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February 2011 edition of the Purple Sage

February 2011 edition of the Purple Sage

Published in: News & Politics
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  • 1. The PurPle SageWaunakee Community High School Volume 9, Issue 5 Presented by The Wednesday Society February 16, 2011 Waunakee, WI Construction builds onOpinion Dance team Lily Vanderbloemen News Editor controversy As the school community is rightly aware, WHS has leads to been undergoing construction Is homework helpful? To read the great throughout the school year. This construction includes increasedFeatures debate, see page 4. the addition of a new office, a second stor y above the awareness 1200 wing, additional science classrooms, as well as Olivia Knier renovations to the commons. Editor in Chief To n y R o t h s c h a d l , t h e The WHS girls’ dance team project superintendent, said, placed first at the regionalTurn to page 8 to read on “There is usually quite a bit dance competition on Januarythe romance scene at WHS. of communication between Principal Brian Kersten stands in the construction zone of what will be 29, qualifying for the state the architects and users of competition.“Entertainment the new front office. (Photo by Lily Vanderbloemen) the space before it gets built.” At state, the girls placed “The Social Network” Therefore, changes to the again once construction to that D u r i n g t h e w i n t e r, second, which is higher thanand “The King’s Speech” initial construction plans have addition resumes. Rothschadl approximately 10 construction the WHS dance team has not been made. Principal Brian said, “At the end of March, workers have been working ever placed before at theare joined by successful Kersten also said, “changes early part of April, when all that on the project, but by summer state competition. However,competitors “Inception” cost money.” snow goes down, then we’ll Rothschadl estimated that a recent controversy emerged ”and “Toy Story 3” in the Kersten meets every other go back to building that area as many as 100 men will be regarding the “Get Crazy ” Monday for half an hour to an up on top.” working on the construction.Best Picture Category. The completion date still lies theme of their competition hour with the project members In spite of the poor weather, routine. – Senior Emily Drewry to address questions or other the new office area has made at the start of the 2011-2012 on Oscar nominees The controversy has sparked situations that come up during great strides. Mud and water school year. some thought in the minds For more on the Oscars, the construction process. cover the ground as tarps of Principal Brian Kersten see page 11. The construction of the outline what will be the walls. and Activities Director Brian second story addition has been Water drips from the ceiling Smith. In the minds of someSports halted due to the unfavorable as heat vents blast through spectators of the regional and Gymnastics weather conditions, or as the room heating the workers state dance competitions, the heads to Kersten said, “Mother Nature within. The outlines vaguely dance and costumes with a the Badger won.” Classrooms had been resemble a front office, but “Get Crazy ” theme pushed disrupted in November by within two to three weeks the envelope past the point of Conference various construction sounds, a vast improvement will be The front office begins to take making a bold statement. As a meet. and noises can be expected apparent. shape in February. For more, (Photo by Lily Vanderbloemen)  see DANCE page 3 Gr ding Our School see page 15.Sage Page Lily Vanderbloemen giving them either a four or a Turn your dollar into a News Editor five. In regards to friendliness fabulous piece of art. and knowledge, the officeTurn to page 16 to learn As first semester came to a staff scored B’s. Comments WHS students close, the staff of The Purple d from students included, “Mrs. t Car how now. Sage distributed a survey to and staff give Harrison is awesome!” “Very r Repo roughly 240 staff and students friendly,” “Always willing to the high school at WHS. The survey consisted WHS help,” “I love them.” One staff of nine areas to be graded with its very own member wrote, “Friendly, most ter 1 three criterion each. For each helpful staff that I have ever s Seme report card on criteria, those surveyed had met!” TS the option of selecting a grade MEN s the first COM ith name of one through five, with one Administrators (including ood w semester of being the lowest and five being DE principal and assistant GRA Very g the 2010- the highest. The results of the principals): SS B stic ld of survey are shown below. Fanta get a ho B • 4.16 C LA 2011 school rs A/B to e With an average ranking ini strato Hard extra mil h year. Office Staff (including front of a 4 or 5, they received a Adm ff C the unc and guidance office): e Sta Go zed l B. The survey asked about Offic lors rgani A/B • 4.48 B availability, friendliness and se Diso The office staff received Coun ial Staff personal connection and B lines taff the highest grade of an A/B, overall knowledge of the d d Custo and Foo ts Grea ntered which would be similar to school community in this en a B+ or A- on our grading Kitch er Staff ce section. Consistently across B id Self- ing room system, out of all subjects in the board, all three areas Prov rs C us Conf rs question. The area the office scored a B. Comments from he Teac ts staff scored the highest in was e B numb nough students included, “Very good availability and willingness to n Stude Building with names,” and “Grabs and tE Stric help, with 95 percent of people Mommo are the best!” One ol Scho N/A WHS REPORT CARD GRADE SCALE s Rule  see REPORT CARD Sc hool 4.5-5.0 A 3.5-4.0 C page 2 4.0-4.5 B 3.0-3.5 D
  • 2. NEWSLily Vanderbloemen, News EditorReport Card great!” Teachers commented, As one student put it, “Why do the categor y of teachers, another student said, “Cell “Wide variety!” and “We have we run out of cookies by late comments were made phones are allowed to go off from Page 1 a great staff!” One student said, “Love all my teachers,” lunch?” regarding the differentiations depending on the student. without being taken,” and “[I] always see people usingteacher noted that we have, and another wrote, “Awesome C o u n s e l o r s ( i n c l u d i n g One teacher said, “Not a good phones in class.” A common“Amazing administrators.” teaching community.” guidance and Pathways): idea to classify all students theme among the comments C • 3.96 into one category! It’s not fair was that the rules were notSchool Building: Custodial Staff: The counselors had the to all.” Other comments from equally enforced. One teacherB • 4.16 B • 4.09 second to lowest score of students included, “Mixed, as said, “Not all teachers are The school building received The custodial staff had an a C. An area of particular kids tend to be rude, many on the same page and theyan overall ranking of a B. In average score of a B. The criteria weakness was accessibility, students are helpful and kind,” should be,” and anotherregards to safety and set-up, that people were surveyed where counselors scored D/C, or “Average. There are ups commented, “Not consistentlyit received A’s. The lowest on included: accessibility, which would be a D+ or C- on and downs for ever yone.” enforced.” One student madescoring category was sense w i l l i n g n e s s t o h e l p a n d WHS’s grading scale. A student One student said, “In general, the comment, “Rules are notof community, in which an knowledge of school building. comment regarding this said, okay, but some bad seeds. equally enforced. If the ruleaverage score of a C was In the area of accessibility, the “Guidance counselor is hard One faculty member made the is not enforced, then there is “received. One student made custodial staff scored comment regarding no point in the rule existing.”the comment, “What sense of an average of a C and the students as, “self- However, one senior wrote, ”community?” Other comments received B’s in both Why do we run out of centered, rules don’t “[School rules] have gottenprimarily dealt with the willingness to help and cookies by late lunch? apply, entitlement.” much better since when I wasconfusing room numbers as knowledge of schoolone faculty member said, building. One student – From a Student Survey A n o t h“The p e r s o nwrote, er students a freshman and less stringent.” While these grades“The room numbers should commented, “I have here are nice to one are subjective, the schoolbe consecutive.” In addition, yet to meet an unfriendly to get a hold of, and when another compared to other community can learn froma student said, “Poor parking janitor.” One teacher said, she is available you have to schools. There could be more them. It should be noted thatarrangements after 8:15.” “[The custodians] have gone wait 10 students and miss sensitivity to people of lower one staff member made the the extra mile for me at times part of class.” Another student income and to other cultures.” comment, “I think we have anTeachers: – outstanding.” said, “My guidance counselor amazing school all around!”B • 4.09 is never there.” In both the School Rules: Te a c h e r s r e c e i v e d a n Kitchen & Food provider areas of friendliness and Strict Enough Editor’s Note:overall grade of a B. Areas staff: knowledge, the counselors School rules include dress Grades were calculatedgraded were knowledge of B • 4.04 scored an average of a B rating. code, cell phone/iPod use, based on results of a WHSsubject being taught, teaching T h e k i t c h e n a n d f o o d One student said, “I love my Pu r p l e Pa s s , e t c . T h o s e Semester One Report Cardstyle and friendliness and providers received an overall guidance counselor, she has sur veyed were given the survey given by The Purplepersonal connection. Teachers grade of a B. In the areas of been super helpful to planning option of circling whether Sage. The survey wasscored the lowest in the area friendliness and knowledge of my classes.” they thought the rules were administered to approximatelyof teaching style with a C kitchen and menu items, the ‘weak sauce strict,’ ‘somewhat 240 students and staff fromoverall, while the other two staff received B’s. Regarding Students: strict,’ ‘strict enough,’ ‘very January 26 through Februarycategories’ average rankings this criteria, one student C • 3.62 strict’ or ‘hardcore strict.’ After 4, 2011. Those surveyed werewere B’s. As both faculty commented, “Very nice and Students scored the lowest averaging the data, ‘strict required to give their gradeand students pointed out, helpful.” Regarding efficiency, on the survey with an overall enough’ is how the school or staff position but remainedteachers vary greatly. As one the kitchen and food staff grade of a C. Students were ranked overall. Some students anonymous. The survey doesstaff member said, “Depends received a C ranking, with the graded in three areas: respect made comments on how strict not reflect the views and oron the person, some are not lowest rankings dealing with t o w a r d o t h e r s , b e h a v i o r the rules were such as, “Chill opinions of the staff of Thevery approachable; others are the issue of few food choices. and attitude. Similarly, to out with the phone rule.” While Purple Sage.New unit introduced in English 9 New brand at Koko group’s personal utopia, then outside of their normalOlivia Knier volunteered to explain its classroom environment, andEditor in Chief features and name to the entire it gets students’ attention. Freshmen groggily strolled group of students and teachers After the groups came up andinto the PAC not knowing what present. shared their personal utopias,to expect from their English English Instructor Lisa which involved anythingteachers on a recent Friday Carothers led the activity. from realistic humanitarianmorning. As they sat down Regarding the presentation for goals to riding on elephantsfor a multimedia presentation English 9’s Dystopia unit, she instead of cars, the groupsEnglish 9’s new “Dystopia” unit said, “We thought we would swapped utopias and foundkicked off. do something a little different the flaws of their peers’ designs A dystopia is the opposite and kick this unit off together.” before writing a summary ofof the term “utopia.” It can be She later commented that how utopias can go wrong.a perfect world that has gone getting students together who As Carothers concludedterribly wrong due to some do not see each other regularly this exercise, she said, “The Kokopelli Café staff (from left to right) Josh Christie, Courtney Buett-apocalyptic event or just a in their English classes builds a problem with a utopia is that mann, Sarah Wirth, Hailey Fancher, Kayla Tarantino and Alison Malekworld that is only perfect for a sense of unity among the class they are usually not a utopia stand at the ready for their group of people. and a more diverse exchange for everyone.” set up is an easier transition Olivia Knier This event took place for half of ideas than in class. In the upcoming unit, “to what the Kokopelli staff Editor in Chiefof the freshman class on Friday, An idea like this to get students will be able to choose will experience when theyJanuary 28 during first hour. students excited about a new from four novels, The Road Kokopelli Café has recently get a job in the community.”The students were handed unit came about with a simple by Cormac McCarthy, The undergone changes to improve She said the set up of usinga worksheet to complete discussion between teachers. Hunger Games by Suzanne its products and efficiency. individual blenders and otherduring a video presentation Carothers said, “The teachers Collins, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Kokopelli Café changed their hand machines are not whatand were asked to write a were collaborating. Since it’s a Bradbury and Feed by M.T. machines, the brand of their most eating establishments indefinition of a utopia based new unit, we thought it would Anderson, with the theme of products, added new products our community use. The skillson the images, sounds and be a good idea to get [students] dystopia to read during the unit. and eliminated old ones during of cleaning and using moreclips in the presentation. The working together to show them Meanwhile, English 9 students exam week. industrial type machines thanpresentation included many that all ninth graders are doing will no longer read Fallen When asked about the were previously used shouldpositive images including this new unit with them.” Angels or write a research reason for the change, Special be useful in the future of thewarm vacation destinations. She also commented that it paper regarding the Vietnam Education Instr uctor and Kokopelli staff at various jobs.After, the freshmen divided gave students a chance to see War as previously been done Kokopelli advisor Monicainto groups to design their another side of their teachers, in the class. Dedrick said that the new  see Koko page 3 Page 2 The Purple Sage February 16, 2011
  • 3. NEWSDance occurred to these individuals, according to Kersten, there is Smith. He also commented on the pride he felt for the Koko Company and right now is one of a few coffee brands which Pepsi owns. An employee of from Page 1 still work to do. dance team when they were  from Page 2 the Pepsi Company visitedresult, the administration plans While it is unsure exactly open to working with the O b v i o u s l y, t h e s w i t c h the school for a meeting withto make some changes on the how the school plans to raise National Alliance on Mental could raise some concern Athletic Director Brian Smithway sensitive issues such as awareness for some serious Illness Wisconsin. The group for the faithful regulars and and after seeing Berres Brothersmental health are regarded in mental and emotional issues approached Kersten and Smith newcomers to Kokopelli, but cups all over the school, askedthe school. that can often be overlooked after the dance had been overall the change has been where they had came from. The dance team performed in the high school setting, performed at the regional meet positive. Smith explained that the schoola routine at the regional Kersten confirmed that he to suggest writing an apology The regular iced cappuccino had a coffee shop and took themeet that some fans deemed is planning to take some to be read before the state and iced chocolate drinkers Pepsi representative there. Theinsensitive towards those who steps in order to increase performance. After Kersten a r e g e t t i n g u s e d t o t h e representative kept in contactsuffer mental health problems. the sensitivity towards these and Smith finished preparing r e p l a c e m e n t f o r t h e s e with the staff of Kokopelli after “In response, they altered their issues with the help of staff it, they showed it to the team, eliminated drinks: chocolate the visit and suggested theycostumes, eliminating and according to and caramel frappés. The think about changing their ”t h e w o r d s “ Ps y c h We have to heighten aware- Smith, “They were new products also include brand to Roasted Bean.Ward” from their strait ness about some issues. receptive to the caramel cappuccinos and After much sampling, testingjacket-resembling ideas of changing French vanilla cappuccinos. and consideration of the newtops and drafted an –Principal Brian Kersten the uniform [prior to Otherwise, all the products m a c h i n e s a n d p r o d u c t s ,apology to those they the state meet] and are the same, just a different “[the vote] was pretty even,offended which they read from the guidance department making amends. They got it.” brand. According to Dedrick, so we decided to go for thebefore their state competition and school psychologist Craig In regards to a future system “people have said they like change,” said Dedrick. Theseperformance. Wille. Kersten also said that he of review before dances can the new hot chocolate better.” votes were casted by various When asked about his has received countless emails be performed, Kersten said, The new brand, Roasted Kokopelli regulars includingthoughts on the situation, and phone calls from schools “It would be cumbersome Bean, is a division of the Pepsi Administrative Assistant PatK e r s t e n s a i d , “ I t ’ s v e r y and individuals all around the to schedule the review of Harrison,unfortunate that the situation country regarding the issue. all dances before they go to Attendanceoccurred, but now it’s Athletic Director Brian Smith performance, but I want to Secretaryhappened. It can be a reminder echoed Kersten’s tone of make clear that we should use Deb Paulson,to us to be sensitive about the learning from this experience. this as a learning moment to be Assistant[difficult] issues some students “You have to learn something conscious of the many issues Trevor Evansface on a daily basis.” from every situation, but it’s people in society face today.” and various Dance team coach Erin just really just a matter of Kersten closed by saying, students.Cotter, in an interview with awareness when anybody “ We d o n ’ t w a n t t o j u s t Tr y out thethe Capital Times, said, “The in the school comes up with apologize and hope it goes new Kokopellithought never crossed my something. They have to be a w a y, w e h a v e t o m o v e products duringmind or the school’s or the aware because of the visibility forward to heighten awareness its 8:30-10:15parents’ or the kids’ that it was of this school. Because of about some issues.” New machines at Kokopelli produce caramel and a.m. hours.about mental illness.” While our school’s success in many mocha frappés sold for $1.50 each.the thought may have never things, people look at us,” said (Photo by Olivia Knier) The decisions you make Today can have a lasTing impacT on your fuTure. sTarT by choosing edward Jones. Market volatility can make you second-guess your long-term investment strategy. You may have questions, and it’s essential that your financial services firm and financial advisor provide Free cookie for you with the attention you deserve to help ensure you’re on track to meet your long-term financial goals. At Edward Jones, we believe our unique, face-to-face approach makes us best-suited to serve long-term investors, attendees of especially when it comes to meeting their current needs and future financial goals. Waunakee sports Call today to schedule a complimentary financial review. Events with Tammy A Reefe, AAMS® Shelley M Moffatt, AAMS® stamped hand Financial Advisor Financial Advisor . . 314 E Main Street 221 S Century Avenue $1 off Waunakee, WI 53597 Waunakee, WI 53597 608-850-6267 608-849-6649 Member SIPC (When you spend $5 or more) 600 W. Main Street, Waunakee, WI 53597 (608) 849-6327February 16, 2011 The Purple Sage Page 3
  • 4. OPINIONJamie Warner, Opinion EditorHomework: root of success or insomnia? work we have to do can lead they are going to be the ones one third of all children (thoseLily Vanderbloemen Olivia KnierNews Editor to a decline in sleep, but do who have to grade them. Many under 18) suffer undue stress Editor in Chief you honestly believe you will assignments are superfluous, from exactly that, excess America often prides itself on be getting anything more but there is still something you You get home from practice work. Many studies show thatbeing one of the best countries than six hours of sleep at can get out of them, whether around 6 p.m., eat some dinner people who relax, even forfor education. However, when college? If anything, we should it is learning to take better and shower, and now it is 7 only a short time, are moreexamining the statistics, the be thanking our teachers for notes, using critical thinking p.m. Your time to relax, with productive when they returnUnited States has actually been preparing us for the workload or increasing your vocabulary. some reading or T.V. perhaps, to their workplace, or in ourfalling behind. in college, where you are If you still find those stupid has vanished. Why? case, our studies. Students and According to the Associated not assigned twenty pages of imperialism history questions Graded homework for teachers will work better withPress, high school graduation reading and a worksheet but irrelevant, just think: some day the three classes on your each other if students have lessrates nationwide are 70 rather sixty pages of reading you will be a whiz on Jeopardy. schedule tomorrow is due in busy work and teachers havepercent but dipping below 50 and an essay. Staying up High school is ultimately a approximately 13 hours. In less homework to grade.percent in some of our nation’s working on homework is not small stepping stone in our life short, too much homework Not only does too muchlargest cities such as Detroit ideal, but it is our only option. preparing us for the avalanche increases student stress levels homework stress us out, itand Indianapolis. If you are sleep deprived, you of adulthood, and homework to unhealthy amounts and can could lead to an unhealthy Spending 8:15 a.m. to 3:25 will find time to make it up is a tool to help expand on our waste their valuable time. decline in the amount of sleepp.m. in school from Monday somewhere, and maybe that knowledge. If you are serious With weekends filled with we get. Staying up late to finishto Friday with free weekends, does mean dropping one of about getting a good education work schedules, potential busy work for a class makesdays and even weeks off, we your various extracurriculars. and learning more than ninety family activities and other you irritable and unfocused todo not have it that bad when If you are finding homework “quality ” minutes provided various catch up items from learn the following school day.compared to other developed completely bogging you down, every other day, you will do the week, there is little time Obviously, this is not healthy forcountries. Some students tr y not going on Facebook your homework. to relax. Working to increase any human being, especiallynot only spend longer