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What\'s new in Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Solution v5.5, and whats coming in v5.6 and 6.0

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  • Lower Total Cost of OwnershipGain a long-term competitive advantage! While many companies focus on cutting costs, companies successful in markets like today look to gain a competitive advantage for the long-term. By investing in your Software Assurance subscription you keep your systems running with the latest software features and functionality but without paying full price for upgrades, which help you stay ahead of the curve. With each new version you should ask yourself, “Am I paying for redundant applications?” The core functionality of Sage Accpac may address many items offered by your optional products, custom reports, or software modifications. (Add example of cost savings to demonstrate lower TCO)Along with free CRM functionality, Version 5.5 offers you many of the Options products as part of your core modules, including the Number Change Utilities, Inquiry Tools, General Ledger Security, and Serial/Lot Tracking to name a few. If you previously purchased the one or more of the Options products, then version 5.5 lowers your annual Software Assurance costs as well! We also have introduced free access to the Spanish and French System Manager Language Overlays, so you can maximize the productivity of your multilingual and international staff. In addition, we have extended the functionality in the Sage Accpac 100 and 200 Editions improving the number of General Ledger account segments, account structures, budgets, and years of history that can be maintained.Upgrade cycles can possibly be a disruption to your company focus. Understanding the benefits of upgrading and developing an upgrade implementation plan can assist executive management on setting the requirements of the upgrade and not diverting attention from the strategic intent of the company. The Sage Business Partner plays an important role in the success of your upgrade. A certified Business Partner can provide an implementation strategy, checklist and user training plan to ensure the disruption to your operations is minimized and the value of the upgrade is realized.
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  • Optimize Cash FlowCash is king when it comes to the fiscal health of your business. Effective cash flow management allows you to delay outlays of cash as long as possible while encouraging anyone who owes you money to pay it as rapidly as possible. The Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite (EES) improves the speed with which you turn materials and supplies into products, inventory into receivables, and receivables into cash. The new Collections Manager functionality in EES can significantly improve your cash flow by focusing on managing your receivables and help you develop collection strategies that make effective use of both your human and financial resources. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your cash collection process by centralizing all collections information and providing easy-to-use functionality to your staff. Easy access to comprehensive account details allows your personnel to better communicate and take coordinated action to not only make collections easier, but also improve relationships with your customers. Be fully informed when talking to the customer, with all transaction and contact history ready and accessible. Flag potential risks or trends early enough to be able to take corrective action and be proactive by sending automatic e-mails to both the customer and sales rep before the invoice is due. Set automatic follow-up reminders as needed with customers and internal sales people to keep the collection process moving. Go beyond the printed aging report and use more sophisticated calendar tools to prioritize collection calls, make sure follow-up occurs, escalate accounts, send automatic emails, and more.<number>
  • GL Account roll-up – Provides an easy solution that lets users create relationships between the accounts that can be used for classification, budgeting, and reportingImproved multi-currency revaluation – Customers can now choose revised methods for revaluing their multicurrency transactions. IFRS complianceOE drill down inquiry – During order processing see item quantities en-route, in stock at each location and committed to other orders. PJC-OE Integration – Streamlines smaller projects quoting to completion process, saving clerical staff time and effort to track smaller jobs, resulting in a lower cost of sale. Allows for creation of a single invoice showing materials, labour, equipment or other charges.Multiple Customer Billing – Many customers in the construction or service industry need to bill multiple customers for the same contract/project. Having this feature allows for greater control over your project costing, billing processes and accounts receivables, creating efficiencies with managing your project and ultimately cost savings.There are many more new features<number>
