies in the expansion of consciousness not merely to the stars but beyond – to the direct experience of that infinite, unbounded, eternal reality which alone can fulfill the natural direction of man’s growth and which is the ultimate aim and goal of scientific progress.”