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PSGI Presentaion
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PSGI Presentaion
PSGI Presentaion
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PSGI Presentaion
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PSGI Presentaion
PSGI Presentaion
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PSGI Presentaion


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Brief Synopsis of our Company

Brief Synopsis of our Company

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  • 1. ProtectiveServices Group, Inc.
    #1 Eagle Center, Suite 3B
    O’Fallon, Illinois 62269
    Phone: (618) 310-1700 Fax: (618) 206-3356
  • 2. Table of Contents
    Established ………………………………………………………. p. 3-4
    Management and Support Staff ………………………………... p. 5-9
    PSGI Inc. Goal…………………………………………………… p. 10-11
    Current Contracts and References……………………………….. p. 12
    Licensures……………………………………………………........ p. 13
    Marketing our Personnel……………………………………......... p. 14-15
    Training and Certifications……………………………………….. p. 16-17
    Manning the posts/sites…………………………………………... p. 18
    Insurance, Funding and Finances………………………………….. p. 19
    Conclusion/Q and A……………………………………………… p. 22
  • 3. Established
    Protective Services Group, Inc. (PSGI) was initially established as the security service sector of the partnership which Mr. Hurst and Ms. Rolfingsmeier began in 1996. The company grew in size, scope and area of service. In 2003, due to the complexity of operations, the various service sectors reorganized into separate companies, i.e. an investigation services company; a security services company; and an alarm installation and monitoring service company. This reorganization was effective on January 1, 2004 when Protective Services Group, Inc. was incorporated by Mr. Hurst and Ms. Rolfingsmeier. Ms. Rolfingsmeier’s majority ownership qualifies PSGI as a woman owned small business enterprise.  
    PSGI is currently authorized to conduct business in 48 states and the District of Columbia. The company also has a security agency license in 35 of the 38 states requiring such license. Licensing in the state of Utah is pending and the licensing process has begun for the state of New Mexico. A state listing with certificate numbers and license numbers is attached.
  • 4. PSGI recently had a government security contract with the Army’s Surface Deployment and Distribution Command Headquarters (SDDC) at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. PSGI holds a Secret Facility Security Clearance. PSGI is also in the process of obtaining a listing on the GSA Schedule.
    A brief synopsis of the current management team consists of the following:
  • 5. Management and Support Staff
  • 6. President: Cynthia A. Rolfingsmeier
    Cynthia (Cindy) is the majority stock holder and is the security license holder in all states requiring a security agency license and is the acting qualifying agent or manager in these states. Cindy is also certified as a trainer in numerous states. 
    As chief executive she is responsible for all licensing and contract issues for the company. She has over 28 years experience in business administration and 20 years experience in the legal field.
  • 7. Vice President: Durwood Q. Hurst
    Mr. Hurst is the minority stockholder and has 45 years experience in the criminal justice system.
    He began his career as a part-time police officer in Caseyville, IL and rose to the position of Police Inspector. In addition to regular patrol duties, Mr. Hurst was a crime scene photographer.
    He became a deputy sheriff for the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office and was member of their SWAT team. Mr. Hurst also served as a member of the prestigious St. Louis area Major Case Squad. In 1971 he began work with the Fifth Judicial Circuit of the Illinois State Appellate Defender’s Office subsequently moving to the Federal Public Defenders office as Chief Investigator. He remained there until he formed the investigative/security partnership with Ms. Rolfingsmeier in 1996.
  • 8. Chief of Security: Randy E. Smith
    Mr. Smith is a retired 20 year Air Force Security Forces Veteran. Mr. Smith is responsible for all phases of security for PSGI. His responsibilities include site security surveys, staffing levels, scheduling and training. He has certification as a firearms instructor by the State of Illinois and serves as a part time firearms instructor for the Eastern Missouri Police Academy in St. Charles County, Missouri. Areas of training he conducts include: area threat assessment, risk analysis, controlled area entry, anti-terrorism/force protection training, verbal Judo, report writing, radio and telephone procedures, closed-circuit TV monitoring, CPR/BEC, OCAT pepper spray, Monadnock expandable baton, defensive tactics and handcuffing.
    Mr. Smith is an active member of ASIS’s St. Louis Chapter 39 and is currently studying for accreditation as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP).