  • Better Manage Project and Job Costing for Higher Profitability Quickly enter job-related orders in the Order Entry module and track project costs in Project and Job Costing (PJC). Orders can list material details items from inventory used on the job and miscellaneous charges, which can be PJC categories like labor, equipment, subcontractor, or overhead charges, or miscellaneous charges such as shipping and handling. Order Entry lets you handle the complete order processing cycle in Order Entry, or create the order and shipment in Order Entry and manage the billing and invoicing in the Project and Job Costing module (called Project Invoicing). You can enter a quote in Order Entry and create the contract on the fly using the New Contract Wizard. The New Contract Wizard allows you to create one or more contracts in Project and Job Costing that act as templates for all the new contracts created in Order Entry. By seamlessly and synergistically integrating Order Entry with Project and Job Costing you save time, increase productivity and get the valuable insights you need to control project cost and boost profits.<number>
  • US and Canadian Payroll SolutionsIn-house Payroll
  • Transform your HR Processes with Sage Accpac HRMSVersion 5.5 delivers Sage Accpac HRMS 8.5 – a human resource management system, based on the award-winning Sage Abra Suite, comprising HR, benefits, training, recruiting, and compliance solutions for mid-sized businesses. Its flexible design features your choice of database platforms, including SQL or MSDE, a comprehensive array of features, and the powerful reporting and analysis capabilities that you need to manage your workforce. At the core of the Sage Accpac HRMS human resource management system is a full complement of HR, training, and recruiting capabilities. It comes complete with hundreds of standard reports, industry-leading Crystal Report® Writer, customizable templates, and an easy-to-use query tool. It also includes employee self-service and benefits enrollment to automate workflows, streamline routine employee requests, and improve efficiency and productivity. An integrated database feeds a seamless flow of information to continuously deliver time and money savings.Gain Total Command & Control Over Your Entire Fixed Asset Lifecycle—From Acquisition To DisposalIt's an unfortunate reality that many companies and organizations overpay thousands, sometimes even millions, in insurance and tax costs due to improperly or ineffectively managing and depreciating their fixed assets. The best way to gain total command and control over your entire fixed asset lifecycle—from acquisition to disposal—is with a fixed asset management solution that links to your Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite: Sage FAS Fixed Assets. Version 5.5 delivers better integration with this powerful, easy-to-use fixed asset management solutions to businesses of all sizes. Sage FAS provides construction in progress management, fixed asset depreciation calculations for financial and tax reporting, asset inventory reconciliation, and customized reporting—all at a price you can afford.<number>
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  • Ties into cash flow…<number>
  • SN/LT is a major source of negative feedbackMost of the issues stem from the fact that the application isn’t native to Accpac, but was acquired a few years ago, and minimal work was done to improve it. The goal is to transition current SN/LT functionality from an add-on product to fully integrated functionality in the ERP modules impacted, and solve various usability and implementation issues at the same time.<number><number>
  • Talk to how Serialized Inventory strengths our ability to compete in mfg/distribution verticals. Key functionality for compliance, traceability and improving usability opens the door for current customers utilizing Inventory but not yet taking advantage of Serial/Lot Tracking.<number>
  • Today’s business environment is ultra complicated when it comes to managing money. Multiple companies, multiple bank accounts, and multiple currencies translate into a lot of time spent managing and reconciling accounts in order to get an accurate view of your cash position. Thankfully, the Bank Reconciliation module pulls information from your financial transactions into a single location. However, as business becomes even faster paced, you need to be able to reconcile your accounts faster then ever before. Version 5.6 empowers you with a more straightforward and automated way to reconcile your accounts and get through month end in record time.Simplified Bank ReconciliationSingle page for deposits and withdrawalsPopup to show how book balance is calculatedBank Entries:Ability to reconcile Bank Entries.Ability to enter multiple lines for a Bank Entry.Ability to use Distribution Codes and Distribution Sets.Ability to reverse Bank EntriesTransaction History Inquiry and ReportBank Entries Posting JournalDeposit Register ReportImproved Reversal ProcessNew Bank security resources for separation of dutiesNew UIs:Distribution Codes, Distribution SetBank Entries, Transaction History Inquiry, Reverse TransactionsModified UIs:Options, G/L IntegrationReconcile Statements, Reconcile OFX Statements, Bank Transfers, Post Entries, Post ReconciliationNew Reports:Deposit Status Report, Bank Entries Posting Journal, Transaction History Inquiry ReportModified Reports:Transaction Listing, Deposits Status, Withdrawals Status, Reconciliation Status, Bank Reconciliation, Reconciliation Posting Journal, Check/payment Register<number><number>
