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53139713 colonial-broadcasting-company-group-10

  1. 1. Group-10 Abhishek Maheshwari |Gurumoorthi |A G Lakshmanan Krishna Chandra Balodi | Anurag Chaudhari Colonial Broadcasting Company
  2. 2. Introduction y American Broadcasting Network(ABN) and Bellmore Broadcasting Service(BBS) and Colonial Broadcasting Company(CBC) are major networks. y According Neilson Rating, 1 unit rating represented 921,000 viewers y Two kinds ofTV movie y Fact based y Fiction based
  3. 3. Solution(1/6) y Question 1a) y Regression 1 output is Rating=13.346-0.6483BBS+1.397ABN y Thus, Rank according to average rating is RATINGABN > RATINGCBC> RATINGBBS y Question 1b) y ABN produces a rating of 14.743 y CBC produces an average rating of 13.346. y The difference in rating between the two is 1.397
  4. 4. Solution (2/6) y Question 2a & 2b) y From regression 2 output, Rating=13.25+1.401Fact y Therefore, the average rating for a fact based movie is 14.651 and for a fictional movie is 13.25 y Question 3) y From regression 2 output Rating=13.25+1.401Fact y The ratings for fact based movie & fictional movie on an average differs by 1.401 with an r-square value of 0.0742. y The p-value is 0.0109 and thus difference is statistically significant
  5. 5. Solution (3/6) y Question 4) y From table we conclude that a fact based movie has fewer stars than fiction based movies on an average. Type of movie Average Rating Type of movie Average Rating Fictional(including stars & non stars) 13.25 Fact based(including stars & non stars) 14.651 Fictional without stars 12.57 Fact based without stars 14.369 Fictional with stars 13.829 Fact based with stars 15.628
  6. 6. Solution (4/6) y Question 5) y From regression 5, 1 unit increase in previous program rating increases the rating of the movie by 0.1862 y Therefore, 2.5 increase in previous program rating increases the movie rating by = 2.5*0.1862 = 0.4655 y Question 6a & 6b) y From regression 5, 1 unit increase in the average rating of the competitors reduce the rating for CBC network by 0.2899 y Thus, 2 unit increase will reduce the rating for CBC by 0.5798
  7. 7. Solution (5/6) y Question 6b) y From case , 1 unit of rating represent 921,000 viewers y From regression 5, 1 unit increase in the average rating of the competitors reduce the rating for CBC network by 0.2899 y Therefore, for 1 unit increase in rating for ABN and BBS, their audience increase by 921,000 each and CBC audience decrease by 266,998 y Thus overall number of viewers increase
  8. 8. Solution (6/6) y Question 7a) y The regression does not provide enough data to y Question 7b) y For a fictional movie the average rating with star=13.829 and without star=12.57. So the difference in expected ratings would be 1.259. y Question 8) y Yes, Fact based movie has higher rating then fiction base movie y This can be concluded as all the coefficient ofVariable FACT is positive
  9. 9. Thank You