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How to make a branded feature film that audiences would pay to see and compete with Hollywood at the box office!

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Lacta - Love in the end - MIPTV

  1. 1. LACTA “LOVE IN THE END”Panos Sambrakos, Executive Creative Director, OgilvyOne Athens
  2. 2. On Valentine’s day 2013, these movies were playing in Greece...Argo, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook were playing and 3 new movies opened: Oscar winningLes Miserables, the 5th sequel to Die Hard and a little movie produced by a Greek chocolatebrand, titled “Love in the end”.
  3. 3. "e biggest opening night for a Greek movie in the last 5 years! "at night, “Love in the end” had the biggest opening night of the last 5 years for any Greek film, and did nearly half of all the movie tickets sold for the first weekend. So how did that happen? 42% 14% 14% 8% 5% 5%Love in the end A good day to die hard Les Miserables Silver Linings Playbook Lincoln Argo Weekend box-office ticket share
  4. 4. !e “Love in the end” caseHow to make a branded film thataudiences would pay to see and competewith Hollywood at the box office!
  5. 5. Find the kind of movie your brand’starget audience wants to see"e first thing to do, is to find the kind of movie your brands targetaudience wants to see. In an entertainment product you’re selling aticket to, it’s more about what your audience wants to see and lesswhat your brand wants to tell them.For Lacta, our target audience was young girls. And we knew they’dlike to see love stories.
  6. 6. Integrate your brand message into the movie theme And Lacta has always been telling love stories through its TV ads. "e consumer insight being that when you cant find love, you eat Lacta chocolate to fill the emotional gap. Having already produced two online short films for Lacta in the last 4 years, with great success, we decided to take it to the next level. So we integrated our brand message into the movie theme. Instead of settling for an unfulfilled love, Lacta wanted to inspire audiences to chase after their dreams and find love for themselves.
  7. 7. Invite you loyal customers to participate in its creation!So we asked people to submit their stories ofunfulfilled love through our Facebook page. Wecollected about 2.000 of them.One thing you’ve going for you, is that youalready have a connection with your potentialaudience: Your loyal customers! By inviting themto participate in the film’s creation, you have ahead start. We collected 2.000 stories of unfulfilled love...
  8. 8. “On Valentine’s day, three real stories of unfulfilled love, will receive the happy end they never had!”
  9. 9. How do you competewith Hollywood?
  10. 10. Hollywood has well known stars,sequels and franchises. But youprobably already have a fan base onSocial Media to spread your message.Also, these days, people are used towatching films online, many timesdownloading them illegally... InGreece, we turned this into ouradvantage, by releasing a 20-minuteshort film on YouTube, four monthsahead of the actual films release.Take advantageof Social Mediaand online video 17% of the Greek Internet Population saw our 20 minute online teaser "e online teaser told one of the three stories up to its middle point, where a cliffhanger was written in, acting as a Trojan Horse for unsuspecting movie goers.
  11. 11. Make your brand campaign work as a movie campaign TV ad Online short Movie"e other thing you have in your favour is the marketing budget and integrated campaign of a consumer product.Hollywood films are generally promoted a month before their release. In our case, we used the TV campaign for theproduct, and made it work as a trailer at the same time... So we basically had a 4 month campaign for the movie!
  12. 12. Use every available medium Lacta packaging CD singleWe had the films title song be the soundtrack of the TV campaign, which became a huge hitand stayed at the number 1 spot of the Greek airplay for 7 weeks! Even the chocolate packagingwas advertising the movie.
  13. 13. Greek yearly Box-office 2013Rank Movie Title Distributor Gross 1 Argo WB $1,439,932 2 Django Unchained Sony $1,374,091 3 Love in the end Odeon $1,033,489"Love in the end" currently sits at the number 3 spot of the yearly box-office chart for Greece, withmore than a million euros in tickets. As of April 2013. Box-Office Mojo & Internal Data
  14. 14. %o would have thought some years ago, that someday we would make a 90-minute adfor a chocolate and people would pay a million dollars to see it!"
  15. 15. %o would have thought?
  16. 16. - Find the movie your brand’s audience wants to see- Use your brand’s assets to make it a “must see” film So, I invite you to think about it and find the kind of movie your brands target audience wants to see, and then go make that movie. "en use your brands assets in order to create awareness for it and perhaps even compete with other Hollywood films.
  17. 17. See you at the movies! Contact: panos.sambrakos@ogil&.com @panos