Praca plastyczna Turcja


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Praca plastyczna Turcja

  1. 1. Bahcesehir Preschool Center/ February 2013 ACTIVITY PLAN --- Winter Theme- SnowmanINTRODUCTIONSnowman activity is a large or small group art activity. After showing materials teachers can showthe techniques of folding paper snowman with papers.PLANNING and PREPARATION Age Group : 5 or 6 years of age Group Size: Optimal: 10 children Possible:20 children -- optimal -- possible Time Block: Art Activity Time Location: Art work room or classroom’s art corner Primary Psychomotor Development Objectives: Aim 2: Develops small motor ability ( Source: Turkish Acquisition 11: Draw different shapes by using different tools Ministry of Acquisition 12: Fold different materials Preschool Acquisition 13 : Cut materials as desired Education Acquisition 14: Glue materials as desired Program) Secondary Social Development Objectives: Aim 14: Understand/ Detect the value of art piece Acquisition: 1, 2, 3: says what he/she in an art work, explaining their emotions about the work of art, cares for protection of the work of arts. Aim: 13: Protects artistic values. Acquisition 3: Values the goodness in his/her environment. Concepts Colors, geometric shape, “circle area”, winter, snowman, bow tie, scarf, & Vocabulary: broom Physical Materials: Preparation: Scissors, A-4 Paper, sandpaper/rubber glue, spongy paper with silver, little (inc. preparation spongy balls, white finger paints. Wooden sticks, crayons, fıbre-tip pens of the physical black buttons, ribbons with different colours ..etc (it is desired) space & materials to be used) Length of Time: It takes 20- 25 minutes.DOING the ACTIVITY o Notes on the Beginning of the activity Firstly teacher introduce the materials; then to teach how to make a three dimensional tummy for snowman. First cut four same size circles and then fold in half each of them. Then glue one side of the half circle area to the sandpaper and glue the other side to the one side of second circle area. By gluing like that you get a three dimensional ball. After that you can cut a little circle for snowman face. Me an My Europe/Estonia
  2. 2. Bahcesehir Preschool Center/ February 2013o Notes on the Middle / Heart / Core of the Activity After getting a snow man children can be asked what things snowman can wear, according to the answers children are encouraged to cut and create scarf, hat, bow, tie, buttons..etc.o Notes on Ending the Activity At the end teacher can ask children what other things are around the snowman. According to their answers children are encouraged to draw, clour and decorate their crafts.o Notes on Modifying the Activity Considering children’s psychomotor level, teachers can add three dimentional tree, sun etc. to the activity. Decoration materials can be enriched according to children’s interest. Me an My Europe/Estonia