Psoriasis Treatment Diet Questions Answered


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Psoriasis Treatment Diet Questions Answered

  1. 1. Psoriasis Treatment Diet Questions AnsweredThe most widespread treatment for psoriasis is the application of topical ointments and lotionsthat can assist minimize the spread of the unpleasant scaly pores and skin patches associatedwith the disease. Topical lotions normally turn out to be efficient in the course of the first phasesof psoriasis. The epidermis growth normally reacts positively to ointments and creams and maydisappear right after some time.Susan asks…Is there any treatment available for Psoriasis?What diet should aperson having Psoriasis take?My mother has Psoriasis in hands,elbow and on sole of the feetadmin answers:Hello there. I suggest that your mother should look into natural remedies before subjectingherself to the steroidal and immunosuppressant drugs the official medicine today use fortreating psoriasis. The side effects are worse than the disease itself. For me personally thepsoriasis cream from works the best; and I spent many years looking forsomething that is safe, effective and fast-working. And: it comes with money back guarantee so 1/8
  2. 2. if it doesn’t work for your friend – it’s free. As for the diet: fish oil and Omega-3 supplementsare very beneficial for psoriasis.Best,BernadetteLizzie asks…what will be the best treatment for psoriasis?hi can anybody suggest bset treatment for psoriasis.what will be diet restrictions? is there anygood medicine in normal english medicine?admin answers:Http:// treatmentBath solutions and moisturizers, mineral oil, and petroleum jelly may help soothe affected skin 2/8
  3. 3. and reduce the dryness which accompanies the build-up of skin on psoriatic plaques. Medicatedcreams and ointments applied directly to psoriatic plaques can help reduce inflammation,remove built-up scale, reduce skin turn over, and clear affected skin of plaques. Ointment andcreams containing coal tar, dithranol (anthralin), corticosteroids like desoximetasone (Topicort),fluocinonide, vitamin D3 analogues (for example, calcipotriol), and retinoids are routinely used.Argan oil has also been used with some promising results.[32] The use of the Finger tip unitmay be helpful in guiding how much topical treatment to use.[33] The mechanism of action ofeach is probably different but they all help to normalise skin cell production and reduceinflammation. Activated vitamin D and its analogues are highly effective inhibitors of skin cellproliferation.The disadvantages of topical agents are variably that they can often irritate normal skin, can betime consuming and awkward to apply, cannot be used for long periods, can stain clothing orhave a strong odour. As a result, it is sometimes difficult for people to maintain the regularapplication of these medications. Abrupt withdrawal of some topical agents, particularlycorticosteroids, can cause an aggressive recurrence of the condition. This is known as arebound of the condition.Some topical agents are used in conjunction with other therapies, especially phototherapy.George asks…Is there any good treatment for this psoriasis?I have only just got this I was wondering if there any diets or treatments I can go on to help memake my psoriasis better then it is right now 3/8
  4. 4. admin answers:Hello there. I suggest that you should try anti-psoriasis cream and spray combo from It is herbal (steroid-free) and works better than anything else on mypsoriasis: I haven’t had a flare up in more than a year now after only 2 weeks of treatment. Tryit: it comes with money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose either.Best,BernadetteHelen asks…Treatment for psoriasis?im only 16 years old and i have had psoriasis all my life, i have hid most of it, and it hasn’taffected my social life much, but im the guy that wears full armed sleeves in the summer, and itsalways getting worse, the homeopathic treatment i take lost its effect, and has ridiculous dietrestriction, like no eating potatoes, chocolate, spicy food etc. I did this for 3 years and everyonce in a while i eat some fries or chocolate and my psoriasis gets worse. im sick and tired ofit, makes me feel sad that im the only person in the world so young and have to live with adisease like this. makes me really depressed at night when i tend of think of this, other kids myage are having fun while i have things like this. My question is, are there any treatments forpsoriasis, with not many harmful side effects, i have tried all the little kid external steroid 4/8
  5. 5. application etc.admin answers:I get upset at people who represent themselves as a homeopath (or practicing homeopathy)when I hear about stories like yours. Your solution yet resides in homeopathy – which I imagineyou initially, intelligently chose to avoid harmful side effects, and courageously, patiently,heroically!!! Stuck with (too long with the same practitioner, I regret).I’m going to do my best to regain your faith and explain how to choose a homeopath who canprovide you with the help you need. I want you to e-mail me if you are not experiencingsuccess. No major (or long-term) dietary restrictions, no hair testing, no muscle testing, noherbs (unless you see a ND), no radionics. Just a friendly, welcoming chat about yoursymptoms, you and your life, a homeopathic remedy, and healing.While stoic, I hear your sadness, especially in the quiet of the night. You are too young to haveexperienced this, and for so long. There are a few years left to have a different teen experience,bare your buff arms in summer! I’m sorry your investments of money, time and trust have notpaid off, especially after 3 