hours when you sit down to work on In six years when we are all our knowledge is important as growing school each day but also your essay; you will be amazed out there looking for jobs, you students, but constantly being We all have 24 hours inare in class half of Saturdays. at how much time you save. will thank your high school for loaded with extra work outside a d a y, c o m m i t m e n t s t oOur federal government has Fi n a l l y, t h e h o m e w o r k the free education it provided the 7.5 hours we spend at extracur ricular activitiesbeen striving for improvement assigned, is assigned for a – no matter what stress it school every day is unnecessary inside and outside of school,in education systems in the reason. My math teacher, Mr. evoked. and unhealthy. According to a need to spend time withUnited States, and cutting Millar, recently told us how we Parenting Magazine, almost our families and friends andhomework makes this harder. would never use trigonometric different circumstances that Students are busy. With proofs in real life, require a lot of attention. Whyclasses, sports, jobs, clubs, but we would use should our time be wastedfamily and friends, everyone the critical thinking doing worksheets to cramr uns short on time. The behind them. This is superfluous informationextra workload we bring an excellent point. into our overflowing youngon ourselves we do for our If you are finding minds? It should not. If therepersonal enjoyment or for that all the work and is something crucial for us tocollege application. Yes, it can topics in a class learn in order to live well, moreinduce stress. However, in pointless, power to the teachers that arethe real world when we are a do not fostering our society by helpinglittle stressed out because we take the us learn valuable information,have to drive our kids to soccer class; but are worksheets of graphingpractice, clean the house and for the translated trigonometricmanage the PTO meeting, and m o s t functions really going to helpour boss wants that proposal p a r t me get my first job? Absolutelyon his desk by Monday, we those not. These types of assignmentscannot simply sleep in first classes are unnecessary and a wastehour. By learning at a young are not of time.age how to manage stress, required. In closing, high schoolwe will learn to efficiently E v e r y teachers should reconsidermanage time and to prioritize, piece of what topics are worth givingmaking us better citizens and homework homework on and are crucialemployees. Also, we have a teacher for the student to understandbeen doing homework for assigns leaving high school withoutyears and now have it naturally is with a giving students or themselvesbuilt into our schedules. purpose the stress of finishing busy There is no doubt all the because work. “School is a B “A. I’ve worked at another school “A-, we have a good because it’s ballin’.” in the past. Students and staff here community.” John Putnam are wonderful, very enjoyable.” Amanda Mathwig Grade 12 Amy Neitzel Grade 11 Family and Consumer Education Instructor “ our school? “B. Most teachers “B. It’s still school, How would you ” are fun, and most but there are good students are good people.” Henry Lemcke teachers.” Morgan Parnell grade Grade 10 (See News for more on results of student survey) Grade 9 Photo poll by Lydia Dorn and Jamie WarnerPage 4 The Purple Sage February 16, 2011
  • 5. OPINION WEDNESDAY SOCIETY speaks Q uotable THE UOTE A Warfare of Words The disagreement goes beyond that of the original “ misunderstanding, and the cycle of ill-feeling and counter A barrage of bitter hostility is let loose at a new foe, ill-feeling will continue to run until someone decides to stop and sharp retaliations fly back and forth within a harsh it. We urge those embroiled in a disagreement to do just that: battlefield. Indignant retorts flare forward and crater to drop their weapon of words and save each other further I realized the earth. Before more damage ensues, it is important to damage. After all, life is hard enough as it is. Why wage war remember a point often lost in the chaos and heat of anger: when you could live in peace? that if I had what started the disagreement in the first place. Every single human being makes many mistakes daily. A spark of disagreement can come in a variety of forms: We do not think about everything that comes out of our to choose, It can be an insensitive word, a poorly timed turn of a mouths. If we did, we would be spending the majority of phrase, or just a simple misunderstanding. What all our time processing what to say instead of conversing and reacting. Now, this does not mean to spout off whatever pops I would misunderstandings have in common, though, is that they are rarely intentional. Few people are insensitive simply for the sake of being insensitive. Instead, people perform careless into your head at any given moment; instead, take in your environment and react respectfully. rather have actions accidentally, without knowing who they will affect. The response they can evoke, on the other hand, can be Many situations we face each day could turn sour, but this is not what makes us who we are. How we react to these birds ” fueled with the intention to hurt. People tend to be angry if they find something to be angry about, and unfortunately situations is what speaks volumes about our character. We all have a different sets of morals, different words, phrases than they target the person instead of the controversial problem. Then, rebuttals are the same, and soon, what started as and situations that may be innocent to one and offensive to another. In some situations, someone is going to be offended airplanes. an innocent but insensitive comment has escalated into a no matter what. The best thing we can do is to lay down our malicious pointing of fingers. arms and stop anger from escalating. – Charles LindberghBusting unions holds workers in contempt and fatten their wallets at eight hour work days, Madison, among others, says representing Abbotsford. ThatGlenn Will the expense of employers, restrictions on child labor, the governor is union busting. statement alone is an insult.Columnist consumers and taxpayers, overtime pay, regulations In essence, Walker wants The upper crust is not sharing Capitalizing on the public’s bleeding the state’s budget on health, employee safety, to make Wisconsin a right-to- the pain. These proposalshistorically low support for dry. (Also, unions historically welfare and other issues that work state, meaning no one has are designed to help the richunions during hard economic donate large amounts of money have made working more to join a union for employment. maintain their wealth. Walkertimes, Scott Walker dealt a to Democratic campaigns.) enjoyable for all Americans. Business owners would is suffocating the middle classtremendous blow to public Walker keeps reminding us Are union members fat cats rejoice because unions would after he specifically said duringsector employees in the state “the state’s broke,” which for wanting better working be weakened, meaning all his campaign that he wantedof Wisconsin on Friday. is why Wisconsin cannot conditions? Collective workers would lose a body that to help them. A statement The plans to cut collective afford extravagances like bargaining is necessary and fights for better pay, reasonable from his campaign websitebargaining stem from Walker’s collective bargaining. This is union actions defend working hours and a multitude of other reads “Every decision must beargument that unions leech the conservative party line people. positive things. Right to Work considered in the context oftaxpayer dollars and are regarding unions, and in S e n a t o r Fr e d states have a historic legacy of what it means for job creationovercompensated. What a modern times like these it Risser, a Democrat ranking lower in their quality and economic recover y.”great way to thank the people could not be more wrong. representing of living, as they have lower Does hurting one hundredwho work for you, right? Many of the overlooked wages, higher poverty, less and seventy five thousand state Members of the state comforts that American access to health care union workers really reflectemployee unions, including families enjoy were and poorer education these values?public school teachers, would won through for children, according Walker is walking a thin line,lose their ability to argue for the sweat to data from the U.S. and he knows it. He alreadypay, while also being required and blood o f Department of Labor put the National Guard onto pay increasing amounts for u n i o n and the U.S. Census alert to fill in as prison workerstheir pensions and healthcare. members. Bureau. Is this right in case of strikes. HopefullyThese steps will make a tough I t i s for Wisconsin? No. this is a sign that there willeconomic time even harder for important to “We’re all going be a significant reaction tomany Wisconsin families. remember to have to share Governor Walker ’s union- Conservatives validate their that union in the pain,” busting proposals becausearguments by pushing negative bargaining is said Assembly Wisconsin families deservestereotypes of union members. responsible Majority Leader strong advocates.The Right says that workers for the Scott Suder, ain unions are less efficient weekend, Republican THE PURPLE SAGE Editorial Staff The Purple Sage Waunakee Community High School EDITORIAL Contact us by e-mail: 301 Community Drive POLICIES Waunakee, WI 53597 The Purple Sage is written and produced entirely by OLIVIA KNIER KELLY MARTIN EMILY DREWRY Waunakee Community High School students. 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Subscriptions to The Purple Production Assistant Sage are available for $20 per year. Mail subscription SIERRA GILLESPIE requests or other requests to our mailing address or OSRIC Entertainment Editor e-mail address. Gnome February 16, 2011 The Purple Sage Page 5
  • 6. OPINIONThe cure for senioritis must learn in the workforce, of material. Throughout theEric Momou with friends, punctuality and many lectures of teachers, it isColumnist such. Assessing time whilst most likely that your mind will As the onslaught of the prioritizing recreational wander. As the last snowfallcoming ‘dog days’ of a fourth activities is a benefit to hits and all melts away, theyear to high school come to a your sanity. Analyze what inkling bit of sunshine willclose, it is interesting to note quadrants of your life demand impart you with malaise. Youthe precautions teachers havetaken to prevent students from the most; but differentiate the imperative from the lax will feel elated yet contrarily entrapped. At no time in your Thumbs up! Thumbs down...contracting a pandemic we areas. In so doing order is high school career will payingseniors know all too well. established, and unexpected attention be more rewarding. Dance Awkward As I have already been events do not tend to pop up. Most of the information can besubjected to this malady (as Time is an investment and the lost easily. Retaining such is a team takes romanticmany of my teachers can best investors know how to difficult endeavor. So make it second at encounters.attest) I believe I will give you make a profit. The profit being: a focus to submit your mind state.five tips for what to do after success. to the lectern; you are almostcontracting it—because it will Learning is an incentive for done. Listen to a tee. Celebratinginevitably come. the future. Understand that Lastly, it is not wrong to Wisconsin Saint Do not strive to finish all the countless hours you invest entertain yourself with sports Valentine withwork to perfection as that in comprehending secular thoughts of summer and the teams. Our chocolates andis a foolhardy endeavor. information do not go in vain. future. On a regular basis,However, given deadlines and In short, learn with personal give yourself what you have football team flowers. Thethe stresses of everyday life, purpose. Understandably, this earned. Studying, reading