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Epic presentation

  1. 1. www.epic.com
  2. 2. w w w.ep ic.co m•Private Company •Headquarters Madison, Wisconsin, United States•Health Informatics Industry •Products EpicCare Ambulatory,•Founded Madison, Wisconsin, EpicCare Inpatient, Resolute,United States (1979) Cadence, Willow, OpTime, ASAP, Cardiant, Radiant, Prelude•Founder Judy FaulknerDesigned clinical systems for various •Revenue $601 million (2008)departments serving the UWhospital and later commercialize the Employees 4,100 (2008)systems. •Epic University
  3. 3. Hospitals Mount Sinai Medical Center Tampa General Hospital Resurrection Health System Bon Secours health system Sutter Medical Center NYU Hospital Kaiser Permanente Carilion Clinic Cleveland Clinic Harborview Medical Center
  4. 4. life cycle AKA The Flight Plan Epic life cycle is set up in the following phase system thats called the flight plan. Most Epic customers completely adopt the flight plan, and use it for their installations, unless its a shortened scope and installation for outpatient, called 48 day install. 1. Marketing and sales call determines product(s) selection 2. Sales to implementation cut-over (usually a call) 3. Determine full scope and time line of products and how their installations complements or cause issues 4. Train and certify the customer staff on their applications 5. Gap analysis in current product 6. Take baseline metrics (best practice to do 4, 5, 6 at the same time) 7. Discovery at each of the clinics (staffing models, workflows, physician notes) 8. Design back at the ranch with superusers coupled with change management activities 9. Build phase 10. Testing and end-user training at the same time (usually 2 cycles of testing, UVA did 11. Go-live readiness assessments at Day 90, 60, 30 12. Go-live and issue management (2 weeks to 1 month) 13. Optimization (30, 60 day visits at the site or a more formal plan, depending whats left in the budget)
  5. 5. Current applications developed by include:EPIC has over 30 applicationsADT (Inpatient and Outpatient Admission-Discharge-TransferApplication)ASAP (Emergency Department Application)Beacon (Oncology Application)Beaker (Clinical Laboratory Application)BedTime (Bed Management Application)Bridges (Interface Application)Cadence (Scheduling Application)Cardiant (Cardiology Application)Care Everywhere (Information Exchange Application)Clarity (RDBMS Management Application)
  6. 6. Current applications developed by include:Data Courier (Data Environment Propagation Utility)EpicCare Ambulatory (Ambulatory Medical Record Application)EpicCare Home Health (Specialized Home Health Application for usein Patient Homes)EpicCare Hospice (Specialized Hospice Application)EpicCare Inpatient (Universal Hospital System)EpicCare Link (Web-based Application for Community Users)EpicWeb (Web-based Clinical Application)Haiku (Device Mobility Clinical Application)HIM (Chart Tracking, Chart Deficiency Tracking, Release of InformationApplication, Coding & Abstracting)Identity (Master Patient Index [MPI] Application)
  7. 7. Current applications developed by include:Kaleidoscope (Ophthalmology Application)MyChart (Patient ChartAccess)MyEpic (Dashboard Application)OpTime (Surgical Application)Phoenix (Transplant Application)Prelude (Inpatient and Outpatient Registration Application)Radiant (Radiology Application) ReportingWorkbench (OperationalReporting Application)Resolute (Billing Application) Stork (OB/Gyn Application)Tapestry (Managed Care Application)Welcome (Patient Self-Service Kiosk)Willow, formerly named EpicRx (Hospital Pharmacy Application)
  8. 8. WEB SITES www.epic.com ww.histalk.com www.emrdailynews.com www.informationweek.com/healthcare www.healthcaretechnology.com www.news-medical.net www.emrjobs.com www.indeed.com www.dice.com
  9. 9. THND