Evolution of a Megaphone


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Presentation given at the first Greek Blogger Camp, at Ios on June 3rd, 2007. Presented by Panos Sambrakos, of OgilvyOne Worldwide -- Athens, this is a case study of a web 2.0, blogging campaign done in Greece for the launch of the new Toyota Auris. It concerns the challenges being met by marketing managers in today's "consumer in control" era, and a way to approach this change.

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Evolution of a Megaphone

  1. Evolution of a Megaphone Panos Sambrakos, Business Unit Director, OgilvyInteractive Athens
  2. In the beginning of advertising… 3
  3. …a few gathered to listen. But the marketer needed more “reach”. 4
  4. Then posters covered the streets… 5
  5. …and outdoor advertising created more reach. But it wasn’t enough. 6
  6. Newspapers and magazines informed the world. 7
  7. By placing ads in print, the marketer reached even more. Again and again and again… 8
  8. Then radio came along. A medium, that could reach, inform and entertain more. 9
  9. So the marketer interrupted shows with radio spots. Again and again and again… 10
  10. Technology then brought us, the most powerful medium of them all. Television. 11
  11. So more shows were interrupted by more TV commercials, again and again and again. 12
  12. Until one day… 13
  13. …a wonderful machine was placed in the hands of the consumer. 14
  14. It was simple. The first thing the marketer did, was to place banner ads online. Again and again and again. 15
  15. Until a “second” day… People started talking back! 16
  16. And other people listened… 17
  17. …and talked to each other, about things they were interested in and engaged with. 18
  18. So what can a marketer do, in an age when the consumers do all the talking? ? 19
  19. So what can a marketer do, in an age when the consumers do all the talking? Listen! 20
  20. The Toyota Auris case study Putting the “consumer in control”, at the driver’s seat.
  21. For the launch of the new hatchback model, Auris, Toyota Hellas ran an outdoor, print, TV and banner campaign. 22
  22. And then… we made a blog together. 23
  23. We built a blog at www.aurisblog.gr and invited Greek bloggers to test-drive Auris for a week. 24
  24. They would post their findings on their respective blogs, and all the content would be collected at the Auris blog. 25
  25. We also held a contest for the general public, supporting it with a banner campaign… “Test-drive Auris and win a weekend in Greece with the Auris at your disposal” 26
  26. And we listened… To the blog posts and to the comments. We censored nothing. Good or bad. 27
  27. We listened. People’s voice was louder than ever. • 15 bloggers drove the car after a careful selection process out of the 85 that requested it. • 55 posts were written. Most with photos and videos. • 175 comments were posted at the Auris blog, and more at the participating blogs. • 41.000 unique visitors came at the Auris blog, for a total of 52.000 visits. • 2.000 test-drive requests were submitted by the general public. 50% of all the test-drive requests received through all other channels. (Phone, in-store, events & promotions). 28
  28. Because… quot;When you are close to who you are talking to, there is no need to shoutquot; 29
  29. Thank you very much! panos.sambrakos@ogilvy.com Blogging at www.panos.gr 30