Social Media and the Intranet


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Final Presentation for New Media Drivers License Social Media Class. How Credit Union ONE can use Social Media on the Intranet through SharePoint.

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  • Social media class we learned – how to apply social media to outside marketing and branding.Lots of tools under the umbrella of Social Media
  • How can we apply social media to the intranet at Credit Union One?Currently working on a project to develop an internal Intranet project. Talk about this project and give some background of where we are at with the project. Main tool for the intranet: SharePoint.
  • Is there a way to take the external social media tools and put them under the umbrella of the CUONE intranet?SharePoint provides us with some ways to do this.
  • Is collaboration in the current CUONE organization and network set up possible. Main branch at Ferndale and all the separate disconnected branches.Use the R: drive for document storage, but is there true collaboration?Is collaboration Important?
  • Collaboration within a company is EVERYTHING!’In the design of the intranet site and as the IT department we need to provide the tools that will help the employees collaborate better while doing their jobs.Why is it important? Opens the doors for independent voices Representation of unique and diverse points of view The more voices, the better chance of developing solutions and strategies that meet our members needs. Collaboration bridges gaps – gender, generational, social Helps to merge resourcesHow can we support collaboration using Social Media tools on an Intranet.
  • SharePoint provides many tools to aid in collaboration. Document Libraries Collaborative workspaces Shared calendars Alerts Notifications Connections with team members Many more…But we’re going to talk about one specific method here that takes some of that into consideration…Refer to your handouts please…
  • What’s on the horizon with Sharepoint 2010.Tagging – allowing users to add tags and entries to identify content within sharepointCommunities – create user communities within SharePoint through Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, workspaces and more.Richer Profiles – enhancements to profiles to incorporate them into searches and documents and allow you to rate documents and make things that you find useful.Document Ratings – rating a document based on how useful it is, and this rating is taken into considerations for searches within SharePoint.Enterprise Search – Vastly improved searching feature in SharePoint 2010 that includes the enhancements mentioned above, is faster and includes relevance factors, such as tagging, rating and usage. And much more.
  • Using SharePoint we can bring the functionality and even some of the external social media tools under the umbrella of the CUONE intranet.
  • So, through the Intranet project, I’m hoping that CUONE will not only make use of the external social media tools we learned about in this class, but also include SharePoint as a way to internally jump on the bandwagon.
  • Social Media and the Intranet

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