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  1. 1. Community & Comment Platform Roadmap Very Near Horizon (3-6 months) Near-Near Horizon (8-12 Months) Success Criteria
  2. 3. Debbie’s Journey Comment Community Conversation
  3. 4. Very Near Horizon (3-6 Months) Registration
  4. 5. Very Near Horizon (3-6 Months) Comment on guardian @tag Phone address book SMS or Email
  5. 6. Near Near Horizon (8-12 Months) Connecting the conversations people are having all over the web - on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc A composition view that collect and let readers comment from different locations Real time stream of comments and conversations Comments and conversations appear on your social network Inline media embedding My Activity Friend’s Activity thousands of people are willing to wait in lines for its new products. What really matters, however, are those with more important or relaxing things to do on a Friday night. however, are those with more important
  6. 7. Near Near Horizon (8-12 Months) Conversations with your social network Use of social-plugins: Activity feed, Live Stream, Facepile etc Browser add-ons: Firefox, IE & iGoogle Email add-ons: Gmail, Hotmail Media embedding Integration with Guardian mobile, iPad app
  7. 8. Comment Open Platform We never know where innovation can lead to <ul><li>Debbie I know you are deeply moved by Japan earthquake. Why not call your local church ( XXX-XXX-XXX ) to organise a fund raiser. Your friend Jay, Paula & Kiera will be interested </li></ul><ul><li>Debbie you can post same comment on blogs, content sites, Linkedin etc </li></ul><ul><li>Debbie you are travelling to Chicago and you often comment on Jazz news. Why not go to Chicago Jazz festival. Buy tickets , Direction </li></ul><ul><li>Debbie you often comment on Jazz news. Here are some offers to buy music: iTunes , Spotify </li></ul><ul><li>Debbie you often comment on food/recipes. Here are some restaurant offers: Ask , Starda , Wagamama </li></ul>Content API Politics API Comment API API Guardian Open Platform travel foursquare Telco 2.0 Groupon Linkedin Tumblr
  8. 9. Success Criteria Target: 5% of users 30% of comments turned into conversations (>1 user, >5 comment) 30% of connections made (like, recommend, link, clip, send etc) Benchmark: Other web communities or yearly/monthly numbers User activity : No. of comment posted No. of replies posted Comment type: text, media, FB comment, Tweet, Re-Tweet Channel used:, FB page. Mobile app etc Moderation required Demographics, posting time, content type (news, music, current, editorial etc) Comment viewed : Comment type: text, media Channel used:, FB page. Mobile app etc Demographics, posting time, content type (news, music, current, editorial etc) Conversations : No. of replies to a comment Segmentation of users posted the reply Channel used:, FB page. Mobile app etc Comment referral:, FB page. Mobile app etc Connections made : No. of like, recommend, link, clip, send etc Connection destination: FB, Digg, Twitter etc
  9. 10. Thank You Comment Community Conversation