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Gillespie et al (cba 2013) june 2013 final
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Gillespie et al (cba 2013) june 2013 final


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Published in: Science, Technology

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  • Katannilik = place of waterfallsKuujuak River = Big River
  • From its first scientific exploration over80 years ago, the Soper River valley on southern Baffin Island has been known to host a diverse number of plant species. However, until recently this low arctic hotspot has seen surprisinglylittle floristic research. Soper discovered stands of large willow shrubs (11’-12’ high), and foundspecies more characteristic of low arctic tundra
  • 7 first records for the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Two findings also represent new families for the Arctic Islands.
  • Also first record for NunavutCalcareous in FNA, acidic rock hereVery scattered distribution across North America and Eurasia, mostly rocky outcrops in boreal forest, some low arctic sites
  • sterile triploid hybrid between C. lapponicum and C. pallasiiOriginally known only from Svalbard and Novaya Zemlya, High Arctic islands N of Norway and Russia More common on Svalbard than parents, often occurring in the absence of one or both parentSterile triploid hybrid, app spreading by stem/rhizome segments
  • Cody et al first described the species for Canada in 1988 from 4 localities in N QC and S NU.
  • Sterile plants
  • Andromeda & Salix fuscescens – 2nd record for the CAA (the 1st from Victoria Island).
  • only the 2nd collection for the Canadian Arctic ArchipelagoThe first we made on Victoria Island in 2008
  • New records for many low Arctic species rare in the Arctic Islands and known previously only one or a few sites on southern Baffin Island.Images – Viscaria & Carexarctogena
  • Corallorhizatrifida (Orchidaceae) was firstreported from the CAA in 1997 from a single station at Auyuittuq National Park. We collected it on VI in 2008 and 2010.
  • We also found two occurrences of Hordeumjubatum(Poaceae) in Kimmirut. This weed is a recent introduction from the south and is the only known introduced species in the region.
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Botanical exploration of the Soper River: plant discoveries in the Canadian Arctic Lynn J. Gillespie, Paul C. Sokoloff, Jeffery M. Saarela, Roger D. Bull
    • 2. Sokoloff Katannilik Territorial Park – centered on the Soper Heritage River
    • 3. VMC J. Dewey Soper – first botanical exploration of the river 40 collections by Soper (1931) 27 collections by Aiken (2002)
    • 4. Gillespie
    • 5. Gillespie
    • 6. Mount Joy 0KM Google Sokoloff Cabin 7 9KM Sokoloff Livingstone Falls 20KM Sokoloff Big Bend 35KM Sokoloff Soper Falls 49KM Sokoloff Kimmirut 60KM Sokoloff
    • 7. 898 collections – ca. 250 vascular plant species = one collection
    • 8. 36 vascular plant families 20% Cyperaceae 13% Poaceae 7% Salicaceae
    • 9. Gillespie Salix planifolia – tea-leaved willow
    • 10. Bull Salix planifolia – tea-leaved willow BullBull
    • 11. NEW DISCOVERIES 7 species new to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago • Cryptogramma stelleri (Pteridaceae) * • Carex brunnescens (Cyperaceae) • Triglochin palustris (Juncaginacaeae) * • Platanthera obtusata (Orchidaceae) • Primula egalikensis (Primulaceae) • Utricularia ochroleuca (Lentibulariaceae) • Coptidium spitsbergense (Ranunculaceae) * new families for the Arctic Islands
    • 12. Bull Triglochin palustris – marsh arrowgrass BullBull
    • 13. Primula egaliksensis – Greenland primrose Gillespie
    • 14. Platanthera obtusata – northern bog orchid Bull Gillespie
    • 15. Cryptogramma stelleri (Pteridaceae) – Steller’s rockbrake Gillespie
    • 16. Coptidium × spitsbergense – Svalbard buttercup Gillespie
    • 17. Coptidium × spitsbergense Svalbard buttercup Cody, Blondeau & Cayouette 1988 Rhodora 90: 27-36 sterile triploid hybrid between C. lapponicum and C. pallasii Gillespie
    • 18. Utricularia ochroleuca (Lentibulariaceae)
    • 19. NEW DISCOVERIES 4 species new to the Eastern Canadian Arctic Archipelago • Andromeda polifolia (Ericaceae) • Orthilia secunda (Ericacae) • Calamagrostis stricta subsp. stricta (Poaceae) • Salix fuscescens (Salicaceae)
    • 20. Sokoloff Andromeda polifolia – bog rosemary
    • 21. Orthilia secunda – one-sided wintergreen Bull
    • 22. NEW DISCOVERIES new records of rare species - SE Baffin I • Viscaria alpina (Caryophyllaceae) • Plantago maritima (Plantaginaceae) • 5 sedges (Carex arctogena, C. bicolor, C. gynocrates, C. vaginata, C. williamsii) • 3 rushes (Luzula wahlenbergii, L. multiflora subsp. frigida, Juncus trifidus • 2 grasses (Calamagrostis canadensis subsp. langsdorfii, C. purpurascens),
    • 23. Bull Corallorhiza trifida – early coralroot
    • 24. Bull Hordeum jubatum subsp. jubatum – foxtail barley
    • 25. • accurate information on species distributions • complete floristic inventories NEW ARRIVALS OR LONG ESTABLISHED? Most new records likely long established species Cryptogramma perhaps recent natural spread N?
    • 26. Arctic floristic research – significance 1. baseline data for monitoring climate-induced change in arctic vegetation 2. update published floristic works on the Canadian Arctic 3. new data for the Arctic Flora of Canada and Alaska Project 4. samples for systematic and phylogeographic studies 5. samples for Arctic Flora barcoding project
    • 27.
    • 28. Acknowledgments Tommy Akavak Julie Beauchesne Louis-Phillipe Pothier