and apparently martyr’s sadanxiety sets in. What one may is a simple idea; however, as conceptualizing come at adeem perfect, to another might the senior days dwindle, it cost to your psychological heard and story is aban-well be comparably pathetic. becomes easier to lose sight wellbeing, so take a rest finding obeyed “Go doned for moreIn a relative sense, perfection of this fact. Some will follow yourself in the process and do Pack Go” merry an illusion. Reaped from self- their schedules religiously: something you love. Demandsdiscipline, it is possible to excel; they seem to adhere to the come often with fortitude, yelled at ourhowever, depression is likely to mundane with strict, dutiful but rewards are rare. Thus, televisions. The muddyensue if a standard is virtually acquiescence. take the remaining carefullyimpossible to meet. Therefore L ear n to analyze what planned area of life to relax Februaryit is wise to convince yourself fragments of your learning and indulge in association with Democratic slush: a sureof future shortcomings. will benefit you in the field you others. revolutions sign of spring. Deadlines are your friends. wish to pursue. Wasting your For the present, life seemsAs laughable as that statement high school years on classes to remain in a neutral state. in Egypt and Also, the peopleis, it is tr ue. While I am that do not benefit you will It is neither exciting, nor is it elsewhere, who leave ahypocritical in this respect inevitably lead to senioritis. unbearably boring, but heed along with their layer of saidwith my procrastination, I Doubtless, senioritis will come; the idea that senioritis is butfind this a vital issue that it is how that remaining energy the beginning of a future to coverage in the slush throughoutbecomes increasingly is channeled that makes a come. media. school.important as life progresses. difference in your future.It is a rudimentar y skill all Do not feign comprehensionVested interest in controlling Egypt blocks true democracy the United States to the figure will have an overwhelmingJamie Warner for several years despite presence there whether or notOpinion Editor and has relied h a v i n g the revolution is successful. As the people of Egypt grow on us for military complete If the revolution fails andcloser to a new government protection and control the Islamic Brotherhood isand the strength of democratic aid. In return, over Egypt oppressed like they wereideals escalates, media interest the United States for almost thirty before, then they will becomerises, too; it seems there has wins an enticing years. Instead, he embittered and more likely tobeen little on the news not strategic point in has used police side with terrorist organizationscovering some aspect of the the Middle East, suppression of to gain representation or toconflicts. especially useful in competing political strike at the United States. One person who oddly the Iraq War. powers such as If violence is the only way ahas not seemed interested However, when the Islamic group can find freedom, thenin politicking or putting his making a decision Brotherhood we should not be surprisedopinions on the table is whether to interfere to gain more when they turn to violentPresident Obama, who has with Egypt’s power for himself, terrorist organizations. If webeen decidedly on the fence revolution, we need to blaming faults and let people have free speechthroughout most of the ordeal. look beyond what is in it ineffectiveness on and representation, the resultHowever, Obama’s reluctance for us. We need to look his subordinates. will be take a side does not reflect at what is morally right. There are fears that The United States is oftenthe situation’s unimportance. If Egypt has a an Islamic revolution accused of being hypocritical, Instead, Obama is stuck successful revolution, will be a terrorist siding with dictatorsbetween two competing forces: decades of oppression threat for the United running faux democraciesself-interest and morality. The will end. According States. However, the while extolling the virtue ofside of self-interest is backed t o t h e C I A Wo r l d Islamic Brotherhood democracy here. The situationby the militar y advantages Factbook, 20 percent is actually fairly in Egypt is a chance for ourof keeping the status quo of Egypt’s population moderate. The country to take a clear sidegovernment, and the side lives under the poverty p l a n n e d l e a d e r, against a harsh, oppressiveof morality argues for letting line. Former Egyptian Mubarak’s vice leader. We need to stand fordemocratic processes go President Mubarak president, is democracy and human rightsunhindered. has not made any even more in Egypt, letting the revolution Egypt has been a close ally of significant change so. Besides, they run unhindered.Page 6 The Purple Sage February 16, 2011
  • 7. ENTERTAINMENT Sierra Gillespie, Entertainment Editor‘The Roommate’ lacks the ‘scare factor’ At first Sara and Rebecca B i l l y Z a n e , m y s t e r i o u s l y promising idea. The genre it is probably not entirely Sierra GillespieEntertainment Editor become good friends, but takes a leave of absence. itself focuses mainly on high t h e p r o d u c t i o n ’ s f a u l t . eventually things start to go awry. A s T h a n k s g i v i n g b r e a k school and college students, The horror genre puts out In approximately Sara starts to distance herself approaches, Sara reluctantly and a roommate is something hundreds of films so closely 107 days, the senior from Rebecca when she starts agrees to accompany Rebecca most of them can relate to. related to each other, making class will graduate dating Stephen, played by Cam to her home for break. While College will bring a new, new scare tactics exponentially W a u n a k e e Gigandet, and begins hanging spending the weekend with unknown roommate who will difficult to create. Scary movies H i g h S c h o o l . out with another freshman Rebecca’s family in her home probably end up being a great with good acting, a promising For the majority of the Tracy, played by friend. But what about story line and even a decent future graduates, college A l y M i c h a l k a . the off chance that scare factor are hard to come by. will be the next step, and Rebecca starts to he/she is a complete T h e a c t i n g i n t h e f i l m with it comes many changes. get jealous of Sara’s maniac? The horror was decent as far as scary College will be a new lifestyle other relationships g e n r e f r e q u e n t l y movies can go, thankfully not with new influences, new and goes to great capitalizes on this over the top. As for the rest people, new opportunities lengths to prove “what if ” factor of of the necessities of scar y a n d t h e e x p e r i e n c e her loyalty to Sara. unlikely occurrences. movies, “ The Roommate” o f a n e w r o o m m a t e . A t f i r s t S a r a T h i s i s c l e a r l y fails. However, there is still The majority of college sees no harm in attempted in “ The hope to terrify the audience. freshman are required to Rebecca’s strong Roommate,” but is In a short while the senior live on campus, and most attachment, she not orchestrated well. class will graduate, and not new college students end simply assumes that With the exception long after graduation other up living with a roommate. Rebecca has yet to o f o n e o r t w o students will leave for college. This is practically inevitable m a ke a n y o t h e r m i n u t e s o f s c a r e The only chance for “The in the world of college, which friends at college factor throughout Roommate” to successfully m a ke s t h e i d e a o f “ T h e and is therefore t h e f i l m , n o t h i n g s c a r e i t s a u d i e n c e i s t o Roommate” so frightening. clinging to Sara. v e r y f r i g h t e n i n g make them think, “what if ”? Set at the University of Los But each passing happens until the Still, “The Roommate” will Angeles, “The Roommate” day at the university conclusion of the not last for future generations chronicles the freshman year of l e a d s t o m o r e movie, and even that to view. Unlike “The Exorcist” aspiring fashion designer Sara d e v o t i o n f r o m R e b e c c a , town, Sara notices many is completely predictable. o r “ H a l l o w e e n ” w h i c h Matthews, played by relative resulting in strange occurrences strange events that lead her There are many instances are still scaring audiences newcomer Minka Kelly. Sara’s f o r c l o s e o b s e r v e r s . to believe that something during the film that could decades after their release, new roommate is Rebecca Tracy starts to distance i s w r o n g w i t h R e b e c c a . have been rewritten to seem “The Roommate” will soon Evans, played by “Gossip herself, and Sara’s fashion Fo r t h e h o r r o r g e n r e , scarier. “ The Roommate” fade away, and cinema will Girl” star Leighton Meester. p r o f e s s o r , p l a y e d b y “The Roommate” is a ver y failed in this category, though thankfully forget it ever existed.Cage the Elephant stands out NBC’s newcomer does not belong their acting does not meet the group of friends. Meghan Caulfield Cage the Elephant has a Tommy Wiesler expectations set by the other “Perfect Couples,” is in the Columnist strong rock sound, similar to Columnist shows of the network. It lacks lineup among five very unique a modernized Nirvana. NBC Thursdays have been creative wit as well. shows, where it does not belong. C a g e t h e The dark opening track, TV ’s “it” night for many The show in general is just W h a t m a k e s s t a n d a r d Elephant is an “Always Something,” is driven seasons. “The Office,” for not that funny. The jokes do comedy great is a breakout alternative rock by its stable beat and relatable example, has been one of the not seem to be written for character, someone that b a n d m a d e yet glum lyrics. “Aberdeen” is best shows on TV for its six dialogue; rather each person “Perfect Couples” lacks. up of vocalist a memorable tune with a seasons. Take Barney Stinson, Matthew Shultz, guitarists catchy and infectious chorus. B u t e v e n for instance. He makes Brad Shultz and Lincoln The next track, “Indy though a lot of “ H o w I M e t Yo u r Pa r i s h , b a s s i s t D a n i e l Kidz,” takes a hit on the p e o p l e t h i n k Mother ” legendar y, Tichenor, and dr ummer many “carbon-copied” kids s o , N B C ’ s as does Urkel on Jared Champion. who make up popular music h i l a r i t y d o e s “Family Matters.” In The band was established scenes. Alternating explosive not stop there. addition, The Fonz, in 2006 in Bowling Green, and stable periods make up “30 Rock” has he makes for the Kentucky, and since then has the notable track, “Shake Me won the Emmy coolest character on made it big. Down.” “Shake Me Down” for best comedy “Happy Days.” This The alternative rock group’s was also the first single s e r i e s t h r e e is someone “Perfect sophomore album, Thank released off of the album. t i m e s , a l o n g Couples” does not You Happy Birthday, was “Sell Yourself ” showcases with countless have, and will need released on January 11, 2011. Shultz’s abrasive vocals. other awards. if it is to sur vive. It has been three years “Rubber Ball,” “Right Before “ P a r k s a n d If NBC decides since their first self-titled My Eyes” and the closing R e c r e a t i o n ” to return to Thursday’s album, Cage the Elephant, track, “Flow,” stand out due i s a b s o l u t e l y normal four show was released in 2008. to their slow and melodic amazing as well. l i n e u p , “ Pe r f e c t Thank You Happy Birthday tempos. “Community” has great acting tries to be funny on their own. Couples” will definitely get debuted at number one on W h i l e t h e r e a r e and an even better concept. The stor ylines are bland the boot. iTunes charts the day of its s o m e i n s i g n i f i c a n t a n d Even “Outsourced” has lived as well. The entire show is I f N B C k e e p s i t s s i x release. unimpressive tracks such u p t o T h u r s d a y ’ s n a m e . just unoriginal. With all of episode set, then “Perfect To prepare for this album, as “2024” and “Sabertooth But unfortunately, NBC the lackluster relationship Couples” is going to need a Cage the Elephant moved to T i g e r, ” t h e n u m b e r o f T h u r s d a y ’ s n e w c o m e r problems, I have gotten bored replacement. For now, though, England for two years, wrote outstanding tracks makes “Perfect Couples” does not with the show after its first four it is nestled in pretty tight. and arranged ample material. this album an overall success. follow the comedy trend and episodes. The repetitive fighting So take some time between Upon retur ning to the Cage the Elephant have falls short of its sibling shows. and sex gets dull pretty fast. “Community” and “The Office” United States, however, they m a n a g e d t o k e e p a n d The show follows three “Perfect Couples” definitely to do some homework, eat went through a deep cycle improve their unique sound, unique couples, each with does not belong on Thursday dinner, or watch the snow of inspiration and expanded an ability which makes them different relationships. The nights. It is a standard sitcom, melt. “Perfect Couples” airs themselves musically, to stand out in the alternative show stars relative unknowns i.e. “Friends,” “Seinfield,” or at 7:30 p.m. Thursday nights. create what is now known as, rock genre. Kyle Bornheimer, as Dave, and “Everybody Loves Raymond,” Thank You Happy Birthday. Christine Woods as Julia, and a show that follows a family/Page 10 The Purple Sage February 16, 2011
