Rapid Data Exploration With Hadoop
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Rapid Data Exploration With Hadoop



LinkedIn is the premiere professional social network with over 60 million users and a new user joining every second. One of LinkedIn's strategic advantages is their unique data. While most ...

LinkedIn is the premiere professional social network with over 60 million users and a new user joining every second. One of LinkedIn's strategic advantages is their unique data. While most organizations consider data as a service function, LinkedIn considers data a cornerstone of their product portfolio.

To rapidly develop these products LinkedIn leverages a number of technologies including open source, 3rd party solutions, and some we've had to invent along the way.

This LinkedIn talk at the NYC Hadoop Meetup held 3/18 at ContextWeb focused on best practices for quickly uncovering patterns, visualizing trends, and generating actionable insights from large datasets.



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Rapid Data Exploration With Hadoop Rapid Data Exploration With Hadoop Presentation Transcript

  • Rapid Data Exploration With Hadoop Peter Skomoroch Senior Data Scientist @peteskomoroch
  • Outline • Overview: LinkedIn Biz, Tech, & Analytics • Rapid Data Exploration 101 - Spatial Analytics Pig Code - Trend detection with Pig & Python - R Streaming Example • Deep Dive: Our Data Analysis Approach • Building Data Products • LinkedIn Data Insights
  • Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful View slide
  • Professional Identity View slide
  • LinkedIn at a glance • Founded in 2003 • #17 site in the US (Alexa) • 60+ million members • First million members = 477 days • Latest million = 9 days • 500K+ company profiles • 12+ million small business professionals • In 2009 - 1billion people searches • Average age: 41 • Household income $107,000 • 42% are “decision makers”
  • How International? • More than 50% international (members in over 200 countries & territories) • 13+ million in Europe • 4+ million in India • 3+ million in UK • #13 site in UK (Alexa)
  • How do we keep the lights on? • Profitable since 2007 • Valued at over $1B at the last funding round • Subscriptions • Ads • Job Postings • Enterprise Client
  • Hadoop on LinkedIn 1,400+ members list “Hadoop” on their profile What other skills do they have? •HBase, Lucene, Solr, MapReduce, Nutch... Where are they? Who do they work for? • 36% in Bay Area • 11% Yahoo! • 8% in India • 2% Apache Software Foundation • 6% in NYC • 1% LinkedIn • 4% in Seattle • 1% Google • 4% in Los Angeles • 1% Facebook
  • Hadoop at LinkedIn
  • Voldemort Data Storage Compact, compressed, binary data (something like Avro) Type can be any combination of int, double, float, String, Map, List, etc. => Sequence Files Example member definition: { ‘member_id’: ‘int32’, ‘first_name': 'string', ’last_name': ’string’, ‘age’ : ‘int32’ … }
  • Getting Data In •From Databases (user data, news, jobs etc.) • Need a way to get data reliably periodically • Need tests to verify data • Support for incremental replication • Solution: Transmogrify Driver Program • InputReader: JDBCReader, CSV Reader • Output Writer: JDBCWriter, HDFS writers • From web logs (page views, search, clicks etc) • Weblogs files are rsynced and loaded up in HDFS • Hadoop jobs for date cleaning and transformation.
  • Getting Data Out
  • Giving Back: Open Source http://sna-projects.com/sna/
  • Analytics Technologies
  • We Build Things With Data Give smart people great tools, enable them to solve problems
  • Prototyping Culture
  • How does Hadoop enable rapid data exploration?
  • Pig for Spatial Analytics
  • US County HeatMap
  • Pig for Trend Detection
  • Python Streaming Script
  • Sort Output & Display
  • R Streaming Also Easy *from http://www.stat.uiowa.edu/~luke/classes/295-hpc/
  • Let’s Talk Data
  • Business is recognizing the importance of analytics
  • What data do we start with?
  • We can also leverage... • Connection Graph • Company Pages • Recommendations • Talent Match • Address Book Uploads • Web Referrals • Search Logs • 1M+ Twitter Accounts • Profile Views & Activity • Wikipedia Data • Job Postings • Mechanical Turk • LinkedIn Groups • Census, BLS, & Data.gov • LinkedIn Questions • Much more...
  • How do we think of Analytics? Data Jujitsu
  • Lots of Medium can be more powerful than Big >
  • Reconstruct Reality from Data Exhaust
  • Data Scientist Lessons • Follow the data, avoid assumptions • Sanity check the extremes (0, infinity) • Don’t get mired in rare edge cases • Data Jujitsu: solve easier auxiliary problems • Build smaller consistent samples to test code • Establish a baseline model quickly, iterate often • Use the right tool for the job at hand • Iterate quickly with high level languages
  • Where did the bankers go?
  • We’re Hiring! http://sna-projects.com/sna/ pskomoro@linkedin.com @peteskomoroch