  • 9. Financial Officer: John E. Fuesting
    Mr. Fuesting is a Certified Public Accountant with 43 years experience in the accounting, tax and business management fields. He is a graduate of Southern Illinois University and began his career in public accounting shortly after graduation, when he began working for Price Waterhouse and Company (PW) in St. Louis, MO. After nearly nine years with PW he left to begin his own public accounting practice. This practice specialized in accounting services for both individual and business clients with a special emphasis on IRS audits and collection cases.
    In early 2001, after 27 years he sold his practice and retired. In mid 2002, he joined Mr. Hurst, Ms. Rolfingsmeier and Mr. Burcham to assist them in establishing adequate accounting and tax procedures for the various state and insurance reporting requirements of their multi-state business. He assisted in the planning and reorganization of the company into the various business components at which time PSGI was incorporated. Mr. Fuesting is responsible for all financial, tax and insurance matters.
  • 10. Quality Assurance Manager – Kimberly J. Hughes
    Mrs. Hughes is a United States Air Force Security Forces Veteran. Throughout Mrs. Hughes military career she held a secret, top secret and Presidential security clearance. She worked with several federal and local law enforcement agencies as a senior K-9 handler. After separating from the USAF she began working with MVM Inc. as a Justice Protective Service Officer and Special Deputy USMS. She then worked for the State of Florida and the Seminole County Sheriff’s office as a child abuse investigator. She was trained as a senior investigator and a field training officer. Mrs. Hughes holds several certifications in the security field, investigative arena and in law enforcement. She has supervised 15 or more employees. Additionally, Mrs. Hughes assisted previous companies and agencies she worked for with contract negotiations and the writing of Operational Instructions. Mrs. Hughes has a B.A degree in Criminal Justice and her Masters is in progress in the field of Security Management at Webster University. Mrs. Hughes is currently studying for her accreditation as a Certified Protection Investigator (CPI) through ASIS.
  • 11. The goal of Protective Services Group continues to remain the same since our inception in 1996 - TO PROVIDE WELL TRAINED/WELL PAID PROFESSIONAL SECURITY OFFICERS WHICH MEET THE INDIVIDUAL NEEDS OF EACH CLIENT. Every client poses a new challenge to meet and goal to achieve. We do not work on a quantity of bodiesbasis. We pride ourselves on the quality of the officer to meet the specialized requirements of each client.
    In 2001, MADI - a labor relations company based in Boston, Massachusetts contacted PSGI to place 100 plus security officers at a large food manufacturing and distribution company in the Chicago area. PSGI delivered the guards properly licensed and trained in Illinois. Based on this initial contact, PSGI proposed a long term partnership between MADI and PSGI to provide all their security nationwide. In order to provide this nationwide security force, PSGI had to obtain the proper agency licensing in all 50 states, plus Washington D.C. MADI readily agreed and a partnership was created, which is alive and well today. The nationwide licensing is a requirement unique to MADI’s business and provided a very lofty goal for PSGI. We are nearing the attainment of this goal as we have obtained licensing in all states except for Utah and New Mexico which are pending.
    Government contracting has also been a goal for Protective Services Group and in 2007 PSGI was awarded its first government contract for security officers with SDDC at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. Our security officers had to meet rigid standards in the performance of this contract and in the performance of their particular duties. The contract also required that PSGI obtain a Secret Facility Clearance License to retain the contract and our secret clearance was issued in September. In August, 2008, SDDC exercised it’s option to extend the contract with PSGI, until March of 2009. In December 2008, the Army made the contract set aside for Service Disabled Veteran Owned, which excluded PSGI from rebidding on the contract.
  • 12. 12
    MAN-UP Promotions is a Mixed-Martial Arts Fighting company. PSGI works closely with the State of Illinois to comply with the special regulations set forth for this type of event. Our security officers on this detail provide crowd controland security for the fighters, ticket booth, parking lot, dressing rooms and anywhere identified by the owner.
    We supply security officers to numerous construction sites, high profile bodyguard services, local raceways/speedways and officers for internal/external hotel security, due to the increasing criminal activity in Illinois and Missouri.
    The security officers’ duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to; checking all facility/site restricted badges; gathering of evidence, protection of personnel (bodyguards), allowing authorized personnel to enter and exit the areas. The officers are responsible for monitoring personnel, paperwork, equipment and information entering and exiting the facility/sites. The security officers are adept in implementing policies and procedures and in adapting to new instructions. They are well-equipped and capable of preventing and detecting any penetration against facilities/sites, employees, visitors and proprietary information.
