How to make users talk about your brand, by talking about themselves!


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See how your brand can gain the attention of Facebook fans, by designing amazing experiences people want to be a part of and share with their friends.

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  • Social Media are a square!
  • How to make users talk about your brand, by talking about themselves!

    1. 1. How to make userstalk about your brand,by talking aboutthemselves!Panos SambrakosExecutive Creative Director,OgilvyOne Athens
    2. 2. What are Social Mediaafter all?
    3. 3. Social Media are a square! A place where people come to talk with their friends,while brand pages are like infokiosks, trying to gain theattention of people in the square, with various methods.
    4. 4. Run a Contest
    5. 5. After participating in a contest, people will soon go back to their conversation with their friends, which is the real reason they came to the square for.
    6. 6. Provide Content
    7. 7. Content is relevant to a fraction of the people, with specific needs and interests. So although it can sustain arelationship with a brand page, it can’t easily create buzz.
    8. 8. Stand for a Cause
    9. 9. People with certain beliefs will “sign” for a cause, thus youcannot create buzz in the square, with this method either.
    10. 10. Design an experience!
    11. 11. We should be designing amazing experiences that excitepeople with their fun and technical wizardry, and have them running in the square, telling their friends to go play too!
    12. 12. How to make a viralFacebook applicationIn 3 succesive steps!
    13. 13. 1. Use a technological gimmick Leverage TechnologyLike “magic mirrors” in a fun house, you have to dazzleaudiences with a trick. Be it something as innovative asAugmented Reality or as simple enough as writing yourname on a chocolate wrapper!
    14. 14. 2. Make users part of the brand story Leverage Make users Technology part of the storyInstead of urging people to simply share your content, youshould prepare a branded “template” for them to tell theirstory. Only then, they keep doing what they came to do inthe “square”: To talk about themselves to their friends.
    15. 15. 3. Enhance with their Social connections Leverage Make users Use Social Technology part of the story connectionsUse Facebook’s building blocks to your advantage, byletting people bring their friends into your experiences. Thatway, you will gain a greater audience for your messages.
    16. 16. 3Bit – Case studyFacebook viral application
    17. 17. 3Bit - Χτσπάει πάντα 3 φορές!
    18. 18. Making it viral... Leverage • Photo insertion in video. Text to speech. Technology Make users • Users stared in the lead role. Wrote the script. part of the story Use Social • Made their friends the co-stars. More than once. connections
    19. 19. 90.000 videos created by 65.000 fans 3Bit Facebook Likes & videos created6000 70000 65.000 fans 600005000 500004000 400003000 300002000 200001000 10000 0 0 Δεκ-11 Ιαν-12 Φεβ-12 Μαρ-12 Απρ-12 Videos Published Lifetime Likes
    20. 20. Combined viewership & response 850.000 views 225.000 comments and likes.
    21. 21. We essentially filled the square with karateka, each giving their friends 3 succesive strikes,all the way to the real kiosk... to buy a 3Bit bar!
    22. 22. 3Bit sales increase +10% Internal Data: Volumes sales Jan Feb. 2012 vs Jan Feb 2011
    23. 23. It’s your turn to strike! Leverage Make users Use Social Technology part of the story connections
    24. 24. Thank you!