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Transcript of "Antarctic"

  1. 1. ANTARCTIC REGION 30 30 0 Port Elizabeth SOUTH 30 Year-round research station AFRICA Scale 1:68,000,000 South Atlantic Azimuthal Equal-Area Projection 0 500 1000 Kilometers Ocean Anta 40 r c ti c C 0 500 1000 Miles onv erg Twenty-one of 28 Antarctic consultative nations have enc made no claims to Antarctic territory (although Russia e and the United States have reserved the right to do so) Bouvet Island and they do not recognize the claims of the other (NORWAY) PRINCE EDWARD ISLANDS nations. 50 (SOUTH AFRICA) South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands BRITISH (administered by U.K., CLAIM claimed by ARGENTINA) ÎLES Southern CROZET ARGENTINE Ocean NORWEGIAN CLAIM 60 undefined limit Falkland Islands CLAIM 60 (Islas Malvinas) (administered by U.K., Scotia Sea Orcadas SANAE IV French Southern claimed by ARGENTINA) (ARGENTINA) Neumayer (SOUTH Novolazarevskaya and Antarctic Lands SOUTH ORKNEY (GERMANY) AFRICA) (RUSSIA) ISLANDS (FRANCE) Maitri SOUTH (INDIA) 70 Syowa (JAPAN) SHETLAND area of Molodezhnaya ARGENTINA enlargement Queen Maud Land ÎLES Ushuaia ISLANDS (RUSSIA) Enderby KERGUELEN Drake Halley (U.K.) Land Passage Weddell Sea Belgrano II (ARGENTINA) Mawson Heard Island and CHILE Mac. Robertson 80 (AUSTRALIA) McDonald Islands Land Palmer (AUSTRALIA) Land Ronne Ice Shelf Amery Ice Shelf Zhong Shan(CHINA) CHILEAN Progress (RUSSIA) Davis(AUSTRALIA) CLAIM Bellingshausen Sea Ellsworth Amundsen-Scott Indian Vinson Massif 90 W (U.S.) 90 E Peter I Island (highest point in Antarctica, 4897 m) South Pole Mirnyy Land 2800 m. Vostok (RUSSIA) Ocean (RUSSIA) Bentley Subglacial Trench d (lowest point in Antarctica, -2540 m) Shackleton Lan M Marie Byrd Concordia Ice Shelf C L AI South Land (FRANCE AND ITALY) Ross Pacific es Amundsen Ice Shelf Casey ilk Sea 80 IA N Ocean McMurdo (AUSTRALIA) W (U.S.) AL Scott (N.Z.) TR Ross Sea S AU average minimum extent of sea ice Victoria LandArgentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Poland, Dumont dUrville 64Russia, South Korea, Uruguay each have 70 (FRANCE)a station on King George Island. Ant Scott arcti c Island Esperanza Circle BALLENY 12 0 (ARGENTINA) ISLANDS FRENCH e nc60 Marambio Southern CLAIM ge AN er 66 Arturo Prat Bernardo (ARGENTINA) NE Ocean LI Co nv (CHILE) W RA OHiggins 55 S T L AI M c ti c (CHILE) ZEA LAN AU C ta r 60 An D CLA South e rcl IM Ci Macquarie Island62 Pacific c cti (AUSTRALIA) tar Campbell Ocean An Graham Island (NEW ZEALAND) AUCKLAND ISLANDS65 Palmer Land (NEW ZEALAND) (U.S.) Tasmania 60 50 Vernadsky Hobart (UKRAINE) SNARES ISLANDS Antarctic Larsen (NEW ZEALAND) Adelaide Peninsula Ice Shelf Melbourne 30 NEW 30 CHATHAM ISLANDS ZEALAND South Island Canberra (NEW ZEALAND) Christchurch70 Southern San Martin Wellington 40 AUSTRALIA Ocean 15 0 Rothera (ARGENTINA) 180 Sydney (U.K.) North Island 803121AI (R02207) 3-05 64 68