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  • 1. WelcomeProsper High School Class of 2017! Incoming 9th Grade Students High School Graduation Requirements
  • 2. PHS Counselors• Mrs. Wiseman (A-E)• Mrs. Roach (F-L)• Ms. Moore (M-Sa)• Mrs. Sullivan (Sc-Z)• Coach Vinson – Testing Coordinator
  • 3. Graduation Programs• Recommended Graduation Program: 26 Credits• Distinguished Achievement Program: 26 Credits to include three years of the same world language and four advanced measures
  • 4. What is a credit?• When a student successfully completes a course with a grade of 70 or higher, he receives .5 credit for each semester• Many middle school students enter high school with credits from classes completed in 8th grade, including Algebra I, World Languages, Health, and/or Communication Applications• Credits are recorded on a transcript at the end of each semester
  • 5. Recommended Graduation Program 26 Credits• English – 4 credits• Math – 4 credits• Science – 4 credits• Social Studies – 4 credits• World Languages – 2 credits of the same language• Fine Arts – 1 credit• Physical Education – 1 credit• Communication Applications - .5 credit• Electives – 5.5 credits
  • 6. Distinguished Achievement Graduation Program-26 Credits• English – 4 credits• Math – 4 credits• Science – 4 credits• Social Studies – 4 credits• World Languages – 3 credits of the same language• Fine Arts – 1 credit• Physical Education – 1 credit• Communication Applications - .5 credit• Electives – 4.5 credits• Four Advanced Measures
  • 7. PreAP or Advanced PlacementWhat is the PreAP/AP program? Allows students to participate in college preparatory courses and possibly receive college credit while still in high schoolWho can enroll in a PreAP/AP course? Any student can automatically enroll if you have a 90 or above in an on- level prerequisite course or an 80 or above in a PreAP course. If you do not have these prerequisites, you may fill out an online waiver acknowledging expectations of the PreAP/AP course, and you will be enrolled in the course by your Counselor. Level changes will be allowed at the end of the third week of school and at the end of the first semester.
  • 8. Pre-AP and AP Courses• More complex and faster pace• Pre-AP courses prepare students for AP courses• AP courses may earn college credit with a score of 3 or higher on the AP exam at the of the year• Current 8th grade teachers may be good resources to help students determine if Pre-AP courses are appropriate for 9th grade• Level changes are only made at the end of the first three weeks and semester
  • 9. Is PreAP/AP right for me?• Higher level and more divergent thinking in coursework and assignments• More independent work outside of class• No late work accepted• Do I possess these qualities? *Enjoy the subject *Efficient note taker *Self-manager *Meet deadlines *Motivated *Work independently *Organized *Goes beyond teacher expectation *Like to read *Manage time well
  • 10. Course Catalog• Soon, you will be able to find the complete 2013-2014 Course Catalog on-line at www.prosper-isd.net• All course offerings are subject to change. Funding levels and student interest may affect whether or not a course is available.
  • 11. World Languages - 2 or 3 creditsWorld Languages Options:• Spanish• French
  • 12. Fine Arts – 1 creditFine Arts Options (1 credit each):• Band• Choir• Art• Theater• Technical Theater• Theater Production• Principles and Elements of Floral Design• Digital Art & Animation• Dance/Drill Team• Color Guard/Winter Guard
  • 13. Physical Education – 1 creditPhysical Education Options (.5 credit per semester):• Physical Education• Athletics• Marching Band (fall semester only)• Cheerleading (fall semester only)• Dance Team (fall semester only)
  • 14. Athletic Try-Outs• All students are free to sign up for any athletic class they wish, but they must make the team in order to stay in the class.• Cuts are typically made the first two weeks of school, for some sports. Others may be later in the year.• Those not making the team will be moved to PE or to an elective class that is STILL OPEN.
  • 15. Communication Applications .5 creditWays to get this credit:• Professional Communications course for one semester (.5)• CTE courses with Professional Communications credit embedded into the course. Examples: Principles of Agriculture, Principles of AV Tech, Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance
  • 16. Course Pathways to Career & Technical Education (CTE)•Information Technology•Ag Sciences (Horticulture and Landscape Design,Mechanics, Vet Tech)•Finance•Marketing•Business Management & Administration•Arts, AV Technology, & Communication•Education & Training
  • 17. GPA and Level 1, Level 2, & Level 3 Courses• Level 1 courses are grade-level classes worth a maximum of 4.0 grade points• Level 2 courses are Pre-AP/Honors courses worth a maximum of 4.5 grade points• Level 3 courses are Advanced Placement (AP)/Advanced Honors & Dual Credit (DC) courses worth a maximum of 5.0 grade points
  • 18. G.P.A. = Grade Point AverageThe following Chart will be used for the Class of2013 and beyond.
  • 19. How to Determine Credit and GPA Weighting for Each Course Selected.Match the levels on the course description and GPA Chart.
  • 20. What Counts Most in College Admissions?•Grades in challenging classes•SAT/ACT scores•GPA/Rank•Grades in all subjects
  • 21. Schedule Changes• No course selection changes will be made after the last school day of the 2012-2013 school year.• Please choose your classes carefully!
  • 22. STAAR TestingGraduation Requirements
  • 23. Standardized Assessment• 4 Core areas- 3 EOC exams per core – English I, II, III (writing exams, too) – Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II – Biology, Chemistry, Physics – W Geography, W History, US History
  • 24. Student Activities & Electives EXPO• Please make plans to attend this event on Wednesday, February 20 6:00-7:00 p.m. – Incoming 9th grade parent information meeting in the PHS auditorium 7:00-8:30 p.m.- EXPO in cafeteria Get information about courses, clubs & activities!
  • 25. Important Dates:• February 20 – PHS EXPO• March 8 – Course Selection due Online through Career Cruising• May 23 – 8th grade Fish Camp at PHS• May 31 – Last day to submit course selection changes