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PSD TO HTML, PSD to WordPress

  1. 1. Professional PSD to HTML CSS Conversion ServicesCopyright © 2012 -13. Designed by: Royaco inc
  2. 2. PSD to XHTML Conversion Features  Hand Coded XHTML Markup  100% Money back Guarantee  Cross Browser Compatibility  Well Commented Markup  100% Tableless CSS Layout  Six Months Backup  Commented Mark Up  Upload Your Layout  Non Disclosure Agreement ( PSD, AI, PNG )  Dedicated Developer  Fast Loading HTML Structure Semantic SEO Coding 2-3 days turnaround Quicker Loading of HTML Well structured HTML5 tagsCopyright © 2012 -13. Designed by: Royaco inc
  3. 3. CMS Implementation / Email Conversion Wordpress Joomla Opencart NewsletterCopyright © 2012 - 13. Designed by: Royaco inc
  4. 4. PSD to XHTML ConversionPSD to Manythings specializes in the service of converting your beautiful PSD web layouts toHTML/XHTML. AT PSD to Manythings, we do not create high quality HTML mark ups only fromPSD Files, but we also slice down your layouts which are crafted in other formats like GIF, JPG,PNG, TIF, EPS, AI, PDF, BMP. We convert any damn extension available on this planet into highquality hand coded HTML Markups. The days are gone when your beautiful websites looked niceonly in the images and all its beauty vanished away as soon as it was converted into HTML. But,due to an advancement in the technology and an improved coding language, the PSD to HTMLconversion has become superior.All orders for PSD to Xhtml includes:- 100% tableless CSS Search Engine Optimized coding Validates with XHTML Lightweight CSS coding Cross browser tested (Internet Explorer 6-7-8, FireFox, chrome etc) Semantic CodeClick here to Order for PSD to XHTML Conversion ServiceCopyright © 2012 - 13. Designed by: Royaco inc
  5. 5. PSD to HTML5 ConversionPSD to Manythings is one of the most reputed PSD to HTML5 Conversion Company comprising ofhighly talented professionals. Our coding experts will be proficient to convert all types of PSDdesigns into fully functional HTML5 files. If your concern is that the design features might becompromised in the slicing process, you need not have to worry in the least. We will relocateaccurately what you give us in the PSD file to HTML5 format.At PSD to Manythings we specialize in converting your Photoshop designs to high quality annoyedbrowser compatible, W3C valid and SEO semantic HTML/CSS markup. With our PSD to HTML5services we bring the best to our customers within the dedicated time frames and with withoutcomparison quality.Click here to Order for PSD to HTML5 Conversion ServiceAll orders for PSD to Xhtml includes:- Quicker loading of HTML. Flexibility in creating your website. Well structured html5 tags.Copyright © 2012 - 13. Designed by: Royaco inc
  6. 6. PSD to JOOMLA ConversionPSD to Manythings gives excellent psd to joomla. Conversion, installation, joomla theme or modificationand implementation. With joomla as your content management system you can develop any ofwebsites like catalog website, e-commerce website, portals, etc. joomla has been downloaded for about2.5 million times and has emerged as a web development software which is trusted and tried bymillions of people throughout the globe.Also another great thing that will be added to your psd to joomla conversion is that it will be compatiblein all the browsers. Finally the webpage that you will have in the end will be fast loading and morereliable in terms of experience.The most notable thing about our psd to joomla service is that we provide psd to html conversion. So,unlike other service providers you do not shell out your extra dollars for html conversion.Click here to Order for PSD to Joomla Conversion ServiceAll orders for PSD to Joomla includes:- 100% tableless CSS. Flexible module positions Joomla template conversion available. Well structured easy to understandable pixel perfect hand code. Cross browser tested (Internet Explorer 6-7-8, FireFox, chrome etc)Copyright © 2012 - 13. Designed by: Royaco inc
  7. 7. PSD to Wordpress ConversionWordpress has evolved throughout the year as the best blogging tool, it is an open sourceweb based application developed by using the trusted technologies like PHP and MY SQL.Apart, from just being a blogging tool, Wordpress is also used widely as a contentmanagement system. You can develop wonderful websites using Wordpress. Sometimes itmay happen that you might be good at designing the web layouts for your blog or yourwebsite. But, you might face some difficulties in setting the Wordpress theme. If this is thecase then psd to manythings surely can help you with their most affordable psd toWordpress service. We will transform your beautiful designs into a highly interactiveWordpress theme. Our coders at psd to manythings are proficient and known to thecomplete in and out of the Wordpress template tags.Click here to Order for PSD to WordPress Conversion ServiceThe best thing about our psd to Wordpress is that we do not use plug-ins all the time. Ourcoder registers the function and makes it a point to see that all the interactivity like sliders,menus, accordions, etc. are manually registered in the functions.Copyright © 2012 - 13. Designed by: Royaco inc
  8. 8. PSD to OPENCART ConversionIn this ever growing world of online shopping where we have started dealing online in allthe things starting from small mobile bill payments to electronic items, it has become veryimportant factor for various companies to have an infrastructure which helps in selling theirproducts online.If you are also facing such issues and are very much confused in selecting your e-commerceapplication then our suggestion to you would be to go with opencart.However, many webmasters hesitate to obtain for opencart due to the complexity incustomizing the themes as per the psd layouts.Click here to Order for PSD to OpenCart Conversion ServiceHowever psd to manythings helps you to convert your psd to open cart theme. Our codersare best in coding the best in coding the open cart theme. Our usp for psd to opencartconversion is our capability to develop custom module position. Psd to opencart service is100% hand coded and seo compatible.Copyright © 2012 - 13. Designed by: Royaco inc
  9. 9. PSD to EMAIL ConversionIn todays world of internet it has become important to each and every small to big businesses tobe in touch with their customers. Website has been an effective presentation media for displayinginformation simultaneously, E-MAILS, NEWSLETTRES have also become an importantcommunication tool for those companies who don’t have their clients visiting the websitefrequently. Such companies opt for sending newsletters.Our coders are highly experienced in converting your beautiful NEWSLETTER designs into CROSSE-MAIL client compatible HTML NEWSLETTERS.Click here to Order for PSD to Email Conversion ServiceAll orders for PSD to Email includes:- Table based coding Inline optiimized CSS Cross browser tested (Internet Explorer 6-7-8, FireFox, chrome etc) Compatible with major email clients ( Gmail, Hotmail, Rediffmail, Thunderbird, Yahoomail, Yahoomail classic, Outlook 2003, Outlook2007, Outlook 2010 )Copyright © 2012 - 13. Designed by: Royaco inc
  10. 10. Place Your OrderPlace your order on following link:- © 2012 - 13. Designed by: Royaco inc
  11. 11. Contact UsSupport Center:-+91 22 25800005Email Support :-support@psdtomanythings.comCopyright © 2012 - 13. Designed by: Royaco inc