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  • 1. For The PSB 50, we approached business elites, or Bizfluential™, audiences.Bizfluentials™ are defined as financially literate, following financial media almost daily or several times aweek. They were aged 21-74, in mid- to high-income groups, working for a company that operates or istraded internationally.Audiences Industries (Top 7)2
  • 2. Fieldwork was conducted online in India, US, UK, France,Germany, China, Indonesia Japan, Malaysia, Singapore andSouth Korea during the first two weeks of March 2011.3
  • 3., Indian companies areconsidered good investments.Overall awareness of Indiancompanies is low.Although they are perceived asdependent on low operating costs.Financial and market performance arekey, but so is brand image.India is heading in the right direction.
  • 4. Generally speaking, do you think that the economy in India is going in the right direction or is it off on the wrong track? // Do youthink Indian companies have/operate under high standards of corporate governance? SHOWING GLOBAL BIZFLUENTIALS5The economy is heading inthe right direction.Corporate governancestandards are seen as high.
  • 5. Which of the following is the most promising sector over the next 5 years in India?At least 23% ofBizfluentials ineach region saythat the IT sectoris India’s mostpromising over thenext 5 years.Construction andAutomotive arealso performing.6
  • 6. On a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being ‘strongly applies’ and 4 being ‘does not apply at all,’ please indicate how much each of the followingstatements applies to companies from India. SHOWING TOP BOX, AMONG GLOBAL BIZLFUENTIALS.Communications is the area in which companiesfrom India most need improvement.7
  • 7. 29% can’t either.The same goes for 29%.When you think about India, what are the top 3 companies that come to your mind? // In your view, which of the following best explainsthe reasons that Indian companies are not as successful as their global competitors?23% can’t spontaneouslyname an Indian company.36% of Global Bizfluentialssay that Indian companies arelimited by being too new to themarket or not as well known orrespected for business.Indian and Global Bizfluentialsagree that poor infrastructureis a significant challenge.8Of the companies tested,just ONE broke 20%unaided awarenessin all regions.
  • 8. In your view, which of the following best explains the recent global success of companies from India? // Which of the followingbest describes your view of companies from India?Where Indians seeentrepreneurialism,Americans andEuropeans see lowercosts.9
  • 9. were then rankedbased on their SummaryScore.Scores were then indexed to100 so that scores over 100are companies that areperforming above average andthose with scores below 100are performing below average.Summary Score – A compositescore of all metrics wascalculated.Perceptual Score – Sum ofFavourability, Future Potentialand Regard.Awareness Score – Sum ofUnaided & Aided Awareness EXAMPLE:
  • 10. 11
  • 11. 12Among GlobalBizfluentials, TataGroup, Reliance andInfosys are most top-of-mind.Performance onunaided awarenesswas not necessarilyindicative of overallawareness or regard.When you think about India, what are the top 3 companies that come to your mind? AMONG GLOBAL BIZFLUENTIALS, OPEN END
  • 12. 13
  • 13. 1457% of EU Bizfluentials can’t either.The same goes for 51% of APAC Bizfluentials.49% of US Bizfluentials can’t spontaneously name anIndian CEO or company leader.Respondents evaluated the CEOsof each rated company on bothUnaided Awareness and Regard(Most Valued CEO/CompanyLeader).We calculated a summary scoreby summing these metrics.Company leaders were ranked ontheir company scores.
  • 14. 15
  • 15. When you think about India, what are the top 3 companies that come to your mind? // In your view, which of the following best explainsthe reasons that Indian companies are not as successful as their global competitors?Top Attributes forAdmired LeadersTop Attributes forAdmired Companies16Achieving price or quality advantage can be fleeting – effective brands helpbuild marketplace longevity.
  • 16. 172.3.1.Build on themes of the entrepreneurialspirit more effectively.Define and explain your uniquebusiness vision.Make brand-building your mission.