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Personal hygiene ppt
Personal hygiene ppt
Personal hygiene ppt
Personal hygiene ppt
Personal hygiene ppt
Personal hygiene ppt
Personal hygiene ppt
Personal hygiene ppt
Personal hygiene ppt
Personal hygiene ppt
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Personal hygiene ppt


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  • 1. How to keep your body Clean and Healthy
  • 2. How to Keep Skin Clean • Your skin is constantly protecting you. Your skin keeps infections out of your body and keeps you from getting sick. • Wash your body all over once a day. Use soap and warm water. Key areas to wash • Arms ( don’t forget your underarms) • Legs & Feet • Face • Back • Privates • You do not need to scrub violently.
  • 3. Hands
  • 4. How to wash your hands1. First, wet your hands and apply liquid or clean bar of soap.2. Next, rub your hands together and scrub all surfaces (palms, fingers, and in between).3. Continue for 10-15 seconds. It is soap combined with the scrubbing action that helps remove germs.4. Rinse well and dry your hands.DON’T FORGET TO CUT AND CLEAN YOUR FINGERNAILS!!!
  • 5. Teeth•You should brush your teeth twice a day –when you wake up and before you go to bed.•Germs bacteria in your mouth grow on yourteeth and around the gums every day.•Use toothpaste and a toothbrush•Gently and thoroughly brush each side of everytooth and the gums. It should take about 3minutes to do them all.
  • 6. Hair•The hair follicles [which the hair growsfrom] produce oil which keeps the hairsmooth.•The oil, sweat and dead cells all addtogether and can make hair greasy andlook dirty unless you wash it regularly.•Wash regularly with shampoo.•Massage your scalp well. This willremove dead skin cells, excess oil anddirt.•Rinse well with clear water. DON’T FORGET TO BRUSH YOUR HAIR!
  • 7. Feet & Shoes •Very large collection of sweat glands live in your feet! Wash your feet well at least once a day. •Dry them carefully, especially between the toes. •Sweat gets into your shoes and then bacteria arrive which love the moist leather or fabric •If you have one pair of shoes for school then try to get them off as soon as you get home so that they can air and dry out overnight.
  • 8. Clothes•Clothes can get stained and dirty you need to change them often.•Underclothes are right next to your skin and collect dead skin cells, sweat andpossibly other unmentionable stains.•Overnight bacteria start to work on these stains so your clothes do not smell asnice on the second day of wearing.•Change your clothes after showing, you dont want to put dirty clothes onto a cleanbody.
  • 9. Hygiene Video
  • 10. Nutrition Video