  • 8. ENTERTAINMENTTalent shines at Waunakee’s Got TalentThe Purple Sage interviewed DECA president senior Maggie Holm about her club’s talent show.Purple Sage: Is this the first year that DECA is doing a talent show?Maggie Holm: A talent show, yes, but a fundraiser, no. Last year it was Mr. Warrior.PS: Why did it change?MH: It was a class decision by majority vote.PS: How much work goes into this production?MH: We have been planning since November, and have spent many class periods working on it. PS: What are the prizes?MH: First place is $100 and Competitors at Saturday night’s talent show performed before the community. Above, firstsecond is $50 for each age place winner Fritz Thistle, the band of senior David Droster and freshman Will Droster. Thegroup. First age group is 2-6 brothers showcased talent in playing drums, guitar, and singing to take home the $100grade, and the second is 7-12. prize. Above right, junior Caleb Smith sings and plays guitar to Oasis’ “Wonderwall.” HePS: Who are your judges? took home the second place prize of $50. Below right, judges dressed up as celebrities toMH: Mrs. Doucette, Mr. Acker get into the spirit of the show. (Photos by Emily Drewry and Lydia Dorn)and Mr. Krause.Predicting the winners: 2011 Academy Award anticipationThe 83rd Annual Academy Awards are set to air on Sunday, February 27 on ABC at 7 p.m.Emily Drewry pond: “The King’s Speech,” “Inception” and “The Social in the film industry, as many viewers. Last year’s show had Copy Editor a period piece about King Network” with eight each. The believe she should receive the 41.6 million viewers, higher George VI, is already racking rest of the nominations are award for Best Actress. While than the past couple years The Oscar buzz is whirring up the awards and is on a generally spread out, including she received votes in both behind it, but still a fall from to life again, and this year, the winning streak that appears to a couple to “The Fighter,” that category and that of Best the late 90’s and early 2000’s, focus on fashion, films, and continue. “Alice in Wonderland,” and Supporting Actress, she was where viewer count passed 45 famous faces looks to be just The film recently received “Harry Potter and the Deathly placed in Supporting because million almost every year. as exciting as usual. a c c o l a d e s f r o m t h e Hallows Part 1.” of the quantity of votes she While results are impossibly T h e c o m m e n t a r y Producers Guild, Directors W h i l e n o m i n a t i o n s received. impregnable in their white about the unparalleled Guild and Screen Actors usually go to films largely With hopes of a younger envelopes, it is only nature to show, now presenting Guild of America. recognized in the box office, crowd tuning in to watch the wonder which films will come awards for the 83rd year, “The Social Network” artistic films were notably show, producers for this year’s away from the night as big is revolving around which a n d “ T h e K i n g ’ s powerful this year. Films such Oscars are hopeful for a high winners. motion pictures Speech” are joined as “Black Swan,” “Winter’s rating and large amounts of will take away b y s u c c e s s f u l Bone,” and “Blue Valentine,” top honors and c o m p e t i t o r s make appearances on the list. who will present “‘Inception,” and The nomination of “ Toy a c c e p t a n c e “Toy Story 3” in Stor y 3” for Best Picture is s p e e c h e s . the Best Picture monumental, making it only No questions c a t e g o r y. T h e the third animated film to be asked, the star- award is typically nominated in that category. studded event on considered the The film was the highest February 27 will most valuable and grossing of 2010, bringing in not disappoint. g a r n e r s t h e m o s t over $400 million throughout Since “The Social interest. Last year’s the year.Network” premiered winner was the war This year’s Academy Awards s e v e r a l m o n t h s f i l m , “ T h e H u r t are looking to be different from ago, the general Locker.” those in the past in regards to c o n s e n s u s h a s This year is only the the involvement of youth. The agreed that the film, third that ten movies hosts, Anne Hathaway and a b o u t Fa c e b o o k ’ s are nominated for the James Franco, are some of the creation and incredible Best Picture category, youngest in hosting history. growth, will gar ner after 1944 and 2010. A c t o r s a n d a c t r e s s e s the top honor of Best The increase from five nominated for awards are Pi c t u r e . T h e f i l m ’ s to ten nominations was also on the younger side, popularity and relevance to bring recognition to i n c l u d i n g Fr a n c o ( “ 1 2 7 to popular culture today more films, hopefully Hours”), Jesse Eisenberg (“The steadily solidified its increasing ratings for Social Network”), and Natalie position in Best Picture the show as well. Portman (“Black Swan”). conversations. Nominations this Perhaps the most notable is However, the premiere year are led by “King’s Hailee Steinfeild, a 14 year and huge success of Speech,” with 12 old nominated in the category a new film nominations, of Best Supporting Actress has turned followed by for her role in “True Grit.” the attention “True Grit” Steinfeild’s incredible acting a c r o s s t h e with ten, and debut has caused a lot of talk Comic by Robert Kueffer February 16, 2011 The Purple Sage Page 11
  • 9. ENTERTAINMENTNolan has a promising future New game announced as well, allowing you to he has been a part of, leading c a r e e r s o f m a n y a c t o r s , Ryan MinorJack Rosenberry be much more varied in many fans and critics to believe cementing those of others, ColumnistColumnist combat. The spells work that Nolan is one of the most and generating some of the “I think audiences get too talented and imaginative most popular films of the 21st Pe r h a p s I almost like that of “Bioshock comfortable and familiar in filmmakers in the business. century, Nolan’s movie career should insert 2,” in which you can have a today’s movies. They believe He has used such subjects has only just taken off. If his m y f a n b o y spell in your left hand and everything they’re hearing and as dreaming, sleep disorders, past is any indication of his tears of joy at a weapon in your right. You seeing. I like to shake that up.” magic, superheroes, stalkers, future, he has a long life of this moment. can also duel-wield lighter Movie director Christopher and anterograde amnesia to making successful movies O f f i c i a l l y weapons, and magicians Nolan once said these words, create high grossing films. For ahead of him. announced at the Video can even wield different and it is clear Surprisingly, Game Awards, “The Elder spells in both hands. In that he abides Nolan’s career Scrolls IV: Skyrim” will addition to changes in the by them in the s t a r t e d o n l y become the next installment core mechanics of the game, creation of all thirteen years in Bethesda’s award winning there is also another bit of a of his films. ago, and the franchise, and there is good change in the world: now T h o u g h nine movies reason for much joy. there are dragons.overshadowed he has made I would like to note that You will be able to slay b y s o m e o f s i n c e h a v e “Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” is these mighty creatures in his legendary c o l l e c t i v e l y the first game I played on a the world, and each one you H o l l y w o o d grossed over current generation console, slay grants you their soul to counterparts, t w o b i l l i o n and it is really what got me increase your ability to use Nolan is one of d o l l a r s into gaming. powerful dragon shouts. the most gifted w o r l d w i d e . For those who played These do anything from d i r e c t o r s i n He is one of “Fallout 3,” and want to play knocking back enemies to the business. the most gifted something else Bethesda, making these beasts fight by He has been newcomers to people who are ready for your side. a t t a c h e d t o t h e c i n e m a some more “Elder Scrolls,” Based on the screen test such projects s c e n e , a n d or anyone who likes western of the game, the region of as “Memento,” h o p e f u l l y RPG’s, this game will be the Skyrim feels more alive as “ B a t m a n he will stick one for you. well, with the addition of a B e g i n s , ” a r o u n d This game will be taking new radiant quest system, “ T h e D a r k t o c r e a t e huge leaps for ward for which creates custom quests Knight,” and m a n y o t h e r the role playing series. For that are dependent on your most recently blockbusters. example, it will bring a skills and actions. “ I n c e p t i o n . ” N o l a n i s new game engine out for a Examples given are things Nolan has made a career example, his 2008 action/thriller currently heading down the spin, which should increase like players with high magical out of making movies that get “The Dark Knight” was the track to future blockbusters, render distance and make affinities being challenged to people thinking and keep their highest grossing film of the year. as the pre-production of 2012’s the world look even more duels by other magisters, attention rapt on the screen. Nolan’s film success has highly anticipated sequel, “The realistic. and the possibility of fights Nolan attaches his name been aided by the talent of high Dark Knight Rises” continues. The old menu system was breaking out over items that mainly to movies that have profile actors such as Christian Nolan’s most recent picture thrown out by the developers you discard in the streets. action, explosions, fighting Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan to be released was “Inception” and replaced with a much The first “Elder Scrolls” and shooting with a healthy Fr e e m a n , H e a t h L e d g e r one of the top blockbusters more fluid one that makes game was released in 1992, dosage of plot and character a n d L e o n a r d o D i C a p r i o . of the summer, has been the player less detached followed by a sequel in 1994, development. His success He has been known to use nominated for a Best Picture when they access the menu. and another sequel in 2002. w i t h t h i s t y p e o f f i l m s the same actors multiple times, Academy Award this year, For example, instead of Whether or not this game makes him a Hollywood sometimes in very different as was Nolan nominated for looking at a series of tabs can live up to what it promises, heavyweight in this category. roles than previous flims, a Best Director for his work on for your skills, you look into you can be