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Why VoIP is better. Save $1,000's over traditional phone services.
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Why VoIP is better. Save $1,000's over traditional phone services.


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Why VoIP is better. Save $1,000's over traditional phone services. …

Why VoIP is better. Save $1,000's over traditional phone services.
Increases your productivity
Cuts monthly telecom costs
Scales with your needs
Simple to control, configure, and customize
Allows you to focus on your business instead of your communications systems

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Voice Over IP A New Choice In Telecommunications Courtesy of iTel-ip – 1
  • 2. What You’re Saying About Phone Systems Features hidden and difficult to use No control over moves, adds, changes No support for remote workers Multiple locations costly and hard to manage Upgrades and expansions too costly and unpredictable Can’t justify retaining phone system expert on-staff Difficult maintaining communication between branch offices Difficult to manage multiple phone numbers and voicemails Too many messages all over the place — voice, cell phone, e-mail Multiple vendors make it difficult to manage invoicing How does your current system stack up against these challenges? Courtesy of iTel-ip – 2
  • 3. Now there’s a Better Way! Hosted Voice Over IP Service for Business Courtesy of iTel-ip – 3
  • 4. Why Hosted VoIP Service? No more headaches Inexpensive to implement Simple to control, configure, customize No more upgrades (i.e., protection from obsolescence) Unparalleled productivity gains Scale according to your needs Courtesy of iTel-ip – 4
  • 5. Why Hosted VoIP Service? PBX or Centrex replacement services voted Product of the Year 2003 by Internet Telephony Magazine Hosted IP voice service for local and long distance voice Individual handset phone number assignment and dial-tone Long list of Class 5 features Intra-enterprise private dial plan management Hosted IP voice services provide IP-enabled productivity tools for managing moves, adds, changes Web- and audio-based conferencing service One box for fax, voice, voicemail, and e-mail (unified messaging) Web-based portal for end-user management and personalization Courtesy of iTel-ip – 5
  • 6. How will VoIP make your life simpler? Courtesy of iTel-ip – 6
  • 7. VoIP Benefits Create “National” campus Allows the combination of multiple sites on one call plan Free your IT staff to maintain systems Save Operating and Capital expense dollars No new infrastructure Free “On-Net” calling Reduce support costs No large investment upfront Ability to easily manage moves, adds and changes Disaster Recovery Advanced feature set Courtesy of iTel-ip – 7
  • 8. Easy Login from Any Web Browser Courtesy of iTel-ip – 8
  • 9. Synchronize Communications  Phone syncs with browser   Mobile syncs with browser  Service dynamically synchronizes all communications between User Web Portal, Microsoft Outlook, your desktop phone, and IP-enabled wireless devices Courtesy of iTel-ip – 9
  • 10. Personalize Your Communications Manage all from your Web portal Available from any Web browser Easy access to company and personal directories Easy template to update Courtesy of iTel-ip – 10
  • 11. Company Directory Shared company directory Eliminate multiple directories Look up first, last, or partial name Available from any Web browser Easy to update Update once for everyone Click on any name to dial Courtesy of iTel-ip – 11
  • 12. Call Logs Easy to make and return calls Using any browser or phone, see who called Return calls with a click Look up previously dialed numbers Return missed calls directly from a call log Courtesy of iTel-ip – 12
  • 13. Call Priority Improves accessibility Treat callers selectively (to increase productivity) Prioritize how callers are handled Create special call groups (e.g., VIP versus Family) Certain callers can find you anywhere Only give out one phone number on business card Protect privacy – no longer give out your home phone number Courtesy of iTel-ip – 13
  • 14. Improve Productivity One click to call a favorite Locate favorite numbers in one place Speed dial key customers or vendors without a manual No special codes needed Add favorites with a click User never touches the phone Billing codes available Courtesy of iTel-ip – 14
  • 15. Work From Any Internet Connection Work from home Work from hotel Work from client’s office Work from anywhere! No special hardware or lines Courtesy of iTel-ip – 15
  • 16. Make It Easy For Your Teleworkers • Set up a remote office instantly • Only need an Internet connection and a directdial phone • Call from remote location but display your office name and number • No geographic limits • Protect privacy by sending calls with Caller ID • Eliminate multiple expense reports Courtesy of iTel-ip – 16
  • 17. Make and Take Calls From Any Number Forward calls to any number Mobile phone Home phone Remote office Another extension Forward calls to voicemail easily No feature codes to access or program Courtesy of iTel-ip – 17
  • 18. Stop Unwanted Callers Send unwanted callers directly to voicemail (or broadcast a busy signal) Courtesy of iTel-ip – 18
  • 19. Outlook Integration Find Me/Follow Me Call Logs Missed Incoming Outgoing Directory Access Fully synchronized with Outlook Contact Directory is always up-to-date Sync up multiple contact directories Courtesy of iTel-ip – 19
  • 20. Unified Messaging • • • • • • Courtesy of iTel-ip – Manage all inbound messages quickly Prioritize your responses to callers One location to manage all your messages Listen to voicemail as you read e-mail View and print faxes, or fax from an e-mail IMAP and POP3-compliant 20
