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Spanish tapas
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  • What is a Tapa or Pincho?


  • 1. Pinchos and Tapas in Spain
  • 2. What is a TAPA or PINCHO? A Tapa is a small portion of Spanish food. Small pieces of bread with ham, salami and cheese are often a part of a tapas menu, as are mushrooms, meatballs and shrimp. A Pincho is similar to a tapa but it´s more sophisticated and it uses the region´s products.
  • 3. Tapas
  • 4. Pinchos
  • 5. WHAT´S THE MEANING OF THE EXPRESSION “GOING OUT FOR PINCHOS”? It means going out to eat and drink something before a meal. Sometimes you can eat a variety of different pinchos until you feel you have eaten enough. Most bars in Spain, have a wide range of pinchos and tapas.
  • 6. Spanish Omelet Recipe Ingredients: • • • 6-7 medium potatoes 1 yellow onion 5-6 large eggs * 2-3 cups of olive oil for frying * Salt
  • 7. Preparation • Cut the peeled potatoes. • Peel and chop the onion. • Put the potatoes and onions into a bowl and mix them together. Salt the mixture. • Heat the olive oil in a pan and add the potatoes and onion mixture. • Crack the eggs,and beat them. • Pour them into the potato onion mixture and cook.   Enjoy this delitious Spanish omelet!!
  • 8. “ BRAVAS “ Potatoes Recipe Ingredients • 4 potatoes • salt • olive oil for frying • tomato sauce Preparation • Peel the potatoes. • Cut the potatoes into chunks. • Pour olive oil in a pan and fry the potatoes. • Pour tomato sauce into the pan and heat it for 5 minutes. • Place the potatoes on a plate and add the tomatoe sauce.
  • 9. And... Enjoy!!!
  • 10. And... Enjoy!!!