  • Talk to Cash Flow is King in today’s economy. <number>
  • Optimize Cash Flow and Customer Service with the Accounts Receivable InquirySatisfied, loyal customers are more profitable, spend more per purchase, and refer other customers to you—all of which translates into better financial performance. Version 5.5 provides the Accounts Receivable Inquiry tool as part of the Accounts Receivable module allowing you to provide faster, more informed responses to customer inquiries, gain quick access to detailed account information, and track detailed notes. You can even utilize this tool to improve your collections process and optimize your cash flow. Concentrate your efforts on clients who fit specific criteria that you define—such as days overdue, dollars over limit, call back date, and more. Keep records of all phone conversations, emails, and even resend customer invoices with a few clicks. This way anyone who talks to the customer has the ability to know what the customer has been told by other employees. Empower your staff with the vital information they need to provide exceptional customer service, improve collaboration, and optimize your collections process.<number><number>
  • Ties into cash flow…
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  • Sage Accpac V5.5 V5.6

    1. 1. Sage Accpac Accelerate Your Success
    2. 2. Overview • Benefits of Sage Accpac Version 5.5 • Coming Soon in Version 5.6 2
    3. 3. Sage Accpac Product Roadmap Version 5.5 Version 6 2008 2010 Version 5.6 2009 3
    4. 4. Benefits of Sage Accpac 5.5
    5. 5. Value For Maintenance in v5.5 • Free CRM User License • Options Products Included (Lowering Annual Maintenance) • Free Spanish, French, Chinese Language Overlays • Extended Functionality in 100 & 200 Editions – General Ledger Account Segments and Structures – Budgets – Years of History 5
    6. 6. Bundled Options Module Now includes SM Additional Languages GL Account Code Changer and GL Security AR AR Inquiry and Customer Number Changer AP Vendor Number Changer Payroll Timecards OE Ops Inquiry IC Item Number Changer PJC Time Cards Serialized Inv Lot Tracking 6
    7. 7. Performance Enhancements GL Overall AR Document AP Document Posting PJC Posting Payroll Posting Processing 7
    8. 8. AR Collections Manager • Efficient And Effective Cash Collection Process • Centralize All Collections Information & Provide Easy-to-use Functionality • Quick Access to Comprehensive Account Details – Better Communicate & Take Coordinated Action – Improve Relationships With Your Customers. – All Transaction & Contact History Accessible • Flag Potential Risks or Trends Early Enough to Take Proactive Corrective Action – Send Automatic E-mails to Both the Customer & Sales Rep Before the Invoice is Due – Set Automatic Follow-up Reminders as Needed to Keep the Collection Process Moving Significantly improve your cash flow by • Go Beyond the Printed Aging Report & Use More focusing on managing your receivables Sophisticated Calendar Tools to: and help you develop collection – Prioritize Collection Calls strategies that make effective use of both – Ensure Follow-up Occurs your human and financial resources. – Escalate Accounts – Send Automatic Emails – And More 8
    9. 9. New Features in v5.5 • GL Account roll-up • Improved multi-currency revaluation • OE drill down inquiry • Multiple Customer Billing • PJC-OE Integration • Improved HRMS & FAS integration 9
    10. 10. Better Manage Project and Job Costing • Seamless & Synergistic Integration of Order Entry & Project and Job Costing • Save Time, Increase Productivity & Get The Valuable Insights you Need to Control Project Cost • Quickly Enter Job-related Orders directly in Order Entry – List Material Details Items from Inventory Used on a Job – Track Miscellaneous Charges • Manage the Complete Order Processing Cycle in Order Entry, or Create the Order & Shipment in Order Entry & Manage the Billing and Invoicing in the PJC Module • Enter a Quote in Order Entry & Create the Contract on the Fly Using the New Contract Wizard 10