certain that come Throughout Nolan’s career, decision which creates some the picture. His future looks the sky and see your skills as November 11, 2011, I will he has both written and very memorable characters. to be bright, and viewers look constellations. eagerly await my copy. directed almost ever y film Even after launching the forward to his movies. The combat system has received some attention Stein pens an engaging and unique novelCaitlin McGuire Starting as a car repair the pain and refuses to see a to never give up. I found “The “The Art of Racing in the Columnist man, Denny soon meets Eve, doctor. A year later Enzo finds Art of Racing in the Rain” to Rain” starts off a little slow, but a gorgeous girl who later himself with Denny and the be a page turner, a book that progresses into a phenomenal What would you becomes his wife. From Eve, understanding that Eve has I could not put down. story filled with challenges, do if you were Enzo gains an addition to his brain cancer. The once happy Stein, did a magnificent job love, family, hurt, happiness trapped in a body family, a beautiful baby girl, lives they lived have come of putting the reader in the and joys that life brings. that had no voice? Zoe. crashing down and Denny’s place of Enzo, Denny’s dog. All readers can relate to If you could sense Denny and Eve have a strong world has fallen apart. As a reader, you really get some of the struggles that the bad, but not warn the relationship. Eve works and Zoe is sent to live with her a feel for what it would feel Denny and Enzo face. If you ones you love? This is how Denny takes up random jobs grandparents so she can like to know so much without have ever had to hold back Enzo feels, and Enzo is a dog. driving race cars and teaching see her mom, and Enzo and having a way to express it. an opinion, watch a friend go, Bought by Denny, a rookie at different tracks. Denny go back to together. “The Art of Racing in the experience a family grow, had race car driver, when he was Each night is spent in front Shortly after the new Rain” also gave me great an animal you loved, or been two weeks old, Enzo has lived of the TV, just Enzo and Denny arrangement is settled, Eve insight on the art of racing faced with obstacles you felt his life feeling like a human like old times. As the years passes and Denny finds cars. The novel takes you you would never overcome, and dreaming of the day when progress, and the small family himself faced with new through the process that “The Art of Racing in the Rain” he will be reborn as one. becomes even closer, Enzo conflicts and life changing drivers go through every time is a a relatable book for you. Thus is the basic concept senses something evil in Eve, wars he must fight, wars for they sit behind the wheel and “The Art of Racing in the of the novel “Throughout the something trying to take over the custody of his child and to the thrill they get from it. Rain” became a New York Rain”, by relative newcomer her. clear his name of a crime he Racing is applied to every Times bestseller and a number Garth Stein. Throughout “The From that day forward Eve never committed. aspect of Denny’s life and the one BookSense pick in 2008. It Art of Racing in the Rain,” begins experiencing intense “The Art of Racing in the obstacles that he is faced with, is still extremely popular three Enzo watches as Denny lives headaches and terrible Rain” is an inspirational story give the reader a new view on years later. his life. mood swings but ignores of family, love and the ability life and ensure a great read. Page 12 The Purple Sage February 16, 2011
  • 10. FEATURES Sara Vincent, Features EditorMaria Maraneli compares life in the U.S. and Russia Valentine’sMelanie GuitzkowReporter M a r i a : We h a v e m o r e was in class 10A, and there was 10B, and the schedule Statistics celebrations, was completely different. • 180 million Valentine’s Purple Sage: How are you like ninth of But all 30 people in each Day cards are exchanged adjusting to the USA at a May, the day had the same classes, annually, making Valentine’s young age? of the World but we had different Day the second most Maria: I think I am adjusting War II victory, schedules every week. We popular greeting-card-giving well because I like going and, I don’t had eight classes per day occasion, after school here because the really know. at 45 minutes each with 15 • Nearly 50 classes are not so hard and But we spend minutes of break time. It’s percent I’ve been learning the language Christmas on like we could do all of our of all since first grade. And a lot of the seventh homework during breaks. Valentine’s the people are really nice. I of Januar y. My school was 8:30 a.m. Day don’t think when you’re young A n d i n to 4 p.m.. cards are it’s hard because for my mom Russia, we’re PS: What’s the strangest/ purchased it’s more difficult, because she O r t h o d o x , funniest thing you’ve in the six days prior was used to Russia and grew and here you experienced here? to the holiday.up there with the customs. For are Catholic. Maria: Hmm… In the • There are 904 my sister it’s much easier, she’s But I guess it is classes, I like that we have dating service seven years old and doesn’t okay because labs ever y day! Like in establishments even have an accent. we are both physics, we have one or nationwide as PS: What kind of people Christian. two labs every day. But in of 2002.did you expect to meet in Maria (top right) and her family. (Photo submitted) PS: What is Russia, we just sit in the • Twenty-five percent America? your favorite desks and solve problems, of adults Maria: I would expect people mostly from English Language class and who is your favorite but here we just do labs, purchased who at a young age already Learners or other nations. But teacher here in Waunakee? labs, labs. flowers or know what they wanted to I made some from my classes, Maria: My favorite class… I like PS: Do you drink any plants as gifts be, because I looked at the too. all of them. They’re equally alcohol? What is the for Valentine’s Day 2010; of schedule and in Russia we had PS: What are your favorite good, but I like all of them, drinking age in Russia? those, 60 percent were men 16 required classes. We didn’t A m e r i c a n a n d R u s s i a n because I chose all eight of Maria: The drinking age is and percent were women.choose anything. [Here,] if you sports? them myself. And since I chose at 18, like the driving, but I • 85 percent of all Valentine do not like physics, you don’t Maria: I like track and lacrosse. them, I love them all! They’re don’t drink at all. cards are bought by women.take it. Like, if you want to be I like running. Yeah, I think all my favorite classes. And all PS: Do you think you’ll be • Chocolate and candy sales a scientist, you choose science I’m going to join in the spring. of the teachers I love them, permanently living in the reach profits of $1,011 classes, or whatever. It’s really In Russia, I loved baseball, they’re great. United States? billion during Valentine’s different. basketball, football, running. PS: How is schooling different Maria: I think so. Because season.PS: Have you made a lot of We even did gymnastics. I love than in Russia? we moved to reunite with • Approximately one in four new friends in the U.S.? sports, they are very fun. Maria: It’s quite different! In our family, so I think we are Americans do not celebrate Maria: Yeah, I made a lot of PS: How do the traditions in Russia, all classes are required! staying here permanently. the holiday at all. friends in school. But they’re Russia differ from the U.S.? My class was grade 10, like I • 15 percent of Americans Cake Pops: the best of both worlds send flowers to themselves on Valentine’s Day. • 3 percent of people give their pets a Valentine’s Day Now you can have you cake and eat it too...on the go! present. Caroline Patz Cake pops are popular in many metro areas and have • The top selling perfume on Reporter recently become a hit in the Madison area. Valentine’s Day is Chanel No. 5. Valentine’s Day. It is a holiday that can make even the Source: strongest stomach start to twist. Many of us are oh so glad that it has come and passed. But just because the holiday is 1. Bake cake mix as directed and The history behind over does not mean you cannot cook up some tasty February allow to cool completely. treats. Valentine’s Day And hey, if you haven’t gotten that special someone a 2. Crumble cake in large bowl Though there are many v-day gift yet, whether it be because you were short or you and add frosting. Mix. legends about the orgin of somehow forgot, you cannot go wrong with food. Everyone Valentine’s Day, the most likes to eat. Even if they are not picture perfect, it is the thought 3. Put cake mixture in fridge and commonly told is the story of that counts, right? chill for 30 minutes. Saint Valentine. Prep time: 15 minutes Valentine was a Roman 4. Shape dough into balls with priest during the time of Bake time: 35 minutes melon scoop or press into Claudis around 269 A.D. He Cool time: 1 hour and 30 minutes favorite cookie cutter. helped Christians during a time of persecution, and because of Ingredients: 5. Dip end of lollipop stick in this was caught and put in jail. 1 Package of any boxed cake mix (Bake as He was then clubbed to death candy melts. This helps cake directed on the box) on February 14, 269. While in 1 (16oz) can of frosting to stay on the stick. prison, legend has it that 1 Package of white or dark chocolate candy 6. Insert stick into cake ball. Allow he sent melts to harden. messages to friends Lollipop sticks 7. When hardened/secured, dip saying Wax paper cake pop in candy melts and “Remember your Valentine” Note: Candy melts and lollipop sticks can be dry upside down. At this point and “I love you.” purchased at specialty stores such as The Vanilla you can add decorations. Bean. Source: Februrary 16, 2011 The Purple Sage Page 7
  • 11. The Hitchhikers Guide to 5 Signs you are about to be dumped 1. They start to avoid you. You see • The F.W.B. your significant other in the hallway o “Friends With Benefits” and you wave. When they run the o High risk of attachment by one party only. other direction and/or jump into the o Usually rise out of boredom. nearest trash can to hide, you know Relationships you are about to be dumped. 2. When they move out of your locker • The Soul Mate Relationship and return your stuff. You no longer o is clear to all around you; your relationship is meant It know their locker combo, but really, to be. at Waunakee High they are trying to tell you that you no Forget about lasting through the semester– you are in o longer possess the combo to their it for eternity. heart. o spend every waking moment together. You 3. “We need to talk…” Hold on tight because you are about to be • The Cougar/Cradle Robber Relationship dumped. They do not really want to o Cougar: When a girl dates a boy two years or more talk about meaningful and heartfelt younger than her. things; they just want to take 30 o Cradle Robber: When a guy dates a girl 4 or more seconds to break your heart in two. years younger than him. o The elder tutors the younger in classes they have 4. Their Facebook status changes already taken in years passed. from “in a relationship” to “single” or “in a complicated relationship.” If you two are no longer “Facebook official,” it is official that your • The Long Distance Relationship relationship is about to end. o is as simple as one is here, one is there. It o Skype becomes your new best friend – good thing it is free! 5. They leave the country. When you o Waste all of your free time transporting yourself here go to their house and their parents and there. tell you they left for Mexico, not only o Sometimes the relationship begins while both are is this a sign that they do not want still in high school, but one graduates and goes off to to be with you, but they do not even college. want to be in the same country as you. • The Random Relationship Top 5 Pick up lines o Who are you and why are you dating? o fall in a drastically different social group than your You by Brandyn Liebe boyfriend/girlfriend. o Your relationship status changes on Facebook, and When I was asked to write a top five on even you were taken off guard. my favorite pickup lines I was so thrilled that I went straight home and typed up a first draft. When I got the first draft back I was showered with words like “How can you be • The Unequal Relationship so sexist?” or “Why am I not knocking your o Either she wears the pants or he wears the pants. lights out right now?” and finally “I don’t even Regardless, someone has reign over the other. know what that means.” o first the relationship was desired by only one At Anyway, long story short, I had to revise this member, modern chivalry arises, and the rest is article to make it more “school appropriate.” history. So after I cut all of the inappropriate ones o is in love. She is not. Vice versa. He “She is a drama “If they are not affectionate “If she smells.” out of my article, I found five new ones that queen.” enough.” Tommy Hadfield aren’t as bad as my previous. So here are the Kyle Dahmen Alyson Schaefer Grade 9 Top Five Best (school appropriate) Pick up Grade 12 • The Platonic Relationship Physical Education lines. o Make sure not to touch in public… or ever. Instructor o Terms of endearment are forbidden (beyond the 5. Well, here I am! What are your other two casual, “Hey, you.”). wishes? “‘Deal Breaker’? o Use middle school relationships as your model. 