    Individual support staff members are currently members of ASIS and are in the process of obtaining ASIS International (American Society of Industrial Security) certifications: CPP (Certified Protection Professional) and PCI (Professional Certified Investigator).
  • 13. Current Contracts and References
    PSGI, Inc. has a contract with the following agencies and organizations:
    MADI – Boston, Massachusetts
    Joel Zimmerman (President) – 1-800-780-0500
    MAN-UP Promotions – Arnold, Missouri
    Tony Biondo (Owner) - (314) 657-8160
    • The philosophy of PROTECTIVE SERVICES GROUP INC is to maintain the highest standards of officers while striving to be the benchmark for the private security industry.
  • 14. Licensures
    • PSGI’s relevant identification numbers are as follows:
    • 15. FEIN: 20-0539886
    • 16. DUNNS: 16-316-6890
    • 17. NAICS: 561612
    • 18. CAGE CODE: 49VD5
    • 19. See attachment #1 for State-by-State Licensures and Certificates of Authority
  • 20. Marketing our Personnel
    Primarily recruit former military/law enforcement or looking for high caliber professional personnel.
    Our Core Values: Strong work ethic, good moral character and integrity.
    Strong verbal and written communication skills.
    • Customer Service Oriented.
    Computer literacy.
    Background checks and random drug testing.
    Able to obtain at a minimum a Secret Clearance.
    EEO Program based company.
    At least 21 years of age.
    Able to make discretionary decisions, multi-task and work under stressful and unusual conditions while maintaining composure.
    Knowledge of proper policies and procedures for our company and client.
    See attachment #2 for resumes of some of our personnel
  • 21. Continuation of Marketing Personnel
    All of our officer’s must:
    • have common sense, attention to detail, and patience.
    • 22. have general knowledge of the local, state, federal laws and statues and customers in different places.
    • 23. have investigative and observation qualities.
    • 24. present a positive image of the company.
    • 25. be able to complete tasks in a timely manner without supervision.
    • 26. project confidence.
    • 27. have an understanding of the basic job duties.
    • 28. be able to analyze individual situations without over reacting.
    • 29. Assets may be as simple as protecting a person, or as complicated as protecting a vast array of various assets, including employees, customers, visitors, buildings, machines, paper records, controlled substances or electronic information stored in computer systems. The officer that PSGI employs understands and recognizes these various protective assets.
    • 30. Theft or Sabotage of the properties will be prevented by deterring the adversary or defeating the adversary. This is accomplished by conducting training, being vigilant and notifying the proper authorities.
  • 31. Training & Certifications
    Every security officer will be required to attend or be trained in :
    The Basic Training Security Officer course. This is a two day course authorizing the officers to work in the St. Louis City and County areas.
    Scope of Security
    Communication Skills-Verbal Judo
    Report Writing
    Basic First Aid Skills
    Basic Security Skills
    Fire Safety
    Baton and OCAT certification
    Use of Force Matrix
    Defensive Tactics and Handcuffing
    Basic CCTV Instruction and Alarm systems
    Radio and telephone etiquette
  • 32. Continuation of Training & Certifications
    *Training will be updated whenever necessary due to expirations, required continuing education and certifications necessary for specific clients. Additionally, training records are maintained and updated throughout each officers employment.
  • 33. Insurance, Funding and Finances
    The company’s Financial Officer handles the following tasks:
    Directs planning and forecasting activities
    Responsible for preparation of budgets and financial reports
    Plans for funding and investment of assets
    Oversees the daily accounting functions and practices
    Is responsible for obtaining insurance coverages
    Is responsible for all taxes and audits
    Oversees preparation of the financial aspect of the bidding process
    See attachment #3 for our insurance coverages
  • 34. Conclusion
    PSGI would like to thank your company for taking the time in letting us introduce ourselves. We are prepared to full-fill your expectations. We provide excellent customer service, quality personnel and knowledge based training. We are a flexible company to handle diverse hours and conditions. The security world is full of dedicated and very highly skilled individuals and PSGI is at the top of the list. We feel we would be a positive asset to your company and are looking forward to the chance of establishing a partnership with you.
    Q and A?
  • 35. 21