    11. 11. More Cost-Effective Payroll Management • Ensures your Privacy While Providing Reliable & Accurate Information • Usability Enhancements as well as new Functionality Lower Costs While Providing More Accurate & Comprehensive Payroll Processing – Canadian Payroll Now Allows you Utilize the Relevé 1 & T4 Electronic Filing Features – Both US & Canadian Payroll - Now Choose Between two Methods of Carrying Over Employees’ Unused Accrued Vacation, Sick & Banked Time to the Start New Accrual Period – Employee Activity Form Displays More Detailed Information About Accruals – Employee Timecards Form • Employees can now Enter Sick or Vacation Time Ensure your Payroll is up-to-date Taken (That Is, Accrual Payments) and compliant with the latest • Bottom of Form Automatically Displays the Employee’s Total Sick & Vacation Hours Taken, government updates and for that Timecard. regulations – Several Enhancements Have Been Made To Overtime Calculation 11
    12. 12. Sage Accpac HRMS and FAS • Transform your HR Processes with Sage Accpac HRMS – Version 5.5 delivers Sage Accpac HRMS 8.5 – Human resource management system, based on the award-winning Sage Abra Suite, comprising HR, benefits, training, recruiting, and compliance – Flexible design features your choice of database platforms, including SQL or MSDE – Comprehensive array of features, and the powerful reporting and analysis capabilities that you need to manage your workforce • Gain Total Command & Control Over Your Entire Fixed Asset Lifecycle—From Acquisition To Disposal – Gain total command and control over your entire fixed asset lifecycle—from acquisition to disposal – Provides construction in progress management, fixed asset depreciation calculations for financial and tax reporting, asset inventory reconciliation, and customized 12
    13. 13. Coming in Sage Accpac 5.6
    14. 14. What’s New in v5.6 • Focus on Top Requested Customer Enhancements – Bundled Sage Accpac Intelligence – Payment Processing – Better Manage Inventory with integrated SN/LT – Simplified Bank Reconciliation – Improve Efficiency: Navigate and Find Information in Record Time – Increase Performance: Finish Everyday Tasks Faster – … and more 14
    15. 15. Sage Accpac Intelligence • New product to let Financial Managers easily create reports and analyze data – Based on familiar Excel – Provides many pre-formatted reports – Easy report creation – Advanced OLAP analysis – Integrated with Sage Accpac desktop • 1 User License Bundled (free) with v5.6 15
    16. 16. 16
    17. 17. Sage Accpac Payment Processing • Integrated credit card processing module – Enter credit card info into Order Entry – Process AR against credit card – Process Recurring Billing payments • Reduces manual entry of credit card & payment information • Secure card info storage in Gateway Vault (not local) • Reduces manual entry of credit card & payment information 17
    18. 18. 18
    19. 19. Serial Number & Lot Tracking • Integrated and Improved Serial Number & Lot Tracking • Gain Tighter Control of Stock Levels • Improved Traceability • Efficiently Manage Product Recalls and Charge-backs • Enables Fast and Accurate Serial/Lot Tracking, eliminating costly mistakes and allowing you to get your work done faster! 19
    20. 20. 20
    21. 21. Simplified Bank Reconciliation • Simplified – Single page for deposits and withdrawals – Popup to show how book balance is calculated • Bank Entries – Reconcile Bank Entries • Multiple lines for a Bank Entry – Distribution Codes and Distribution Sets – Reverse Bank Entries • Improved Reversal Process • New Bank security resources for separation of duties 21
    22. 22. 22
    23. 23. Accounts Receivable Inquiry Tool • Integrated AR Inquiry Module • Optimize Cash Flow & Customer Service • Provide faster, more informed responses to customer inquiries Empower your staff with the vital • Gain quick access to detailed information they need to provide account information exceptional customer service, improve collaboration, and optimize your • Track detailed notes collections process. • Improve your collections process • Define Specific Criteria – Days Overdue – Dollars over Limit – Call Back Date – More 23
    24. 24. 24
    25. 25. Improved SageCRM Integration • Integrated ERP-CRM Solo support • Improved integration of data, including: – Serial/Lot added to O/E and P/O inquiry – Customer National Account relationships are maintained between CRM and Accpac – Salesperson Integration – Customer/Vendor Number Changer Support – Customer/Vendor Comments displayed – All Shipments/Receipts in Inquiry menu – Tax Information – Customer Price List – Vendor Contract Costs 25
    26. 26. Additional Enhancements in v5.6 • Payroll Employee Security • Support 64 Bit Server & Workstation • Single Release • Easier Upgrades – One-step installation & activation • User Assistance – Help Topics updated for 5.6 – Free Sage University training on “what’s new” features 26
    27. 27. The Future: Sage Accpac 6
    28. 28. Sage Accpac 6 • Next major release of Sage Accpac • Focus on solving customer requests with web technology – Role based, personalized portal with dashboards – Task oriented navigation to increase data entry productivity – User Assistance “built in” to improve learnability – Ad-hoc reports/queries – Enhanced quote-to-order SCRM integration – Lower Total Cost of Ownership: installation/deployment/upgrades 28
    29. 29. 29