4. Hey are you a parking ticket? Cause you “He is socially awkward.” “She is a Nazi.” Colin Polinski What is your got “fine” written all over you. • The New Relationship ” 3. I may not be Elmo, but you can tickle me o can still count the days you have been dating on You Grace Button Grade 10 your fingers. Grade 11 whenever you want. o let the phone go to voicemail when they call, You 2. Are you from Tennesee? Because you are it is still too awkward to talk on the phone. the only 10 I see. o brags constantly about you to her friends, even She when you are present. Photo poll by Sara Vincent and Lily Vanderbloemen 1. I put the STD in STUD. All I need is “U.” Spread by Emily Drewry, Sierra Gillespie, Kelly Martin and Sara Vincent Page 8 The Purple Sage Page 9Page 8
  • 12. SPORTS Kelly Martin, Sports EditorBasketball wins conference championship againAddison Payden hosted Wauwatosa East High W a u n a k e e h o s t e d Reporter School, ranked number seven Minneapolis DeLaSalle High in the state in Division 2. The School in a non-conference At the beginning of this game went back and forth, match-up on February 5. The year, the WIAA increased the both teams having their share team’s winning streak came number of basketball divisions of runs. Early in the first quarter to a halt when the two teams from four to five. Waunakee Wauwatosa put up 10 points. went head to head. The game moved down from Division 1 to Waunakee went into half time came down to the final minutes Division 2. The new divisions down by one point. Senior where DeLaSalle scored five allow teams to play against Beau Murray and Staege led more points than the Warriors. teams with nearly the same the team in scoring. Murray The final score was 42-37. size. led with 15 points followed by Murray led the Warriors with This change in division a close 13 from Staege. 20 points, followed by Tagarelli means Waunakee will not play During the final minutes of the with seven and Staege with against certain teams, such as game, Waunakee took control five. Madison Memorial, who has and went on a 16 point run. “We need to work on executing beaten Waunakee multiple Decorah nailed a three-point our offense in the half court to times in the playoffs. shot at the buzzer beating get better looks at the basket. Waunakee is sure to play Wauwatosa 51-48. “Nothing We shot 9-43 in the DeLaSalle teams that they have not faced [was going through my head game and that’s terrible,” said yet, such as Seymour and New then]. I just got the pass from Staege.Richmond. Sophomore Will [Staege] and shot it and luckily On Februar y 7, the team Decorah said, “Many of the it went in,” he said. faced Sauk Prairie at home teams that we will face are “[My goal for the season and bounced back from the area teams so our coaches get is] to win Waunakee’s first DeLaSalle game, winning 74-film of their games and do a basketball state title,” said 43. very good job of telling us what Decorah. On February 10, the team to expect.” The boys traveled to Mount hosted Baraboo and won 62- The Warriors traveled to Horeb where they pulled out a 42. “Our first goal every season Portage on Januar y 28 and close victory 48-44 on February is to get another conference secured a 54-34 win. Junior Joe 4. Murray led the team with championship. Now that Tagarelli led the Warriors with 18 points along with 12 from we have a piece of it we are 10 points that night, followed Staege. “We need to work on looking to get to the Kohl by Decorah and senior Jared finishing our shots and have Center,” said Staege.Staege both with eight. the defense get better every Junior Joe Tagarelli shoots a free throw at a home game on February 5. On January 29, the Warriors game,” said senior Austin Maly. (Photo by Mi Jo Mucklow) Boys’ hockey places Lady Warriors winning streak snapped at eight fourth quarter when seniors closing seconds, 63-62. Willie Freimuth second in conference Reporter T h e Wa u n a k e e L a d y Bri Johnson and Alexa Statz along with Preston gave the VandenBrook led the Lady Warriors with 18 points, adding could not keep up and lost 6-3. girls a combined 7 points. 5 boards and two treys. The Angela Gilbertson Warriors keep pushing through On February 4, Waunakee S o p h o m o r e S a m M u r r a y game went back and forth Reporter the season with a 6-3 record in had a game against Reedsburg/ played a well-rounded game, with around two minutes The Warriors boys’ hockey Wisconsin Dells. The winner conference and 10-8 overall. posting 13 points, 6 assists, left. Guards Johnson and team placed second in the of the game would claim the The ladies faced Monona and 6 boards. Murray also Murray both had fouled out; conference, and are now conference championship Grove on Januar y 25 and, added two free throws with a things looked bleak for the looking to advance through title. The game was equal after a sloppy first quarter, they minute to go that sealed the Warriors, until junior Deanna the playoffs and improve their throughout all three periods came out with a strong 21-2 girls’ victory. Ziegler stepped onto the ranking. but in the end Waunakee was run in the second quarter and The Warriors squared off court and stepped up her “[We need to] work harder not able to come out with the drove the momentum through against the Vikings from Mt. game. Ziegler added a jump in practice, and get more victory. The final score of the halftime. The tides turned a Horeb on February 3. Murray shot and two assists, including fired up to win games and game was 2-3. little as the Silver Eagles put had 16 of her game-high 19 one to Preston that appeared to get the fans into it. Overall “Penalties [hurt us]. I can’t together a run, but it was points in the first half, draining be the game-winner. However, [we need to] boost the talk, I got four, but we had a not enough to overcome the two 3-pointers and leading the Marshfield drove down and emotion of the game,” said lot as a team,” said Scheffler. Warriors who won 52-43. girls to a 32-17 lead. Behind drilled a buzzer-beater, sending junior Connor Scheffler. The boys had a game on Next on the list was the Murray was junior Cece Staege, the game into overtime. The The boys had a big game on February 10 against Stevens u n d e f e a t e d B a r a b o o who added 5 of her own and 2 back and forth style continued, January 25 against DeForest Point High School. Senior Thunderbirds. In order to stay rebounds in the fourth quarter. and Marshfield took the lead High School. During the Derek Straus scored the first in the hunt for a conference The Vikings chipped away, with 10 seconds to play. Statz game junior Jason Ford two goals for the Warriors championship, the girls needed but they were no match for got the ball, drove and dished got disqualified for a ver y and as the game went into to win this game. In addition, the Warriors, falling 64-35 and the rock to Preston, who laid questionable call. Waunakee overtime, freshman Keegan they need to win out the rest giving the Warriors their sixth in the game-winning basket for ended up pulling out an easy Ford scored the final goal for of their conference games win in a row. the Warriors. win outscoring the team 11-4. the Warriors to seal the win 3-2. and Baraboo needs to lose in The next game would not Another nail-biter followed With Ford still on the On February 12, the Warriors order for the girls to reach their be quite as easy. The Warriors as the Warriors squeaked by bench for the first game, had another home game goal. faced Marshfield, the number Monroe on February 8. Murray the team also took part in a against Cedarburg. The boys The ladies got one step closer 13 ranked team in Division had 16 points and the deciding tournament hosted at Sun won the game with the score with a big win. Sophomore 1. Marshfield featured one basket in the closing seconds Prairie on January 28 and 29. of 6-4. Straus and senior Eric Elizabeth Evans stepped up of the premiere guards in as the Warriors edged out a The team took an early lead Behrend had two goals each. when juniors Jaci VandenBrook the state: sophomore Taylor 49-47 victory, going on a 19-6 against Sun Prairie, before Seeing how the season is and Kelly Preston got into early Varsho. Waunakee threw run to finish the game. the Cardinals tied it up at coming to an end, the Warriors foul trouble. Evans gave the multiple defenders at her, and T h e g i r l s t r a v e l e d t o four. The boys edged past have had an overall impressive team a spark with 6 points allowed her to score 32 of the Reedsburg on February 11 and Sun Prairie and were able to year on the ice. “ We are and 2 rebounds in the first team’s 62 points. It took the they lost 53-47 to the Beavers. advance and play Monona working hard but looking for half, leading the girls to a Warriors until overtime to stop “We’re focusing on finishing Grove in the championship major improvements during 32-26 halftime lead. Things her, but they did, and edged our conference season strong,” game. Unfortunately the team the playoffs,” said Scheffler. went back and forth until the out a one point victory in the said Ziegler.February 16, 2011 The Purple Sage Page 13
