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Agati Wellness


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Health Care The Biggest Concern of all the Nations in the 21st Century. We are seeing new diseases everyday and facing new challenges for which we are not prepared. Agati Wellness provide Colostrum …

Health Care The Biggest Concern of all the Nations in the 21st Century. We are seeing new diseases everyday and facing new challenges for which we are not prepared. Agati Wellness provide Colostrum Base Nutrition, Colostrum is a Nourishing,
life giving fluid produced by mammals for
the newborn in the few days after Birth
before milk production begins.
Components of Colostrum – Colostrum contains more than 90 known components.
It is the Nature’s perfect combination of Immune Factors, Growth Factors, Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants. Get more info

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  • 2. Sedentary Radiation ToxinsContaminated Food Life Style
  • 3. The secret ofhealth is withmother nature.Nature had given Colostrum is a Nourishing,us life giving life giving fluid produced by mammals fornutrient the newborn in the few days after Birthcolostrum before milk production begins.What iscolostrum ??
  • 4. Components of colostrum – colostrumcontains more than 90 knowncomponents.It is the nature’s perfect combinationof immune factors, growth factors,vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • 5. 01. Beta 2-Microglobulin 18. B Lactoglobulin 35. Sphigmomyelin 52. Methionine 69. Vitamin B12 86. Transforming Growth02. Enzymes Factor 19. Complement 3 & 4 (C3 & C4) 36. Leptin 53. Lysine 70. Vitamin C03. Haemopexin 87. Transforming Growth 20. Kappa Casein 37. Phytic Acid 54. Threonine 71. Vitamin E Factor04. Haptoglobulin 21. Alpha 2-AP Glycoprotein 38. Myoinsositol 55. Lysine 72. Folic Acid 88. Nerve Growth Factor05. Orotic Acid 22. Alpha 1 – Antitrypsin 39. Hydrogenparaoxide 56. Valine 73. Immunoglobulins (Tyep G1 & G2) 89. Cartilage inducing06. Peroxidase factor A 23. Alpha 2 – Macroglobulin 40. Butric Acid 57. Tryptophan 74. Immunoglobulins (Tyep A)07. Xanthine Oxidase 90. Trans Fatty AcidEnzyme 24. Orosomucoids 41. Isoleucine 58. Serine 75. Immunoglobulins (Tyep M)08. GnRH 25. Prealbumin 42. Arginine 59. Calcium 76. Immunoglobulins (Tyep D)09. Proiactin 26. Albumin 43. Leucine 60. Magnesium 77. Immunoglobulins (Tyep E)10. Insulin 27. Oligosaccharides 44. Cystine 61. Zinc 78. Lactoferrin11. Sulphur 28. Non Specific Inhibitors(NSI’s) 45. Glutamic Acid 62. Sodium 79. Lactoperoxidase-thiocyanate12.Gglycoproteins 29. Secretory IgA (Sig A) 46. Alanine 63. Potassium 80. Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs)13. Lactalbumin 30. IgA specific Helper 47. Tryosine 64. Vitamin A 81. Insulin Growth Factor (Type 1)14. Multimeric a lactalbumin 31. Transferrin 48. Glycine 65. Vitamin B1 82. Insulin Growth Factor (Type 1)15. Cytokines 32. In.terferons 49. Proline 66. Vitamin B2 83. Derived Platelet Growth Factor16. lysozymes 33. Lipo Proteins 50. Aspartic Acid 67. Vitamin B5 84. Epidermal Growth Factor17. Gamma globulin 34. CLA 51. Histidine 68. Vitamin B6 85. Fibroblast Platelet Growth Factor
  • 6. Heres just a sampling of what these professionals are saying:When I first heard the claims about colostrum I dismissed them.Now, after seeing the research, and seeing patients’ results formyself, I’m a believer. - Dr. Donald Henderson MD"Colostrum is valuable to me both personally and within my practice.I consider colostrum an important therapeutic aid for all my patientswho have chronic infections, including bacterial, viral, or fungal …Patients who gain the most From nutritional supplement are thosewith chronic fatigue syndrome, infectious diarrhea, sinusitis andFibromyalgia." - Nikki-Marie Welch, MD, Sedona, AZ Townsend Letterfor Doctor & Patients "It is the growth factor content of colostrumwhich is truly exciting for the adult patient. The growth factorspresent in colostrum are numerous and of a character that providesgreat hope for biotechnology." - Daniel S. Bricker, B.S.
  • 7. "Colostrum: Implications for Accelerated Recovery in DamagedMuscle and Cartilage, Prevention of Some Pathogenic Disease," - TheAmerican Chiropractor"Completely healthy individuals can supplement with colostrum justto maintain their vitality and good health. Colostrum stimulates leanmuscle growth and increases endurance…It also promoted theburning of excessive body fat [and] may even help reverse manysigns of aging." - Zoltan Rona, M.D."It is now well-known that a wide range of antiviral factors arepresent in colostrum." - Dr. E.L Palmer, Atlanta, GA Center forDisease Control"Colostrum contains nonspecific inhibitors that inhibit a wide range ofrespiratory illness, notably influenza viruses. Colostrum is specificallycited for its unique effectiveness against potentially deadly outbreaksof Asian Flu viruses that emerge from animal/human mutations." -Dr. Shortridge, et al, Journal of Tropical Pediatrics"Glycoproteins, in bovine colostrum, inhibit the attachment of theHelicobactor pylori bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. Colostrumcontains significant amounts of Interlukin-10 (a strong inflammationinhibitory agent), found significant in reducing inflammation inarthritic joints and injury areas." - Dr. Olle Hernell, University ofUlmea, Sweden, Science
  • 8. Colos Care – Colos Care Is A Revolutionary NovelImmune System Balancing Product Which IsManufactured From Colostrum Sourced From NationalInstitute Of Dairy Technology (NDRI, Karnal) Under TheSupervision Of Highly Competent Scientists Of NDRI.
  • 9. SINED TBI NDRI is a Goverment of India Undertaking and theInstitute is a pioneer in Dairy Product with certified qualityassurance systems which are ISO 9001:2008 InternationalQuality management system , and HACCP.
  • 10. Every Human Being is the Author of his or her own Health. Weknow we cannot Change the Environment but we can definitelychange ourselves.We request you to support us in our mission of HealthyLet’s Spread the Message of Health and Wellness Together MakeOur Nation Healthy.Every HumanBeing is the Author of His own Health -He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, haseverything. - Thomas Carlyle
  • 11. Thank You