  • 21. Conferencing • • Delivers a single-source, easy-to-use audio and Web conferencing solution for users No special hardware or vendors • Available from any Internet browser • Support multiple user types – Scheduled and On Demand Courtesy of iTel-ip – 21
  • 22. Office Administrator Portal Say goodbye to multiple vendors, long waits, and high costs Control moves, adds, and changes from any location View and print service records anytime Manage remote offices from main office Free up your IT staff Courtesy of iTel-ip – 22
  • 23. Instant Moves, Adds and Changes Change employee info in a few clicks Respond to business needs instantly Expand and downsize to accommodate needs without vendors, hardware, and new trunks Change hunt groups without calling vendors Instantly change employee access to features and restrictions Make changes in a few clicks Follow easy-to-use prompts Courtesy of iTel-ip – 23
  • 24. And More… Class 5 features you’re used to: Call Forward Call Pick up Call Waiting Call Hold Call Conference Call Transfer Do Not Disturb Call Park Caller ID Redial Speed Dial Executive Call Handling Group Line Sharing Courtesy of iTel-ip – 24
  • 25. How is This Different from a PBX or Centrex-based system? Hosted Service Centrex PBX-based   de s or Upgra tures ea New F   e U ser Remot es Featur  e ties/R Facili   ry ecove ster R Disa /SLA  h Telep  Opex No system purchase IP phones  Purchase system 25-100K average  No system to purchase   No new capital investment Browser-based   New investment New Installment   No new features Order from local Tel Co.  Work from any Internet connection No special equipment   Special design Special equipment  Not an integrated solution  U.S. (and EU 2Q04) is on-net  Customer premise mgmt  Local telephone company  Level 3 reliable network and redundancy   Loss of service outage Purchase extra equipment for redundancy  Local telephone company  IP, analog, digital  Proprietary  Proprietary and analog  pense i ta l E x Cap   Browser based MACs from any Internet connection   No new capital investment Browser based   No new capital investment Browser-based  ach ones Courtesy of iTel-ip – 25
  • 26. How is your Hosted VoIP system deployed? Courtesy of iTel-ip – 26
  • 27. Traditional Deployment Standard PBX and IP PBX functionality Separate providers for voice, data, and video services Courtesy of iTel-ip – Separate providers for voice, data, and video services Unique proprietary systems and support 27
  • 28. Your Hosted VoIP Deployment Hosted Services Hosted Voice, Conferencing, and Unified Connection all in one Integrated Web portal with Outlook integration Courtesy of iTel-ip – Single provider for all converged services Standards-based solutions 28
  • 29. Network Topology Your Hosted VOIP System converges all services and features on a nationwide backbone and delivers interconnection to PSTN solutions. Courtesy of iTel-ip – 29
  • 30. Packages Business Phone Plan Business Plus Plan  Hosted PBX Same features as Business Plan plus:  Local calling  Remote Calling  Local Toll calling  Unified Communications  Unlimited On-net calling  Off-net Long Distance (additional per-minute fee)  Web and Audio Conferencing  Personal Communications Manager (PCM) Courtesy of iTel-ip – 30
  • 31. A La Carte User Web Portal integration with Microsoft Outlook On-Demand Conferencing Call Center Unified Messaging These options require minimum of Business Plan Courtesy of iTel-ip – 31
  • 32. Access Options T-1 NxT1 DS3 DSL Any existing Broadband Connection* Courtesy of iTel-ip – 32
  • 33. Equipment Options Cisco 7960 Polycom IP 501 Six Lines Full duplex speaker Three lines Full duplex speaker Additional CPE Options Cisco 7940 — 2 Lines with full duplex speaker Cisco ATA186 — 2-port analog adapter Polycom IP 600 – Six Lines with full duplex Speaker Polycom IP Conference Room Phone Courtesy of iTel-ip – 33
  • 34. Sample End-User Applications • Connect to same phone system as HQ • Enjoy all the benefits of the “office” in all remote offices • Forward voicemails back to corporate • Add, move, or change voice lines in minutes instead of the traditional days or months • End users determine how and when to be contacted, freeing up the admin time Administrative Telecommuter and SOHO • Provide customers one number to reach you anywhere • Assign VIP treatment for hot prospects so calls aren’t missed • Track calling activity with one click Sales Mobile Employees • Click-to-call from anywhere on Internet-enabled cell phone • Operate in the field like you’re in the office • Notification of voicemail messages saves you time and expense IT • Implement efficient communications system with minimal time, effort, cost • More time to focus on systems and issues Courtesy of iTel-ip – 34
  • 35. Are You a Candidate for Hosted VoIP? Is the phone a critical part of your business? Is your business highly collaborative? Do you use conferencing today? Want to eliminate the costs and management associated with branch offices? Do you have a mobile sales force? Is your business focused on customer service? Do you anticipate rapid or uncertain growth? Are you planning an office move soon? Are you looking for increases in business productivity? Do you want control and management over moves, adds, and changes? Do you want to eliminate costly upgrades or expansion? Do you want immediate access to new features? Courtesy of iTel-ip – 35
  • 36. As We End Our Session • • • • • Increases your productivity Cuts monthly telecom costs Scales with your needs Simple to control, configure, and customize Allows you to focus on your business instead of your communications systems Courtesy of iTel-ip – 36