  • 13. SPORTSGirls’ hockey claims conference championship paid off, and the team hopes it winning 3-1 with three minutes Jenna McGowan will continue to do so into the left in the game. The team Reporter playoff games. received a penalty and Fond With the opening of the new The Cougars will potentially du Lac tightened the gap. The Ice Pond in Waunakee this play three playoff games in Cougars received another two season, hockey has become succession leading up to the penalties as Fond du Lac pulled a popular sport for spectators state game. It seems like the their goalie to outnumber the over the winter. That does girls may have their next game girls three to six. Fond du Lac not go without thanks to the in the box, but they still have a quickly acted and scored to girls’ hockey team, The Cap long road to the playoffs ahead. tie it up. The game ended with City Cougars, who are 18-3-2 On Januar y 25, the girls a 3-3 tie. “It was a really fast overall. took on Baraboo and worked game and they will probably Wa u n a k e e s o p h o m o r e together to score the only goal go to state so it was a good Megan McCormick said of of the game 30 seconds into game, even though it ended so their team’s greatest strength, the third period to secure a poorly,” said McCormick.“This may sound cheesy, but 1-0 win over the Thunderbirds. On Februar y 10, the girls Senior Josie Johnson skates by an Appleton West defender on Januaryour greatest strength is being Later that week the team played against Reedsburg and 29 at the Ice Pond to secure a 10-5 victory. (Photo by Jeremiah Kirch)a team. ‘Ever ybody loves hosted youth and senior night shut out the Beavers 7-0. As everybody’ is one of our quotes. at the Ice Pond on January 29 January came to a close the up for Team of the Month Bielke-Skoug only gave up nine We have bonded together so against Appleton West. The girls remained undefeated . on against goals last month. The girls are well so we work really well girls blew Appleton out of the On February 12, the team Chippewa Falls/Menomonie, the top seed in their sectional because of it.” Clearly, the water with a 10-5 win. faced Middleton and secured Fond du Lac Co-op, Marshfield and were crowned Badger Cap City Cougars bonding, On February 8, the girls faced 3-0 victory. Co-op and Onalaska Co-op. Conference ethic, and chemistry has Fond du Lac where they were Cur rently, the girls are The team’s senior goalie Janna Ski teamSenior athletes sign letters of intent for next year hopeful for state Emily Drewry Copy Editor Even though winter drags on in Wisconsin, the ski season is coming to a close. Only the state race lies ahead, but team members are hoping for a strong showing at the competition. T h e b o y s ’ t e a m demonstrated their strength at their last regular meet of the season, February 7, at Tyrol Basin. Their top racers, freshman Zach Schmidt and seniors Aaron Schmidt and Charlie Greiber, took fourth, eighth, and ninth place, respectively. They led the team to a third place overall. Other notable performances were by freshman Br yce Greiber, in 25th place, and senior Ben Hutchins in 28th. The girls’ co-op took seventh place overall, led by senior Cassi Brucker. Senior Alyssa Gardner was the next Waunakee girl to finish, coming in 50th place. “I am so proud of everyone this Seniors Austin Maly, Derek Straus, Christian Foster and Caroline Grassl signed their letters of intent on February 3. Maly and Straus will head to season,” said Brucker. “We UW-Madison next fall to play football. Foster will attend Iowa Central Community College for football and Grassl will attend Winona State for track overcame a lot of obstacles and field. Maly (below left) smiles as he gives his speech. Foster (second from left bottom) finishes his speech along with Grassl (second from right and really gave our all out bottom) who smiles for a picture. Straus (below right) poses with the Warrior football helmet for a picture. (Photos by Lydia Dorn) there on the course.” The conference race took place Monday, Februar y 14 at Cascade Mountain. The boys headed in with a third overall ranking and the girls hope to improve their ranking at the race. Results from this race were not available at press time. The state competition will take place at Mount LaCrosse on February 20-21. Page 14 The Purple Sage February 16, 2011
  • 14. SPORTSGymnastics vaults over their conference opponents and Jess Maiers took the top an impressive performance Mandy Rice two spots in the all-around when she won the floor Reporter with scores of 35.075 and competition with a 9.475. The Waunakee-DeForest 34.60 respectively. “ We’re The girls traveled to Sauk gymnastics team has had a not going to take anything Prairie on February 3 took the successful season. They won for granted, we’re just going meet 130.8-115.3. Cynkar took two recent matches, the first to go at it aggressively,” said top honors on vault with an on January 20 against their head coach Elaine Yankunas. 8.55 followed by Maiers with an Badger South opponent Milton. WaunaFo was able to take 8.5 and freshman Hannah Dorn Both the JV and varsity took the yet another win at home with an 8.4. On bars Cynkar podium in almost every single against Baraboo on January took first with a 9.05 and Maiers event. Junior Ciera Giroux 27. On the beam, Maiers took second with an 8.75. On and senior Corinne Spiczenski took top honors with a 9.0, the beam Maiers took first with tied for first on the vault and followed by Cynkar with an 8.4 a 9.05 followed by Cynkar with sophomore teammate Sam in second and Scheel in third. an 8.05. Cynkar went on to Scheel took third place. Cynkar took first in the floor take first on the floor exercise On the uneven bars, freshman exercises with a 9.3 followed with an 8.95 and Maiers took Alexa Carl finished first, by Maiers in second with a 9.1 second with an 8.825. The JV followed by her sophomore and Spiczenski in third with team also went on to beat teammates Emily Gamm and an 8.1. Cynkar and Maiers also Sauk Prairie 110.2-96.65. Molly McDonough. Scheel placed in the uneven bars and The Waunakee-DeForest also took first for the team on vault events. Cynkar took first gymnastic team looks to both the beam and the floor. in the all-around with a 35.45, continue their successful To the squad’s dismay, all- followed by Maiers in second season at the conference meet around sophomore competitor with a 35.2, and Baraboo’s on February 19 and make it Tanner Regali rolled both N i k k i M o r r i s t o o k t h i r d . on to Sectionals on February of her ankles trying to land On Januar y 29, the team 26 at Middleton. “We’d love a v a u l t d u r i n g a Fr i d a y traveled to Madison East for to win conference and so far practice. The team has a a tough invitational where we are sitting pretty. We’ve large JV team with a lot of they would face the number won all of our conference dual back up, but they are looking one and number two ranked meets,” said Yankunas. “We forward to Regali’s return. teams in the state. The team stand a good chance of coming On Januar y 22, the girls took fifth in their division, home with the trophy, but this headed to the Watertown Invite. but Cynkar took a third place is gymnastics, anything can At Watertown, Waunakee- finish in all-around. Cynkar happen.”DeForest was able to take the also took third in the vault Sophomore Emily Gamm flips over the vault in a home meet againstwin. DeForest’s Alyssa Cynkar with a 9.2. Maiers also had Baraboo on January 27. (Photo by Lydia Dorn) Player of the Wrestlers advance to WIAA sectionals Boys swim Month: Kelly Martin Sports Editor the tournaments one match at a time though because Wipperfurth took a solid second place after he had goes to state all focus should be on the advanced to wrestle Mike Cassi Brucker Kelly Martin As the Waunakee wrestling immediate what’s ahead not Nolden from Sugar River and Sports Editor season is winding down the down the road,” said Clemens. lost 16-5. team is preparing for the tough At 103 pounds, freshman On Februar y 5, the team The boys’ swim season competition they will face Br yce Statz placed fourth, headed to Stoughton for is winding down, and the beginning at the regional and scoring 13.5 points for the team. t h e B a d g e r C o n f e r e n c e team is ending the regular sectional level. Statz lost in the semifinals and Tournament. Bryce Statz and season in fourth place in the On Januar y 21, the team went on to wrestle in the third Wipperfurth placed fourth at conference. matched up against Portage. place match against Shawn the meet, losing in the third In the conference meet They struggled in the first part Sura from Chippewa Falls, place match. Clemens and on February 5, McFarland of the meet, but it did not stop losing 11-3. Paschke took third in the meet took first place, ahead of them from putting up a fight. Paschke took a third place winning the third place match. Waunakee, Sauk Prairie Purple Sage: How Wrestling at 189 pounds, finish with a total of 18 team Grulke finished seventh with and Baraboo. The second, junior Josh Wipperfurth took points. Paschke lost in the 9.5 team points and Meinholz third, and fourth place teams long have you been on Dylan Brenner and lost a s e m i f i n a l s a g a i n s t J o s h took eighth with 8 team were only separated by 20- skiing? close battle 6-5. At 112 pounds, McClelland from Viroqua and points. 30 points. Junior Brandon Cassi Brucker: I’ve f r e s h m e n J a k e Pa s c h k e went on to pin Taylor Christen The whole team competed Creamer swam his personal been skiing since I pinned Agustin Perez at 2:44. from Sugar River. in the WIAA Regionals in best time in the 100-yard was three and racing Sophomore Damian Ziegler At 125 pounds, sophomore Middleton last Saturday where breaststroke at 1:04.94, won by forfeit and senior Damian Ziegler took fourth and the top four of each weight coming in second place. “I since freshman year. Kyle Meinholz pinned Alex scored 11 team points. Ziegler class were able to move on wasn’t expecting it, it came PS: What’s your Peterson at 1:13. Wrestling wrestled for third place against to sectionals. Br yce Statz, as a surprise,” said Creamer. favorite part about at 145 pounds, senior Randy Quinn Miracle from Chippewa Paschke, sophomore Kyle Freshman Josh Tuschl skiing? Clemens pinned Cristian Naxi Falls and was pinned. Junior Horning, Ziegler, Meinholz, placed third in the 100- CB: My favorite part followed by a pin from junior Branden Statz and Meinholz C l e m e n s , G r u l k e a n d yard butterfly with a time Brandon White. The boys lost also placed fourth in the Wipperfurth will all advance of 1:01.50, followed by about skiing is hanging 46-30. invitational. to Sectionals. From there the teammate freshman Jake out with Gentle Ben at On Januar y 27, the team Clemens took second place top two wrestlers in each Defnet at 1:02.96. Sophomore Tyrol. traveled to DeForest and and scored 20 points for the class will advance to the WIAA Aidan Schlittler took fourth PS: Do you plan to suffered a tough 51-28 loss. On team. He went to the first place Individual State tournament place in the 50-yard freestyle continue skiing after January 29, they participated in match and David Williams on February 24-26 at the Kohl with a 24.13 time. the Wisconsin Dells Invitational from Wisconsin Dells won by Center in Madison. Defnet, Tuschl, Creamer, high school? with mixed results. “The team decision over Clemens. At 152 “The team, being young, and junior Ryan Duffy will CB: I plan on skiing needs to give everything we pounds, senior Rick Grulke has learned what a good work go to state for individual until I’m old and got every match because a first won by decision over Cody ethic is and how much work it events. Schlitter, Defnet, crippled. round loss means your season Petska from Chippewa Falls to takes to be successful,” said Tuschl and Creamer will go is over. It’s very crucial to take secure a third place finish. Clemens. for the 200-medley relay.February 16, 2011 The Purple Sage Page 15
  • 15. SAGE PAGEJosh Lerdahl and Aidan Schlittler, Sage Page Editors Flagrant Display of Wealth Armadillo Dollar Bill OrigamiDo you have one dollar in your wallet? Just that one pesky little single? You could always go down to Kokopelli and pick up somescrumptious treat or drink, but if awesome food just is not your thing, or you are just not hungry, you could turn that dollar into apiece of art with dollar bill origami. Dollar bill origami makes a great desk decoration or a great gift for anyone. Give it to your signifi-cant other, your best friend or your grandma. It does not matter who, they will love it. So make dollar origami to brighten someone’sday.Fold dollar bill “hot Fold left corners to- Fold lower right corner Open the flap and Squash fold top style.” wards middle. Fold upwards. press down the paper upper right corner to form the squash downwards. fold flaps for ears.Fold right bottom flap Lift exposed point and Flatten and enforce Fold small triangle Pleat the tail by fold-upwards. bring it right so that creases. piece on crown of head ing it over and back. the two edges of the down and then Think “accordion point lie together to halfway up. style.” make a petal fold. Do this for each ear.Pleat the shoulders. Pleat body three to Crease down to secure Fold in half and along Expand and shape four times. pleats. outside edges to lock ears. pleats.Page 16 The Purple Sage February 16, 2011