Cloud 101 & BPOS - Microsoft Webinar


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Webinar delivered by Piyush Saggi (Microsoft) on 8/26/10.

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  • The Security Program takes a risk-based, multi-dimensional approach to putting in place the necessary & adequate safeguards across all aspects of a service. The Program aims to define security requirements applicable to people, processes and technology, and implement corresponding controls & capabilities across the services themselves, the supporting platform and infrastructure components, as well as the hosting facilities and the hardware residing within them. Role & Responsibility of the Security Program: Help ensure services are developed in a secure manner. Microsoft’s Secure Development Lifecycle plays a critical role here. Help ensure the services are operated in a secure environment. Security controls exist across and within all layers of a given service, which supports the principle of defense-in-depth.Help ensure that services and infrastructure are monitored for configuration errors, vulnerabilities, security events and anomalous behavior.Help ensure incidents are promptly detected and a mature incident management process not only addresses the immediate issue, but identifies and corrects the cause.Help ensure personnel are adequately prepared and trained to identify security issues and provide notification through the appropriate procedure.
  • Cloud 101 & BPOS - Microsoft Webinar

    1. 1. Cloud 101: Introduction to Microsoft Cloud & BPOS Piyush Saggi Cloud Solutions Specialist Microsoft Atlanta
    2. 2. Agenda oWhat is Cloud Computing? (5:00 mins) oWhat are the various Microsoft Cloud- based offerings? (5:00 mins) o Overview of Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) (25:00 mins) o How to embrace the Cloud? (5:00 mins) o Q&A (10:00 mins)
    3. 3. What is Cloud Computing?
    4. 4. Perspective Matters Consumer (Client) Infrastructure Cloud-based Consumable services Business/IT (Server) Build & deploy custom apps App Dev
    5. 5. What is Cloud Computing? oEssence – use of “Cloud” to denote networks o Computation happens remotely o Access via a network o Cousin of Parallel Computing o Elasticity – On-demand provisioning o Pay-as-you-go
    6. 6. Microsoft Cloud Offerings
    7. 7. Data Center Locations Netherlands China Illinois Ireland Japan Washington India Hong Kong Virginia California Singapore Texas Puerto Rico Current Online locations Other Microsoft locations
    8. 8. Security Program A risk-based, multi-dimensional approach to help safeguard services and data Security Management Security Monitoring & Response, Threat & Vulnerability Management Data Access Control & Monitoring, File/Data Integrity User Account Management, Training & Awareness, Screening Application Secure Development Lifecycle, Access Control & Monitoring, Anti-Malware Host Access Control & Monitoring, Anti-Malware, Patch & Config Mgmt Internal Network Dual-factor Authentication, Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Scanning Network perimeter Edge Routers, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Scanning Facility Video Surveillance, biometrics, Access Control
    9. 9. Microsoft Continuum Cloud On-premise Hybrid • Public • Private SQL SQL (Azure) Office 2010 Office Web Apps
    10. 10. Microsoft Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Software + Services (S+S) Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
    11. 11. BPOS
    12. 12. BPOS Business Productivity Online Standard Suite
    13. 13. Email in the Cloud (Exchange Online) o25GB Mailbox oOutlook and Web Access (OWA) oAnti-Virus/Anti-Spam oShared Calendars, Contacts, Tasks oActive Sync Mobile Devices oSupport* for oCompliance & Archiving*
    14. 14. Exchange Online Explained INTERNET SPAM (Optional) (Optional*) Secure, Encrypt, Archive with add-on services
    15. 15. Collaboration in the Cloud (SharePoint Online) o Create Team & Project Sites o Custom look n feel o Share files & documents online o Wikis, Blogs, Surveys o Simple, No-code Workflows o Content Management o RSS feeds, Email alerts o 20 prebuilt App Templates o 250MB per user
    16. 16. Chat/Presence in the Cloud (Office Communications Online) oInstant Messaging & Presence oGroup IM oAddress Book Search oFile Transfer o1:1 Audio and Video Chat (in network)
    17. 17. Virtual Meetings in the Cloud (LiveMeeting) oSave time – Meet Virtually oWeb Conferencing oPresentations, Voice (VOIP), Video oDesktop Sharing oInternal, Customer, Partner Meetings oUp to 250 attendees
    18. 18. Role-focused Offerings oPower Users/Execs – BPOS + Add-ons oKnowledge Workers – BPOS oAssembly-line Workers – Deskless Offerings Tip: Segment your users; one size doesn’t fit all.
    19. 19. Licensing New or Existing Additional Step-Up USL USL SA Agreement Agreement Agreement Credit for Software Assurance Software Assurance User WITH Subscription Step-Up User License Subscription License Perpetual Client Access License Services Are Licensed on a Per User Basis
    20. 20. Retail USL Pricing BPOS Standard Exchange Online Standard $5.00 Business Productivity Online Suite Office SharePoint Online Standard Includes: $5.25 40% Exchange Standard off SharePoint Standard Office Communications Online Office Communications (IM and Presence) Live Meeting Standard $2.00 $10.00 Office Live Meeting Standard $4.50 Exchange Online Deskless Worker $2.00 25% Deskless Worker Suite off SharePoint Online $3.00 Deskless Worker $2.00 Pricing above does not include volume discounts and Step Up discount
    21. 21. How to embrace the Cloud?
    22. 22. How to embrace the Cloud? 1.Is it the right service for us? (20,000 ft) 2.Does it make economic sense? (10,000 ft) 3.Who will do it? 4.Is it the right service for us? (1000 ft) 5.Migration & Deployment Strategy
    23. 23. How to embrace the Cloud? 1.Theory 1. 2. Service Descriptions – details of technical features 2.Pricing & Cost Comparison 3.Self or Microsoft Cloud Partner 1. Which type of partner? 4.Pilot or PoC via 30-day trial 5.Detailed Project Plan
    24. 24. Cloud Partners oMoving to Cloud – non-trivial oMany partners – many services oYour BUDGET matters oSelf service, teach me, do it for me oAsk about Microsoft-funded Assessments oGet recommendations
    25. 25. Q&A oPiyush Saggi(p-yoosh suggy) oDeck, Resources will be posted @ within 24 hours