years.Clearly, while you were receiving homeopathic remedies (maybe – see below), you were NOTbeing treated “homeopathically.” There’s a vast difference, and I’ll explain how to find a“homeopath” who knows the difference.First of all, homeopathy does not require dietary restrictions (or, very few, and for a short periodof time). So, I would hazard a guess that the practitioner with whom you consulted was not aProfessional Homeopath certified in classical homeopathy (“CCH” are the credentials thatwould follow his/her name), and/or they use other health care modalities and do not have a100% homeopathic practice – both critical, especially in treating skin conditions.In your favor – albeit, a small consolation at this moment – is that your psoriasis persists. Itindicates a strong vitality – necessary for cure – and also means that the homeopathic remediesused did not suppress. Again, homeopathic remedies are not synonymous with homeopathy.Homeopathy is not the homeopathic remedy, which can be incorrectly used like conventional 5/8
  6. 6. medicine. Homeopathy is the philosophy for understanding why and which remedy to give, aswell as provide ongoing case management. Then, it’s powerful.Second, it sounds like you were experiencing good results. The reason to see a homeopath,versus do self-help homeopathy (which is really effective for numerous problems, the “first-aidkit” equivalent to conventional medicine), is because the first remedy is easiest. It’s “casemanagement” that requires the skill, training, and experience of a homeopath certified throughthe Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC).Case management involves knowing when to redose, why to redose, whether to changepotency, what symptom shifts mean, how to assess the effects of a person’s life situation andstresses on healing, etc. It’s quite complicated and, while the principles upon whichhomeopathy is formed represent its science, case management forms the “art” of homeopathy.(CHC is the sole profession-wide certifying organization in N. America, Any homeopath you consider seeing who does not havethe “CCH” credentials should be asked why he or she did not take the test. CCH means“Certified in Classical Homeopathy” by CHC.)At the time your psoriasis first appeared, you developed a “susceptibility.” If conventionallysuccessful, steroids and topical creams “suppress” skin conditions, yet do not touch theenergetic imbalance that created them in the first place.It’s important to understand that symptoms are the body’s solution to a deeper problem, notthe problem itself. That’s why you still have psoriasis. While perhaps your mom’s best effortsat the time, your psoriasis can be likened to boiling water in a pot, and the steroids can belikened to placing a lid on the pot. Sometimes undoing that slows down healing, yet not for thelength of time you’ve been seeing your homeopath.Conversely, continuing with the metaphor, homeopathy turns down the heat, and the waterstops boiling.Under the care of a new homeopath, you might experience what’s called an “aggravation” inresponse to the recommended remedy. I’ll share my experience to weigh against yours, if youdo. On the occasion my clients have a homeopathic “aggravation” or healing crisis, it hashistorically been short-lived, a shadow of previous illness, less intense, bearable, and worth thetemporary discomfort in long-term healing effect.Avoid creams at all costs. As I said, that’s like putting a lid on a pot of boiling water. Skin is thesafest level for symptoms to occur, and suppressing skin symptoms redirects the underlyingenergy to more important organs.I believe your overdue solution to your sincere desire for healing resides in classicalhomeopathy. Just be sure to take the time to find a qualified homeopath who can offerprofessional, ongoing guidance, assessment, and support. Trust is important, so interview 2-3people and let your heart make the ultimate decision (v. Money, location, etc.). 6/8
  7. 7. Take care, and feel free to let me know how your healing progresses. (And, if you don’t mind,would you e-mail me and let me know what remedies you’ve received, and which was the oneto help? You might not have even received homeopathic remedies, as lots of people confusehomeopathy with herbs and the like.)Donna asks…Nursing safe treatments for psoriasis?I’m a nursing mama suffering from psoriasis. I’ve been suffering from it since about middleschool. I’ve tried a few treatments but would like to stay away from anything Big Pharma. Cananyone reccomend something different? Even a diet change?admin answers:Hi, you can try one of the natural treatments for psoriasis from the Internet – some of them doactually work. For my psor. I use herbal cream by Champori quite successfully. It takes just acouple of weeks to clear the spots and they stay clear for months on end.Try it: champori is available without prescription and comes with money back guarantee so if it 7/8
  8. 8. doesn’t work for you – it’s free. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Psoriasis is a little recognized problem that can greatly affect the lives of folks struggling from it. Even though considerably from becoming lifestyle threatening, psoriasis can have more of an impact on the quality of life of the particular person. Successful treatment relies upon on how influenced the person with psoriasis is. Organic Psoriasis therapies do exist, nevertheless. The greatest blog writers Love a Free SEOPressor equivalent. To {Find out|Read} {on|more}.. {Click here|Psoriasis Treatment|Scalp Psoriasis Treatment|natural psoriasis treatment|psoriasis treatment over the counter|treatment for psoriasi s|| iasis-treatment.html||http://psoriasistreat|} 8/8Powered by TCPDF (