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Welcoming Visitors
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Welcoming Visitors


Published on

Slides for a workshop on welcoming visitors to Unitarian Universalist congregations.

Slides for a workshop on welcoming visitors to Unitarian Universalist congregations.

Published in: Spiritual

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Now Is the Time Top 10 Things You Can Do to Welcome Visitors
    • 2.  
    • 3. Facts about Seekers in Our Congregations
      • Studies show that those who enter our doors as seekers are looking for
      • Stability.
      • A place that feels like “home.”
      • A place to be personally recognized and welcomed.
    • 4. 10. First Time Visitors Page
    • 5. Answers to Visitors’ FAQs
      • How do I get to the church?
      • Where can I park?
      • What are your services like?
      • What happens during Fellowship Hour?
      • Do you have child care and classes for children and teens?
      • What if I have trouble hearing, seeing, and/or getting around?
      • Where can I find out more information about what's going on this Sunday?
      • Are there classes for newcomers?
    • 6. 9. Parking
      • Reserve Some Spaces for Visitors
    • 7. 8. Put Out the Welcome Mat
      • Hang a “Welcome Friends” banner outside the main entrance or inside the foyer
    • 8. 7. Facilities Audit
      • Exterior Signs
      • Grounds
      • Parking
      • Building Entry
      • Interior Signs
      • Worship Area
    • 9. Facilities Audit
      • Religious Education Area
      • Social Area
      • Kitchen
      • Rest Rooms
      • Offices
      • Bulletin Boards
    • 10. 6. Guest Form in Pews
    • 11. 5. Guest Survey
    • 12. 4. Stock Up on Brochures
    • 13. Becoming a Member
      • What it means to join a congregation
    • 14. The Flaming Chalice
      • History and significance of the chalice
    • 15. Unitarian Universalist Origins
      • Overview of European and North American UU history
    • 16. We Are Unitarian Universalists
      • An introduction to what we believe and celebrate
    • 17. Welcome to Unitarian Universalism
      • A Community of Truth, Service, Holiness and Love
    • 18. Our Unitarian Universalist Faith
      • Frequently Asked Questions
    • 19. 3. Offer a Newcomers Class
      • A Chosen Faith
      • Consider Using the Seven-Session Outline
      • Available from Beacon Press
    • 20. 2. Greet Visitors Thoughtfully
      • Use "phantom greeters," regular attendees who like to talk to people and are knowledgeable about the church.
      • They do not identify themselves as part of a greeting program, but simply as members when they approach newcomers.
    • 21. 1. Go Through 100+ Ideas
      • Choose a handful you can do right away:
      • Appoint someone to be responsible for following up on all visitors.
      • Assign "buddies" to every visitor.
      • Make regular announcements regarding how one becomes a member.
      • Take time in the service to joyfully welcome all visitors.
    • 22. Online Resources
    • 23. Online Resources
      • The Membership Journey